Tuesday, October 20, 2020

No, my title is not a typo! Did anyone used to read the blog of the same name? Did you know Cara now has a direct sales company? (I think direct sales sometimes gets a bad rap but if it is a quality product it is the small business of its representatives. )

So, a few weeks ago my college friend Jennie was hosting a party for this company – an online party via Facebook. I joined in – what the heck? I like makeup! I like spending money on the internet! I am a little bored! Just kidding – but I listened and read and watched some of the videos that were being posted.

Basically it is a contouring for dummies system of makeup. I had never really been that into contouring and I always envisioned a Kardashian when I thought of this. But, if you are a faithful reader of mine (thank you!), you know how I feel about my recent discovery of cream blush, cream eyeshadow, cream everything. Who wants powder settling in their fine lines?

This is what the system looks like.

First you take a photo of your face in natural light and then your artist comes up with a palette for you. The colors look weird and the dark one you may freak out over.

They come in these cute little tins and if you buy four you get the compact for free. Below you see that this works for both cheek and lip! I have not used it for lips. I am only using this for my foundation/instead of foundation and blush.

Naked face:

First you start with your darkest color – you put it at your hairline, right under your cheekbone and right along your jawline. It kind of resembles the number 3. You also do either side of your nose.

Then you use your lighter color (the first one in my palette) and do a stripe under the dark hairline, under the cheekbone stripe, under eye, and on chin.

Then you do blush. By the way, I hope none of my neighbors were concerned. I kept going in and out of the house taking selfies.

Then you blend with their brush or I just used my Beauty Blender egg shaped sponge.

Below is the final result. I also added my own eye stuff and lip stuff and brow gel.

The tins are really reasonably priced. My entire palette of 4 tins came to under $50.

This is an artist who did half of her face.

And here is Jennie:

If you are interested in learning more, Jennie became an artist after having her party! That is how much she fell in love with it. They do also have eye products and skin care products and more, but I only know about the face contour system.

or email her at

Jennie did not ask me to write this – in fact she knew nothing of my blog. But, when I told her I was writing about it (and that I had a blog!), she offered to open up a hostess rewards party for me, so if you do order from her I may receive some free or discounted items. I just wanted to fully disclose that.

Have you heard of this? I hope you liked hearing about it. I am really enjoying doing my face this way. I hope to get the brush and the setting spray next.


Hello Monday

Monday, October 19, 2020

How was your weekend? I am linking up with Lindsay, Tanya, and others here for Hello Monday!

Let’s go back to Friday! I scheduled my Kroger pick up for the end of the school day and treated myself to a Grande nonfat PSL. My coffeemaker didn’t want to make my second cup that morning because it wanted to be descaled. Have you done that, Keurig users? It is a process!

On Thursday I had picked up some new library books so I started this on the patio with my PSL. I did put grocery stuff away first!

Tom and I went to hear our favorite band. This is the place we usually pull up to on the boat. Now you see it from the other side. We found this fire pit with no one and could still hear the music.

Tom kept the fire going – he found the woodpile and pitched right in!

We ordered my favorite thing on their menu – spinach queso. It’s healthy, right?

And, the big news of the night – my hat got to go out. “Sorry folks, park’s closed.”

It was cool out but it was sunny and a nice way to spend a Friday early evening!

They only have one igloo right now – the lights are dreamy.

Then, we got our Ernie and walked to the first home football game of the year at my school. Hardly anyone there and those who are are socially distanced – including the band on the far right.

Saturday morning I was quite proud of myself for returning wrong items from my Kroger order – normally I would just keep them, but by returning I got $20 credit.

I also picked up these Day of the Dead chips!

Tom did a cold 30 mile bike ride and then he was up for Logan Street Market.

It is a whole bunch of restaurant stalls – some really unique places. There is a communal eating room and outdoor seating. We just browsed to see what was new since we hadn’t been since it first opened a year ago.

