Friday, August 14, 2020

Today’s Friday Favorites is going to be short and sweet! I couldn’t even bother to type out “Friday Favorites” for my title, right? Check out other posts here!

How was your week? Mine was good but I got a case of “tech neck” from working behind my laptop. I need to stretch more, take more breaks, and figure out a schedule! But, the problem is that my schedule will change again in another week. Ha!

I don’t know why I found this so funny. This is an ear mask to keep you from hearing all the media crazy.

This week I got 1,000 likes on my blog! I really like WordPress. If you have ever wanted to start a blog, I say go for it and use WordPress!

I started working Monday from the dining room table. I decided to not use my basement desk right now. I like being upstairs and seeing the sun. I am drinking out of a Mason jar this week and burning a candle. These little things make me happy.

I love my blue light blocking glasses. I washed my hair on Sunday night and curled my hair Monday morning. I put on earrings and a blouse.

I started trying to drink a gallon of water a day last week. This is so hard! I actually bought a gallon jug to keep refilling just to help me measure. I drink less than 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then drink water the rest of the day. I have not gotten through the full gallon in a day yet!

I don’t know why I’m late to the Glade candle/plug in game. I guess I just assumed it would be too artificial which I hate. I love my Cashmere Woods and my Hawaiian and now for my September month of apple I want to try

Apple of My Eye

Apple Cinnamon

And, this is unrelated to apples, but I have a feeling I might love this – Fall Night Long!

Anyone tried any of these?

After I get school under way, I want to do my September apple theme. Here is some inspiration.

I’m so excited for apple decor and apple recipes!

I ordered a college t-shirt to wear to move in day! I wanted to wear a kimono over it, but that may be too much for moving!

I hope you had a wonderful week and I wish you a happy Friday and happy weekend!


My Freshman Year of College

Thursday, August 13, 2020

I have been doing some reflecting on my freshman year of college because tomorrow is the big day for my boys! I have also been showing my photos to my boys and taking a walk down memory lane. I kept photo albums with captions, people! This is gold! Ha! Oh, 18 year old Amy, you had so much to learn!

I am from Southern Indiana but I really wanted to go out of state. I did apply to schools in Indiana while at the same time applying to three colleges in Kentucky. Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky (about 30 minutes from Lexington) ended up the winner for me. It was less than two hours from my house so it wasn’t that far away. I am not sure why I ultimately chose a small school. I did apply to some big schools, too. Small schools can often be more generous with scholarship money and I know that had a lot to do with it. I wanted to see where I got the most money in scholarships. Do not overlook small private colleges for your kids. We found out it’s a lot like buying a car and the sticker price does not end up being the final price. Alumni give generously and there is a lot of money to be given to desirable students.

Fun fact: My boys have also chosen a small private college in Kentucky like I did. They will be paying less in 2020 than I had to in 1990 with their scholarships!

This was my first dorm. I loved living in the dorm and I stayed on the weekends! That was when I made my best friends! Our dorm rooms had sinks and mirrors but you had to use the communal showers and toilets. I can’t believe the Ritz-Carlton style dorm suites these days! My boys are going to have a traditional dorm room like I did.

My first dorm room with my roommate Heather. We met in July at orientation because we were next to each other in a line! We roomed together at orientation and decided to room together in the fall after that orientation experience. We ended up rooming together most of college and then for four years after college – I have lots more stories about Heather but that’s for another day! Did we not have AC? I don’t remember being hot at all!

I believe this photo is from my family’s first visit later on in the fall.

A typical posed picture before going out! Notice all these styles are back! Heather, my roommate is next to me on the right. I am on the very end on the right.

We were doing the “college girl pose” before smart phones!

Freshman year spring break – we drove to Florida in a rental car. There were four girls and we met some guys from our college down there along with other new “friends”!

My other bestie also named Heather! It’s so funny to me that I found my people basically the minute I stepped foot on the campus.

