Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Do you know what you are wearing next Thursday? I do not!

First I consider the weather..

Of course this can change, but right now it looks like it could be 54 degrees. I would say that is pretty typical for my part of the country on Thanksgiving Day.

This year, I have my new Chico’s pants on the brain:

But, I also have this Loft clearance dress in mind. I found this in the store last year! I thought it screamed “Thanksgiving!”.

I have this consignment blouse that I am also considering:

This TJ Maxx blouse:

This Loft blouse:

And, this is the one I wore last year:

I like a blouse because I don’t get too hot, but it still looks kind of nice.

Thanksgiving ideas of past are here, here, and here.

I like to use this opportunity as a last hurrah for my browns, golds, olives, etc. because after Thanksgiving I like to move on to more Christmasey colors.

Look in your closet and pull those colors and see what you can come up with. First priority is is comfort and something you feel great in. You don’t want to be hot or fidgeting with your clothing all day.

What do you plan to wear?


20 thoughts on “Turkey Day ‘Fits

  1. I’m going to be wearing work clothes. My sister in law is doing a remodel. Currently she is living in a camper. Yesterday in PA we got 3” snow


  2. I’ve been looking at our weather as well- I know whatever pants I wear will need to be stretchy! I have this one outfit that I love and it’s very Fall- black pants (with some good stretch), a brown button down with greens and burgundy and a long brown fuzzy vest with a hood over the shirt. It’s kind of perfect- warm, but not too warm, and really comfy. The next day I switch over to neutral everything so that I can wear Christmas earrings and red lipstick. It’s my fav! I love those leather pants from Chico…but I also really love that dress. That might be a better option so that you’re not hot. I can’t stand being hot!


  3. You have so many cute blouses and all will go perfectly with your Chico pants. I usually wear a dress and boots but we’ll see! Besides the weather, I factor in how many people will be in the house. Trav’s family is big and it gets hot with all the people haha


  4. Those pants would look great with any of the blouses! But I like the dress, it won’t be hot and you can take a sweater, it would be cute with boots too. I’m on day 7 of a nasty cold and my brain is fuzzy, so I’ll just think about it later. The only good part of this is I get a hot toddy every night!


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