Hello Monday

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello Monday

I debated doing my weekend recap on Tuesday or today, but decided to stick with my normal routine.  We are off today and have some appointments.  I plan to read some MLK quotes today.  I remember when my boys were in elementary school one of them said: “I always get Martin Luther King and Morgan Freeman confused.”  Boy, did they make us laugh!  

I was able to take my own advice I gave a long time ago about going out on a Friday to maximize your weekend fun.  As much as I wanted to just stay home, one son had a play to attend with a friend and my husband and I took him and then walked to a nearby brewery that has live music and Mexican food.  We were back home by 9:30 and it was a nice night out.  I tried the pineapple beer and really liked it – We will definitely be going back!




Saturday we woke up to rain, rain, and more rain.  I took one son to play practice and then was meeting my two friends for brunch.  We ate at Wild Eggs and then did some shopping.  

This little clutch was under $5 because it was 70% off!
The rain changed to snow Saturday night and this is what it looked like Sunday for a few errands.

Sunday was just a lazy day of laundry, cleaning, reading (finished My Favorite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren -loved it, but warning that it’s a bit dirty), Netflix watching – You – Oh my gosh! – Don’t start it if you can’t afford to get sucked in, and errand running.  Sunday evening our boys had plans to go to a movie so after dropping them off, we went to Drake’s for some football.  


Also, I started this book and it’s cute so far!


If you are doing the outfit challenge with me again this week:  

Today is wear something you haven’t worn yet this winter!

Tuesday: black and white stripes

Wednesday:  leopard

Thursday:  cardigan

Friday:  jeans

I really appreciate Jill sending me her outfit pictures from last week!  I’m going to include them on Wednesday for What I Woreimg_5248Thanks for reading and have a great day and week ahead!

Amy img_5248



Friday Favorites

Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy Friday to all!  I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here if you want to see the favorites!

Copy of Thursday Thoughts

This is really good! Bolivian black cherry is the flavor and it’s carbonated. It’s got more flavor than a seltzer water.

My high school girls have been talking about You on Netflix. It’s dark but I liked the first episode. It has Dan from Gossip Girl.

This book – I had to put down my more serious book about Hemingway for the time being. This book is cute so far. It’s like a cooler Big Bang Theory. A group of professors decide to try online dating.

Does your dog have a Kong? You put peanut butter inside and it makes them so happy!

On Wednesday I did laundry instead of cooking. I went to our Mediterranean restaurant to get take out and enjoyed a few moments to read with a tea.

And here’s what our food looked like!

I only get three meals and it’s enough for all four of us plus leftovers.

The outfit challenge has been fun this week. Today is plaid shirt day! It’s been so much fun! Thank you if you participated! I thought I would do it again!

Monday – something you haven’t worn yet this winter

Tuesday – black and white stripes

Wednesday – leopard

Thursday – a cardigan

Friday – jeans (maybe that you haven’t worn in awhile)

Happy Friday! We have another snow chance this weekend and we are already off Monday for MLK day.

What were your favorites this week?


Thursday Thoughts on Rothy’s

Thursday, January 17, 2019

It’s black pants or jeans day if you are playing along today!

Thursday Thoughts

O.k., my thoughts today are all about Rothy’s shoes.  You can’t swing a stick without seeing ads for these shoes.  They offer ballet flats, pointy toe flats, loafers, and sneakers.  I was intrigued.  

I performed some girl math and determined that with some Christmas money, the $32 I got from cleaning out my closet, the fact that I used three library books instead of purchasing any books so far this year, and making dinner one night that I really wanted takeout that I could buy them.  

I did get a $20 off coupon code – just put in your email address on the website.  And it was free shipping.  I do wear flats a lot and I chose the ballet flats in the color mink.  

After the coupon code and including shipping they came out to $111.  Ouch!  But, I’m trying to shop smarter and buy things that will last and that are high quality.  

They are made from recycled water bottles.  The material of the shoe is very unique.  It’s extremely soft and it’s hard to believe that they used to be water bottles.  I currently have ten water bottles in my recycling bin at school.  Is that enough for a pair of shoes and why are they so expensive if they are just water bottles?  