I went in thinking I would double major in Spanish and Political Science and then go to law school. I ended up majoring in Spanish, minoring in Political Science, and getting a secondary education endorsement at the same time. I fell in love with my first education class that I took “just in case” sophomore year and the rest is history! I wrote for the college newspaper, took photos for the college newspaper, had a radio show with one of the Heathers and another guy, taught Spanish lab classes, and rushed Kappa Delta sorority. I did junior year abroad in Valencia, Spain and I did my student teaching my senior year. I graduated in four years, unfortunately! I had a wonderful experience! If I could do it again, I would.

I am so so so nervous and excited for my boys! I am so grateful they get to go with the pandemic, but I am so sad that they will be doing so in a mask. The bright side is that they don’t know any different because they have never done this before! I got teary eyed on each and every visit to their college because I just loved it so much and felt such comfort there. I kept this to myself, though, I swear!

Thanks for indulging me in this little walk down memory lane! What was your college experience like? Would you do anything differently?


At Home Manicure Tips

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I miss the nail salon! I haven’t been since the beginning of March. I think I could safely go now while wearing a mask, but I guess I have gotten into the habit of NOT going and I’m choosing to do mine at home right now. Have you been to the nail salon?

Boy, do I miss a pedicure! I got spoiled and didn’t do my own for YEARS. It was probably my primary method of self-care, you know? But, I mentioned before that doing my own pedicure is helping with another of my pandemic goals – increased flexibility. I do not need witnesses to me doing my own pedicure, o.k.?

I think I’m pretty good at doing my own nails because I have had over 40 years of practice off and on and have always loved polish! I’m always trying to find the bright side and one of them is getting to change my colors more frequently. After 2-3 weeks of dip I would get very tired of the color.

My method gives me about 4-5 days of a manicure and that is with living life – getting in the river, doing all.the.dishes that more cooking at home creates, and just everything else one does with their hands on the daily.

I really gravitate towards blues right now. I am totally a seasonal person when it comes to polish. I do whites, blues, pinks, greens in the summer and save the darker colors for the fall and winter.

I am a bit of a nail polish snob. I just think I get a much better result if I use a higher end polish. My two favorites are OPI and Essie both for the quality and the color selection.

Tip: Spend a LONG time shaking up your bottle. Have you watched a professional nail tech? They do this. If your polish is a bit older, add a small drop of acetone or polish remover and then proceed to shake. This will really help.

Step One: Make sure your nail beds are clean and dry. If you have just cut and filed, wash your hands and spend a long time drying. Then, you may also want to do a quick swipe of acetone or remover over your nails.

Step Two: Buy this Gelous Base Coat or another base coat. I don’t know exactly why but it really helps the color to adhere. Do a very thin coat of this and let it dry.

Step Three: Have you noticed how little polish the professional nail tech uses? That is the key. Do a very thin first coat of your color and let dry. They start in the middle of the nail and then do the outer edges. Don’t freak if you get outside the lines because you can always fix when dry with a q-tip or a corner of paper towel. If you try to fix when wet you will make a bigger disaster.

Step Four: Do another thin and final coat of your color. This coat matters more so take a bit more time.

Final Step: After letting the second coat dry, now apply a very thin layer of top coat. I like the OPI brand for this and it is what I already had, but there are other good ones, too.

Note: I really think the more expensive brands of polish dry quicker, too. And, remember your coat is so thin that it will dry quicker naturally because of that alone!

OPI: Thicker brush that is good for pedicures and maybe those with bigger or wider nails.

Essie: Tiny brush great for fingers or those with small nails. Great for children.

Another note: I think darker colors look better on shorter nails. Maybe this is just a personal preference?

Do you do your own nails?

Any tips for me or others?

Happy polishing!


Trader Joe’s Trip

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Do these posts ever get old? They don’t for me because TJ’s always have something new to discover!

Look at this beautiful empty aisle! Sorry for the glare from the sun! On this last trip I went at 12:30 and there was no line at all. I kind of thought it could be busy with lunch break people, but it wasn’t.

Do not skip over their “toiletry section”. I love this daily moisturizer with SPF and it is quite similar to Oil of Olay I think. I tried the eye cream and the gel moisturizer for the first time and I am a fan! I did not like the shampoo bar. It doesn’t give me enough suds but I did like the peppermint smell.

