Hello Monday

Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Monday to all!  O.k., we find ourselves in the middle of October.  Have you done your fall bucket list items?  I have savored some apple recipes and a couple of pumpkin recipes.  I have bought my fall signature scent for myself – my L perfume.  I have enjoyed my pumpkin bourbon candles.  As for the rest of my list, I need to get on it!

So, I think I have found my fall clog!  I ordered the Mia Sofia clog off of Amazon and it is the perfect heel height, the perfect color, and pretty comfortable.  I have not done the 7 hour on my feet teacher test, but I will report back.  I put them on immediately when they arrived.  img_4105-e1539528219694.jpg

I also had some time this weekend to make my apple sangria the way I prefer.  I top it with this apple ICE sparkling drink.  I like all of my cocktails to have a fizzy note. Here is my apple cider sangria recipe:  cut up apple chunks if you want and place in bottom of glass.  Pour in one shot Fireball, one shot bourbon, about a 1/2 cup of cider and give it a good stir or shake.  Pour into a glass of ice and top with sparkling apple or gingerale.  This is an individual serving.  I make a huge batch for Thanksgiving but I just dump and don’t have an exact recipe.  

We had a crisp fall day Friday so after school I enjoyed one of my favorite fall pastimes.  Reading a good book on my patio.  I recommend this book, guys!  It’s chick lit, but well written and I’m drawn into the story of childhood friends who open a restaurant after suffering losses.  Bonus, if you are a foodie, you will enjoy the food descriptions.  

After the patio time, my husband brought home Chick Fil A for dinner which we hadn’t had in a long time so we enjoyed family time and I went to bed per usual – 9:00 p.m. I am going to bed at 9 and waking between 5-6 all seven days a week in this season of life, people. It’s sad, but true.  

Saturday morning my son had to leave the house at 7 to be at his debate tournament.  I hung out with him for a bit and then I was off the hook because I wasn’t a judge.  I did my grocery shopping, a Target run, and met my parents who were in town.  

I’m posting these pictures for laughs.  I had it in my head that I wanted a fall felt hat.  Target was a fail and I look like a park ranger.  Enjoy!  

Hello, folks. Welcome to the park. Enjoy your visit!
Nope! Not the look I’m going for, plus it’s crooked.

I took my Dad to buy running shoes while my mom went to an event.  Then the non- debate son and my husband and my mom and dad and I ate lunch at McAllister’s.  Iced tea is a rare treat for me.  

My parents left us to go to a couple of stores before heading home and I talked my husband into going to the polo match (last of the season) after we visited our son at his debate tourney.  We had some tailgate charcuterie and I brought my apple sangria.  

It was so interesting to attend my first polo match.  I had asked four couple friends to join us but everyone had obligations.  I’m hoping to get some people together next season.  I wore my very old Target sweater cape thing and my only Nickel and 
Suede earrings and old booties because I thought it could be muddy.  

After the match, we picked up debate son and I made a dinner of Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders, leftovers and apple slices and carrots.  We were all tired.  My husband and I watched a really weird and disturbing movie called Suburbicon on Netflix with Matt Damon.  Has anyone seen it?  Wondering what others thought?

Sunday was cold and rainy and I did some reading, laundry, sheet changing, blogging, school work and just some tidying of the casa.

Boys had tons of homework to do so hub and I took in the movie Night School. It was cute and made me laugh several times.

I read on the patio again while it was lightly raining – my favorite. I had a hot chocolate. I made dinner, we ate, and watched some Telly.

Hope you have a great week!


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 12, 2018

Yay!  At 2:20 today I will be free!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites.

I bought my L perfume from Soft Surroundings last weekend.  I love this scent and discovered it last year. I only bought the $18 tiny roll on but it has made me quite happy. 

Here is the description from Soft Surroundings:  “Warm and sensual, earthy tobacco leaf and sweet black honey, smoky notes of exotic guaiac wood and a zesting of citrus.  It embodies feelings of romance and nostalgia.  It triggers movies in the mind – glamorous, sexy, mysterious movies”. 

