Morning Meal Prep

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I know most of you are cooking more than normal. Even though I enjoy cooking, I still feel the dread set in around 5:00 when I realize I have people to feed. Also, my energy wanes in the afternoon. I get up with no problem in the morning ready to get my day started. That’s when I have my energy. So, I decided to FINALLY work smarter and not harder and employ morning meal prep strategies. Now, if you aren’t a morning person, you could also do this later in the day or at lunch. You can also prep at night for the next day. The idea is just don’t save all the work for the witching hour. This is especially true if you have little kids. I remember how that was.

The other day I made homemade enchilada sauce in the morning. I actually doubled the recipe and put half in the freezer. This was so easy and it comes from Budget Bytes website, which I had never heard of.

I also started the crockpot on low with about 2 chicken breasts (I should have done more to freeze), water, and taco seasoning.

At 5:00, I only had to assemble.

I also recently cooked up about 4 pounds of ground beef. I made sloppy joe’s, taco meat, and then left some plain for spaghetti. It is so nice to pull that out at 5:00!

I have also boiled my noodles for mac and cheese in the morning recently.

Do you ever do morning meal prep? Or weekly prep? What are your best tips?


Hello Monday!

Monday, May 25, 2020

I am going on with my weekend post today and I will link up with the ladies here if they do it today. Today won’t really feel like weekend because I will have school work to do for finalizing things by Thursday. I think the boys also have stuff to finalize.

Are you ready to see lots of food photos?

So, Friday our governor said we could gather in groups of 10 and our restaurants would open to limited capacity. My two friends came to my patio for takeout brunch and we made our own mimosas. We were still careful and spread out at the table. We all had separate containers and no one went in the house. It was so nice. I know we are still battling this and I feel so lucky to be able to do something normal like this. I worked several hours in the morning and again when they left.

I got the surfer girl omelette, potatoes and their Everything muffin like an Everything bagel. We all got the same order.

That afternoon was my AP Spanish test. I left the boys alone to do that and actually went outside to make sure I didn’t make any noise.

For dinner Friday night I made enchiladas with homemade sauce courtesy of Kristin from Stuff, Things, Etc. blog. The sauce was so easy!

Saturday morning I did another thing from my past life. I went to a socially distant farmer’s market. It was one way, you had to wear a mask, the farmers’ booths also had barriers to keep you from getting too close. I would have stayed longer but my mask was bugging me in the heat. I have one mask that is more breathable. Are you all struggling with masks?

I bought wildflowers,

asparagus, peanuts, and sourdough bread.

The river is really high but Ernie still got his Saturday swim!

Tom worked hard to put the furniture together. It took him about 2 hours. We are happy with the look and the quality so far. It is Walmart Better Homes and Gardens Hawthorne and the tip to look at it came from Jen at Show Me and Sweet Tea blog. Thanks, Jen!

The rest of Saturday I did some cleaning, fridge organizing, laundry, reading and I took a walk.

That night our friends asked us to sit on a patio for dinner. We were confused as to the restaurant rule. Some restaurants are saying you can only sit at a table with your family. We were prepared to get take out if that was the rule. They sat us on either end of a big table. All the servers were wearing masks.

It was really nice to be back at a Mexican restaurant. We have been getting weekly takeout so I felt safe with the tables spaced out so much and hardly anyone there. I wiped down the table with my own Clorox wipes. We didn’t share any food.

Sunday morning I enjoyed my first coffee on the new furniture. It had rained again like it has almost every day lately!

And, finally yesterday afternoon we went back to the other farmers market and our friends met us. It was blazing hot so we didn’t stay long at the market. We took folding chairs and sat far apart under some shade trees and visited.

And, those were the highlights of my weekend.

How much have you gotten out?

It is really surreal the first time you get back out into the world. I am still going to be careful. I am trying to really think about what is a need right now. I don’t need to go to the grocery and I can do Kroger pick up. I don’t need a pedicure even though I want one. I can wait a while longer to get my hair done. My friends think I am super strict and I am always quoting the governor. It’s the teacher in me. I am a born rule follower.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your weekend!


Friday Faves

Friday, May 22, 2020

Guys, this is a big day! Today is the AP Spanish exam and two of my students taking it are my boys! Also, today is the day the governor of Kentucky says we can have social gatherings of 10! Finally, I am having my favorite brunch take out (if you are local it is Wild Eggs!) on my patio with two friends. I am will link with up Andrea, etc. over at So, all of those things are definite favorites.

