Prime Purchases

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

It is the first Tuesday of the month and that means it is time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.

I did not buy much in the month of September! But, what I did buy is really, really good.

One of my best friends, Heather, turned 50 and I did a “Favorites” theme. I typed up 50 favorite things about her/memories we share, too.

I bought her the Donna Karan cashmere mist deoderant because she also really appreciates nice smells like I do. Also, this is something that many won’t buy for themselves. I was not implying that she stinks at all! Also, I bought mine at the end of May and I still have some product left. I think that makes it way less per wear than some other ones I have used.

She loves Tyler candles and the Diva laundry soap, so I got her a 3 pack of the air freshener.

And, I got her the beaded champagne earrings like I have.

I think she really liked my kinda hodgepodge gift!

And, I have been wanting a sweater vest…

I ordered this one and it is super soft and not scratchy at all. I am deciding if I need to go down a size because it is kinda long.

I plan to wear it just as she is with one of my button downs under it!

What have you purchased this month?


Hello Monday

Monday, October 3, 2022

My weekend started last Wednesday after school and it’s not over yet! Today is my last day of my little fall break and then I will have a 4 day week. I am linking up with Holly and Sarah to share a bit about what I’ve been up to.

At first, I thought a fall break from September 29-October 3 seemed a bit early, but it occurred right after our first grading period ended and during what I think of as probably our best weather around here!

I am always trying to do better at achieving work/life balance and it has been so nice. What is it about having a weekday off that just feels different?

Let’s go back to Wednesday evening…I was feeling a bit celebratory but Tom had a long day at work, so my buddy Heather met me for the sailboat race at Captain’s Quarters. It was beautiful sitting at an outdoor table and watching the sailboats go out to the course and then come back in as the sun was setting. Ah…. I just love being around water. It is so calming.

We split some onion rings and a spinach salmon salad and then Heath loves dessert (as do I) and picked this to share and we could not believe it when it arrived!

Thursday morning was hair day! Yay!

Then, I met Elizabeth for lunch at Caffe Classico, which is a Euopean cafe.

Balance – Belgian frites, wine, and salad.

Then, we went to my favorite consignment store and I found Kut From the Kloth jeans for $18. They were the perfect length!

I finished this and it was so cute. I do recommend it! If you read The Authenticity Project, it is the same author.

I started this! I was so excited when my library came through with this request just in time for my break. Why another ghost in your story, Elin?

Thursday night I made a random dinner for Tom and I of some stuff we had around.

Friday morning my college kids agreed to have lunch with me! We tried a new to us Mexican place. Mason had Mexican coffee and we shared chips and queso. We spoke Spanish most of the time and had the sweetest server from Mexico. She was tickled that we were speaking Spanish.

They had Mexican breakfast, too, so I got a breakfast dish that was amazing.

Jack got shrimp tostadas…

and Mason got a salmon spinach salad.

Tom wanted me to teach them Spanish when they were little and I kind of did. I used lots of Spanglish with them and we had lots of books in Spanish around the house. But, I also didn’t want to force what I love onto them. They both chose to take it in high school and took 4 years. I got to teach them in their final year. I am so happy that they truly love the language and they are the ones that start conversations with me in Spanish. They are both really good!

Friday night Tom and I went to dinner and I had a burger (didn’t eat the bun) and green beans. Tom got meatloaf and was in love!

They have an ice cream parlour upstairs and Tom got a milkshake, too! All of his favorites were present!

Saturday we had a road trip to a wedding and stopped halfway for German food! Look how cute their little gift shop is as you enter the restaurant:

We sat down and looked at the wall and Tom was sitting right by his birthplace – Wiesbaden, Germany!

And, this is where his family lives:

I got a German beer:

And some sides! I took much of it home!

We went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. Mother of the bride, but she looks too young to be, right?

They did cupcakes and a small wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut.

The bride was beautiful!

Sunday morning I had my coffee on the patio despite the cool morning.

More Hotel Nantucket!

Then, just Tom and I took the boat out and had lunch on the river. It was so beautiful! I just want to bottle up this weather, you know?

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 30, 2022

Happy Friday! It is the day we link up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites.

First, I want to say I am thinking of all of my friends in the path of Hurricane Ian. I know that is not enough to say that, but I hope everyone is safe out there, and I am thinking of you.