The green chiles, the corn, and the black beans are staples. I love to cut and freeze the ciabatta bread. The muffin in a cup didn’t work for us. Mason followed directions and came up with a soupy mess. We tried to microwave for longer and it just didn’t work. Maybe we got a dud. Maybe I will ask an employee on my next visit.

I love their frozen vegetables. On this trip I got the broccoli. I love the light frozen mac and cheese and I think their salmon quality is really good.

These are also staples. I really love all of these products.

Look at the bag of the classic potato chips:

Potatoes, oil, salt. That is it. You can feel better eating their products!

Sweet treats – these are really good little cupcakes, sugar cones, caramel popcorn, and chocolate bars.

I hope maybe you learned about a new product today! What new (or old) products have you recently found?


Hello Monday

Monday, August 10, 2020

As you are reading this I am getting ready to “go back to work”! I have a bit of a nervous stomach because I have really enjoyed no work/school responsibilities for the last two months. Last year was stressful when you combine my boys being seniors and my school year and then of course what happened in March… My nerves also have to do with this being the last week of my boys at home. Move in day is Friday. I would appreciate your good vibes that I can keep it together and help them to not feel anxious. Thank you in advance – you all are the best!

I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya (Good luck to you, Tanya! I feel a kinship because she is also sending her girl to college!), and many more.

The wonderful weather continued into the weekend and Friday morning Ernie and I had a nice walk and I just spent my “last week day” (I am really milking this, aren’t I?) at home all day long.

I sadly finished this book. I didn’t like the sequel as much but I did like it. The relationship between Jonah and Calla started bugging me in the sequel. Anyone else? I won’t get into details but there were some thing that started making me mad!

I did a new nail color. I have a post coming this week on how to do a good at home manicure. I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned some tricks.

Tom came home from work a bit early and the boys wanted to stay home and eat Cane’s for dinner. We got on the boat around 5:30 to head to Captain’s Quarters because we knew it would get busy. They were bringing back live music outside and we like the group. They tried live music in June but someone messed it up for all by not following the rules! We always say that we don’t go out at night nearly enough.

We got a prime parking spot and ordered some spinach queso. This is one of my favorite things on their menu.

And, then our friends met us there. We stayed about 6 feet apart – don’t worry!

And, this gives you an idea of how many boats started arriving!

They are allowed 100% capacity outside but only 25% inside. By staying on the boat we get faster service and have our own table and are able to socially distance better.

We took our friends on a cruise after eating dinner – forgot to take photos of the other food.

And, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

I am kind of mad at myself for not going to the farmer’s market more this summer. They have moved it back to their normal space but masks are still required. Some places won’t take cash for safety reasons. They are also counting the number of people that come in and out so that it doesn’t get too crowded. I avoided any tents that had long lines or too many people around. Some people were not giving me my space so I walked away!

I ended up with jam, a candle, bread, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, an onion, a green pepper, and fresh mozzarella.

I worked a bit on our college piles. We had more Amazon supplies come in.

Then, Tom, Ernie and I went swimming for a bit.

We passed the riverboat The Belle of Louisville. I think they have resumed some of their lunch and sightseeing cruises. It is a tradition for seniors at our high school to get to take a senior cruise one evening in May and that got cancelled. We have been on the boat a few times for various things, though.

I picked up Jimmy John’s for our lunch.

We left around 3 and it was getting so crowded in the cove area!

We got Mexican with our boys for dinner but I forgot photos. And, we watched two episodes of Scrubs together.

I had taped this show from Friday night. Anyone watch it? Martha Stewart shares her farm and teaches us about tree care, pet care, etc. It looked interesting. She is really knowledgeable but her tone comes off as very condescending.

Then, finally, Mason and I watched the first episode of Big Brother which I had taped from Wednesday! We started this tradition a few years ago. I am not sure how we will watch it after this week, but I will probably save it to watch with him sometime.

I started this. It seems very much like Eleanor Oliphant so far.