They were packaged in a non wasteful slim box.  They came a day early and they only took about 3 days after I placed my order.  

I wore them to school and they felt so good on my feet!  I ordered my regular flat size, but if you are doing pointy toe you have to go up a half to a whole size.  

I will say that my feet sweat a bit in them and I think they will make my feet stink.  I will look into some sort of odor eater or spray.  You are supposed to be able to throw these in the washer but I don’t see myself doing that.  

The Verdict:  Rothy’s has no idea who I am – this is simply my opinion.  But, if anyone from Rothy’s is reading this, hit me up.  I love them.  They feel like they were woven by angels.  My feet were so happy.  

If you are a regular flats person I would say they could be worth it.  Some people can’t wear flats because they need more arch support.  

Does anyone own Rothy’s?  


What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today is vest day if you are playing along!

This is last Wednesday.  I wore leggings, booties, black swing dress, vest, and scarf.  


Thursday I wore polka dot pants – old from Old Navy, butter tee, vest, booties, and necklace.  The booties were in bad shape so I said goodbye to them in my closet purge.  The pants might be headed there, too.  See how they are baggie in the legs and unflattering?  I find that to happen a lot with Old Navy pants for me.  I went to the funeral visitation in the top part of this outfit.  I swapped the pants for my black velvet Matilda Jane pants and wore my black Tory Burch flats.  

Friday I wore another swing dress, and a camel cardigan that I said goodbye to in the great closet purge.  I have never liked it.  It is too constricting and too hot so it ended up on my chair the whole day.  I wanted to try black tights with my clogs and I’m not sure I can pull it off but I was sure comfortable.  

Monday was blanket scarf day.  I realized from this photo that my shirt wasn’t long enough for these pants (thus the crop – you’re welcome).  Our heating is really intense and the vest came off and the scarf made me hot all day!


And, finally on Tuesday, which was long necklace day, here is my outfit.  I was the most comfortable on this day and really felt the most me.  I had on Tieks flats, MJ pants, waffle consignment tee, long KS necklace, and a vest.  

What have I learned from this week of outfits?  I have learned to not dress so warmly at school!  I really love the rule of three:  pants, shirt, vest.  I wish I liked to wear skirts and dresses in the winter as much as pants, but I just don’t.  I have also learned that maybe I wear too much maroon?  I don’t know – I like it and it works with black and brown.  

What have you worn lately?  Have you learned anything about your style or your winter clothes?  

Thanks for stopping by today!


Tuesday Tip – Pare down your Winter Clothes!


Tuesday Tips

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Today is long necklace day if you are playing along!

I don’t know what it was, but I found myself extremely motivated this past weekend to simplify, declutter, and be more organized!  Actually, I do know what it was – Marie Kondo and her new Netflix show. I am about four episodes in and I am simply charmed by MK. You can fit her in your pocket.  If you want some serious motivation, watch this show.  It is clear that people are being ruled by their stuff.  It’s impossible to live your best life when you are weighed down by material possesions.  She teaches you to organize clothing, then books, then papers, then komono – or miscellaneous stuff.  


I did all of my laundry and put every single thing in my closet that I planned to keep.  I immediately went to the consignment store and made $32.  (They pay cash on the spot.)  I know that I paid much more for the items, but I wasn’t using them anymore and they were weighing me down.  I took the remainder immediately to Goodwill.  I came home and felt such peace when looking at my closet!  I didn’t let the bags linger in my car and did it all immediately and didn’t overthink it or allow myself to feel guilt or sentimentality.  

Here is my advice if you want to do the same:

Make a donate pile and a sell pile. You may need a giveaway pile and a mend pile, too.  In the photo above, my Hobby Lobby bag is Goodwill and my brown grocery bags were try to sell bags.  

-It’s January 15th.  If you haven’t worn it yet this winter, that must mean you don’t like it well enough to wear it.  It obviously doesn’t bring you joy.  Pull out those items and put in either sell bag or donate bag.

