Monthly Musings – Spring Fashion Essentials

Thursday, February 25, 2021

I am joining in with a fun link up today! Holly and Patty have a series called Monthly Musings and this month is all about spring fashion – one of my current favorite topics.

I guess I consider spring in my neck of the woods to be the official March 20-mid May-ish. Our temps definitely start feeling like summer even though the official start of summer isn’t until June 20. Some of these questions are hard to answer this year because it will officially be since the spring of 2019 since I have really worn spring clothes! That is mind blowing! I am normally a high school teacher who dresses every day with usually three articles of clothing and accessories and shoes! I became a virtual teacher at the beginning of April so I wore leggings and camera ready tops until the end of the year. There is talk of us going back after spring break this year, but I cannot imagine me dressing up too much while wearing a mask. I will probably try to be as comfortable as possible, but I could be wrong.

What are your spring must have pieces?

I love color! It feels so good to wear more color after my winter wardrobe of black, grey, wine, etc.! I like palazzo pants, swing dresses, kimonos, and flowy blouses. I love tie-dye and camo! Sometimes I forget I need solid color basics. Those aren’t fun to buy! Lol!

What are your spring must have accessories?

I love my new white Madewell tennies from last year. I love a new spring handbag and I purchased the yellow one below. I love fun earrings and bracelets. I think this is the best area to try the trends. Here are spring trends I researched! Here are my January and February purchases. I tried to mostly buy spring!

I hope to wear my white booties as much as I can! You also see my new snakeskin/western-vibe blouse.

How do you transition your wardrobe to spring?

I first like to look at my last season spring stuff and determine what I need to say good-bye to, then I kind of gradually pull the spring stuff forward and put the winter to the back. I have a lot of things I should say good-bye to, but it’s hard. I definitely do a gradual transition because that is what our weather does here in Kentucky! We will have spring one day, winter the next, and this can go on for some time!

What are your favorite colors to wear in spring?

My spring and summer palette is still black and white, but I add in yellow, navy, pink, red, a little bit of blue, and of course multi-colored clothing!

Any spring fashion advice?

Do not buy anything until you have a chance to look at your last year’s stuff.

Weed out anything that looks old, doesn’t fit, or that you wouldn’t buy today.

Look at what is in for spring if you care about following trends.

Think about your lifestyle and what you will be doing in the spring.

Make a list of holes in your closet.

Start looking online or in stores and pick up pieces that are 10/10. Do not settle!

Have a couple of outfits that make you look fabulous and feel fabulous! You really do not need a ton.

Do you change up your makeup in spring?

Not really. Now that I am a Maskcara/Seint makeup user I can blend a bit more bronzer. Seriously, I love this contouring cream makeup system. I think my makeup has never looked better. I am a bit messy with it. My bronzer tin is not pictured. I think the brush is magical (not pictured). I do like cheetah dots all around my face with the different colors and then blend. I did a post on it in the fall, but I have gotten better at it!

Do you change your skincare in spring?

I do more sunscreen, of course. I change to a daily moisturizer with sunscreen or increase my spf in my face lotion.

Do you have a favorite spring scent?

I need one! I am very picky! I did like a Tory Burch one a couple of years ago. I think it was called Loved Relentlessly. I need to go sniff that one and see if I still love it. I bought a couple of sampler perfume sets from Nordstrom last year and I really like a Juliette Has a Gun brand scent. I hate to spend money on perfumes but I really value good smells; I’m weird like that.

Best budget tips for updating your wardrobe?

Quality, not quantity. I am really trying to learn this! Look on Pinterest in addition to the tips I gave above. If you want to wear a white blouse and cut off shorts all spring long, then hunt for the best quality and fit you can afford/find. I have gotten into the trap of buying not quite right things and keeping them and then continuing on the hunt and buying more. It would be much better to wait on an item that is a 10.

Do you think you will be wearing dresses this spring?

I would like to? It will depend on what spring looks like. I think swing dresses and kimonos are great teacher clothes for me. If I am virtual I probably won’t wear them. I would like to have a couple of dresses that make me feel great, are the perfect length, and that I want to wear. Dresses are harder for me to find than skirts and tops.