Then, we decided to try a new to him place called Monnik – brewery and Germanish pub fare. I had been once with a friend.

I tried a beer with cardamom. It was really good. It looks pretty big, right?

Nope! It was a tiny beer!

I don’t know what got into us but we ordered jackfruit nachos. These are totally vegan. Eggplant queso, “cheese” made of pumpkin seeds – they were pretty good but not good enough to make the mistake of ordering them again – ha!

Tom was in German heaven. He ordered sauerbraten and a big potato puff and red cabbage.

and he wanted curry fries.

I also got some potato salad but it was more American than German.

We took four boxes of leftovers home. Yes, we ordered too much.

That evening we went to our friends’ house for chili and a fire.

I offered to make cornbread and I also made a small cake with caramel icing and

Mix and Match Mama’s bacon hot pepper jelly dip. Stop what you are doing and make this! It was a hit! It was the first time I had ever made it.

We had such a nice evening talking by the fire.

Sunday I went outside and it was cold! I broke out the 15 year old Ugg boots just like Britney Spears used to wear in California with her tank tops and shorts.

I cannot put this down! It is so good! It is about women in Kentucky who started a packhorse library where they would take books to people on horseback. I believe it is based on historical facts.

And, I thought why not have a daytime fire for a bit while I read?

And, why not add a hot chocolate?

Then, I did have a couple of errands to run and some cleaning and weekly prep to do, sadly. So, Friday was nice, Saturday was busy but nice with a day date and time with friends, and Sunday was super relaxing.

What about your weekend? What was the highlight? Or, what was the low?

It is hard to believe we are already here at October 19th. I hope you have a great start to your week. We are trudging along virtually with a 5 day week but a bit of reprieve on Wednesday.

As always, thanks for reading!


P.S. – I am watching The Bachelorette and it’s on again tonight. It promises to be the most exciting season ever! Just kidding but it does look some crazy things will happen. I have to tape it and then I watch it a few days later with lots of fast forwarding. I am not a big fan of Clare. I like that she is older but there is something I can’t put my finger on. I really, really hope Sheaffer will recap it because we all need that right now in 2020!

Friday Favorites

Friday, October 16, 2020

How was your week?

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here!

My favorites this week are not in chronological order, but here we go – I have a little of everything today that made me happy this week. What made you happy this week?

This Wednesday I did not have to teach live classes. It may not seem like it but teaching live virtually is hard, you all! You are ON the whole time and you are trying to bring the energy to the screen and it just takes it out of you. You have multiple tabs open on your computer and you share your screen and go back to see your students and it is a lot. I feel like the Wizard of Oz or something. So, Wednesday we had a mandatory mental health professional development… I will let that sit there a moment while you absorb the irony. I took my workspace outside and it was a good call.

I cleaned up a bunch but left the leaves because I like them.

A different day I did my nails on the patio while listening to a podcast.

I bought the OPI Shine formula and I thought this was kind of fun for fall.

More leaf changing photos on my walks.

Anyone listen to Even the Rich? I am not interested in all of their topics, but I started the one on JFK Jr.

One afternoon I volunteered to bring my easy skinny margarita to a patio with two teacher friends. I started teaching at my current school 21 years ago with these two girls – now we are all at three different schools in my city. I am so glad we have stayed in touch. One teaches French and the other teaches Latin so we have a lot in common! My easy skinny margarita – one shot white tequila, half a stick of Crystal Light lemonade – stir, and add ice and fill to top with Fresca. Add a lime. Yum!

It is now getting dark at 7:00! The upside is that I am still awake and can go on the patio and light a candle some evenings!

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to have lunch at Joellas Hot Chicken with just one of my sons. It was so nice and the first time we have gotten to do this since August 14. I just realized this is a weird photo. This is his drink but he had gone to the restroom.