-Find anything that has rips, excessive pilling and pull out.  Chances are that you got your money’s worth and it’s time to send it on.

Find anything that is ill fitting or makes you feel bad about yourself and send it on its way.  Think of it this way – it will be right for someone else and your donation will bless that person.

-Wash, iron, and hang everything else according to item type, color, or whatever makes you happy.  

-I find that the velvet no slip hangers are very motivating for me.  It’s almost like I don’t want to waste one of my awesome hangers on a bad piece of clothing.  

Reflect on what you got rid of.  Is there a pattern?  Did you simply buy these because they were cheap?  Were they from a particular store?  My donate pile tends to be the cheaper items I bought on impulse. It tends to be the trendy items from Target and Old Navy.  You know what doesn’t end up in my pile? My Nordstrom, Chico’s, and J Jill items. I think there is a lesson there.

-As you clean out your closet, create a wish list or a replacement list. I had to say goodbye to my leopard and camo flats but I would like to add a comfortable pair back into my closet.

Go through your winter shoes just as you did your clothing.  It’s January 15th and if you haven’t worn them this season, there’s a reason – exception would be snow boots when it hasn’t snowed yet.


The meme above didn’t turn out very clear but it says:  “I tried the Japanese method of decluttering where you hold every object that you own and if it does not bring you joy, you throw it away.  So far I have thrown out all of the vegetables, my bra, the electric bill, the scale, a mirror, and my treadmill.”

Anything I’ve forgotten? Are you ready for a mid-season closet clean out?

In addition, I’m decluttering one space a day this month! I didn’t get this idea until January 11th, so here is my list.  

I went a bit out of order over the weekend, but I don’t care. I’m on a roll!

Are you ready for some magic in your life?  I highly recommend the magic of tidying up! 

Good luck!


Hello Monday!

Monday, January 14, 2019

First off, here is the list of what to wear this week if you are playing along:

Today – scarf

Tuesday – long necklace

Wednesday – vest

Thursday – black pants or jeans

Friday – plaid flannel shirt

See post here for more info. and outfit examples.  I’ve had a few people say they will participate and I already have a list started for next week so we can do it again! 

I’m linking up for Hello Monday so please go here to see Heather, Lindsay, Johanna, and Tanya.  

How was your weekend?  Mine was just what I needed and that was a whole lot of time at home.  We had a five day week back to school with activities and meetings after school and sadly on Thursday, a funeral visitation in my hometown.  The Dad of our very dear friends (like friends for 40 years) succumbed to ALS. The mom is my mom’s closest friend and the visitation was 3 weeks to the day after my Dad’s in the same funeral home.  My husband, the boys and I left around 3:30 and got home around 8.  

So, Friday after school I did grocery pick up while my boys had video game club at school.  I picked them up and then we were in for the night.  I made baked potato soup and we watched some tv.

Saturday morning I started this book.  It is about Ernest Hemingway’s third wife and is historical fiction.  I have read The Paris Wife by her, as well.  This book will take me a little bit longer to get through, but I’m finding it very interesting as some of it takes place in Spain.  (I’m a Spanish teacher and did study abroad in Spain.)

Yes, it is dark outside.  I can’t sleep in very late so I embrace it and enjoy coffee and time to read!  

This is what happened over night!

I channeled Marie Kondo after watching a few episodes on Netflix and immediately took it to the consignment store for $32 cash back.  I took what they didn’t want immediately to Goodwill.  I also did the bank and the library.  This month I am decluttering and watching my spending habits (more than normal).

I did buy a bottle of a red blend wine and enjoyed it with my pizza.  We stayed in again Saturday night and enjoyed more time with our boys and dog.

Sunday was a day for meal prep, Trader Joe’s, Dollar Tree, and helping a son go to a railroad track to film a video project, a nap, some laundry and some tv. 

Dinner was potato skins (saved from the soup Friday night – go me on not wasting food!), cobb salad, and soup from the freezer from my friend K.  

