Thursday, November 17, 2022

It’s time to link up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files!

I only had three days with students last week and this is what I wore on Wednesday. Here is my Target dress that I got in olive, cream, and charcoal. I tried to link it for you and I am afraid these may now be out of stock. I wore my Old Navy flannel that I am using as more of a “shacket” and some booties and later on I changed to…

sneakers for comfort.

On Thursday, I wore my new Target jeans, an Anthro blouse, and a black cardigan with my black MIA clogs.

And, on Friday I wore my new Target grey jeans, a black tank, my new Target flannel recommended by Jen – it has pockets! Look! I wore my pearls for a bit of a feminine lumberjack look. Have I told you that pearls on men is a trend? Well, my male student was also wearing pearls this day and he said he liked mine. I told him I wasn’t afraid to fight anyone but I was still a lady with this look. Have you seen pearls on men yet?

On Monday my goal was to wear my fall colors! I wore my consignment blouse, my Matilda Jane flares, and a mustard cardigan.

And, on Tuesday I wore brown leggings, a white button down, my Amazon vest, and my moo shoes. I got so many compliments on the vest and the shoes – even from kids I don’t know.

Did you see my Turkey Day ‘Fits post yesterday? Some of you suggested hemming my two Chico’s faux leather pants – black and brown cherry burnette but I am seeing full length in this type of pants, too. Speaking of which, I am seeing faux leather everywhere! Look at this ad for a Kohl’s pair and the shoes and how much ankle is showing. I think any length and silhouette goes now. I think by keeping mine the length they are might make them more versatile.

What have you been wearing lately? Are you like me trying to wear all the fall colors now?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. You had such a stylish week! I am crazy about the sweater vest outfit! There’s just something special about pieces from Anthro, I know they’re pricey but dang, you can see the quality. I had no idea pearls were a thing for men. Hmmmmm…I will keep my eyes open for that one!


  2. All your outfits were so cute! I do love the faux leather trend, but I would combust because I am so HOT all the time. Even Walmart online has some faux leather! This time of year is my favorite time of year to dress. I feel so much more creative, because I can mix and match more that is in my closet by layering. I’m doing something fun tonight that makes me think of you- me and a bestie are going to my town square for Girls Night Out! There’s late shopping in the stores that normally close early, there’s wine and appetizers everywhere and there are gift drawings. We did this last year to start off our Christmas shopping! It’s always such a fun night. Have a great day, friend!


    1. Thank you! I felt the same about the faux leather, but if I can make it through a whole school day, that tells you that they are good for us menopausal women – or pre-menopausal women! I love layering, too. I would have loved that event.


  3. I love the sweater vest, I’m seeing a lot of cable knit this year, I need to order one but I think I’ll get a color. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of younger men wearing pearls, I’m not really a fan…


    1. Thank you! I would also love a color. Or I would like black. I think the sweater vest is a good option for not getting too hot! I am not a fan either. My boy wore his pearls again yesterday and so did I. He thinks it’s funny when we both have them on!


  4. You wear the knit dress + shacket + sneakers combo so well – very cute! The “moo shoes” are really awesome, and that made for a great outfit with the vest. “Feminine lumberjack” gave me a much needed laugh this morning. I’ll add pearls to anything!


  5. I LOVE the flannel with the target dress. What a great idea. I may recreate that look next week since the temps will be a little warmer. I love the target flannel! (& pearls!) I ordered a faux leather from Walmart. They arrive today I think. Will keep you posted 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yes, I can pair my cream or charcoal with my new Target flannel, too. I love the colors of my Old Navy flannel. Yes, next week will be better! I can’t wait to see your faux leather!


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