And, later that night all four of us were reunited for the first time since September 5 (their birthday). One son wanted to go to Shakespeare in the Parking Lot (instead of in the park) to see Macbeth where one of his drama teachers was a part. You stayed in your car and tuned to a certain radio station. It was unique. I brought popcorn and candy and we all kept masks on except when eating so maybe that did not matter anymore. We also had the sunroof and windows open for some air flow. Our boys have been very, very serious about the mask mandate on their campus. They had to sign a pledge.

So, this is out of order, but on Wednesday when we did the mental health in the morning I also had to have a meeting with this sweet colleague. We decided to meet in person instead of virtually and she brought us lunch. We both thought this did way more for our mental health!

She brought breakfast tacos for me and tres leches pancakes for her from a place called Con Huevos.

This is a bit creepy but I have enjoyed having a nightlight for my nightly bathroom trips. Do you wake at the same time every night? I usually wake at 3:35 (weird, right? and also TMI) and this nightlight has been so nice so because I am no longer turning on a big light. I think I have a Christmas one and I will be looking for a rest of the year one! But, I cannot wait to destroy this bathroom soon I hope!

My very favorite trees in the fall are these red/pink ones. Look at that blue sky. We have seriously had the best fall weather. Or, maybe I am finally noticing it because of WFH (work from home)?

I am super excited about this. It is a Christmas tree made from bourbon barrel slats. My former student was advertising that her Grandpa was making them and selling for a very reasonable price.

I should probably keep this for What I Wore Wednesday but I am too excited. I really want to be a hat person but I am not sure I am. I took a chance on this one – it does have some Smokey the Bear or Curious George Man in the Hat vibes but it is a great price. And, this is why…

Look how cute my little sister looks! I think I need to ask her about that jacket, too.

This is our old bedroom and I was thrilled to hear something might be happening soon… Hub ripped up the carpet solo and dismantled the closet systems and doors to save some time and money. Look at this beautiful floor that was hiding! Well, it is dirty, but still…

That was quite a hodge podge this week. I hope you also had lots that made you happy!

Thanks for reading and tell me what your highlights were in the comments.


P.S. – Sorry no Thursday post this week. I had a bit of writer’s block. So, leave me anything you would like me to write about and I will see what I can do!

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Just want to let you know there will be no Thursday post this week! See you back here Friday for Favorites, though!

I am linking up today with the ladies of The Style Six here.

Saturday was balmy but I still wanted to wear my pumpkin spice t-shirt (old!). I wore my new short sleeve Umgee from Amazon sweater and consigned Matilda Jane pants.

This is what I wore for meeting my friend for happy hour.

I tried the all black under this kimono and I still am not sure. I think I like the white t-shirt under it the best.

Below are my Wild Fable from Target liquid leggings from last year. They were $10 ish dollars and I wore them a bunch! Everytime I went out for the evening I wanted to wear them. I thought they worked with black booties and ponchos. I never did wear them casually because it felt kinda weird to me – maybe it was a shoe issue. I would 100 % recommend these and I believe they still carry them.

So, last year told me that I would wear them a lot.

I decided to order the Aerie crackle leggings for about $30. I think I can maybe try these with white sneakers for a casual look.

Here is a closeup of the crackle. It is not a great photo, but you get the idea – it has a bit of a textured look. I could not spend the $$$ on the Spanx leggings that everyone loves. I am sure they are worth it, but these will be fine for me.

I also want to show you the Target Goodfellow pullover again. My son liked it and wanted one so I ordered him one, too. I have already washed this twice and worn it maybe 4 times. I really think I am going to like having this.

And, even better is my Aerie pullover. I am not sure it is better, really, but I like the print. I have also washed this twice and worn it probably 5 times. So, I am embarrassed and ashamed that I am just now experiencing the joy of the pullover.

If you are starting to think about gift ideas, I think these would be fabulous! I know I would like to receive them!

What have you been wearing lately?


Entertainment Tuesday

Tuesday, October 13,2020

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

This is not Tom and I but that drink sure looks good!

It is time for another round of Entertainment Tuesday!