I bought this dress but I’m not sure I like how it looks on me. I think the print is fabulous! I have a few more days to think about it and I may return it.

I am so anxious to read what everyone else wrote about spring fashion!

I can smell spring in the air!


What I Wore Wednesday + February Purchases

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

We are close enough to the end of February, right? For my January purchases, click here. Linking up today with The Style Six here!

I did pretty well in February!

My Goals: Stop buying things because they are cheap; I really want to get away from fast fashion for the most part. Think about holes in my closet. Think about spring trends that I want to participate in.

Purchase Number One:

Red Clogs. These were from an Etsy shop and I am really happy with the quality. I have mainly worn them around the house as I love a slip on shoe and I love having some support when I am working from home. I am looking forward to wearing these outside of the house! I did wear them to drive somewhere for a curbside pick up, I think!

I bought this Goyard knock off from Goodnight Macaroon. Yellow is a trend for spring and I thought a yellow handbag would be fun.

I bought these awesome unique ankle leggings from Amazon and I want to wear them every day. But, I will say I am trying to show my other pants some love now. These leggings are true to size with a bit of give in my opinion. They feel like butter. They are meant to be athletic and have pockets but you could wear these with a sweater, too, I think. It is now time to stop buying leggings for a while!

One of the holes in my closet is going out tops. I bought this simple black knit top with a banded bottom and a lace detail at the neck. You can adjust the neck as you would like. Now, let’s hope I go out.

Another hole is dresses. I fell in love with this print. I need to try it on again and see how it looks with different shoes. This is Savanna Jane from my local boutique.

And, this is not a purchase, but I cut off my jeans to make them more of an ankle length; they were pooling at my ankles a bit. I think I will trim the white threads for more of a current look. Yes, they are probably considered skinny jeans to go along with my side part, cause I’m old. We get it! The jeans below are Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom from last summer on super sale. Lighter jeans are on trend. I have had good luck with the short length jeans on American Eagle and as I was browsing I noticed lots of what I would call skinny jeans. Check them out!

And, if you clicked on my January purchases, I bought this Savanna Jane blouse in the photo below from my local boutique and these Vionic white cowboy vibe short booties.

I like to test run some outfits for virtual teaching at home. Low stakes, people! I kept the tags on the blouse. I felt fabulous in it. No necklace needed because of the front of the blouse. I did worry that I was carrying the western vibe too far with the blouse and the booties, but what the heck. The booties are super comfy and I could feel them forming to my foot to be even more comfy. The heel height is perfect for me.

I’m gonna give mad props to the fashion bloggers that do their photo shoots with multiple outfits on the daily. This is hard, y’all! The time of day, the lighting, the background, the neighbors – ha!

I feel like the booties call for another pop of white in the upper half of the outfit. I think my poncho needs to be slightly longer? I also think the little bit of white frayed fabric in the jeans ties the booties together.

I kinda felt like a Pioneer Woman plate below. I love this kimono from last fall. I forgot my necklace, but I like this outfit and I would wear it out. I will probably do my white Kendra Scott Rayne to add another pop of white. I also have a turquoise one.

I plan to experiment with skirts and dresses and these booties and then I plan to do some outfits with the red clogs.

What have you been wearing lately?

Any February fashion purchases?

I have a favor to ask… drop me your favorite fashion blogs. I am in need of some new ones to follow.

Thanks for reading!


The Best Low Cal Margarita

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Reposting this from almost exactly one year ago! Yesterday was National Margarita Day so I had to make one!

Hope you like it!

As the weather starts to warm up my drink preference changes. I want something lighter and one of those lighter drinks is a margarita. I will sometimes make one when we are having Mexican food.

Are you ready for the best recipe ever?


white tequila (I really like Trader Joe tequila and the price is great)

half of a stick of Crystal Light lemonade powder or True Lemon – I will buy the True brand from now on but had to use this up

a splash of lime juice – I just keep a bottle in the fridge for recipes


Start with one shot of tequila in the bottom of your glass and add half of the stick of lemonade powder. Mix up with spoon. Add splash of lime, ice cubes and then fill to top with Fresca. You could also fancy it up with a slice of lime.

