Thursday Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hello! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Unless you are a blogger or a blog reader, you cannot understand how supportive people in the blog community are.  Your messages this week have truly lifted my spirits.  My Dad is still in the hospital but he started his first round of chemo last night. 

Our Thanksgiving tradition is usually Thursday with my husband’s family here in town.  His sister lives here and she hosts our meal around 3 p.m.  We spend the morning trying to get some exercise, cooking, watching the parade, and usually cleaning and doing laundry. 

We are lucky to have off on Wednesday, too.  Last year I tried something different.  I went ahead and decorated for Christmas on Wednesday. 

On Friday, we usually travel just an hour to my parents’ house with my side of the family and we do it all again.  When I come home, my house is ready for Christmas.  That’s kind of how I am.  I am a Thanksgiving purist but as soon as it’s over, bring on Christmas! 

What are your traditions?  How do you feel about early Christmas decorations?  

So, let’s talk about Thanksgiving outfits.  I like to have two cute and comfortable outfits for my two days.  I also usually spend Saturday in my hometown starting my shopping for small business Saturday.  I love shopping locally in my city and in my hometown.  It’s a great way to buy your gifts, in my opinion.  

This year, I am planning my outfits mostly around my most comfy pair of jeans.  I don’t really like many of my pants now for fall.  I think I’m in desperate need for something other than  leggings.  

I like to wear what I call Thanksgiving colors.  We are pretty casual on both sides of the family.  

Here are my favorite Nordstrom Vigoss jeans, my clogs, and a cute cornflower blue peasant shirt that I bought at consignment. img_4442.jpg

Here is a leggings option.  I have this cocoa brown lace bottomed tunic and brown leggings.  img_4443.jpg

I think camo is a good option for Thanksgiving.  


I think I like the second pair of booties better for the camo. img_4438.jpg

I think camo would look good with burgundy. img_4439.jpg

This mustard yellow velvet top might be a contender.  

If it warms up I may wear this poncho thing.  I always get hot if I’m in the kitchen!img_4437.jpg

What do you plan to wear?  I look through my closet and pull out all the colors I like and then go from there!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thank you for all of the messages of support for my Dad on Monday! Each and every comment touched my heart. My Dad is acting like himself now and we have a treatment plan. He has lymphoma and will do 6 rounds of chemo. He is supposed to get first round today in the hospital. He is anxious to go home and resume his walking routine, eat healthy, serve at his church, and fight this disease. He was dictating the Thanksgiving meal last night which my mom and I thought to be a good sign!

My boys have been enjoying hot subs for dinner about once a week. I assembled these before going down to the hospital Monday after school. I buy sub buns, deli turkey, havarti cheese and melt under low broiler. When you take them out add lettuce, tomato, mayo or whatever condiment.

This was my outfit Monday. It was very comfortable.

This is my youngest sister last Thursday night at the hospital cafeteria. She is wearing half of my blanket scarf – ha! She was pretending to answer her laptop to make her nephews/my boys laugh.

We were thrilled with our photo session. We decided to go with grey and we only bought one new item – the son on the right got this new white and grey checked flannel. Our photographer took 30 minutes and gave us previews within the hour after we left! Then, she gave us a flash drive of 70 photos within a week. If you are local and need a photographer I would love to recommend her. Green Apple Photography is the name of her business.

This has been a weird weather year for boating. We finally made the decision to winterize the boat. In the four years we have had it we have kept it out until end of October to the beginning of November. This year we haven’t been able to use it since mid September because of high river or cold and rainy weather. I thought this candle was funny. There are many not so fun sides of boating but you put up with them for the good sides of boating.

This was the last time out with my spiked cider! Oh well…

Thanks for reading my hodgepodge today!


Hello Monday and Happy Veteran’s Day

Monday, November 12, 2018

Thank you to all the service men and women of our great country.  My favorite is my Dad, though.  He was a career military man, an Air Force fighter pilot. He then retired and enjoyed being a corporate pilot. He still works for the same company, in fact, but just a few hours a week.

We have had a rough week.  I don’t know if you could tell that I was phoning in my posts last week. They were short and not well edited. This week if I go quiet, it is because he is in the hospital with a new cancer diagnosis as we are await a treatment plan. I may feel that I need this creative outlet, though – we will see.

 I really don’t want to show outfits for wearing to the hospital and my clothes are the last thing on my mind.  I haven’t had any cocktails and I haven’t cooked.  I have kept the coffee coming, though.  

I really appreciate you being my faithful readers.


Friday Favorites

Friday, November 9, 2018

ADVdesigns earrings – aren’t they cute? Seriously, check out ADVdesigns on Etsy. Some of her earrings are only $4.80 right now. My sister is the model- I bought them for her for her last birthday. She says she wears this mustard pair all of the time.

I wore my black and white blanket scarf this week and another day I wore my blue flannel plaid with hot pink vest. I seem to get more preppy in the fall. Love me some plaid!

I read this book this week. It’s a cute easy read that gets you in the mood for colder weather!

If you have an Apple Watch, I’m loving this new band. It’s rose gold and it’s good quality for the price.

What are your favorites from the week?

Happy Friday!


Thirsty Thursday

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Monday night a fun co-worker agreed to go to a Thanksgiving big batch cocktail making class with me!  For $15 we learned how to make 5 cocktails and came home with print outs of the recipes.  It was held at a cute local whiskey and wine store.  We also got to drink the cocktails – duh!


I will be honest.  None of the cocktails could top my spiked apple cider.  Again, my recipe for a single serving is 1 oz. bourbon, 1 oz. Fireball, about 1/2 cup apple cider and shake really well.  Pour into glass with ice and top with ginger ale or sparkling apple Ice drink or sparkling apple cider or sprite.  I like a little fizz with my cocktails.  You can also put chunks of apples in the drink.

We both agreed that our favorite of the night was the ginger snap cocktail.  Here is just a single serving:

1 oz. apple vodka

1 oz. ginger liqueur

1 oz. lemon juice

a squirt of agave syrup

peeled and grated fresh ginger

dash of cinnamon

dash of grated nutmeg

lemon peel for garnish

dash of bitters

Shake all together and pour into cocktail glass.

Now, my problem with the recipes we learned is that they are too complicated and require specialty ingredients.  I bet I could recreate this with easier ingredients.  Also, the ginger was a bit strong, so I think I would reduce that a bit.  It really did taste like a ginger snap cookie, though.

He did tell us that you do not want to make these too far in advance because the flavors will meld together in a bad way.

Do you have a signature Thanksgiving cocktail or do you just open a bottle of wine?  I am definitely more of a bourbon cocktail girl at this time of year.

Thanks for reading!


What to Wear Wednesday

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hi! I decided to take a bit of a departure from sharing my mostly school outfits. Instead, I want to show you my fashion related birthday gifts.

I love having a fall birthday. I get excited about updating my fall wardrobe. I try to keep a list of fall trends I want to try or fall holes in my closet.

I received an Amazon gift card and money and put them to good use this year.

First, from Amazon:

I never seem to have enough black tops. It’s nice to have tunic length tops to wear with leggings and boots.

I had been wanting a fall colors blanket scarf. I have not been seeing them in local stores this year. Amazon to the rescue. I will cut it in half and give to my sister like I always do.

I took advantage of the Kendra Scott deal and purchased this necklace. I hadn’t seen this style before and felt I needed a long black necklace.

I also took advantage of Apricot Lane boutique’s 25% off coupon and bought this kimono.

Many bloggers talk about Walmart’s clothing – especially the new Time and True line. I had been looking for a black lightweight duster and I thought this was perfect.

I also picked up this plum cardigan. Both of these sweaters looked far more expensive than their $14 and $15 price tags.

Finally, I picked up this sparkly velour Old Navy top for $15.

I feel really spoiled! I should be set now for fall and winter!

What do you think?


Tuesday Tip – How to Have a Great Birthday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy Election Day!  We are out of school but I have a packed day with voting early at the polls, our first college visit, driver’s permit test, and theater for one son. 

So, Friday was my birthday and that was the inspiration for this post.  But, I got to thinking that you shouldn’t necessarily wait until your next birthday to have a “me” day.  If you just need a day you should take it!

There’s something different about being off on a weekday. When my kids were little I would take a day once a year guilt free when they were in school. I really believe your mental health is so important.

I highly recommend taking off on your birthday if you can.  I planned this a long time ago.  It’s not that I don’t love my job, but like I said, take off on your birthday if you can.

Plan some kind of beauty treatment. I got my hair cut and colored for the first time since last April. It could be a 10 minute neck massage, a mani, a pedi, or just a department store makeover.

Sign up for and take advantage of birthday coupons from favorite stores. Kellyann of spent her birthday scooping up her deals! I didn’t do as well as she did, but I got a few. I’m mad I didn’t get my Nothing Bundt Cake offer! Maybe I lost it in my junk mail.

One of mine was from local Apricot Lane boutique. They give you a 25%off coupon and I got this leopard kimono.

We recently got a Kendra Scott store. This is my 50% off piece. I got this necklace for $42. I used money my parents gifted me. I think I heard about this from Lisa at Coast to Coast blog

Treat yourself to a special drink, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It was a day that made me feel special and recharged my batteries. That is, until my husband called and decided it would be a great day for him to get new tires put on his vehicle and could I pick him up…

What do you like to do on your birthday or mental health day?

Thanks for reading!


Hello Monday!

Monday, November 5, 2018

I’m not really minding you today, Monday!  We have a teacher work day from 7:30-2:30 and then we are off Tuesday for election day.  I have a packed day, but it’s mostly good stuff.  Tonight I’m taking a Thanksgiving big batch cocktail class!  I can’t wait!

Friday was my birthday and my personal day!  

So, I took advantage of the red cup deal on Friday.  You got this cup for free with a holiday beverage so I got a creme brulee latte.  Then, you take this cup back for 50cents off drinks after 2 until January, I think.  

I know this is kinda gross, but I love biscuits and gravy a handful of times a year and McDonald’s are really good in my opinion.  I watched tv and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  

I put out a few Thanksgiving decorations.

I got my hair cut and colored for the first time since April.  

This was a last minute deal, but it was so fun!  My two college besties who both live in my city were able to meet me for lunch.  Afterwards I did a little shopping, including my 50% Kendra Scott store birthday treat.  You all, what a deal.  You can pick one item in your birth month and there’s even a grace period of 3 days into the next month.  I love Kendra even more now.  I will show you what I picked Wednesday.  

Saturday was dinner and a comedy improv show.  I had an old fashioned.  

I enjoyed some patio reading both Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday was our family photo shoot.  We got lucky and had sun before it got cloudy.  

I got out my favorite tea.  

I started this book and couldn’t put it down.  Go get it now!  

So, those are the highlights!  

Have a great Monday!


Friday Favorites

Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Friday! Today is my birthday and I took a personal day! I have a much needed hair appointment and a few treats planned.

I’m linking up for Friday Favorites today with Andrea, etc.

The trees are starting to really look beautiful. This is the view from my driveway and you can see neighbors’ trees.

I picked up a nice stack of library books. I had two on hold and was surprised to see the others just sitting there! I love the library!

Kristin Hannah’s The Great Alone has been on my list. Hildebrand’s Winter in Paradise was available along with a Debbie Macomber – Alaskan Holiday – which is kind of like reading a Hallmark movie – and finally Katherine Center books. She has been recommended to me. I’m not sure when I will read all of these!

Look At this Old Navy shirt! The color and the sleeves are up my alley and might make a great holiday top!

I plan to drop into Starbuck’s today and get this free cup!

Don’t forget to watch Bravo Sweet Home tonight!

The time changes for many of us on Saturday night. It will be dark an hour earlier.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!