And, Sunday afternoon we took the boat out again. I don’t know if we’ve ever done three days in a row before. The weather was just too good and I think we know these days are fleeting!

I wanted to show you our river gas station. Boats can pull up on either side. The attendant throws you a rope and helps tie you up.

They will pump for you usually but it was busy.

They also sell ice, drinks, and snacks.

Ernie was happy to be with us.

And, we were happy to have our friends tie up with us. We chatted for a few hours and it was so nice!

So, we had a very full weekend and I’m grateful for some fun!

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading,


Friday Favorites

Friday, August 7, 2020

Well, this is a Friday I’m not quite ready for…I start back to work on Monday! I guess it’s time, though. The problem is – I don’t really know what work will look like and what my responsibilities will be and that’s hard. I do know that I have two weeks of training and we welcome the students back virtually on Tuesday, August 26. Then, we will continue to be virtual until October 3. Who knows what things will look like by then? Can you tell I don’t do especially well without structure?

Also, a week from today our boys move to college. So. many. feelings. It’s time, I know.

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here to see some other Friday Favorites.

Despite my introduction to today’s post, I had a really good week. We had amazing weather! I think my moods are very dependent upon the weather. I just hate the sticky hot humidity and that negatively affects me. This week was unseasonably cool for August! I’m talking sweatshirt in the mornings cool!

Another thing that made the week really good was checking things off of my list like the boys’ doctor appointments and immunization records for college, a couple of social things, getting my professional development hours done…stuff like that.

Let’s start with a favorite on Monday. This sweet student who graduated with Jack and Mason got placed in a really high college Spanish course and said she was nervous so I offered to go over verb tenses on my patio. We have known her since kindergarten and I made sure her mom was o.k. with it and that we were 6 feet apart. I made her my iced coffee because she is a big coffee lover. It was nice to see her and get back into my craft!

I took my laptop outside the next day for a meeting and part of my professional development. It’s important to change work scenery when working from home maybe? I had my breakfast outside, too.

Then, a friend brought lunch over from a restaurant and we sipped rose on the patio while enjoying it. I forgot to take a food photo but this is how I set us up at opposite ends of the table. It was such a treat.

I went to Trader Joe’s which is always fun and there was no line at 12:30. I keep getting lucky with the random times I pick to go! Now watch me have a long line next time! I have a post coming next week about some new products I found.

I did a recent purchases post on Wednesday and showed you this necklace from Noonday Collection. The big earrings are my only other piece from them. I have been wearing them a bunch and the little silver and gold studs when I have to wear a mask because big earrings and masks don’t really work. I like the gold and silver theme I have going.

I loved having to put on leggings and a sweatshirt for my morning coffee this week. These are my 4th of July popsicle leggings. I am totally mismatched!

I put my Hobby Lobby clearance items out this week, too. I am itching to make my patio into a fall wonderland, but I know it’s too early!

Even though it’s been cooler, the mosquitoes are really getting bad. I find that this fan helps keep them away.

I continued my weekly library curbside pickup.

I saw these recommended on someone’s blog I am sure.

A big Target order of college stuff came in – clip on bed lamps, lotion, vitamins, more masks, medicines, etc. – they put this in with my order for free, I guess. These smell amazing! Maybe they knew college boys could create major smelly funk in their dorm rooms.

It was a treat to sit on a patio for brunch/lunch with Tom one day this week during his work day. We went to Wild Eggs which has breakfast and lunch food.

I got Mr. Potato Head casserole with tons of veggies.

Tom got an omelette. He doesn’t understand blog photos of food.

I want to leave you with some funny memes I “collected” this week.

Isn’t this true?

Why don’t they understand this? Ha!

Oh yes! I used my fair share of Aquanet!

Yes, my thoughts exactly!

What were your faves this week? Leave me one in the comments!

What are your weekend plans?