Please let me know if you try it! You will never want a syrupy sweet marg from a restaurant again!


P.S. – It is Taco Tuesday if you want to make this tonight! Ha!

Hello Monday

Monday, February 22, 2021

How was your weekend? Mine was good! Linking up today with Tanya, Heather and many more here!

This is what my deck looked like Friday!

Ernie wanting to go back out in the snow. He was born in January and we have always said he is a winter dog!

He has been eating a lot of snow!

I have found a great way to do my nails. I take my supplies to my desk and do the different coats when I take breaks in between classes.

I thought the ice in my rain chain looked pretty Friday late afternoon.

I made enchiladas for dinner Friday night. I did have to go in the grocery store after class on Friday! I only left the house twice last week – once Wednesday and then on Friday.

I think I fell asleep around 9:00.

Saturday was hair day! I always take the first Saturday appointment at 9:00 and have the whole salon to myself for most of the appointment.

Then, I went to Target. It wasn’t very crowded at all because our roads were still pretty bad. I strolled through most aisles and just browsed and it was so nice. I started getting a few Easter basket things. Jack seems to really be into white shirts lately. I got him a long sleeve white pocket tee for Valentine’s Day. So, I thought I would get him this short sleeve with buttons. Mason wants more color and regrets dressing so drab in high school. Lol! So, I got him this light pink that was sale for $4. I love these pull on sweatpant style shorts for them. The Goodfellow brand has been great for us. It seemed a little early to do Easter but I don’t know how much I will be out and thought it was smart. We have always disguised things they need as gifts. We always did swim trunks, swim shirts, goggles for Easter. We often did new toothbrushes for Easter baskets. The other thing is that items and sizes go quickly in the stores.

The Easter stuff is out in full force, but I didn’t get anything else.

I couldn’t even get my cart in the cart corral!

Jack came home around lunch time! He had some homework and he watched a show with me. Then, he went with to pick up Shiraz Mediterranean Grill.

We basically split two meals and had leftovers.

Tom’s plate: chicken with tzatziki, mahi mahi, roasted vegetables, rice, and brussels sprouts.

Jack’s plate: boring – sidewinder fries with spicy mayo, chicken with tzatziki, and rice.

My plate: mahi mahi, roasted vegetables, rice, brussels sprouts.

I decided to use our wedding china. We went with something not too fancy. I love it.

Sunday morning I noticed how naturally tan my legs looked, in my opinion. I think the key is to start doing the tanner a few days in advance and then after a few showers it comes our really nice.

Sunday morning Mason came home at 9:00! He wanted coffee and an omelet and he chatted with Tom and I while Jack was still asleep. We put bacon, feta, mozzarella and cheddar in his omelet.

I also made the cinnamon roll biscuit bake from Bev Cooks and Jen! It is basically my cinnamon roll monkey bread from Christmastime.

It felt like a special Sunday brunch so I made a mimosa! I bought myself champagne flutes finally! I got them on Valentine’s Day when Tom and I went to Homegoods. We stopped in at Meijer for a couple of things and I saw a set of 4 very substantial flutes for only $7.99.

Ernie and I took a slushy walk.

I ran into our little market to get just a couple of specialty items. I love this little store.

I made dinner and all four of us were together.

I saw this on Instagram; we have a city park with a really big sledding hill. These were broken sleds that people didn’t bother taking with them. I later saw that a community group cleaned them all up. Come on people!

This little chart I saw on Facebook this weekend made me happy!

And, that’s a wrap on this weekend. What was the highlight for you?

Thanks for reading!


Friday Favorites

Friday, February 19. 2021

I am all out of sorts! I could not remember what day of the week it was! With no school on Friday and Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday, my boys being home, and all the winter weather I could not keep it straight. But, I know today is Friday and I am actually looking forward to a “normal” (What is normal anymore?) five day week next week!

I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here if they are able to do the link up. Praying for relief for Texas! I think anything bad seems even worse in the pandemic. It is just too much. What a crazy year it’s been.