How did we get here guys? On March 12, there was absolutely nothing in me that believed we would still basically be here on Memorial Day weekend. My mind is blown.

Speaking of minds blown, this amazing method to close your cereal box has been all over my social media. Have you seen it? You tuck in the two short sides and one long side and then if you make the sides fold in, the flap will close nicely like this. Do not judge the Cap’n Crunch. I can only be friends with you if you say and write “cap’n” the correct way.

O.k., I will show you the failure of the Kroger brand Raisin Bran – which we like better than Kellog’s, by the way. My professional opinion is that this hack only works with the thicker name brand cereal boxes. I will pause while you go try to do this to all of your cereal boxes. You know you want to.

Do you watch Food Network? I enjoy several shows on this channel. Even if you don’t, you must check out Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Her husband is a chef and they are staying in a friend’s cabin during quarantine. It is delightful.

I brought out the light blue polish. It made me happy. I will last a few hours.

One of my Pandemic indulgences has been magazine buying. I have bought April magazines and May magazines. I ran in to buy one thing and picked up InStyle this week. I used to always read this magazine. Blogs are the new magazines. You heard it here.

This intrigued me. Anyone tried this yet? Jergens Sol Water Mousse tanner is the full name. Sol means sun in Spanish so maybe that’s what drew me in.

New virtual life trick. You wear a gross old black tee but throw a kimono on for the meeting or class. I had a busy virtual life this week. I taught 5 virtual classes and had 1 virtual meeting. That is my new definition of busy.

These are my Pandemic shoes. I will probably be tired of them soon and/or they will cause flashbacks. Plastic Birkenstocks are the perfect Pandemic shoe. They can get food spilled on them. They can be worn with kimonos. They go with pajamas. They work with leggings.

One day I tried the mango Bud Light Seltzer. Yum! So, I do endorse the Bud Light Seltzers, the Corona Seltzers, and the Truly Seltzers. Those are my recommendations if you are a seltzer person. You want to hear something weird? We can only buy beer and hard seltzers in our Kentucky grocery stores. You can’t buy hard liquor or wine. But, you can buy hard liquor and wine in drug stores like CVS and Walgreen’s. And, you can’t buy any alcohol on Sundays until after 1:00. If you go in a liquor store, you can buy it all, but not on Sundays until 1:00!

I have been wanting to try Glossier boy brow for a long time and I finally did it. You guys, this is really a great product. I bought the brown. It has a mascara brush and it is really easy to use. I am starting to get weird gaps in my brows. This fills them in nicely.

I heard about this Tan-Luxe The Butter from Melanie Shankle/Big Mama. It usually costs $90 but goes on sale for $39 regularly from It smells really nice for a self tanner and I think I am really going to like it. It has a bit of a sparkle to it. I actually can’t believe I spent $39 on a self tanner but I think it will last a long time. I’m sorry I don’t know if the sale is still going on, but I hope it is if you are interested.

And, those are my favorites for the week!

It really doesn’t feel like Memorial Day weekend. Do you have plans?

Do you have a Pandemic indulgence like my magazines?

Have you ordered anything you might not have normally?

We have a house project this weekend! I hope to see some more people, too.

One last thing before I go… my boys have a virtual graduation Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. that will be live streamed. Hub has to work so he will watch it from the office or later on the link. How do I make the day a bit momentous? I am thinking a Chick Fil A tray, a cookie cake, something along those lines. It is simply a couple of speeches, the seniors yearbook photo and their name, and a tribute video, by the way.


Thirsty Thursday – Tinto de Verano

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Who needs an easy cocktail recipe for summer? Tinto de Verano comes to us from Spain. Spain produces a lot of red wine as you may know. Tinto or tinted is what they call it – vino tinto. So, tinto de verano simply means summer red wine. I know some of you are big red wine drinkers. I can usually drink reds without getting a headache, but the white wines sometimes do me in!

I happened to have an opened bottle of a pretty decent cabernet sauvignon from… CVS. I am class like that.

Simply pour about a half glass of red wine to a half glass of lemon lime soft drink or my favorite – I talk about it all the time – Fresca.

You might be surprised and you might be reminded of a lighter tasting sangria. Some sangrias can be quite heavy. I love the added carbonation – I talk about that all the time, too. Give this a try! Maybe break out the charcuterie. There is nothing that says you can’t travel to Spain on your patio.

Let me know if you try it!