Here are some things that were my favorites this week:

Sunday night, we got to help celebrate my friend Heather’s 50th birthday. She had a few of us over and it was really sweet. It is rare to get to celebrate on ones’ actual birthday, so that was really special.

This cake is called a shadow cake from a local bakery and it is to die for!

I brought the cheese and the raspberry brie in puff pastry to put on the board:

Gorgeous setting!

This week our PTA gave us some treats in the lounge and I think this is my new favorite La Croix flavor – Black Razzberry.

And, I tried lime flavored potato chips and they were surprisingly good!

I broke out the Target Universal Thread dress and boots one day. It felt very fall out, so I wanted to break out the fall clothes!

And, another fall outfit:

I bought some Danskos about a month ago and finally got to wear them:

This is really good! I think they changed the label, but it has a tiny bit of sparkling essence to it and it’s a screw top!

I picked this up for Heather at Trader Joe’s because I asked if I could help. It’s really good! Peach Bellini is the flavor. I think you can only get it at TJ’s and I plan to get it again for myself.

I had my faux pearls shortened. I took them to a local jeweler who said they had to all be individually re-tied and that very few people in town do this anymore.

Hall bath has had drywall applied!

This isn’t a favorite, but…

My next door neighbor at school told me about “quiet quitting” your job. You don’t actually quit, but you stop doing anything beyond your workday. You basically do the bare minimum.

Have you heard of this? Is this because employees think they have the power now because so many fields are hurting for people? I am trying to have more work/life balance this year, but I always want to bring my best.

What were your favorites this week?


Fall Decorating with Monthly Musings

Thursday, September 29, 2022

It is time to link up here for Monthly Musings!

This month’s topic is Fall Decor and Halloween!

I gotta admit that I wasn’t feeling it until last weekend. And, even then, I only put out some of my stuff. I just try to go with my gut each year. Some years I am more into it than other years.

I love to decorate a bit on my front porch. I have Jack O’Lantern lanterns from Target years ago and I have a pumpkin flag. I also have a haunted house flag that I may change to in October. I have a very small front porch so I don’t do much at all.

Inside, I always do my mantle. I love the idea to take old Scrabble letters and spell out different things. I have 20 Scrabble boards in my classroom (Spanish version) so I stole a few tiles from these games. It’s ok! I still have plenty for the kids!

I love this little sign from a boutique in my hometown that my mom bought for me.

Pretty glass pumpkin:

I will add candy soon to these little dishes on my long charcuterie board.

Framed fall photos of my family:

The dough bowl I bought looks great with my plastic pumpkins and I love this melamine fall serving dish.

I have Day of the Dead pillows from last year so I decked out both patios with these.

Another flag:

I decided to keep the mums and pumpkins in the back where I will get enjoyment from seeing them.

It’s not much, but my decor is making me happy!

What about you?

For Halloween dinner, I almost always make chili, but I have also made mummy dogs! Yum!

I love chocolate and I loved the variety my kids used to bring home from trick or treating. Fun size all the way! I love Reese’s, Take 5, Milky Way probably the most!

I think it’s a great idea to take pictures of your decor for the next year if you have a lot of decor. I also like to put my leftover napkins, handsoap, candles, and things like that in my Fall/Halloween tub. That way I am sure to use them.

Yes to pumpkin spice! Love it!


What’s Up Wednesday

Wednesday, September 28. 2022

It’s time for What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay! I don’t always remember to do this monthly post, but I think it’s really fun to write and I love reading everyone elses’, too!

How is it already the last Wednesday of September? I knew it would go quickly, but wow! We started school on Wednesday, August 10th this year, so we have been in the swing of things for quite a while and today at 2:20 our Fall Break starts! We only have 3 days off, but I will take it.


My loyal readers and friends know that I do a weekly breakfast meal prep. This week I did my low carb, low WW point egg casserole with Amylu mini chicken sausage links. I love this combo so much! I do faux egg McMuffins and breakfast burritos on other weeks. I eat my breakfast and lunch at school and doing this little prep on the weekend saves me so much time each day.

I will do a separate post on this, but OMG! I do lunches with my co-worker, Erica and we have been using Slender Kitchen this fall because the recipes are on point. If you can’t wait, here is this recipe for lasagna cupcakes. I mean – how can you go wrong with something with two wonderful things in the title? They are made from wonton wrappers, you guys! And, they are very low calorie – did you know that?