We have a chance to hear some live music! Two of our favorite local groups will be outside at a restaurant and if we feel like it’s a safe situation we may get to listen to one or both. I hope to boat one day. The boys and I are going to start on the packing of their clothes. I don’t want to leave that until the last minute. I am assuming I will be working all next week from 7:30-3:30 ish and I know I will be tired at the end of the day of staring at a screen, you know? I do have Friday off and that is the boys’ move in day.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Go back to yesterday’s post for back to school tips here if you are interested. It seems like many bloggers don’t blog on Thursdays and many blog readers don’t read on Thursdays, either, so I wanted to make sure you knew about it!

Have a lovely weekend,


Back to School Tips

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Today I wanted to share some back to school tips for this weird, weird year. Please leave any additional tips in the comments and readers – make sure to check those because you all always give me so many good suggestions. Most of my tips are directed at the “at home” learners but some will also apply to “in person” learners, too.

First, let me start by saying that I have taught high school for 26 years – you may not be there yet with your kids but many of these things will still apply to the younger grades.

My kids are no longer in k-12 and my heart goes out to all of you with kids still in the school system.

So, my advice comes from experience on both ends of the school spectrum – as a teacher and as a parent.

Here we go…

  1. Still go back to school shopping no matter what your year is starting with. Many families have a tradition or ritual and this is important to kids. It won’t look the same, but it signals that it is a new year. Maybe get that new pair of tennis shoes, too. We used the beginning of the school year as a time to check sizes and update a few necessities. Take photos of your kids shopping in their masks.
  2. Your attitude as the parent is so important. Find things to laugh about. Look at the bright side. Some days this will be easier than others. Try not to complain in front of the kids. It’s so hard but it’s so important!
  3. Remember that this is temporary. Try not to look too far into the future; take it one week at at time.
  4. Celebrate your child’s new grade. Have a back to school dinner the night before it “starts”. If they are going into 5th grade you could serve things in groups of 5 or look for things with “5” on it in the stores. Be silly. You will have fun and so will they. This is what they will remember – not the bad parts. Take photos!
  5. Come up with a structure and a schedule. Kids really need this – even high schoolers need this. When my kids were in elementary, they weren’t allowed to come out of their room until their uniform was on (I had a hard time getting them to do this if it wasn’t the first thing they did). I know that sounds mean, but it made our mornings better. They showered at night and that made the morning better. You still need smooth mornings even at home because it affects the whole day. I seem to recall one of mine sleeping in their uniform for awhile to “save time”. Type up this schedule. Type up these “rules”. Maybe put that on your children. They might think coming up with the schedule and rules is a lot of fun. Most of us crave a schedule by the end of summer.
  6. Consider an at home school uniform. Kids aren’t that different from adults. If you wear pjs all day, you will act lazy all day. There is nothing wrong with buying 5 different colored polos and designating a color for each day. Younger kids would love this, I bet. Or, continue to use your days of the week closet organizer. Maybe even do some silly spirit days from home – mismatch day, school colors day, favorite college team day, why not? Maybe the parents can join in the fun.
  7. This is super important: Communicate early and often with teachers and principals. This is new to all of us. I just read a blogger that said her 1st grader is expected to be online from 8:30-3:30 with only an hour break for lunch. Seriously? That is just wrong in my opinion. I am looking for ways for my high schoolers to do work not on a screen! I am planning on having them write in a spiral notebook and use an actual textbook for some of their work. Why on Earth should a child that young be working like a 9-5 employee? Nope! This could affect the rest of their years of learning.
  8. If you can, hire a trusted teen or tween (I actually think younger might be great) to help with some of the work. This works well if you and spouse or one of you works from home. The helper is the one helping, but you are still there just in case.
  9. I think it’s o.k. to form a small group or “pod” as they are calling them to learn together. You would have to establish norms for safety purposes but a group of a few families working together might be something positive. If you and your family have all been tested and you have an older person in your life who is willing (grandparent, aunt, etc.) I even think that would be o.k. You WILL need a support system.
  10. Some of my suggestions really won’t work for people struggling financially. It breaks my heart for parents that were barely hanging on before. Look into community YMCA or other programs that might be available for some help. Also, I know that there are lots of schools in my area that require service hours. Maybe you can find a trusted teen to use this as “service hours”.
  11. We most likely will be wearing masks for awhile. Make it as fun as possible by letting your child pick a favorite character or picking out their masks. Order the plain white and then let them decorate with fabric markers.
  12. There is so much for kids to learn that isn’t technically “school subject material”. Reading is so important. Have a designated reading time each afternoon. When my boys gave up their naps they still had to have quiet reading time in bed. We also used the guest bed as a place to read. It’s time to teach life skills – cooking, doing laundry, cleaning – you can incorporate math skills in many of these things. Kids are great and usually so eager to learn new things.
  13. Try to limit kids’ exposure to the news. They need to be protected from this as much as possible in my opinion. Kids today are dealing with anxiety like never before. This even applies to teens. Limit their exposure to the doom and gloom news stories.
  14. Keep social connections in any way that you can. Still celebrate any and all holidays or silly calendar days that come up. Maybe it would be fun to research some holidays from other countries right now and celebrate those, too.
  15. Talk to your boss. I have learned through the years to not have verbal diarrhea. I used to go on and on and it detracted from my message. Maybe something like this, “As, you know, our kids will be learning from home for the time being. What are your thoughts on flexibility with me completing my work tasks? ” Maybe already have a couple of proposals in mind – you splitting some time between home and office or how you would effectively work from home for the time being? Hopefully employers have already started this conversation with employees.
  16. It is time to have a true partnership with your spouse. Sit down when both parties are relaxed and come up with a plan to divide and conquer. A blogger I read split the school day with her husband. He took morning shift while she did work tasks and then she took over at lunch so that he could work.

