Product Update

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Who doesn’t love a product post? Basically the only reason I try new things is because someone recommended them! I don’t want to waste my money! I also am always curious if bloggers still use those products they recommended.

I don’t have any links for you but most everything came from Amazon or Target!

It is allergy season and this is a product I don’t live without. I keep it in my shower and use it daily. My husband has one in his shower, too. We found this several years ago and both agree it has changed our sinuses for the better! It comes in a 3 pack at Costco and it is the best price there, too!

I talked about this on my Prime Purchases post Tuesday, but it deserves a place here, too! It comes in a two pack on Amazon and I have it on subscription.

I love Downy Wrinkle Release! It is another product I don’t want to live without. They use it on Below Deck to smooth the sheets – what? It has changed my ironing life!

I really like this Trader Joe’s face lotion. I have bought this several times.

I love Glossier Boy Brow but this NYX brow is a close second. I would buy it again. My Charlotte Tillbury cream eyeshadow is still going strong after almost 2 years? Maybe I shouldn’t keep it this long, but I am! I will definitely replace this.

Melanie Shankle of Big Mama blog and Big Boo Cast podcast has great recommendations and this is my favorite self-tanner to date. I am curious to try other brands but this is still so full that it will be a long time and I don’t feel the need to try others because I do like this so much! It has a subtle sparkle and hardly any smell to it.

I first ordered Maskcara cream makeup in October and I have since ordered a couple more colors but I still have all of the original I ordered back then. This is now called Seint and it has changed my makeup life. I love it so much! If you are curious, search Seint on Pinterest. You do need a blending brush but it is magic. It has saved me money – it is very reasonably priced and it has kept me from looking for the next holy grail of makeup! I did a post a long time ago here!

I still can’t believe I paid this much – $28 a bottle – but it is amazing. I especially love the lather that the shampoo gives you. It has a nice smell, too. You need very little and I am often getting too much product. I am trying to do better. I think my hair is really loving it.

I can’t remember who recommended this, but they compared it to using Crest White Strips. I love this mouthwash! You swish for 60 seconds and I think I immediately see results. I like the flavor, too.

Several people recommended this and I love it! I love the foaming quality and my skin feels so good after using it!

I wouldn’t say the Olaplex conditioner gets my tangles out very well, so I started using this. I like it a lot!

Do you use any of these products?

What products would you recommend?


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Happy cinco de mayo! I have a short one this week! Linking up with The Style Six!

Saturday night we went to dinner and I wore my new Target Knox Rose dress. I don’t have any dresses like this. I only have knit swing dresses really so I am excited to have a one and done outfit.

For school on Monday I wore this old camo tank dress. You will be happy to know my room has settled down and isn’t a refrigerator anymore!

No, you aren’t seeing things… I have this blouse above and I bought the dress. I love this pattern and dresses are scarce in my wardrobe.

Also, I did my Prime Purchases post yesterday and wanted to show you my Amazon faux Birkenstock/Birkencrocs.

What have you been wearing lately? I am still managing not to repeat an outfit at school, by the way! 13 more outfits needed!

Prime Purchases

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Today is everyone’s favorite post – Prime Purchases for the month of April with Tanya and many more here! I don’t know if I should read these posts because I get severely influenced!

To be honest, I return more than I keep when it comes to Amazon clothing. I guess that is o.k., though, because I am learning not to settle for things that aren’t 100% for me. I buy snack items, toiletries, households goods, too. But, I definitely don’t go crazy on Amazon!

I didn’t want to spend almost $50 on real rubber Birkenstocks – Birkencrocs? I do have a pair of real pinkish melon ones and I also bought that same color for my MIL, but I wanted white this time and I knew that a knock off would do. I am very happy with these!

I almost ran out of this and I cannot let that happen! Seriously, I cannot tell you how many cans of this hairspray I have gone through. I love it and it really works for my hair! This is the only thing I have on auto-ship.

I really like these – two pockets and a nice material! I did go up a size and I feel like it was the right call. I am just wearing them to walk in or lounge at home with a big t-shirt.