Sunny Days are Ahead

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I thought we would talk about sunglasses today. Do you love sunglasses as much as I do? I wear them all year long as my eyes are very sensitive to the sun. It is like another accessory, too! I did a sunglasses post last year but I wanted to update with my current collection.

Are you an expensive sunglasses person or a cheap sunglasses person? I am a little of both. I really do think quality sunglasses are worth the money. I take better care of them. I keep them in the case. They can last for years and the price per wear goes way down.

I also like trendy sunglasses and tend to buy at least one of these a year.

Last year towards the end of summer I got it in my head that I needed sunglasses with a bee on them. So, for the price of about $12, I found these on Amazon.

I still plan to wear them this summer!

Now let’s talk about my other current favorites.

These are my husband’s RayBans from the 90’s! He still had a receipt in the case that said he bought them in 1996, people. And, that is a glimpse into how my husband takes care of his possessions. He didn’t say I could have them; they are on loan. But, I have now known him for 23 years and he has never worn them in that time!

The next pair are my Mother’s Day gift from maybe 7 years ago. Hub said the square frames looked better on me and they were different. Ray Bans are a classic that never go out of style in my opinion.

The next pair are for when I wear silver. Yes, I like my metals to match. I am kind of weird about that. These are Guess and they were free. My husband’s company let them pick something out of a gift catalog and he didn’t want anything so I chose these and have had them for maybe 5 years. The sides are a pinkish redish.

My new favorites and only pair from 2020 are the Quay Australia Stop and Stare that I bought off of Amazon. Have you heard of Quay? They don’t seem to be as good of quality as Ray Ban, but the quality is decent. They are also about 1/4 of the price.

Two years ago I was really into the colored aviators. These purple ones were cheap – $10 – and I still have them.

The next ones were from a consignment store but are real Ray Bans. I am so sad that I somehow scratched them and they are unwearable now. Anyone know any tricks for fixing scratched lenses that wouldn’t hurt the green tint?

So, I guess I am pretty brand loyal to Ray Ban and I really like wire rims and aviator style.

When TJ Maxx opens, I love to look at their selection. For around $15, you can find really good quality sunglasses – some of them designer.

I am also contemplating prescription sunglasses. Anyone have these?

What is your favorite brand of sunglasses? Favorite style?

Let’s hope that sunny days are ahead, o.k.? I mean that literally and metaphorically!


This and That on a Tuesday

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I thought I would do a very random post today. This is what I would tell you about if we were sitting over a coffee or a cocktail!

From my recent Amazon purchases post…

I decided to return both the kimono silk robe – I want it much more roomy than it was- and the navy romper. The navy romper had a fixed tie and not an adjustable tie. I want to be able to cinch and un-cinch. It was super easy, though, to return both items. I did the request a return, got the QR code, and took it up to my Mailboxes, Etc./UPS store. I wore a mask and I was in and out in less than 3 minutes.

I am kind of proud of myself because I am only keeping things thing are perfect. Before I would just think I could make things work. That led to lots of items that would end in the donation pile.

I am almost finished with the sequel (kind of) to Bromance Book Club. I like the second one better. I say it is kind of a sequel because it just tells the story of peripheral characters from the first one. These are just light hearted easy reading with some PG-13 parts if that bothers you. They are set in Nashville which I liked. Weird fact about me: I get nervous if I don’t have a next book to read. I don’t currently have another book to read. I am nervous.

My sister had a Bud Light lime seltzer in a Zoom happy hour a few weeks ago and she said it was good. So, I ordered this variety pack from my last Kroger order.

I have tried black cherry and strawberry and I like them both! I have not tried the mango or the lime.

Are all the hard seltzers controversial, though? I really like the light and refreshing vibe for the summer. It seems like everyone and their brother is coming out with a line of these. I would say these are almost the same taste as the Corona seltzers that I had last time.

A pretty new follow for me on Instagram is Cattle Baron in Cashmere. I think I heard about her from Big Mama/Melanie Shankle. She has product recommendations, recipes, and funny memes. It is almost like the content of a blog in an Instagram story. I have been laughing out loud at the memes she finds and puts in her stories. You really need to follow her! If you don’t have an Instagram, you should get one. I find it to be so much more lighthearted than Facebook. I also have a Twitter but I find it really boring. I regularly get rid of the app. I tried Snapchat a few years ago and it’s not for me. I have enough social media with Facebook and Instagram.