Here are some favorites from the week.

Another round of snow hit Wednesday overnight. It is so pretty at first, but then it quickly turns ugly. It will be a favorite when it all melts. I cannot wait!

A favorite from this week: Look at my green chile stockpile, y’all. Yeah, baby! Don’t come try to rob me! Are green chiles a sign of life returning to “normal”? Maybe?

Another favorite from this week: The day after Valentine’s Day I changed it over to St. Patrick’s Day! I am maybe 25% Irish! The only thing I bought were the Rae Dunn book stack and a new box of Lucky Charms! I’m so weird; Jack told me this, too, but I’m fine with that label.

Lucky Charms have replaced the conversation hearts, of course.

I think I got these shamrock lights at The Dollar Tree last year.

Garland from TDT, too!

Kinda tacky but I like them – faux carnations.

I did self-tanner two nights this week after my shower. I slept on it and showered in the morning. I just do arms and legs, but it is nice to get a little color.

Using this; it has a faint odor but that is why the night time application and quick rinse in the morning works well.

An upcoming favorite… get ready for National Margarita Day on Monday!

I think the to-go cocktails from the pandemic are so fun. I will probably make my own because I like mine better! Maybe I will splurge and get some more special ingredients.

Tuesday night for Mardi Gras, I made a purple vodka drink, King cake out of crescent rolls (it kind of looks like a brain!), jambalaya and spoon bread. I forgot the photo of the other foods. Like I said, celebrate any holiday you can. It really helps me and I really just do it for myself!

Look at that face? How can that not be a favorite every week?

What were your favorites this week?

Thanks for visiting me today!


Wedding Rings…

Do you still love your wedding ring?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

This photo is from our professional photographer wedding album. It was the first time I ever had a professional manicure and pedicure! I was 28 years old. This photo is really funny because Tom had these bumps on his knuckles from weight lifting at the gym. We thought it was hilarious. It’s also one of the only photos we have with Tom wearing his wedding ring! Isn’t it so pretty? He keeps it on his keychain now. Actually, he lost this one and he keeps his replacement on his keychain now. I cannot tell you how many times he has almost lost his replacement. Most recently, he dropped it in the brown river and dove under to save it. You pick your battles, right? He is not a jewelry person. He does put it on for date night every now and then. Oh well.

Gold was not in vogue in the year 2000. It was all about white gold and platinum. I felt it was really important to do platinum. I was not a bridezilla, but that seemed important to me at the time.

20 years later…pale winter hands!

I still love my rings even though I like yellow gold again and have for some time. I wanted a classic square cut diamond and I didn’t want to break the bank (Tom’s bank at the time!). It was also important to me that my wedding band was unique and would look good on its own.

I got engaged on Christmas Day of 1999 and then got married July 15, 2000. Funny story involving our wedding bands… Tom’s best man thought it would be funny to play a trick on us. He found a pawn shop in my little hometown and bought two rings. When the minister did the blessing of the rings, the best man handed the pawn shop rings to him and that is what we had to put on each other. Sadly, I don’t have a photo, but they were bad! At first I was sad that the real rings didn’t get “blessed”, but then I thought it was funny.

On our 10 year anniversary, Tom surprised me with this white gold 10 diamond band for my right hand. He is not a guy who buys jewelry for me so this was very special. I am still waiting on my band with 20 diamonds for our 20th anniversary last summer… ha!

I love all three of these rings that I wear daily. I think the fact that they are simple and classic is why I still love them. I can add my trendy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and they all work together. I would advise any brides today to go with a classic style!

By the way, whose old hands are these anyway? I guess I could have done some self-tanner!

What say you? Do you still love your rings?


P.S. – I am praying that my Texas blog readers and friends get some relief soon. I am so, so sorry. It is a totally different ball game to lose power in the winter.

What I Wore Wednesday – Dreaming of Spring

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Linking up with The Style Six here today! Did you catch my blog post “What’s Saving You Right Now?” yesterday? Well, another thing that is saving me is…dreaming of spring and spring fashions!