I don’t know about all that!  If you don’t have a store locally, you can order it online with free shipping.  This is Pioneer Woman’s favorite store.  I wonder if she wears L perfume? 

I’m really going to try to embrace and enjoy the rest of October.  I blinked and we are halfway through the month.  I need to check my fall bucket list.


This weekend I need to buy some more bourbon and do apple sangria or just the wonderful Four Roses bourbon and gingerale that I had last weekend. 

I’m hoping to have some soup simmering away in my crockpot on Saturday or Sunday.  Here is a new recipe for taco soup that uses enchilada sauce.  They only ingredient missing is the cooked chicken. 

Speaking of October swiftly going by, tonight is our last home football game.  If you are looking for a fun thing to do that doesn’t cost a lot, take your kids to a local high school game.  They will love the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the concession stand, and maybe some of the game – lol!  They usually start at 7 so you might make it through half of the game. I have been to two of our four home games so I’m not sure about tonight.  I might need to be around adults or alone with a Hallmark movie after this week!

My weekend plans are up in the air right now. What are you up to?

Happy weekend!


Fall Outfit Planning

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Why not build outfits around accessories? I have brown riding boots and brown cowboy boots but might upgrade mine.   I don’t have grey booties, a felt hat or brown clogs yet.

I like to do my research to see how I can wear the items I own. I’ve talked about it before but I love Pinterest for this purpose. I can usually find a way to recreate a look with things I already own.

If you are considering a purchase it’s a great way to get ideas and see if you will get your money’s worth.

Brown Riding Boots:

This is a photo from a local boutique called Tunie’s. I love the combo of orange and blue with the boots and I really think I might need the denim kimono. It’s a more comfortable way to wear a jean jacket in my opinion. Stay tuned because I may go try one on!


Other riding boot outfits that I like are below:

One photo has OTK boots but I like the brown jacket with the black monochromatic underneath.


Brown Cowboy Boots:

I have consignment boots that are a little big and a little worn. I may upgrade and have been checking out my options on Amazon.


Grey Booties:

I love the Toms booties in grey that I talked about Monday. I like the camo with grey especially.


Felt Hat:

I have looked at a couple of stores but don’t want to spend more than $20. I need to look at TJ Maxx.


Brown clogs:

I’m having trouble finding ones I like in my price range. I think they are so cool for fall.


I’m happy to have a birthday in the fall because I usually ask my husband for a fall piece to freshen up my wardrobe. I have a little wish list going on my phone and still some time to decide.  My husband likes the help and I can be sure I love my gift. We don’t go too crazy – just a pair of shoes or something like that. I usually get some money from my parents and in-laws and that is fun to use to pick something out.  

What are your thoughts on these pieces?  I’m all ears if you have any product recommendations!


What I Wore Wednesday, Recent Finds, and How we Wednesday – Meal Planning

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today I’d like to show you recent outfits and two recent purchases that I’m thrilled with. 

I’m also going to link up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday – Meal Plan edition.  I will put their links in at the bottom of the post.  

This was last Wednesday at school.  Sorry if you are tired of this shirt and these pants!  


This was Thursday with my new consignment LOGO brand shirt.  I don’t like the shoes with this and feel like they cut off my legs.  Maybe I shouldn’t wear a shoe with a strap?  They aren’t as comfortable as I thought they’d be.  Boo!img_3952

Now I know you are tired of this outfit.  It was really hot and this is what I wore for my patio brunch on Friday when I was out of school.  img_3972

This is what I wore on Sunday for A Star is Born.  My shirt is from Old Navy and says “Fiesta like there’s no tomorrow”.  I talked about wearing graphic tees with kimonos a long time ago here.  img_4017

Monday was a teacher work day and I wore my perfect camo tee, but I don’t like the pants I put with it.  I need a different silhouette.  So, you get to see the top only!  img_4024.jpg

This is out of order, but it’s what I wore to the Saturday night cocktail party and I wore this to Parent Teacher Conferences yesterday, too, but with a black pencil skirt.  I love this top, but could’ve gone one size smaller I think.  img_4001