I’m trying to drink more water and I bought this jug, influenced by Heather!

I had the worst rug in my hall bathroom that kept slipping. I bought this set and I am super happy with how soft and how non slip they are!

That is it for me in April!


Hello Monday – 3 Day Weekend

Monday, May 3, 2021

And, just like that… it is May! May is always a super busy month for teachers and parents. This year doesn’t quite look the same for me with my kids out of high school, but it will still be busy!

-I have 15 more days of in person instruction, then we have an in person graduation on our football field! (We normally go to our convention center indoors and I’m actually really excited about this change.)

-Jack is in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in the parking lot of his community theatre – complete with food trucks. This will be the first time he has performed since Februrary of 2020’s Pride and Prejudice.

I am happy to link up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more right here!

We had some wonderful weather this weekend. Thursday evening after dinner, I went out to my happy place and read.

Friday morning I slept in until 7 because I didn’t have school! This is my tree top view from my bed. I really want to open the blinds fully.

I did my coffee, blog, and devotional and then got motivated to get to Trader Joe’s by 8:30.

I came home and made a new breakfast favorite – a low carb tortilla with egg and cheese. I plan to add more items to this soon – onions, mushrooms, etc. I ate on the deck.

I spent some time reading my library books and the sky was as blue as blue can be!

I forgot to take pictures but my friend came over for lunch and a cocktail and to watch the Oaks race (part of the Derby). That evening we just stayed home for dinner.

Saturday morning I had my iced coffee on the deck after breakfast with my new library book.

Then, that afternoon, our friends came over to watch the Derby. I made a cocktail called a Twin Spire (named after the architectural structures at Churchill Downs) and charcuterie platters and I forgot photos!

Our friend brought his new bourbon smoker.

Then, the four of us met our friends who went to the Derby for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that used to be a gas station.

I had the vegetable platter and it was so good!

Then, we came home and watched some tv on the patio because we kept our bedroom tv outside. I am anxious to permanently put a tv on the patio. But, this worked for now!

Then, Sunday morning it was not so cold and I had my coffee out there, too!

Then, it was time for Sunday morning meal prep and school work. I like to get things done in the morning when I have energy so I can have that off of my plate.

So, I didn’t take many pictures and as you can see the ones I did take were mostly of my deck or patio! When the weather is nice, I am outside as much as I can be!

What were the highlights of your weekend? Did you have nice weather?

Thanks for reading!


Friday Favorites

Friday, April 30, 2021

Happy Friday! Linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here for Friday Favorites!

It is indeed a very happy Friday because I am off! This is always a long weekend for us due to the Kentucky Derby weekend.

I am also happy because my birds are in the nest! Wednesday afternoon was college move out and it poured rain while we were doing it. It was comical! I had hopes to get a photo but it was just not possible.

Here are some favorite snapshots from the week….

I had fun with my taco mask on Taco Tuesday!

I wore some favorite summer pants this week!

Tuesday after school I had a fun happy hour at a brewery with my friend Beth.

It was 82 degrees out and many had the same idea. The upper deck was full so we sat on the lower deck.

This brewery has a permanent Mexican food truck.

We got some chips and guac.

I got out of my reading rut with this book last weekend. I finished it on Sunday, sadly. It was chick lit with substance – well written, funny, with some serious parts. I recommend it! I read it in two days!

I love the shape of the Rae Dunn mugs I have realized.

Yesterday, the teachers wore Derby attire.

All of a sudden our azaleas look gorgeous!

I had a library pick up and browsed a bit. I checked out this beautiful charcuterie book.

And, I am excited to start one of these this weekend…

Is there anything better than roasted fresh vegetables? I used just a bit of EVOO and did broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, mushrooms, and onions on a sheet pan. I did a bit of pasta and turkey sausage and had just gotten new pickles. Kinda weird, but such an easy dinner!