That darned groundhog! We have had snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain, cold temperatures, and zero sun for the last week and a half. I could not be more tired of my winter clothes coupled with my WFH attire! Ha! I have no interest in adding any more winter clothes to my closet so that’s good!

Rainboots work for most of my snow needs here in Kentucky. I have tall black Hunters that are 12 years old and these fun yellow short ones that are a few years old. I stand by the quality of Hunter boots! Ernie loves the snow. It makes him so happy when you walk him in the snow.

So, I haven’t been in many stores lately, but for some reason this Free People clog dupe popped up in my Instagram feed from Cabela’s? Say what? I love this style and think it would work really well for our spring and fall. $39! Wow! I am a bit worried about the wood looking cheap?

Then, I started digging on their website. Remember that my sister says she doesn’t really “shop”? She just finds interesting things when she is out and about sometimes. I found lots of popular sandal styles on the website at really good prices. Bonus: maybe your husband loves Cabela’s and you can trick him into going with you?

I have this sandal in black. Mine are the brand Soda from Amazon.

This style was really popular last summer.

I have the OTBX from a consignment store that looks similar in style. Mine are metallic gold.

Look at this next deal! I think I need these! At first I hated the white sole trend, but now I like it; it looks really fresh and current.

I will let you know if I jump on any of the Cabela’s deals.

I am really thinking about these! I like the clear. Lisa has these!

And, I want this Anthro bag in black! It’s so cute!

So, here I am wearing tired winter clothes but dreaming of spring!

What do you want to add to your spring wardrobe?


What’s Saving You Right Now?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I want to give credit where credit is due – Modern Mrs. Darcy blog explains this idea taken from Barbara
Brown Taylor here.

Basically, it’s a great question to ask yourself during difficult seasons in life because it helps you find the good when it’s harder to find! These are meant to be rather lighthearted; it’s the little things in life sometimes!

Here is what is saving me right now:

The days getting longer! We are really making progress and I believe daylight savings time is only a few weeks away!

Watching my plants grow and tending to them – hoping and praying I don’t kill them!

My almost weekly one on one social dates with friends! It’s nice to have something on the calendar and even nicer when you get to spend safe one on one time with a friend!

My Bravo shows and then listening to my podcast Watch What Crappens as they make fun of the shows!

Currently enjoying Below Deck and Summer House the most!

What’s saving you right now?

Thanks for reading!


Hello Monday

Monday, February 15, 2021

And, just like that we are halfway through February! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and others here today! As I am typing this on Sunday late afternoon, we are expecting an overnight snow of 1-3 inches and then a break and another 4-8 inches before the end of today. We shall see. But, winter, I am over you! What good is the snow if it doesn’t lead to a snow day anymore? Ha! I am a little bit bitter!

But, what I am not bitter about is…

Our boys have been home all week with the exception of a Friday class for Jack! They had no classes on Wednesday of last week, then Thursday they had classes cancelled for the weather. Mason has zero classes on Friday!

Here is Jack playing one of our many instruments!

I was off on Friday and lit my winter candle, drank my coffee, and stayed in my pjs until noon! This is not normal for me, even on the weekends.

A morning chat with Mason! We all fight over this chair, including Ernie. I start my day in this chair and then I let others use it – ha!

I made perfect pancakes one day for my crew! I use the Heart Healthy Bisquick and then I have an electric non-stick skillet that makes perfect pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. I keep in in the box in a spare closet when I don’t use it because it is big!

And, I made Jack a perfect grilled cheese one day.

Oops, he caught me!

Ernie loved having them home, too.

Tom’s company gave him a Christmas gift card for anything in a gift catalog. He gave it to me and I ordered a cappuccino maker with a frother. I had fun learning how to use it Saturday morning!

I also picked up a heart shaped tray of chicken minis Saturday morning. I met a friend at Trader Joe’s to try to show her the ropes and CFA was close by so I thought why not?

Saturday night we had salmon, shrimp, green beans, mashed potatoes, and bread made by me.

I still haven’t finished my second attempted book of 2021 but I picked this up on Saturday and started it. It involves Nantucket, a restaurant, and three sisters.