This is my new with tags consignment LuLaRoe kimono from my shopping trip Saturday.  It was $13 and I love the non wrinkle material and the fall colors.  img_4032

I found the perfect subdued camo shirt with cute details at Versona!  It was more than I normally spend – $29!  Gasp!  I don’t know if it’s flattering, but I am going to wear this all fall.  I just want to warn you to get ready to see all of these things on repeat.  img_4033

This fall I have tried to follow this meal schedule:  

Sunday – sandwiches or something in crockpot

Monday – pasta

Tuesday – Mexican food

Wednesday – chicken

Thursday – fish

This has helped a little bit but I haven’t been too strict about it.  

I really love meal planning on Thursday night or Friday morning and picking up groceries on Friday afternoon.  That has worked well.  

Here is a simple meal I made recently:  brats, little potatoes, pretzel roll, onions, green beansimg_3931

It’s soup and chili time!  Well, almost – it’s still 90 degrees here so I have not craved these things yet.  But, soon, I will add this to my rotation.  Maybe Sundays would be good for this.  img_3710

I need ideas!  I can’t wait to read the others from the How We Wednesdays link up with Shay and Erika.  

Leave me a meal idea or a thought on my outfits or new items!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday Tip – Host a Fall Brunch

Tuesday, October 9. 2018

Brunch feels like a decadent weekend thing, you know?  Also, if you entertain in the morning, your company will leave and you will still have time to veg out – ha!  Also, I like to make sure my weekends feel different than my weeks, you know? I love making  breakfast food but the beauty of brunch is really that you can combine breakfast and lunch foods and you can do whatever you want, really.  You can do strictly breakfast food or you can do little ham sliders and salad and maybe an egg dish and a salad and something sweet.  I like to do something with eggs, something sweet, and then just whatever I feel like to go with those.  

I hosted a fall themed brunch for my two college besties last Friday because we were all off work. I prefer to entertain on my patio when weather permits, but you can do your set up wherever you like.

I decided to bring some of my indoor decor out.  I didn’t buy anything new.  In fact, I forgot to buy napkins, so I just folded up paper towels.  These are your friends, remember?  They won’t judge! 

The Menu:

Crustless quiche – 6 eggs, about a half cup milk, whatever cheese you have, a can of green chiles -bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes until set in middle. I used a glass pie plate.

Everything hash browns – follow package directions but add Everything but the bagel seasoning at end and a touch of shredded cheese

French toast – use the Trader Joe’s brioche loaf and just google French toast – super easy and I kept warm in oven

Fruit – I did strawberries and grapes because that’s what I had

Cheese – I did Trader Joe’s merlot soaked cheese because that’s what I had

Mini lemon muffins – bought at grocery

Pumpkin brownies – bought at TJ’s 

Brie with pumpkin in puff pastry – let your puff party defrost for about 30 minutes on counter then roll out. I used a half a sheet only. I just cut it. Add a small thing of Brie in middle. I smushed it down and took off white rind. Add a couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin butter on top and then wrap puff around and I tried to make it shaped like a pumpkin! Brush with egg white and bake for 20ish minutes at 350. You could do quiche and Brie at same time. People, this is a keeper!  I’m putting this on my Thanksgiving list to make for one or both of our family gatherings!

Mimosas – fill glass about half full with o.j. then top with bubbly.


Maple Leaf Bourbon Cocktail – I didn’t make this for my brunch, but…

In my Hello Monday post here, I told you about this cocktail. My friend B sent me the recipe to share.  Thanks B!

2 oz. bourbon

1 oz. lemon juice

1 oz. maple syrup

I think this would work well for brunch, too. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I can’t wait to have my next brunch! I recommend that you buy a few things and don’t try to make it all. People also love to contribute, so feel free to delegate something – perhaps the fruit?

Let me know if you try it!


P.S. If you need entertaining inspiration, check out my post here.

Hello Monday!

