Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ok, so I am just so excited! Jen influenced me to look up Cups on Cochran on Instagram and I can hardly stand it! Flocktails! I am going to annoy people so badly with my use of this term. My order came in so quickly, too!

So, of course my apple cider sangria is a classic for Thanksgiving, but I also saw a Fall Margarita on Pinterest with the ingredients, but without measurements. So, I went into my mixologist mode and I think I have a pretty great drink option for you.

You need:

1 shot tequila

1/2 shot orange liqueur,

1 shot apple cider, 1 shot pear juice (my Kroger online order came through with this for me. Honestly, I had never seen pear juice myself), a splash of lime juice,

a shot of sparkling apple cider, diet Canada Dry, or something fizzy, and then a cinnamon stick.

I add everything except the sparkling to a cup and shake it up between another cup or stir it really well. I add ice, and then top with my sparkling element.

Let me know if you try it! The cost of a small cocktail in my area is so high right now. This would be $12-15 in the places I frequent, if I do say so myself!



8 thoughts on “Fall Margarita

  1. Wow. I may have to try this one! It sounds delicious. I’ve noticed the same thing, so we frequently visit our liquor store here in Collierville, which is called Cheers. How fun is that? I have a picture of you in my head now of playing the part of a mixologist. I tried to convince my son Drew to go to bartending school…he would be so great at that and it’s always a job that is high in demand. We have some great local restaurants that would be so much fun to work at. He didn’t seem all that interested, though. I think it sounds like fun!


    1. Ha! Yes! The bar and restaurant biz is hard and there is lots of alcohol and drug abuse among employees so that would be rough. Not trying to stereotype but I know this first hand! Your town sounds so cute!


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