What are you watching lately? I love my DVR and my ATT Uverse and I really want to keep it. Tom is still weighing options about pulling the plug on it. I have talked about this before and no, we have not done anything yet.

Regular Cable T.V.: (This is what you will find on my DVR!)

The Bradshaw Bunch – this is a new show about Terry Bradshaw and his family on E! channel

Sweet Home Sextuplets – sweet family of 11 on TLC

Below Deck Mediterranean – I love most Bravo shows and I am fascinated by the yachty lifestyle.


Gilmore Girls – it just feels like fall. I will play an episode sometimes to listen to in the background.

Master of None- I just started this and I think I like it. Aziz Ansari of Parks and Rec is the main character.

Emily in Paris – I watched this too quickly. It was a little cheesy but we all need cheesy and I loved the Parisian scenes.

Looking forward to:

Southern Charm – Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – Bravo

I have not decided if I will attempt The Bachelorette which starts tonight. Anyone?

What are you watching lately? Any recommendations for me?


Hello Monday

Monday, October 12, 2020

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! I am linking up with Lindsay, Tanya and more here.

Starting with Thursday, I got to meet up with a friend that I hadn’t seen since July. We met at Grassa Gramma, an Italian restaurant that has come up with a patio for the current situation.

We had some awesome cocktails and they bring you complimentary focacia to start. We split three little dishes and it was so nice to get caught up.

Friday finally arrived. During lunch, I participated in my co-worker’s Friday cooking lesson. I was so excited to learn to make tostones. I had never tried to cook with plantains. You slice them, fry them, smash them, and then fry again and add salt. They turned out so great! I have always been intimidated by frying things. Thanks to my co-worker for coming up with this creative virtual cooking class. I have attended three of them so far. She does it during lunch and it is open to all Spanish students.

Tom took off Friday to work on our boat. When I finished my faculty meeting at 3:30, I met him and we went out for a bit.

We had dinner at Captain’s Quarters and headed back in.

I was so tired but I managed to stay up for a bit of t.v. and fire time and then I went to bed at 9:30.

Saturday morning I had my coffee outside.

I piddled around and enjoyed not getting on a screen at 7:30! I did get to go to Target to get my prescription sunglasses that had come in but I did not buy anything!

Tom and I walked around on one of my favorite streets and went in a few boutiques.

The new prescription sunglasses – game changer! Why did I wait so long?

We headed home and I made a fall charcuterie board. I bought frozen pretzels and used mustard for dipping – yum!

My nail color is really holding up! I did two super thin layers and then followed with a different top coat – Sally Hansen Shine. I blame my top coat for my previous problems.

I made an afternoon mocha joe – a package of hot chocolate in the mug before you brew your coffee.

That evening we went to dinner at a place with open garage doors for air circulation.

I got the best fall sangria.

They only had 3 things on their entree menu because of Covid. We all thought that was odd. There was fried chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, or cheeseburgers. I got the grilled cheese and it was gourmet with fig jam and arugula.

Then, we went to a nearby dessert place. It was nice to walk a bit after dinner and I got this ice cream pie.

I stayed up kind of late Saturday night trying to watch Saturday Night Live – I couldn’t keep my eyes open but I taped it. The political parodies are pretty funny.

I started Sunday on the patio again. We didn’t get the rain we expected! Instead, it was much warmer this weekend than it has been.

For Soup Sunday, I decided to make the soup in the morning! I did spicy vegetable soup with turkey sausage.

I used spicy V8 and it turned out great! I also added chicken broth, can of tomatoes, carrots, onion, spinach (all fresh), frozen corn, sauteed zucchini, and diced up potato. I have become much more of a soup person in the last few years. Next week I plan to make lentil bacon soup. I am really wanting to cook more with lentils. I fell in love with them in Spain.

And, I did a little bit of school work to try to have a smoother week!