For my Sunday Valentine’s activity, my Valentine took me to Homegoods.

These two Rae Dunn mugs were next to each other on the shelf so I had to get them. Her mugs are huge!
These are my boys’ first names.

I also picked up cotton candy for a champagne drink! And, I have been thinking about this tea and found it for like a third of the price, and the cute napkins will be part of my March decor which I plan to do today.

I made a pot of chili for chili for dinner to be served with a grilled cheese with a heart on top! It is so cold that a simple meal sounded good. We don’t like to go out on major holidays anyway but hopefully we will go out sometime soon.

We did cards. Tom almost always makes mine. He chose a template that can’t even spell Valentine correctly so I had fun with that!

As usual, it went by entirely too fast!

I have virtual parent teacher conferences today and hopefully I will have some time to dedicate to planning and making some class handouts. I’m sure I will be looking out the window to see what snow comes our way, too.

How was your weekend? Any highlights?

Thanks for reading!


Friday Favorites

Friday, February 12, 2021

I am off today! It is part of a mini-winter break for students. They also have Monday off, but it is virtual parent teacher conferences for teachers. I am happy to link with today with Andrea, etc.!

This has been a crazy week – in a good way! How was your week?

Monday I did not leave the house! I taught all day and cooked dinner. I watched some t.v. It was a day. I think it is kind of nice to plan your Monday for your at home day?

Tuesday after school, I had a reservation at the cat café! It has a full bar and you pay for a 50 minute session to play with whatever cats they currently have from the Humane Society. This business is responsible for over 4000 adoptions in 2 years!

There were 10 cats there when I went. My French teacher friend Elizabeth accompanied me.

She got a cider and I got a “meowmosa”.

My favorite was Billie below. Elizabeth called the next day (because she may be adopting) and found out she had already been adopted! I am happy for Billie but she and I had a bond.

It was really fun. Does your city have one of these? I felt like it was a fairly safe pandemic activity. They were strict on masks and hand sanitizing.

They also had snacks and I bought some kitty litter popcorn to take home.

Then, Tuesday night my boys came home! Their college had a long ago scheduled day off on Wednesday – I think it was like a halfway to midterm day off? and also they took away spring break so they built in a couple days like this. I did not pressure them to come home and I didn’t even think they were coming home until they both told me they wanted to. Well, our weather turned snowy and icy and it was so nice they were home! This is one advantage of going to college closer to home, I guess.

I already had made plans weeks ago to do lunch with my two besties and another college friend of ours. We were in the way back all alone, but I am still not super comfortable being inside. It is like I am torn; I want to be social and see people but there is still risk. I will say that our numbers have gone down considerably around here!

It is a Mexican breakfast place. I got a burrito that had potatoes in it and then it came with a side of potatoes. Next time I will change the side or get something different, but it was good.

We dread the ice around here. I started getting worried about power lines. We got freezing rain and snow and this is what it started looking like on Wednesday.

I started Firefly Lane. I did not read the book. I am not sure how much I like it yet. I am not a huge Katherine Heigl fan.

Jen recommended these and they are fabulous! I ordered my normal size and they had a bit of give. Perfect! Look at the interesting ankle detail. I love the fabric and they have pockets.

Sarah recommended this and I saw it at the grocery last weekend and picked it up. Yum! I put in on a burrito bowl, on the side of a quesadilla, and in a flour burrito.

We had burritos and taco potatoes with the boys Wednesday night. To make the taco potatoes I cut baking potatoes in wedges and season with taco seasoning, olive oil, salt, and pepper and bake at 400 for about 30 minutes and then turn on the broiler for a few at the end.

After dinner, this is what our ice looked like. I was scared Ernie would fall.

And, he decides he really does not need to go potty that bad – ha!

So, my favorites this week were extra kid time, time with cats, time with friends for a Mexican breakfast during my lunch break, and the beauty of the ice but not the inconvenience. I also liked finding a new sauce and new leggings! What more can a gal ask for of her week? Oh, and a day off today!

What about you?

Stay warm! Stay safe!

Happy Valentine weekend!