Remember how I told you I wanted to play around with cocktail recipes with my new strawberry Fresca? I think I’m going to try a spiked strawberry lemonade! Doesn’t that sound good? Also, my SIL and I drank blueberry lemonade cocktails in Hilton Head several years ago from the beach bar – yum! I can do that, too.

Did you jump on the Facebook avatar trend? I did it out of boredom this weekend. I never made a bitmoji of myself, so this was my first time doing something like this. It was fun to choose all of the features but the features were pretty limited and I’m pretty sure I just gave my description to a Russian bot that is coming after me. I wish I could achieve her hair volume.

Back to Instagram and a very important topic…

I tried an Instagram filter and I want these eyelashes now. I was born with stubby lashes. I have been sharing my opinion about how I can’t understand the eyelash trend but I think it was because I was salty. I am now thinking about trying a treatment. My friend says the Rodan and Fields is really good. Any other recommendations out there that don’t cost as much as my first car? My first car cost $800 in case you were wondering.

Today I am teaching 3 live classes. I will try to put on earrings. If you put on your blue light blocking glasses and lipstick you can get away with no other makeup.

What would you tell me if we were sitting at a table with coffee or a cocktail?

I miss sitting at a table with a coffee or a cocktail!

Thanks for reading,


Hello Monday

Monday, May 18, 2020

How is it going in your neck of the woods? I think lots of you are finished with school? This is our last full week and then we technically have school for two more days after Memorial Day. This week I have scheduled myself for lots of live classes to say goodbye, wrap things up, and to do a final push before my AP Spanish students take their exam on Friday. I’m so nervous! Also, it is time to start looking at final grades and planning for summer school and even next year. But, there are still so many unknowns and I don’t feel like I can wrap my head around that until I get closure on this year. As far as staying healthy at home, not much has changed here yet, but on Friday our restaurants can open to 33% capacity if spread out by 6 feet and our patios can open. We can also start socializing carefully in groups of 10.

I don’t think much will change for me until June at the very earliest. I will still be working until May 28. I am fine with continuing to do grocery pick up and getting once a week take out. I am fine with socializing at a distance outdoors only. What about you?

I am happy to link up today with Heather at My Glittery Heart so go here if you would like to read more blogs!

Here are a few highlights from my weekend…

On Friday my Walmart Better Homes and Gardens bench/storage ottoman arrived. Hub had to put it together and he said it was easy. I was pleased with the look and the size of it. Today the rest is supposed to be here!

I have no more photos from Friday but I did cook dinner at home – barbecue sandwiches, mac and cheese and salad.

Saturday morning I ran to Kroger to get just 5 things. I didn’t do a grocery pick up last week in an attempt to shop my freezer and pantry. I got the wonderful pimento cheese and found strawberry Fresca! I have plans to play around with some cocktails with this flavor.

This is the other half of our watermelon from last weekend’s farmer’s market. I cannot tell you how much more delicious this watermelon was than any I have had from the grocery store. It was only $5, too!

Ernie got a shower because his river swim Saturday left a very stinky dog!

Saturday afternoon I tried an attempt on a strawberry margarita on the rocks. I don’t have a good blender but I have had thoughts about getting a frozen margarita machine. That’s what the pandemic does to you. I did strawberry pulp, tequila, lime juice, a bit of lemonade powder and then the Fresca. The Fresca is unsweetened so I needed the powder for sweetness. I may try a take on the Sonic cherry limeade but make it a strawberry limeade?

Saturday night we got take out fish and took it to our friends’ patio and stayed far away. It was nice but we didn’t stay long and came home and feel asleep on the patio.

Sunday morning I had coffee on the deck as the sun came up.

Sunday was laundry, fridge clean out, dishes, cleaning, lots of school work for me, and then the rest of the day was just lazy on the patio. The boys had some homework due at midnight and Tom took a 27 mile bike ride and then mowed the lawn so he earned a lazy couple of hours on the patio.

I had a 2:00 coffee on the patio while it lightly rained.

I filled the bird feeders and got a kick out of this squirrel hanging upside down to eat my bird seed. I have really become one with nature.

My 12 year old niece started a blog and her first post came out on Sunday, too. Check her out! She has really started cooking and baking a lot and it amazes my sister how she can come up with something just based on what she finds in the pantry or fridge. She is the same one from my Friday Favorites that I told you about.

I hope you had a good one!

What was your highlight?

Anything coming up for you this week?