I liked Erica’s so much, I made them for Tom and I and they got the Tom stamp of approval. Erica and I both added Laura’s lean ground beef to the original recipe.

I will talk more about this in my Friday Favorites, but I also have been eating birthday cake! My buddies are all turning 50 this year. I was one of the first to hit this milestone. This cake was to die for!

I am still trucking along trying to eat well Monday through Friday with a few splurges on the weekends.

Reminiscing – not really doing much of this lately just because I have been so darn busy!

Loving – I did my first dark pedicure of the season this weekend and I am loving it. Dark polish pedicures are my fave!

I am also loving these tri-color mums! I didn’t know this was a thing! I got mine at Kroger for $20.

Been Up To – I will talk more about this tomorrow, but it finally felt fall enough that I did my fall decor. I didn’t go crazy. I have a small front porch, so I just did some lanterns on the porch and this flag. I like to put most of my outdoor decor in the back where I sit and enjoy looking at it, you know?

I also did some simple interior decorating for fall – more to come on this tomorrow.

Dreading – I guess I always dread the cold of winter that follows the fall. But, I try not to dwell on it too much right now.

Watching – Tom and I just started the new season of Amazing Race. On my own, I watch all things Bravo! I am watching Southern Charm, Below Deck, Real Girlfriends of Paris – the star of the show is Paris!

Reading – I am still loving my reading life. I had a real slump at the end of summer. I am an outdoor reader and it was so hot anyway! This is my kind of outdoor reading weather. I am taking the time to read on my patio almost everyday and it is filling my cup.

This is so cute and quirky so far!

Working On – Fall decor, starting to think about holiday gifts, all the stuff at school, and purging some stuff around the house. Why is this so hard?

Excited AboutMy Early Fall Bucket List, celebrating friends who are turning 50, quality time with my people, the leaves changing, fires, apple cider sangria, chili, and all the fall goodness!

Listening To – My job is so full of people that I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence for a bit when I get home. I also enjoy Lazy Genius, Big Boo, Watch What Crappens podcasts.

Wearing – I am loving my white, blue, and black button downs!

I am pulling out my fall dresses from last season!

I am wearing my early fall blouses – the ones that don’t make me hot, but still have a fall-ish color palette!

And my most fall outfit of all so far!

Doing this Weekend– Come back Monday and I will tell you! Ha!

Looking Forward to This Month – My Early Fall Bucket List items, quality time with my people, all the fall goodness!

What about you? Anything you want to answer from above?

Thanks for reading,


An Easy Weeknight Meal

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

You seriously won’t believe how easy this is and how delicious it is. It could have been from a restaurant and it got the Tom stamp of approval!

You need:

a container of Boursin cheese

a bag of spinach


grape tomatoes

chicken broth (optional)

grilled chicken

angel hair pasta (or any kind)

Slice up your mushrooms and halve your grape tomatoes. Dump the whole bag of spinach into a stockpot or large skillet or wok and add a bit of chicken broth if you have it. I think I added about half a cup. It you don’t, just add a bit of water and olive oil. Add the mushrooms and tomatoes and let it all cook down for a few minutes. Then, add the Boursin and let it slowly melt into the mixture. Once melted, add your already cooked/grilled chicken.

Serve atop angel hair pasta.

This was posted on Facebook by a high school friend. I already bought the ingredients to make it again! Lighten it up by using whole wheat pasta or it tastes great with no pasta at all!

Let me know if you try it,


Hello Monday

Monday, September 26, 2022

It is time to link up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was full and the weather was gorgeous! It was the stuff that September dreams are made of!

I took a trip to Trader Joe’s immediately after school Friday and it was full of fall goodness…

I still haven’t found a better moisturizer than this!

I bought a pumpkin kringle – so good…

and these cider donuts…

to take on the boat Saturday…

For dinner Friday night, Tom and I ran up to McAllister’s and this hit the spot.

I fell asleep super early so I was up with the birds Saturday morning. No complaints from me because I love weekend mornings…

It was the weirdest thing – it wasn’t storming, raining, or even very windy and our power went out for about 20 minutes…

We had big plans to travel by boat to my hometown like we did last year. It is about an hour and a half and it was chilly!

We brought our friends Beth and Bob…

Ice cream for the ride back!