Monday, October 8, 2018

My weekend technically started Thursday at 2:20!  I still had kids to run around and errands to run but with the knowledge that I had Friday off I was ecstatic!  Friday was considered a flexible professional development day so I had already worked the day over the summer. There’s nothing free, you know!  So, Friday morning, I walked the dog, got a Starbuck’s, cleaned the house and patio, vacummed out my car, hit the car wash and started cooking!  I love a clean car and my car needed cleaning badly.  

Confession:  I used to be afraid to do the car wash because of all the rules about entering and stopping and pulling forward.  But, now I can do it!  Look how beautiful the colors are!

It reminds me of my fear of self tanning booths.  I have only done it once, but I didn’t understand the directions and I got the spray in my mouth.  How does this even happen?  I’m like Ross from Friends.  I need very specific directions for things like this!

I got a PSL!  It was hot, but I was off work and wanted a treat.  Oh, I had to get just a few items from Kroger, too.  

I had invited my two besties from college over for brunch and surprisingly they could both come!  Here is my set up.  One of them had her birthday last month and I still hadn’t been able to work out a time to get her my gift!  

I made brie with pumpkin butter in puff pastry, french toast, crustless quiche, fruit, and everything hash browns.  Also, we had mimosas.  I love doing this so it was fun for me.  

I called this a breakfast charcuterie platter, but it was fruit, cheese, mini store bought lemon muffins, and the TJ’s pumpkin brownies.

Deep in conversation…

After we ate, we hit up several cute little shops near my house.  If you are local, we went to Westport Village.  I didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed browsing and chatting.  

After that, my hub and I had our yearly financial review meeting – good times.  We decided to grab Thai food on the way home and hang with our boys for the evening.  

Saturday morning I did some fall shopping research.  DSW had this giant rack of  leggings, people!  These are leggings that can look like pants.  The brown cords were appealing to me.  This was strictly a research trip, though.  

Oh, the ponchos!  I love me a poncho!

I want the Burberry like plaid for the fall, I think.  I’m not sure this is the one, though.  

A couple of years ago, I had black suede shoebooties.  I had gotten them from a consignment store and I wore them several times with opaque tights and dresses or skirts.  I ruined the heels when I wore them to the cemetery at a funeral. (That sentence sounded weird.). I am thinking I need them again.

These are Tom’s grey booties.  Aren’t they gorgeous?Do I need something like this in my life?  

O.k., so I did buy one thing but it was at Versona. I think I have found the perfect fall camo shirt.  I will show you Wednesday!  I think Versona is one of my new favorite stores if I must buy new.  

I did have to return the black Amazon romper that I showed you last Wednesday, by the way.  It looked horrible on me!  

Later in the afternoon, I met my friend J at my favorite consignment shop for their 20% off storewide sale.  She had only been once and wanted me to show her the ropes.  She found an adorable wine polka dotted button down and a pair of Joe’s Jeans that are regularly over $150.  She got both items for $30.  I found a brand new LuLaRoe kimono in fall colors for $13.  I will show you on Wednesday!  

Saturday night, hub and I went to a new to us joint before a birthday party.  We shared an appetizer of tempura shrimp and I had the best tasting Four Roses bourbon and gingerale I have ever had.  The ratio was perfection.  

Our friend was celebrating a big birthday with a house cocktail party.  Why don’t people do these much anymore?  The drink spread was beer, wine, and two signature cocktails – vodka cranberry and a maple leaf cocktail with bourbon, lemon, and maple syrup.  It was like fall in a cup and I need to get the exact recipe.  

The food was catered and lovely.  img_4008.jpg

We have been friends with this couple for 20 years!  B always looks so cute!  Her style is J.Crew boho I would say.  I am wearing my Steinmart scarf top and I loved it.  It was comfortable and cool.  It was very hot this weekend.  

Sunday included more laundry, grocery shopping for the week, and A Star Is Born.

I don’t want to say much about it other than I’m glad I saw it and it was long. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were incredible.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 5, 2018

Favorite #1)  We’re out of school today!  

Favorite #2)  This is weird, but have you heard of Kleenex cool touch?  My students donate a box of tissues at the beginning of the year and this was one of them.  I was hot this week in my classroom and I was wiping sweat from my face and I had the most wonderful feeling of coolness.  Menopausal women everywhere, get ya a box of these!  I will be getting more for myself!  