Tom was busy, busy, busy yesterday. He ripped up carpet, cleaned out his stuff in our old Master closet for good, dismantled our old bedroom closet system, and took out the closet doors. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I think work on our Master bath is going to start this week. The plan is to get that done, then to renovate the hall bath so that we are not without an upstairs bathroom. Then, we have the kitchen to do and all new wood flooring on the main floor to match our bedroom and all new paint on our main floor. It still seems like a lot but that’s ok. I also made a trip to Goodwill which is open on Sundays so that felt good to get some stuff off of our hands.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Thanks for reading!


Friday Faves

Friday, October 9, 2020

How was your week? Mine was pretty good! I think my attitude helped me have a good week. I felt pretty calm and chill this week for some reason.

I am happy to link up with Andrea and others here.

I love the mature trees in my neighborhood. I took a moment to appreciate where I live this week and snapped this photo.

I have a free Spotify account and I was thrilled with the time capsule feature! They put together a playlist for you and it is magic! I was so happy to hear what they picked for me. I am also a little creeped out by how they knew I liked most of these songs?

Sometimes I forget everything that my Costco membership offers me. I saved almost $100 on my contact lens (compared to the vision center and Target Optical).

I try to respect my boys and remember this is my blog and not theirs – I stopped posting stuff about them on Facebook when they turned 13 – unless they said it was o.k. They are private and deserve that privacy. But I decided to share this text from Mason. He has a pretty hard Spanish class and sent me a photo of his verb charts and his message in Spanish means he is ready for his big exam. Love this!

If you have young kids, you should follow Polka Dotty Place blog. Look how cute! You simply take the canister of cinnamon rolls and create these!

When I went out for my college girls dinner I had the brussel sprouts salad. I like to try to re-create restaurant items so I might try to do this at home!

An afternoon coffee has been a nice treat lately. This is when I do my special whip and pumpkin spice on top!

I had a fun afternoon at a new pizza place with patio. My work friend and I met and split some breadsticks and had a cocktail.

I got my new glasses! I used Target Optical and got two pairs of Ray Bans. I had not gotten glasses in four years.

I have talked about my Solo Stove and I know many of you are also enjoying fire pits. I love these little brick starters. I use just a chunk and not a whole one and it really helps me to start my fire. I am always overly proud of myself when I can do something like start a fire. Cave girl!

I picked this mix up at Costco. It just looks like fall!

And, Tom requested these. He loves dark chocolate. I do, too, but he really loves it!

What were your favorites this week? I would love to know!

As always, thank you for reading and commenting!

My weekend plans are up in the air because we have some rain coming in apparently. We want to take the boat out because our days are numbered. I would like at least one fire and hopefully someone to share it!


Eating Lately

Thursday, October 8, 2020

I have a short and sweet post for you today about what we have been eating in the empty nest. I love a meal ideas post, personally!

I made a fall salad with spring mix, craisins, cornbread crips from Trader Joes, feta and a homemade olive oil dressing.

and we also had some tomato soup and grilled cheese to go with it.

I made the pumpkin pasta from Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea. This was my first time using whole wheat pasta and I really liked it!

I bought a bag of pumpkin bagels to keep in the freezer and I had one for my lunch one day. I just used regular cream cheese but Jen from above says that Trader Joes has a great pumpkin cream cheese you can pair it with.

And, I make these southwest burrito bowls from Andrea of Momfessionals at least every other week. Mason told me he misses these for dinner so that was sweet! I cannot wait to have a list of meals to cool for my boys when they come home.

And just your standard spaghetti. Tom likes angel hair and Prego Chunky Garden and I add a small amount of lean ground beef.

We have been eating out or getting take out too much, but I guess we are still in that empty nester honeymoon phase where we are mixing it up a bit. We go out Friday, Saturday and get takeout one or two other nights right now.

I am trying to start Soup Sundays but I have gone out the last two Sundays! I have yet to make my first batch of chili but that will be soon.

What have you been eating?