Friday Favorites

Friday, May 15, 2020

Are you ready for a major hodge podge of favorites this week? Linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

How was your week? Are many of you finishing up the distance learning school year? My friends in town with kids in the private schools are. We go until May 27 so it doesn’t seem that close even though I know it really is.

This week I did a Hello Monday post, a Tuesday post about Outdoor spaces, a Wednesday post about recent Amazon purchases, and a Thursday post about last summer’s favorite clothing. So, many of my favorites today are updates on those posts.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to Jen of When I showed my Wayfair pick that is currently out of stock she reminded me about the Better Homes and Gardens line at Walmart. I know this isn’t a great photo and I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet, but I chose this set (Tom liked it, too.) It is two chairs with pull out ottomans. I thought this was a cool feature and we would push them in when not in use. It also comes with a table.

I decided to also get the matching storage bench/ottoman.

The storage bench comes today! and the rest is supposed to come Monday. We still don’t have the railing material in and we have to do one more coat of the stain but I am excited for this to come together. I will miss my anti-gravity lounger but I am sure I can still use it.

Majorly shifting gears… Do you love Nothing Bundt Cakes? If you have never tried one, you must! A few weeks ago my 19 year old niece who likes to bake sent me this recipe that she found on Pinterest. It starts with a cake mix and you just add instant pudding powder, eggs, sour cream, oil, and water. You are supposed to also add chocolate chips but I didn’t have the mini kind it called for and then I forgot to add big ones. I know I didn’t do a great job with the icing, but this tasted so good and so similarly moist to the real thing!

Our weather wasn’t great this week on Monday-Wednesday, but I sat outside in my little covered corner to read and drink a Paloma one afternoon.

I know a lot of parents are going to be struggling to make this summer feel like summer. We almost always had a pool membership but even when we did I liked to have some water toys for the yard. I came across this cool sprinkler thing at on Instagram and thought I would share. I have a feeling the water toys are going to go quickly. And, you know what? Most kids would think this was just as fun as going to the pool if not more fun. Maybe you can have socially distanced water play in your yard?

I really want some new Birkenstocks and I am thinking white or rose gold. I know that white isn’t that practical but who wants to be practical all the time? Look at these Birkenstocks, though for fall maybe? I think this brand is a division of Birkenstock. These could be great teacher shoes!

My 12 year old niece is really becoming quite the baker, too. I love when my nieces are old enough to text. It just adds more fun to our relationship. This was our sweet exchange this week.

I had a fun Facetime with my work friend this week, too. It’s so nice to see faces!

My navy romper came and I am happy with the quality. Check out my Wednesday post for more info. Sorry for the bad photo.

My silk kimono robe came in, too. I think you need to go up at least 2 sizes. I want this a little bit more roomy because it is a robe. But, the quality seems decent. We will see after I wash it!

And, my earrings arrived and they are huge! What do you think? Too big?

My sister said this new movie release on Netflix is hilarious so I plan to watch this with Tom this weekend. Warning – this sister and I and our husbands like slapstick comedy that isn’t too high brow.

What were your favorites?

Do you have any weekend plans?

We are still socially distancing around here but on May 22 (our governor changed it from May 25!) we can be around 10 people! So, if today is May 15, can I be around 5 people? Just kidding!

Thanks for reading!


Last Summer Faves

Thursday, May 14, 2020

I was looking in my closet longingly at my summer clothing and thinking about a time long, long ago when I went places. I have shown you some new black and white tops that I purchased this season. I am excited to wear those somewhere besides to a Zoom call. But, an idea for a post was born as I decided to evaluate what got the most wear last season. Why did those things get the most wear? What can I learn from those purchases?

Like many of you, I am a work in progress. I am always trying to be a smarter shopper. I want to buy work horse clothing. I want to look back and say that I got my money’s worth out of a particular item. I think I have to come to terms with the fact that my style might change from summer to summer, though. Maybe I should take the capsule approach and have a small selection of in style items I just love. I am a big believer in taking stock of what you have every season and decluttering what isn’t working to make room for what better suits you.

I hope you enjoy today’s post and maybe it will inspire you to reflect on what you loved and wore last year. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you have seen all of these items multiple times and you have heard me rave about certain brands and styles. Another interesting facet to evaluate is the brands of your favorite items. I try to wash in cold and line dry, by the way. I really think it helps to extend the longevity of your clothing. I need to get a drying rack situation in my new mudroom.