What were your favorites this week? Are you ready for May?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank You Letters

Thursday, April 29, 2021

This is a play on the Jimmy Fallon Show’s Thank you Letters segment. I don’t watch his show but I have seen this segment on Youtube from time to time. His are funny; mine might be more serious today. I’ve been feeling really grateful lately for the many things in life – big and small. Gratitude is a great emotion and I hope you enjoy today’s post.

Dear College of my Kids,

Thank you so much for this year. You went above and beyond to provide experiences that were as close to “normal” as possible. I cannot believe how you thought of everything. There was literally an activity for students almost every day. You even had a farmer’s market in the quad for the kids and they could use their meal plan money! You did Covid testing and vaccines on campus. Your safety policies kept my two healthy. You were far enough away but close enough for this mom to go from two kids at home to zero in one fell swoop. I followed you on Instagram and joined your parent Facebook group. These were amazing resources so I could see what was going on. I will forever sing your praises. Can I please go back to college and go here?



Dear My School District,

Thank you for being a fair employer this year. Thank you for allowing us to work from home on Wednesday Asynchronous days for the rest of the year when I know many districts don’t allow that. I noticed a big change when I moved from a neighboring district to this one 21 years ago. I appreciate how you treat me like a professional and get out of the way to let me do my job. I appreciate that you pay me for doing extra work when that was not the case in my other two districts. Thank you for organizing our vaccines. Well, someone messed up my second one but Walgreen’s saved the day so I’m not holding any grudges.



Dear Public Library,

Ever since I was little I have loved being within your four walls. All those books and I don’t have to pay? I don’t feel like I have to finish a bad book because I didn’t buy it! Thank you for finally re-opening. I really missed you during the year that you were locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I didn’t need a year apart to know my love for you! Thank you for curbside pick up. That was so nice but I think I still prefer parking and going inside. I love your fiction, your non-fiction and I love checking out cookbooks. You have enabled me to have more shoe money and for that I will always be your loyal fan.



Who would you write a Thank You letter to today? Thanks for reading!


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Here is a short and sweet What I Wore! Linking up with Kellyann and more right here!

Here are the Cliff Notes (showing my age; I hope the kids today have an online version of Cliff Notes – maybe I will ask my students but maybe that would be mean I was a bad influence):

-High School Spanish teacher

-Returned to in-person instruction on April 5

-Trying to wear a different outfit each of the 32 days of in-person instruction. I can repeat a basic solid colored bottom like my black pants.

-My spring/summer clothing plan was thwarted by the ice box temperatures in my room; we think it has to do with less kids in the room, better filter and circulation.

This day I went pretty springy but had a black cardigan that I wore most of the day.

I almost didn’t show this one. This will be my “before” photo if I ever get to the “after”. It was a Friday. I wore my school shirt with a fleece vest. The half zip was not straightened before the photo was taken. I hope I didn’t look this bad all day!

One upside to the cold classroom is that I have two horse scarves for Derby week! This day I wore white J.Jill capri leggings, an Old Navy long sleeve dress, a vest, and the scarf. I was still cold.

And, finally, this day I just went full on winter. I have on warm leggings, a black tank top, and my Target poncho. This outfit coupled with the 80 degree day and a window open and I was finally perfect! Lol! This is my favorite outfit and the clogs were comfortable for all day.

After school this day, I changed into these favorite pants for happy hour. I got these a few years ago at Versona for maybe $8. This print makes me happy. I wore them with a white blouse and my new woven wedges by Coconuts by Matisse.

I can’t remember if I told you I ordered and love these Sunday shorts by Aerie. I wish they came in more colors, but I think this is it. I didn’t get the sweatshirt and I know this photo isn’t great. They have a rounded hem and pockets! They have a real 70s vibe. I continue to be impressed by Aerie’s quality.

I continue to love my faux Birkenstocks from Hobby Lobby. So random!

I think I hit every season’s clothing in this post!

What have you been wearing lately?

Thanks for stopping by!


Let’s Talk Summer Shoes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Have you bought any summer shoes yet? Of course I have, but I will also show you what I still love from last year.

I would say 2020 saved me money on shoes!