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

You guys! I finally got my rump in gear and learned to use my newer tripod. I am setting it on my trashcan (so classy, right? and a little bit trashy – get it?) so that I can do better outfit photos for you. I am linking up today with The Style Six right here at my friend Kellyann’s blog.

I am showering at night and fixing my hair in the mornings during the week. Sometimes on the weekend I am changing that up. Also, during the week, sometimes I am working with second day hair. I sometimes just do minimal makeup during the week, too. But, I want to say that getting dressed in some sort of way each day is really helping me.

You have seen my fall kimono at my friend’s birthday dinner where I paired it with a black tank dress and open toe clog sandals. Here I paired it with black pants, long sleeve black t-shirt and my open toe shooties (shoe-booties).

I wore this Sunday evening to have dinner with college friends. We had a nice time catching up and only were this close for the photo.

Now, I am having a bit of trouble with lighting – I had to move the tripod to the top of Tom’s truck for my Saturday outfit. I am liking the look of black leggings with white sneakers and trying it out. I wore my new Aerie animal print pullover.

Awkward photo of the print again.

On Friday afternoon, I put on my new Target Goodfellows pullover with burgundy Aerie leggings from last year.

Last week to go to the brewery with the rooftop seating with my friend I wore jeans, new yellowish suede BOC clogs that my sister had first, a navy tee, and a LulaRoe kimono. I also took my olive military jacket in case I needed it.

Friday for the eye doctor I wore mismatched shades of green. It looks bad. I was looking for a different color to wear under my new Umgee kimono.

This Monday for Parent Teacher Conference day I wore my fun top and a pair of my earrings from my set. My pants and shoes looked bad so I am not showing them.

And, I will leave you with this…I had to go to the “young people’s mall” to pick up my Aerie order (I usually go to the “old people’s mall) and in the window was this fashion ensemble. It is a mask on a chain. Oh, 2020, why?

What have you been wearing lately? It is super cool here in the mornings but by the afternoons it has been around 70. Layers are great for right now.

Thanks for reading and being patient as my photos will hopefully improve with practice!


Prime Fashion Purchases + More

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Thank you to Tanya for this fun link up today right here! What a great idea – we share our recent Amazon finds. This is seriously where I get many of my ideas for gifts and for things I might need/want!

I bought a few boring things recently so I decided to only show you the fun and fashion type of purchases.

First, I purchased these as a gift for my sister and she wears them almost daily as an in-person second grade teacher. Sheaffer recommends them so I knew Molly would love them.

Next, I had the idea to look for favorite boutique brands on Amazon. Do you also like Umgee? I found two winners that I am really enjoying wearing right now!

This colorful kimono; it reminds me of my Pioneer Woman plates! I think it looks great over my new A New Day white tee but I also think it will work with a black tee.

And, this short sleeve sweater. I have worn it with a short sleeve black tee but I also think it will look good with a long sleeve black tee? I will say that I think Umgee runs large and I could have gone down a size in each of these but I absolutely love both! I spent a little more than usual and I think it makes a difference!

And, this earring set I am reaching for each and every day! I love them. I cannot believe the quality you guys. I love Nickel and Suede, too, but it is just too much to pay in my opinion. This may be no longer available because when I made the link it took me to another set of earrings. Maybe you can just do a search.

These were not fun to buy, but they were needed. I am trying to wear my white Madewell sneakers this fall.

And, finally I ordered these jelly flats! I think they are so unique and they look great with leggings. They will also be great for the rain.

Ok, not talking Amazon anymore. I have a recommendation for you. Go to the men’s section at Target and look for the Goodfellows brand and pick up one of these quilted pullovers. I got the cream and I love it! It has pockets! I might get a monogram put on it but I am not sure how that would work with the quilting. I believe it was $30 and I used my $5 off coupon from my flu shot.

I also got an Aerie pullover when they were on sale. My closet was seriously lacking anything like this for fall and winter.

Here is an awkward up close of the cute pattern.

What have you primed lately?