Wednesday, November 20, 2109

Another Wednesday and another round of outfits!  I am linking up with The Style Six so go right here!  Also, I promised you some Thanksgiving outfit ideas but I have hardly gotten there yet – How is it this close to Thanksgiving already?  Hoping to still do more of that on the blog!  

Comfy school outfit, but still in need of a longer black top!  


That afternoon I switched to my liquid leggings and to booties to meet my friend for a happy hour meet up.  

I wore this dress for Thanksgiving a few years ago.  I have brown leggings underneath and the Versona vest you have seen every week.  

I got a new Old Navy tunic length button down and I love it!  This is part of my birthday money purchases.  

New black JCP vest and Old Navy jeans that I will tell you about soon – again, part of my birthday money purchases. 

Saturday errands outfit.  I love a vest instead of a coat for running in and out in the cold.  

Saturday night out outfit.  This poncho and these liquid leggings have already paid for themselves and both came from Target.  

And, school outfit with new Old Navy short sleeve plaid (another birthday money purchase).  I love this black watch plaid.  Also, because it is short sleeve it is good for those who run hot.  

And, of course, the first step to planning your Turkey Day outfit – the weather!  This is what ours looks like at this point.  Do you dress up for Thanksgiving or do you dress casually?  I think it is good to be comfortable but to make some effort.  That is sometimes hard to achieve!  


I also love to dress in fall colors because after Thanksgiving, I like to start wearing my reds, greens, blacks, Christmas colors and some sparkle and velvet fabrics.  Are you like that?  

Here is an idea for a jeans look.  Take a cute blouse and pair it with jeans and some jewelry and some booties.  


This could be a contender for this year.  It is comfortable and has fall colors!  

What do you plan to wear?  

What was your favorite outfit this week?  

Thanks for reading!  


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Thanksgiving Outfits

  1. I love your new jeans from ON – great purchase. I’m not sure what the weather will be for us next week and need to check that. Your dress and vest look like a great idea for the holiday – perfect colors and so put together!

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    1. Thank you! They are lighter than I usually pick but I’m seeing a lot of lighter jeans right now. I’m thrilled that the length is perfect. That is hard sometimes.
      The weather could change several more times in a week!


  2. You look smashing in all the pictures, but I have to say I love the Saturday night out outfit! How fun that you call the “liquid”! Why is that?
    Well, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all over here, but we do have Black Friday! (it’s not a holiday, but the stores have great prices)

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    1. Thank you! That was my fave, too! Liquid sounds better than fake leather so I say liquid. I guess I heard it from another blogger.
      I just ordered burgundy liquid leggings so get ready – lol! Our school has no internet today so lucky for me that I’m old!


  3. I’m really not sure what I want to wear this year.. I may end up wearing a new dress I jut got in today but I may also decide to just put on some jeans and a sweater so I’m comfy while cooking.

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