Top to bottom:

New this year olive faux Birkenstocks from Hobby Lobby! for $5.

Black Soda brand sandals from two years ago

Sam Eddleman criss cross sandals from two years ago

New this year Coconuts woven wedges

Red Dr. Scholl’s from last year

New this year consignment cow print wedges

red Saltwater sandals from last year (last year I had a red obsession)

MIA clog sandals from two years ago

I have more than this but these are my favorites!

Me wearing the Sam Eddlemans:

I noticed Chinese Laundry has a version of my HobbyLobbys so I think I had a good instinct! Look how much money I saved that will go back in the shoe fund.

I didn’t have these in time for the shoe photo above. These are the black Reef flip flop sandals.

I love these but feel like they are so similar to the MIA clog sandals except these are backless and $$$$ coming in at $120 because the brand is Kork-Ease.

Then, I did order these from Amazon – white faux Birkenstocks. I think I am now on a white kick in 2021.

What are your favorite summer shoes? What do you end up wearing the most? What do I need? Yes, I said need!

Solely yours,


Hello Monday

Monday, April 26, 2021

Hello Monday? Not sure I’m ready for you. Linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here.

Friday after school I relaxed while catching up on some t.v. I missed during the week. Then, I went outside with Ernie but it was overcast and a bit chilly. In fact, I had wanted to go to the first Food Truck Friday with music at a nearby neighborhood but I was tired of being cold after my cold classroom all day.

So, we went to a little taco place that also serves homemade ice cream.

We got homemade chips and guacamole – excellent!

I got a grilled fish taco. Do you know how hard it is to find grilled fish tacos around here? They seem to be fried at many places and I want grilled. It was delicious.

Tom got carne asada and pork, I think.

And, we got ice cream for Mason, too, because he came home Friday night! Mason is ready to be done and home for the summer. Four more days of online finals or papers for them. Jack is staying in his dorm to focus, which is a good choice for him.

Saturday morning has become my time to go to Trader Joe’s. I’ve been sleeping in until 7 on weekends and then I go around 8:30 and there is no line.

Jen inspired me to get tulips. This bouquet is huge for $6!

I got rice, veggie burgers, and zucchini spirals from the frozen section.

I got all the fresh vegetables. I am trying the Tik Tok sensation smashed brussel sprouts this week and I am excited!

Saturday was gross and rainy. It seems like lots of our Saturdays are like this lately. I set myself up on the patio to read and Mason joined me. He was watching Star Trek, though. One of the best things we did last year was to get a WIFI extender that goes to the patio.

My white Birkenstocks arrived!

I don’t mind the rain too much.

We picked up all of Jack’s musical stuff to make move out easier. He had two guitars, an amp, a keyboard and stand in his room.

This is the fountain in front of the boys’ dorm.

Then, the four of us went to a pizza place for dinner. I can’t remember the last time the four of us went out to eat.

I tried this and it was really good!

They didn’t know I took this. They were lost in conversation. Their bond is something I am so thankful for and I hope it doesn’t change.

I got a slice with banana peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Tom got an individual pizza that is big for one person.

The boys got a medium and did two different things. There was a lot left over to take home!

We said bye to Jack and Mason watched this with me at home. It is really heart warming. Has anyone watched Worn Stories on Netflix? It is about clothes that mean something to people but it goes deeper into relationships. One episode involves the lack of clothing and centers around some people who live in a nudist colony in Florida.

I woke up Sunday morning and read a bit. I am already half way through this and I really like it! Finally!

Then, I did Kroger because I can’t get everything at Trader Joe’s. I know it seems kinda weird to start both of my weekend days off with grocery shopping but it’s kinda nice to be there so early and then be done with it.

Then, it was meal prep time – homemade light egg mcmuffins for me, turkey chili, turkey taco meat, and egg roll in a bowl with ground turkey. I have fallen in love with ground turkey. Also, I am bringing meals to a colleague who was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I wanted to give him these low carb meals.