This first item was a total stroke of luck and kind of an impluse purchase. I ordered this cactus off the shoulder or on the shoulder top from Amazon two years ago I think? I took it to my sweet tailor after seeing myself in photos. It didn’t hit at the right place on me but the quality was good enough and the price originally was only $16 I think so a $10 upgrade made sense to me. It looks so much better at this length and I was super happy I did it.

Verdict for Summer 2020: It has held up well and I am excited to continue wearing it!

The next two tops are Target Universal Thread from two summers ago and they are identical, but one in black and one in navy/white stripe. The black is a better fit. It is a size smaller than the blue. I wish I had gone back and bought a duplicate in the correct size in each of these tops. They are knit and soft and they are just the perfect top to throw on. I wore the black with printed bottoms and fun earrings usually.

Verdict for Summer 2020: Still love and will still wear, but lesson learned. Try on two different sizes while the stock is still available or if ordering online, order two different sizes. And, if you love something enough, consider duplicates especially if it is a timeless style.

And, here is the navy. I wore this white white jeans or white skirt mostly. Navy and white are some of my signature summer colors and this was an easy outfit to throw on that looked like I had made more effort! And, since this will be the third summer for these and I’ve worn them so much I am happy to say that I made good purchases!

This next item I bought last summer and it is the more expensive Target Knox Rose brand. I just thought this was so cute. I didn’t end up wearing it as much as I thought because it is a pretty memorable top. Also, it’s not knit and maybe it’s a little more fussy than knit. It is red, white, and blue and would look great for Memorial Day and 4th of July, though.

Verdict for Summer 2020: Excited to wear it!

This butterfly top is from Old Navy last year and I just thought it was so cute. I have already worn it once this year for a virtual class I taught on a warmer day. I don’t love it as much this year, but I still like it.

Verdict for Summer 2020: will wear it. It looks cute with black shorts and big earrings to go somewhere.

This last top is also from last year Old Navy. This is what I consider more of a school top because I would always wear it with my pink 3/4 length sleeve cardigan or my yellow cardigan. I am not as excited about florals this year as I was last year for some reason.

Verdict for Summer 2020: I might wear it this summer but I will hopefully wear this to school if we get to go back in August. I will hang onto it.

What are you most looking forward to wearing from last summer?

Has your style changed?

I would say go ahead and wear it now for that Zoom call or meeting. Heck, put it on to go pick up take out. Our clothing should be for ourselves and not for others’ benefit anyway.

Quick Recap:

6 summer tops

Amazon – 1

Old Navy – 2

Target – 3 (2 Universal Thread/1 Knox Rose)


Amazon Lately

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I really have not shopped much since mid-March. I showed you my one Loft item, my Old Navy order, and a few random Amazon purchases here and there and that is it. I don’t really need much right now. Normally I would be so excited to add a few things to my spring wardrobe. I love all the fun colorful accessories. I love summer shoes. But, I am waiting for the most part. I have plenty of things I love from last year if I do end up having places to go this summer. My main reason, though, is I don’t want to have to do returns. I have a little UPS/Mailboxes, Etc. just up the road and I have gone in there once since this started. I can just take Amazon returns there if I need to.

I mentioned on Monday that I couldn’t tell you what I sent for Mother’s Day, but now I can!

For my Mother in law, I sent a hydrangea that is supposed to get planted. I love hydrangeas and I think she does, too. She loves flowers and gardening. Here is the link if you are interested.

For my mom, I sent pajamas. She seemed to like them. She loves her pajamas and prefers pants. Here is the link.

This is not Amazon, but remember I told you about Noonday Collection? These are what I ordered and even better they are from Guatemala since I’m a Spanish teacher. They are gorgeous!

My robe is downright embarrassing. It is 15 years old and hub gave to me for Valentine’s Day. I wanted a lightweight summer robe, so I picked this below. They are calling most of these bridesmaid kimonos. Isn’t that funny? I guess that is a trend right now. Here is the link for the robe. I am worried about the sizing. I will let you know how it turns out.

Do you all follow Amanda of That Inspired Chick on Facebook or read her blog? She is like Sheaffer of Pinterest Told Me To/Sheaffer Told me To but with Amazon and She posted that this romper was on Lightning Deal and I went for it in navy. I hope I can wear it out with a kimono? Here is the romper. There are tons of options including pants. It is no longer on lightning deal, but still a good price.

Amanda also talked about these “no muffin top” underwear and they are fabulous! I really needed some new undergarments. Click here to see.

And these are just pure fun for summer! I can’t wait to get these! Click here for these.

What have you purchased lately?