Favorite #3)  I took a chance on these bars from Trader Joe’s this week.  They look like a work of art and they taste like pumpkin pie on a brownie.  TJ’s has so much pumpkin stuff!  

Favorite #4)  My whole family loves to go to the movies and I’m hoping to see one or both of these this weekend.  img_3955img_3956.jpg

Favorite #5)  I love almost everything Bravo has to offer, but I really like Below Deck and the Tahiti edition just started this week.  I love Captain Lee and Chief Stew Kate.  img_3957.jpg

Favorite #6) I mentioned that one area of my closet that is lacking is going out clothes.  We have a cocktail party to attend this weekend and it is still going to be pretty hot.  I found this at Steinmart for $20 and I’m kind of excited about it.  It is kind of a scarf top and it has fall colors.  I also think I will wear it to Parent Teacher Conference Day on Tuesday.  

Favorite #7)  My boys have off until next Wednesday.  They have been working so hard and really deserve some down time.  I have to have a teacher day on Monday and then conferences on Tuesday but it will be a break from teaching 6 classes a day and having lessons prepared.  It’s kind of sad when your mom is a teacher that you can’t travel anywhere, but I don’t think they care.  They love being home.  

I hope to have some fun this weekend!  How about you? Hope you have had a good week!  I can’t wait to read other peoples’ favorites!  I’m linking up with Andrea etc. so check out some more.  

Thanks for reading!


Thursday Thoughts – Fall Shoes

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I love shoes!  But, the older I get the more I know I cannot be uncomfortable!  I have to buy better quality shoes. 

I don’t know about you, but I realized that I really only need black and brown shoes.  I used to buy whatever was on sale, only to be frustrated that I wasn’t wearing the other colors as much.  Exception:  I have learned the value of a good metallic and how it can work like a neutral.  Also, I have discovered a love of grey jeans and pants and find that a grey shoe works very well for my fall color palette, as well.  My fall color palette is black, tan, mustard, wine, olive, and navy, mainly. I urge you to develop a color palette as well, as I think it will make curating your wardrobe much easier.  

Let’s start with flats.  I tend to wear the Tory Burch when I’m not at school but when I want to look a little more chic. I wrote my opinion about TB flats here if you are interested.  I wear the Tieks to school and on the weekends.  Again, I think they elevate an outfit slightly and they are more comfortable than the TB flats.  The Tieks are all from my favorite consignment store – probably my best consignment score ever!  


I’m anxious to wear my boots!  I have the Sam Edelman Penny in brown and Clarks basic boots in black.  The Penny were my birthday gift last year and were a lot for me – $150 on Amazon.  The Clarks were on major sale at the end of last season – $60 I think.  I like a basic boot without much adornment so that I can wear with silver and gold.  I think the Penny boots look so nice.  They are a beautiful rich cognac color.  img_3946.jpg

The open toed booties are mainly for going out or for a shorter daytime stint.  I really don’t wear them much because I don’t go out much!  They are Hush Puppies from Amazon a few years ago.  I think everyone should have a brown and black bootie and these are my biggest workhorses when the weather turns too cold to wear flats.  img_3947.jpg

I wore the Sam Edelman cowboy boot mule from a consignment shop to school this week and I love them.  They look funky and cool to me.  The middle black clogs are Lotta from Amazon.  And, finally the metallic are Axiomm from a consignment store.  img_3948.jpg

Here are my consignment store funky going out clogs.  I have worn these with a wider leg jean. I may try to wear them to a party this weekend.  


Holes in my shoe wardrobe: 

I would love a brown clog with closed toe that is lower heeled and suitable for school.  I’m thinking a Mary Jane style.  

I think I could use a black going out type shoe. 

I also am thinking about a bow mule like my SIL has.  They are really cute and I missed the boat on getting the BP bow mules from Nordstrom that she has because they are out of stock now.  Honestly, I haven’t seen too many fall shoes that I’m crazy about.  