The ride back was so bumpy and windy! The way there had been smooth as can be even though it was cold. We arrived back around 6 p.m. tired but happy…

I finished this on the patio Saturday night. It was really good. I usually don’t do darker, mysterious books, but I don’t read right before bed, so I can do more of these.

Sunday morning I started something lighter and pretty quirky!

I sauteed some apples for an experiment…

It rained and I had some hot chocolate after doing my abbreviated meal prep. I only have three days of school this week, so not much is needed.

Then, I went to do a rare Sunday Kroger pick up – had already done one on Tuesday, but needed some more things. I also went to Dollar Tree. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, reading on the patio, getting stuff organized and decorating for fall. Pics coming soon!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 23, 2022

Oh man, what a week! See, I said it again! It’s time, though, for everyone’s favorite day of the week and favorite link up – Friday Favorites here with many other ladies.

First of all, it was great to feel much better this week, so that was a definite favorite. Did you read my Nurse Amy post? Check out the great suggestions in the comments, too. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Starbuck’s Medicine Ball tea or the copycat version at home. Read Carolina Charm’s recipe here.

Another favorite was this ice cream that I have been meaning to look for at Target and finally did on Sunday. It is good! I won’t eat anything that tastes disgusting and this did not have a weird aftertaste or an artificial vibe at all. The whole thing is 370 calories and I was able to restrain myself and eat it in two settings, so not too bad for a much needed weeknight treat.

My car read 100 degrees after school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Adiós, summer! I will miss you, but not these temps. Honestly, this summer was not that hot here. I was just thinking about this the other day.

Wednesday was Spanish Club day! It was our first meeting of the year and we had a generous food donation from a local business, Ramiro’s Cantina. I have the daughter of the owner in my class and he offered; I was shocked by just how much he brought. We had chips, queso, salsa, quesadillas, and Jarritos Mexican soft drinks.

The kids’ eyes lit up when they saw the spread. It always warms my heart to see kids that love Spanish so much that they will stay after school to talk about it some more. I even had three senior girls that get to leave school early for co-op come back just for club.

I missed getting outside due the heat this week, but one night I waited until 7:30 and read a bit of my current book…

I am sucked in! Anyone read this?

The sky was lovely, too!

This is really good and fall like. I have had it for awhile and just got it out again now that fall is here!

I made it to the gym 2 times at 5:00 a.m. and walked the track with Erica one day after school. I still haven’t been 100% after being sick, so I will take that as an improvement.

I may not post as much next week and I may take a break from outfit photos because I have a little fall break. I wore this after I posted Fashion Files…

And, I wore this. This is my new TJ Maxx find from the weekend with old J.Jill crops and my cow loafers.


I had lots of after school stuff this week that were all school related. I had no fun happy hours!

One day was a professional development, but it was a good one!

Our hall bath is coming along…

And, yesterday the weather was gorgeous! Ernie and I walked between the tennis center and my school’s baseball field…

Ernie found a baseball!

After our walk, I had my own happy hour…

I made a new drink recently. One shot bourbon, a bit of Simply Peach, a bit of Crystal Light lemonade powder, a bit of lemon juice, ice, and Diet Canada Dry. Yum!

I think it was Jennifer who talked about “redneck caviar”? Well, Tom is hooked. Take a Ritz cracker, spread pimento cheese on top, and add a bit of bacon jam.

Ernie and I read some of The Paris Apartment last night, too.

I think this week I only went to work, the gym, and Kroger! Exciting, right?

What were your favorites this week?

Happy Fall!


Fashion Files

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy First Day of Fall! And, the highs today are in the 70s for us after a few days of 90 degrees. You will see all the basic girls in boots with their PSLs! I try not to rush the season, but we are ready, aren’t we?

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files…

Hush Puppies update…I am going to be featuring both of my Hush Puppies in today’s post. They are good! If you have ordered some, let me know what you think. If you are interested in trying some, I do have a link if you wouldn’t mind using it…click here. I would get $20 off of a $100 purchase. I really may order another pair. If you are a teacher, they have a very generous teacher discount. They shipped quickly, they were boxed and packaged so nicely, and the quality is great. You all, I really think these may be better than Rothy’s, Tieks, Tory Burch, and other highly touted flats in terms of comfort.

First up, here is a weekend outfit. I am trying to show more weekend outfits and I am trying to style my button downs in different ways,too! Cut offs, a white tank, white button down over, and my Hush Puppies cow print driving mocs.