Saturday we tried the new Little Ceasars $6 thin crust pizza. It’s almost as good as Domino’s thin crust.  


I purchased new meal prep containers at Dollar Tree.  The red are breakfasts of zucchini, turkey sausage, and egg casserole and the blue are lunch of grilled chicken, rice (just a tiny bit), and green beans.  I am trying to eat low carb but not totally no carb.  Also, I have cut up celery and cucumbers and hard boiled eggs.  

We have another five day week but then a three day weekend with no school on Monday to observe MLK Jr. Day.  

How was your weekend?  Did you get any snow?  I hear we may have a chance for more in about a week.  

Have a great Monday! 


Friday Favorites

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Friday to all!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites today.  Go here to see others’ posts!  

I am loving this book!  I can’t put it down!  I think I have read all of her books, but it’s been awhile since I have picked one up.  


Confession:  I almost never iron these days.  I am good about getting things out of the dryer immediately and this spray is my best friend.  It really works.  Please don’t tell me if it uses chemicals because I just want to believe it is magic.  It smells great, too!


Did you jump on the Marie Kondo Magic of Tidying Up a few years ago?  I sure did!  I loved her book so much and it really stuck with me.  Now, you can watch her visit peoples’ homes on Netflix.  I have only watched one episode, but I plan to watch some more this weekend to help me get motivated!  


Check out my ring finger.  This is a laquer strip by Jamberry.  It is like a nail polish sticker.  I have tried Jamberry before and couldn’t do the heating of the strips, so this is a great compromise for me.  I think I can manage to get a sticker on my nail and file off the excess.  I you need a consultant, message me and I can hook you up.  My co-worker and friend E is a consultant.  

Want to make it easy to get dressed next week? On Tuesday, I laid out a plan for next week right here.  It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not – I’ve chosen items that we probably all have and that can work in either situation.

Monday – blanket or any scarf

Tuesday – long necklace

Wednesday – vest

Thursday – black pants or black jeans

Friday – plaid flannel or just plaid

Send me a photo if you want and let me know if I can put you on the blog! scott_amy@bellsouth.net

Happy weekend! We have a pretty good chance for snow and I say “let it!”  I’m going to pick up groceries today after school and all I need is Netflix, my book, some warm beverages, and I’m set.  

Are you getting snow?  What were your faves this week?  

Thanks for reading!  


Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Today’s edition of Thursday Thoughts is on my thoughts about why you should own some clutch and crossbody purses! 

My everyday bag is a tote style.  This is my favorite because I can use it for a school bag, too.  I own about 5 tote style purses.  I like being able to carry it on my shoulder. 

But, for a night out I love to simply bring a clutch.  Below you see my fall and winter clutch collection.  I have a few more that are definitely for spring or summer. 

Left bottom is my favorite.  It’s like a crackle gold with a gold tassel and a cute print on the interior and it was consignment!  Yup – it was like $8.  On the top left is a light grey from a local boutique that I bought about a year ago for $12.  Finally on the right is an Old Navy leopard that I purchased a couple of years ago for around $10.  So, as you can see, none of these are very expensive. 

Do you own any clutches?  I heard a tip to keep a clutch in your big tote or everyday purse for when you just want to simplify on the go – genius, right?  


Then, we have the crossbody purse so that you can be hands free.  I use these when I go to music festivals, farmer’s markets, flea markets, for traveling and sometimes just to run errands.  It’s so freeing to not have to hold your purse!  

Left is a fun hippy style that I got on Nordstrom.com a few years ago – I think it was around $20. On the right is a the Sak brand from a consignment store that I got a few years ago for about $12.  It always amazes me how much these can hold.  I can even put a water bottle in these!  


Do you own clutches and crossbody purses?  How often do you use them?  If you want to just start with one of each, I think a metallic makes a great neutral to go with just about everything.  

Here are a few examples from our good friend Amazon!







Thanks for reading!


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy hump day!  Welcome to a very short edition with just my Monday and Tuesday outfits to share.  