I wonder if I would like a grey bootie?  

I may do some weekend “research” and see what’s out there.  I don’t have an outfit picked out for a Saturday night party so that may be included in the research.  I said earlier this week that going out clothing was a deficit in my closet.  

Check out my other fashion related posts from the week:

Click here for yesterday’s What I Wore and Recent Purchases.

Click here for Tuesday’s Shrink Your Closet post.

Leave me any tips about shoes that you might have!  I need suggestions!  

Thanks for reading!


What I Wore Wednesday and Recent Purchases

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

O.k., I slacked on outfit pictures at work last week.  I feel like I’m bugging my sweet colleagues E and E who are my main photographers!  

Here is Thursday when I wore my trusty black Chico’s capris that I wear once a week and this top from last year.  Is criss cross still in?  I hope so because I have a few.  I feel that this top is too big, though.  I have trouble sometimes and either end up thinking some of my tops are too big or too small.  

I forgot to take a photo Friday, but I wore jeans, a black top, and my puffer vest with school logo – so nothing you would want to see.

Saturday was debate tournament day and I wore a different pair of jeans, my black Chico’s criss cross top, and a baby poop brown sweater that I’m not sure about.  It was consignment Old Navy.  I also wore consignment Tieks black flats.  

Monday it was going to be 90 degrees again!  I think this dress is too short and I felt self conscious all day.  I don’t know if it shrank or if it was always crossing the line.  I wore a kimono and a long necklace – rule of three pieces and my new Axiomm shoes that I bought in black and tan.  I thought they were the answer to my late summer/early fall teacher shoe problems, but they really aren’t that comfortable.  

And, finally this is Tuesday’s outfit.  I look mad, but I’m not.  Trusty Chico’s black pants, Soft Surroundings tank that I now think is too low for school, Steinmart sweater kimono in a small and it is still huge, consignment necklace and bracelet and consignment Tieks.  

So, these are outfits I’m not wild about.  There is something off in each of them.  I’m keeping it real here.  

I ordered this romper off of Amazon and it will be here today. It was a total impulse purchase! I don’t even know if I’m a romper person. Heather of My Glittery Heart sings its praises.

I stopped in my favorite consignment shop this weekend and these both fit my palette and I thought they would both be good fall additions.  They were $8 each.


Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday Tip – Shrink Your Closet

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Did that title catch your eye?  I think most of us would have the instinct to expand our wardrobes, right?  I want to make a case for having a smaller selection of clothing from which to choose.  For some reason, when I have less, I feel like I have so many more options.  

So, this past weekend, I was tired of having summer and fall clothing all jumbled around in my closet.  It was too full and I couldn’t easily decide what to wear.  I put everything that wasn’t early fall in a closet in another room.  You may have to use under bed storage containers or another solution for your space.  

Our weather is still all over the place here in Kentucky.  We had fall like temps last week and now we are back to high 80s.  Here are the shirts that I can wear over the next month or two.  Notice there really aren’t that many.  And, notice they are not really organized by sleeve length but somewhat by color.  

Here are my “third pieces”.  These are kimonos, cardigans, and vests.  I like to use the rule of 3.  

Here are my pants and leggings.

Here are my skirts and dresses.  

The items I’m showing here work for mainly my work clothes, but I can wear many things on the weekends or out at night.  It’s not super organized, but I have space to see things and it just made me happier getting dressed on Monday morning.

Holes in my closet:  

I really need to add to my weekend wear.  I don’t have much that fits the athleisure category or the going out category.  I wore jeans for the first time since spring both Friday and Saturday and it was so nice.  My go to night out outfit is jeans, a black top with some detail, and higher heeled open toe booties. 

Also, a word about color:  My fall clothes are orange, wine, mustard, olive green, black, white, tan, brown, grey, and a bit of light blue.  When you chose a fairly limited color palette, you will feel that you have more to mix and match, in my opinion.  

My other clothes are easily accessible if I find I need something.  

What are your thoughts on less is more?  Do you still have summer clothes out?  Do you store off season clothing?  Got any tips for me?  

Thanks for reading!