For school one day, I wore a basic black pencil skirt, my Target Rolling Stones t-shirt (but I really did see them in concert in 1994 so I can wear this), my white button down, and my second pair of Shu Shop sneakers, thanks for Johnna. Hi Johnna! So, I have pink stars with a glitter back that I bought this summer. I have worn them a ton. Johnna, my blog reader and friend, found this very neutral version for fall and I am in love.

I wore my high waisted jeans, Birks, new Target top, cardigan to school on Friday. Did you read my jeans post yesterday?

This week I wore my Matilda Jane pants, Anthro blouse (gift from Beth), and my bow mules that have to go. These suckers will not stay on my feet. Luckily, I brought a change of footwear.

And, I wore jeans on a Monday because it was raining. I paired them with my Loft black blouse, a magenta sweater that quickly came off, and my Hush Puppies flats. They are so stinking cute! The back rubbed a bit, but I think only because I had blisters from wearing sneakers without socks.

And, I ordered and received new Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut in petite length from Nordstrom. These jeans are good! They have the absolution technology that helps suck in your tum. I also showed these in my jeans post yesterday. I have not actually worn these out yet, but I was trying them on to see if they fit.

So, I still have not repeated a school outfit and we are now at the 6 week mark! I think that says I have plenty of clothing! I also feel pretty set for fall. What about you? Do you have holes in your closet? I do like to buy a few things at the beginning of each season and then wait a bit and see what I feel that I am missing as that season moves on and the prices of the clothing drop. I am definitely a better shopper than I have been in the past. I am more thoughtful about what I need and I take my time.

My least favorite outfit is the jeans with Birks outfit. My favorite outfit is the first one – the weekend outfit. I love shorts with long sleeves! I always have loved that combo.

Thanks for reading,


What are we gonna do about jeans?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I know that many people on a healthy journey say looking good in a swimsuit is a huge motivator, but is there any better feeling than a pair of jeans that fit just right and give you confidence?

I have been a bit worried about jeans. First of all, I keep hearing that skinny jeans are out. Wide legs are in, mom jeans are in, high waisted are in, straight legs are in, and on and on. Um, yeah, none of that is going to work best for my body type.

I felt much better when I received my issue of Real Simple

and I read the article “Can I Still Wear my Skinnies?”…

Basically, they are saying to still wear what you love and what works for you. The fashion industry wants us to shop each and every season so they have to come up with new trends and send us the message that the old is no longer good enough.

Also, how are you gonna tuck your jeans into your boots if you don’t have a skinny pair?

One thing I have done to make my jeans from last season feel more on trend or more modern is to cut and fray the bottom hem. I have one pair of medium blue, one pair of darker blue that look dressier and that I didn’t cut, one light pair, and one slightly high waisted pair.

I did make a new purchase this season, influence by Sheaffer. I bought the Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut jeans from Nordstrom in the petite length. I am 5’4 so this was a great option for me. Also, I would call this a slight flare, rather than a bootcut. This shape can be flattering on my body type because the jeans fit close the leg and then flare out, rather than just being a wide leg.

On my bod:

I am not sure if I would be comfortable tucking in, but they give you legs for dayz.

My medium wash denim with cut and frayed hems:

My light wash, also with cut and frayed hems:

My slightly high waisted jeans:

Looking at these now, I think they might be too long, but it could just be the Birkenstocks.

My darker denim that I didn’t cut:

All of the jeans you see above are Target Universal Thread. I prefer the mid-rise, but I did go up a size to try the high waisted ones last season (beware that you may have to do that if you have a tummy like moi) and I surprised myself by actually really liking them. I highly recommend you order online and get a couple different sizes of several styles. It took me awhile to figure out what I needed.

Now, my jeans are all a bit snug, so I am using this as my motivation to get back to where I was. I let myself have a bit too much freedom this summer.

And, footwear makes a huge difference. Sneakers and Birks do nothing for elongating the leg. A bit of a heeled bootie or a heeled clog are so much more flattering.

Have I made you feel any better about your skinny jeans?

If you are going to other cuts, that is fine, too! You do you! But, there are many of us that don’t feel like the 2022 jean trends are going to work for us.

So, sound off in the comments! Favorite brand? Favorite cut? Are you trying any new trends this season?