What I wore Wednesday

Our weather has been 50-60 degrees this week!  With our heating system at school going strong,  I can get super hot while teaching.  So, I’ve worn short sleeves and been very comfortable.  We have kids wearing shorts in January!

On Monday I wore Matilda Jane pants, Tieks grey flats, a gray t shirt, and a kimono my mom got me for our late Christmas gathering.  

Tuesday I wore my Chico’s capri consignment pants, a black Old Navy lace up tee, and a LulaRoe kimono with my new Swedish clogs.  I made it through the whole day in the new clogs, but they aren’t as comfortable as my lower heeled brown clogs.  They are both from Amazon by the brand MIA.  

I ate a low carb breakfast and lunch both days, but the wheels came off after school. Also, I didn’t plan dinners well so dinners have not been as low carb as they could be, either.  But, I haven’t had many sweets and I’m definitely eating better than I did over break.  

I accidentally posted twice yesterday as one was meant for Thursday Thoughts. Check out my post on having the right stuff in your closet here and my Tuesday Tip about wearing everything in your closet here.  

As always, thanks so much for reading and for your comments!  



Tuesday Tip – The Right Stuff

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I struggled with a title here but bear with me…

It was a blessing to me that my closet had the “right stuff” recently.  As most of you know, my Dad passed away on December 18, his visitation was on December 20, and his funeral was on December 21.  I was scrambling trying to get my final exams done, sub plans ready, and a bunch of other things ready to leave town for these events, but…

I didn’t have to add shopping to the list of things I needed to do for my Dad’s visitation and funeral because my closet held the “right stuff”.  

One of my sisters had to grab everything black from her closet to throw in her suitcase and the other had to make an emergency shopping trip in our hometown with limited options.  They both ended up looking beautiful and appropriate, but it did add to the list of things they had to worry about.  

One sister commented that she probably hasn’t attended visitations that she should have due to lack of clothing.  That got me thinking…

Have you ever turned down an invitation or not attended an event because you didn’t feel comfortable due to your clothing?  Or, did you go, but the whole time felt uncomfortable in your clothing?  

Here are the things I think will serve you well for visitations, funerals, holiday parties, work events, weddings, church, and many other activities.  I hear a lot of people criticize black clothing or say that it’s basic or boring, but let me tell you, it is the color that gets worn the most in my closet and I think it looks the most chic, appropriate, and professional many times.  

  1.  A nice pair of black pants that can be worn year round
  2. A black dress that can be worn alone or with a cardigan 
  3. A couple of nice material tops that have black in them
  4. black dressy shoes – pumps, booties, sandals when appropriate

Please don’t wait until you NEED these things.  Start looking now and add to your closet as you find them.  

Where should you look?  

My favorite places to get comfortable black pants are Chico’s and J.Jill. I choose pants with elastic waists and very little detail so they are more versatile – and you know what – they work if you tend to fluctuate a bit with your weight. I think other good places to look would be Loft, Steinmart, and Kohl’s. Don’t forget your consignment stores. Several of my favorites are second hand. You also might want to have one that is more of a summer weight and one that is more of a winter weight material.

Left:  Chico’s travelers capri length pants found at consignment

Middle:  Chico’s thick straight leg pants from consignment

Right:  J.Jill boot cut knit pants (bought at regular price but have had for maybe 10 years!)


Newer additions:  The Matilda Jane regular ruffle bottom and velvet ruffle bottom pants.  This style won’t appeal to all, but I wanted to include them as an option.


A few years ago, I picked up this tiered dress for $12 at a consignment store.  I have worn it to two weddings, to chaperone a prom, and a funeral.


Here is how I wore it to the funeral last month.


Here is what I wore to the visitation the night before. Velvet MJ pants, burgundy velvet Old Navy top, Kendra Scott jewelry, and a long black cardigan.


Here are some options to put with your black pants:  I love just pairing a black top with the black pants and adding a third piece. On the left is a consignment faux fur vest and on the right is a duster length vest.  

Thoughts? Do you feel that you have the “right stuff” for your needs and your lifestyle?  

Thanks for reading!