The Real Housewives have rubbed off on me and I decided to make my iced coffee (instant coffee granules with half of a Premier Protein caramel – I love vanilla, too) in a wine glass. I’m so fancy. I swear it tasted even better! Starbucks who?

Then, it was time to work on school stuff. I like to feel ready for the week early in the day so it isn’t hanging over me. Are you like that?

This will be a busy week because we don’t have Wednesday Asynchronous Day. We go four consecutive days! Gasp! We have off Friday for the Kentucky Derby Oaks race. This is why colleges in Louisville have to be out by Thursday; it is a big deal around these parts. So, I have to work four days in a row and help move out two college kids after work. I haven’t been this busy since March of 2020 maybe!

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

As always, thanks for reading and for your comments!


Friday Favorites

Friday, April 23, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s everyones’ favorite day in blogland – link up day with Andrea, etc. right here!

This was a good week and I think my word of the week would be grateful. I have felt grateful this week! It’s a good emotion.

Here are a few favorites and I would love to hear yours in the comments!

Favorite dish this week…

Egg Roll in a Bowl with ground turkey. I didn’t think I liked ground turkey but I do! I am trying to find more recipes with it. This was my lunch most days this week. Yes, I can eat the same thing for a week and then change it up the next!

Favorite snack this week…

I have mentioned these before, but do you like Sugar Smacks cereal? That is what these taste like!

Favorite splurge this week…

The lather on this shampoo is the thing of legends. I think I am using too much product and I probably only need a dime sized amount. I have never had a shampoo suds up like this does. I love it! I don’t notice much about the conditioner and I need a detangler I think. I also like its minimalist design.

Favorite surprise this week….

It snowed between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning! It melted very quickly!

Favorite meme of the week in regards to above weather…

Favorite Strange Moment I found myself having this week…

I hope you don’t think this is insensitive. I truly respect all religions and cultures. I just have a weird sense of humor and try to always look for the funny in life.

I went in to the library this week to pick up a request and browsed the new release section.

Did you know there is a category of books – Amish Romance?


I found myself skimming almost every page for a love scene because I had told Tom and Molly (my youngest sister) about this category of books a couple of years ago. Tom and Molly are two of the funniest people in my life and they carried on quoting what they thought would be an Amish love scene… “He slowly unbuttoned her 76 buttons…” Anyway… I guess you had to be there, but I was trying to find a love scene to take a photo of and send to them. Spoiler: I couldn’t find a love scene like that.

This is the book I had requested and I am anxious to learn about the Enneagram.

I love checking out cookbooks to see if I like them!

And this is the fun chick lit book I picked.

I am in a reading rut! I returned like four books I started and didn’t feel like finishing. Life is too short to stick with books you aren’t into – at least in my opinion.

Favorite self-care of the week…

I changed my periwinkle blue mani for this light highlighter coral color. This is a dip manicure and my last one lasted exactly 3 weeks.

Favorite canine of the week….

Ernie! We walked to the baseball field one day.

Favorite sandals I might buy….

I am still trying to be intentional. I love my Reef flip flop sandals that I bought – they look like a sandal but feel like a flip flop. These are Billabong and they are the same. I love this woven trend and think this would be a good way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

Favorite much needed purchase…

I cannot find any of my lunch bags or soft sided coolers. I think I may have donated all of them because they were old and bad. I found this for $10 at Target and it is a little large for a lunch bag but will also serve as a cooler and will match my orange Bogg bag.

My kids are still at college, but Mason spent a few of the study days at home with me (they had four study days) and it was so nice. I went to school, of course, but hung out with him after school and in the evenings. Jack stayed at school to study. Their finals start today and they need to move out by next Thursday night. Mason already brought some things home to help the move out process. I am grateful they are close because it makes so many things easier, like moving out!

Their college gave them the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine Wednesday. They were having some side effects yesterday and I asked if they needed to come home and they both said they thought they would be fine to stay. I hate the timing of their second dose with finals starting, but it was also important to get it taken care of at college and on time.

So, that’s it for me!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading,