Hello Monday

Monday, October 21, 2019

This weekend in one word was FULL.  How was your weekend?  I am linking up today with Heather, etc. so go right here for more Hello Monday posts.  

We have a beautiful art museum – The Speed Art Museum – on the campus of the University of Louisville.  I have been wanting to go to the once a month  Friday night After Hours for years.  Under 21 is allowed in, too, and I managed to convince everyone to go!  All of the regular exhibits are open plus they have a theme and lots of extras like music and talks.  

It was sponsored by Tito’s Vodka and they had this cute little trailer out front.  

I tried the specialty drink –  “Fall Y’all”.  

My favorite exhibit was this floral garden.  

We had thought we might get food at the museum but it was expensive and a bit weird, so Tom suggested this diner again afterwards.  

It was a fun night and we even ran in to our friend Dan at the museum.  

Saturday morning was errands and while at Costco, I thought this was interesting.  I didn’t get it this time, but for $15 I thought it was a good deal if you are having a party.  

I tried the Pumpkin Cold Brew and liked it better this time.  I think the Starbuck’s closest to me makes subpar drinks.  Have you noticed that not all Starbuck’s are created equally? img_9749.jpg

I started this cute book.  I am just into the fun books right now.  Life itself is too serious right now and I just cannot read anything too deep.  

I ran into the salon to just get a polish change on my toes.  It had been since August!  

I got a green/grey called “Things I’ve seen in Aber-green” by OPI.  I am still considering a dark green for my next manicure so I think this will coordinate.  

Then, we met our friends at the boat at 4:30 for a boat ride and dinner.  Our boat has been out of commission for a few weeks.  We have not had the best boating season – lots of repairs needed or the weather didn’t cooperate.  


I made my Apple Cider Sangria and the recipe is coming your way tomorrow!  

We were able to dock and walk to the cutest little restaurant in this white house called “The Portage House”.  The chef/owner was a Chopped winner!  

The adorable interior of the restaurant.  

We opted to sit outside because the night was so nice.  We shared the brussels sprouts and hush puppies with our friends and then Tom and I split the Catfish.  I thought it was excellent!  

This was my half – still plenty!  We often split an entree – especially if we get an appetizer.  

The sky was simply gorgeous.  Every time we go out at night I wonder why we don’t do it more often.  We enjoyed the company of our friends and we were still all home by 8:00.  That’s my kind of night!  Lol!  

And, then yesterday, we visited my mom in my hometown.  The boys posed by the veteran’s flag of my Dad overlooking the river there.  I currently live on the same river I grew up on but just an hour away.  I think that’s kind of cool!  

My aunt and uncle were visiting my mom and we all had lunch and chatted for a few hours.  It was a nice visit. 

Today I am on a field trip for most of the day – my only field trip of the year.  I will report back about it later on in the week.  

I hope you have a decent Monday – I’m not going to say wonderful because it is Monday, after all.  

Tell me how your weekend was!

Thanks for reading,


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 18, 2019

Happy Friday!  I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here!  How was your week?  Mine was busy as I guess they all weeks are in October.  

First up for my faves this week:  Did you see my What I Wore post here?  I couldn’t stop thinking about all the cool things I saw at Dee’s Craft store and I went back and bought this necklace for $12.  


Here is a better photo – I love it!  

And, I also bought this Simply Southern leopard duster.  It is so soft and it was $27.  

My burgundy Malaga Wine by OPI dip manicure is still going strong.  It seems so durable compared to gel.  

I am already thinking about my next color.  Look at this dark olive green.  What do we think? 

If you are a lover of dark chocolate as my son Mason is, this brownie mix is really good.

I also really like these Dole mixes.  First I show you brownies and then I show you salad!  

I took two weeks off of meal prepping because we didn’t have full weeks of school and boy did I miss having my meals prepared.  I had 5 breakfasts ready to go this week and it made such a difference in the morning.  I failed to prep my lunches, though, so that had me scrambling a bit in the morning.  

This blueberry goat cheese log from Trader Joe’s was so good I bought it a second time.  I am hoping to serve this on a charcuterie tray this weekend.  

What were your favorites this week?  

Hope it was a good one and have a wonderful weekend!  


Addition Update

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Who wants an addition/renovation/construction update?  O.k., for the two people who raised their hands, here we go.  I feel like not much has happened lately.  Things were moving right along and then they stagnated.  I guess that is the case with all construction projects.  If you cannot tell from my tone – I.am.over.it.  

If you are new here, we added 560 square feet onto the back of our brick ranch house.  This includes a mudroom off of the kitchen and a master bedroom with his and hers walk in closets.  Our current bedroom will become the master bath.  We are turning current master bath which is tiny into the hall bath along with the current hall bath to make it double the size.  We are also remodeling the kitchen that the mudroom will lead into.  

First of all, the exterior.  We have a pretty hard brick to match.  I originally thought we should pick one of our brick colors and just go with a uniform brick on the exterior.  Hub thought he found a match but after getting it laid I was not happy with the look.

Original brick on left and addition brick on right of this photo.  This side of the house is really the only place you see it together.  


Then, the brick people said they could do something to help it match better.  I think they white washed the random selected bricks below.  I do think it looks better. And, keep in mind we will do some sort of landscaping on this side of the house.  img_9672

This week was the final visit from the electricians so we now have lights.  Photos taken after dark – sorry.  This is the mudroom below.  The box you see will be tiled and will be a dog wash.  Next to it will be the washer and dryer and the remaining area will be shelves and cabinets for storage but we have not figured out the exact configuration yet.  This leads into our current kitchen which we will be remodeling last.  

Mudroom door to the future patio.  

Master with lighting.  

Master window that will be behind the bed.

My dream closet

His closet

Paint color decisions:

Egret white is what I am considering for master bedroom, kitchen, and maybe mudroom.

Sea Salt is my top choice for master bath right now.  Agreeable gray is in the running for new hall bath.  


Well, that is about it!  I hope that the next time I do an update I will have clothes in my closet and be sleeping in my new room!  



What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The weather has been so nice lately!  We have had 50s in the morning and highs of 70s most days.  Today it will not get out of the 50s.  Also, I am linking up with The Style Six.  Please check those ladies out here!  

Here is an outfit from last week.  This is my new TJ Maxx linen top.  

Here is another one.  This is my Target Universal Thread mustard top that I also bought in charcoal.  Do you buy multiples?  I only do if it is a staple piece.  

I finally wore a dress.  I have several knit swing dresses with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves.  

This past weekend I went to Dees craft store next to my Steinmart.  They sold me my beloved Myra bag (look them up on Amazon, too!).  They carry the line called Simply Southern.  This rack of leggings was super tempting.  $15 for super soft leggings in really cute prints is a great deal.  

Give me all the camo!  

I did not buy anything, but they also had a leopard section that I cannot stop thinking about.  Stay tuned…

If you are interested in Simply Southern, they have a website and you can also see who sells this line in your area.  The stuff was super cute and the prices were not bad at all.  

And, finally yesterday the temps were almost 80 for the highs so I wore my new Steinmart leopard blouse (only $17) with a light cardigan.  


What did you wear this week?  Do you switch out seasonal clothing?  I use a spare closet and put things under the bed but I am hoping with my new closet that I can keep everything in one closet!  If I cannot, it might mean I have too many clothes!  

My Hue Collection

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How was your Monday?  I actually like Mondays because I can go home right after school.  Tuesday is the day I dread because I have after school meetings, son has theatre and tonight we also have a Europe trip meeting at the late hour of 7:00!  These people must not know that my evening routine starts at 7:00!  Oh well.  My son leaves for Europe next month with his humanities class so it is very important!  I am going to miss him so much but I am so excited for him.  

Lately I have been talking about my Matilda Jane pants collection, but I have also written before about my love for the brand Hue.  I like quality brands and Hue is another one of those that has stood the test of time for me.  First of all – who would like pants that slip on like leggings but look like pants?  I know!  Genius!

This is a dark denim pair that I got on major sale at Macys last year.  They were seriously like $12.  It was maybe in March at the end of the winter season.  End of season is a good time to look and I would try your major department stores.  I have also bought a pair at the store store DSW.  

They are normally located in the accessory section; not in the clothing section.  

These were from a consignment store.  They look just like black jeans.  They even have back pockets.  img_9573

Another consignment store find.  Olive green is such a great color to have in your closet for fall. img_9574.jpg

I am only 5’4 so these cropped versions look more like ankle length on me.  I found these grey on major sale at Macys at the end of the summer season a few years ago for around $12, too.  

Fall trick:  Wear cropped with long boots because no one will ever know and they stay nice and tucked in for you!  Grey is another color that is a surprising work horse for your closet.  img_9575

And, last but not least – the pair that started it all for me.  These are the ones I found in the check out line at DSW while I was purchasing shoes.  I had wanted light denim and these appeared. img_9576

I also have a white cropped pair but they are packed away now.  In addition I have the Hue black and charcoal grey regular leggings that were recommended by Sheaffer Told Me To many years ago.  They still look brand new!  

Do you own any Hue?  What are your quality go to brands?  I would love to know!  


Hello Monday

Monday, October 14, 2019

How was your weekend?  Ours was busy!  Linking up with Heather etc. right here!  

Friday after school I made a cocktail and read on my patio for a bit.  

Jack went to a play and Tom, Mason, and I ate at The Caspian Grill.  I had falafel.  Mason and Tom had gyros but I didn’t get a photo.  Mason had started getting a cough the day before so he was fine to lay low this weekend.  

Remember my teen post last week?  I knew as soon as I posted that I would be tested and I was.  Friday morning Jack didn’t want to go to school because he didn’t sleep well Thursday night.  We told him if he didn’t go to school he didn’t get to go to the play.  Well, he made it through the school day just fine, went to his gaming club after school, and then went to his play.  He argued so much with us Friday morning and he really put me in a bad mood as I headed to school.  

Saturday morning I went to a neighborhood yard sale.  I only made it to maybe 5 because I was having no luck and it was so cold outside!  Oh well.  

I finished my last book and started this.  I really like the story but it is rated R!  

Saturday afternoon Tom and I headed to the monthly Flea Off Market.  

I got a Kentucky mule.  

I wore my new Target poncho with my camo leggings and my bee glasses.  Tom does not like them.  

We saw this cool mural.  

Then, we checked out this new market with booths for food, drink, and arts and crafts type stuff.  

We bought honey and bee pollen.  (You are supposed to eat a few pieces of pollen to keep allergies at bay.  It must be local pollen.)  Guess who liked my bee sunglasses?  Yup, the beekeeper really liked them!  Take that, Tom!  

And, for dinner I picked up Blaze.  Do you have a Blaze?  It is really thin crust pizza that you order up like a Subway sandwich and it is ready in 3 minutes!  

At Blaze, I had my first blog sighting!  Meaning, my sweet reader Laura came up to me and said hi and that she reads my blog!  Hi Laura!  I’m so glad you spoke to me!  I once saw a blogger and I was too shy to say anything.

Since Mason was sick, he and I started watching The Politician on Netflix.  I’m not sure what I think yet.  It only has one season and eight episodes.  


And, Sunday was grocery, meal prep, Goodwill shopping with Jack, and then watching our friend in his third Ironman.  They had to cancel the swim portion due to algae in the water but it was a beautiful day for the bike and run portions.  

Look at that view of our walking bridge across the river to Indiana!  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Friday Favorites


Friday, October 11, 2019

How was your week?  Mine was nice with only 3 days with students and a parent teacher conference day.  Now I go back to 5 day weeks for awhile, but I do have a field trip on one of the weeks so that will be nice.  

My favorites this week have to include the cooler fall weather!  And, tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 60!  Wow! 

I had wondered when I would see the next season of these Kroger 79 cent hand soaps and I finally did.  Look at these great combos for fall!  

I really want to add some leopard shoes to my closet.  I used to have some but they were uncomfortable so off they went.  Look at these cute Toms!  img_9511

I really want to buy all the new fall clothes and shoes but I am trying to be good and inventory what I have and make a wish list.  By the time I need the clothes they will be on sale, you know?  

And, finally this mix is really good! I make mini muffins for my boys with this.

What were your faves?

Thanks for reading!


Favorite Fall Jewelry

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall is in the air!  I am switching to my more Fall-like jewelry!  I am wearing orange, olive, mustard, brown, and all the fall colors!  

Look at me trying to get more artsy with my photos!  Ha!  

My favorites are bracelets and earrings.  I almost always wear a bracelet.  In the fall it just feels right to wear brown beads or a leather cuff.  A couple of these came from consignment shops over the years and others were gifts (the more colorful nut bracelet is from my sister when she went to China!) and a few were purchased for less than $10.  The tortoise shell cuff is from Michaels craft store and I put my own monogram sticker on it.  The leopard leather cuff is from ADVdesigns on Etsy which I will talk about below.  


In the fall, I love my lightweight leather earrings.  Look at this fall three pack!  I may get it with upcoming birthday money.  


The 3 pack is from ADVdesigns on Etsy and the sweet shop owner will give you 20% off!  The prices are already so reasonable, too.  Think gifts, too!  I know I would love to receive these earrings!  Use code AMY20!  If you do purchase anything, I would love to see what you pick.  Leave me a message or send me a photo to my email scott_amy@bellsouth.net.  Once you try these earrings, you will be hooked.  I personally like the large ones, but you can pick from a variety of sizes and styles for that matter.  She has over 400 different designs.  

Now, go accessorize for fall!


What I Wore and Bought

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Happy hump day, faithful readers!  Thank you for the response to my post yesterday on dealing with teens.  I had been wanting to write it for some time and I am happy that it resonated with some of you!  

Here is a outfit from last week when it was still 90 degrees.  I am wearing my consignment blouse by Democracy and green Matilda Jane pants which were also consignment.  I am wearing my Target Universal Thread slides that have really been great for school!  

And, here is a end of the week outfit – Matilda Jane pants, pumpkin spice graphic tee,  and a LulaRoe consignment kimono with my Rothys.  I start wearing flats again in October and wear them when I can until April or May!  I really do love my Rothys and they look brand new.  I wish I had not washed them because I feel that they shrank just a bit in the washer.  But, they are not uncomfortable.  I love the color I chose – mink.  It is a brownish with purple undertones.  Anyone else out there have Rothys?  They have some new styles but I cannot justify the cost of another pair.  

And, finally my college visit outfit is below.  I wore Matilda Jane pants, my MIA Sofia clogs, my Walmart blouse and a consignment cardigan.  Did you notice that all of my outfits this week involve at least one consignment piece?  

Speaking of consignment, I popped into one of my favorite consignment shops,Sassy Fox, and found this leather cuff for $8 and have already worn it every day since!  I love it!  

I also popped into TJ Maxx to get a birthday gift and found this nice coral/orangey linen? top for for me for only $16 and bought it.  It is a perfect fall color but lightweight top like I talked about here.  I also thought the sleeve detail was super pretty.  I did have to wear a nude cami underneath but it did not make it too hot.  It looked like a much more expensive top so I was so happy to get it for such a good price.  

What have you been wearing lately?  

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday Tip-Dealing with Teens

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

four men sitting on platform
Photo by kat wilcox on Pexels.com

Are there teens in your life?  I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile because I am with teens close to 24/7!  Why am I qualified to write this?  I am not!  But, I have 17 year old twin boys and I have been a high school teacher for 26 years. 

I personally love teenagers!  I think they are fun, funny, sharp, caring, open-minded, but they are also scared, in a state of limbo, dealing with new responsibilities and emotions.  I would say that being a teen today may just be harder than ever before.  There is so much pressure on them to already know what they want to study, to get the highest test scores possible, to play all the sports and be in all the activities.  And, on top of that, think about the social media aspect of their lives.  So, before you deal with a teen, I think it’s important to think about these things and come to them with a little more understanding.  Now, do I always practice what I preach?  No.  I have my share of head butting with my kids and my students.  

First of all, as a parent, set boundaries.  They are not grown up yet and still need you.  I might argue that they need you more now than ever.  Set age requirements and parameters for social media usage.  The kids want boundaries and they like to be able to blame you the parents so they don’t look uncool.  

It’s too hard to do school and work a part time job for many kids. Their primary job is student right now.  Most of them say they have to work to pay for college, but my bet is that the $100 or so a week is not going to savings and the loss of sleep and time to work on school isn’t worth it.  If a teen can put that time towards getting those high grades, the scholarships will pay off far more than the part time job.  I am all for summer employment, though!  

One of the biggest issues I see with teens is lack of sleep.  The teen brain is not ready to go to sleep too early but school start times work against them.  The majority of my teens in class and my own kids can’t get more than 6 hours of sleep a night and we all know that isn’t enough at this age.  Also, I am amazed at how many kids are allowed to go to concerts or other late night events (sometimes even out of town!) on a school night and then they are allowed to sleep in or just miss the entire next day.  That is not an excused absence and the parents lie and say they were sick.  

Speaking on this topic, you are not your kids’ friend. They have plenty of friends(hopefully) but they only have two parents.  It sucks to say “no” and be the bad guy but you have to sometimes.  One of my sons was recently mad at me for not letting him go to a party that started at 9:30 when he had theatre and choral auditions early the next day.  Come on parents, why did the party need to start that late?  Because I said “no” he was upset and it spurred a long conversation.  The next time he asked to do something with that group it was a 9:00 p.m. movie on a Friday that didn’t get out until 11:30.  I was able to say “yes” to that.  

Listen more than you talk – Gosh this is so hard for me.  I have found that if I let my boys come to me and if I don’t throw 20 questions at them they will tell me more.  I think teens are like cats – do not approach; let them come to you.  Ha!  Just kidding, but many of the best conversations occur in the car when you don’t have to make eye contact,too.  Look for ways to be one on one with your teen.  Also, always start with a positive before a negative comment.  I do this in my parent teacher conferences, too.  Example:  “I really love ____’s enthusiasm, however he needs to save it for the pep rally.  In my class, I expect him to act like a civilized human.”  

Pick your battles.  Does that horrible shirt really matter that much?  Does it really matter that he wore that shirt two days ago?  Teens are figuring out their style and they have favorites and it’s probably not that big of a deal.  Say yes when you can say yes.

Let them email the teachers with questions and take care of their own business.  Let them call to make their own hair appointments.  In college, you aren’t allowed to contact professors anymore.  They need to learn how to do this when they are under your roof.  Do not rescue them every time they forget something at home.  They have to figure out how to deal with the consequences.  

Don’t create roadblocks for success.  I have already touched on this but I cannot tell you how hard it is to miss school at the high school level.  We have 7 classes a day and so that could mean 7 assignments.  If they miss 2 days, that becomes 14 assignments.  Help your kids to be at school on time almost every day.  Sometimes the school calendar isn’t convenient but I have had many students tell me that their parents are insisting they miss school and they don’t want to.  I have also had kids have to miss school to babysit for siblings.  

Understand the teen brain and their chemistry to some degree.  Teens are very implusive.  Sometimes they don’t know why they act the way they do.  Remember that they are not fully formed yet. 

Keep saying I love yous even when they don’t say it back.  I have one son who tells me he loves me multiple times a day.  The other finds it much harder.  I will often text the I love yous or the I am so proud of yous.  Remember that teen language is through texting.  I have heard one student talk about the funny gifs their parent sends them and how it makes them feel loved.  

Find things to praise and laugh with your teens.  They are really fun at this age.  They can watch the same movies now and get the more mature humor.  Look for stand up comedians on t.v. or take them to a comedy show.  They really love music at this age.  They are in a constant state of earbuds in ears.  Remember how much music helped you as a teen?  I wrote lyrics out on all of notebooks.  

Try to keep some shred of self esteem for yourself!  I almost think there should be workshops for parents of teens or maybe even support groups.  I really miss my sweet little boys and the simple days we had.  But, I love the men they are becoming.  I love my students, too, and cherish keeping in touch with them after they graduate.  

What have I forgotten?