Please leave other thoughts, tips, recommendations in the comments!

I am praying for all of you and whatever you are dealing with in this crazy season of life.


Recent Purchases and some talk about the Nordstrom Sale!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Many bloggers have started talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I am not a card holder so by the time I can shop it may be too late. I used to have one, but we streamlined our finances several years ago and I only have one credit and one debit card now.

I tend to get excited when bloggers talk about products even if it isn’t something I need! If everyone else is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale then to be in I want to, too! In case you aren’t familiar, this is a unique sale in that it is not end of season stuff. It is fall and winter stuff! But, you really need to be careful in my opinion and not just jump on the bandwagon (like I have done in the past). I would inventory your stuff from last fall and winter first and really think about your lifestyle and your needs. Things go quickly so you can always order and send back because they do have awesome customer service and an awesome return policy. This also may be a way to get something you wanted that is out of stock. If someone returns it, you may get lucky.

It might be worthwhile to buy some bigger ticket items that don’t go out of style or that you wanted last season and never pulled the trigger on. I think it’s also a great time to get some jewelry or makeup.

Here are some things I’m thinking about:

A second Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I have the first one they ever made and I wear it almost every day in the winter. I would maybe like the baby or the circle.

Something Patagonia – a vest or a jacket. High quality outdoor brands like Patagonia and North Face last forever. I have a North Face jacket that I bought years ago and it looks like new. Our diaper bag for our twins was a North Face backpack. It still looks new 18 years later and one of the boys used it for his school backpack for awhile. It made me so nostalgic and happy.

Mac lip glass lip gloss – I wrote down all of Sheaffer’s lip colors and this would be a great time to get some.

Do you shop the sale? What are you looking at this year?

So, let’s talk about a recent hodge podge of things I have purchased – in addition to all the college prep stuff for the boys!

First of all, I read Mix and Match Mama’s run down of scents. I have been looking for a summer perfume all summer long. I finally gave up and decided I would use the bum bum cream as my smell. I have a fall/winter scent that I love, but my summer scent was tricky. Why do I need one when there is no one within 6 feet to smell me? Yeah, I’m not sure!

I decided to try two discovery sets from Sephora and it came to around $60 for both so it was a bit of a splurge. They are very small – sample size – except for the top one below.

You guys, this brand – I had never heard of it before. They all smell amazing! I love them all.

I should also tell you a bit about myself – I am very sensitive to smell. I hate anything artificial, too sweet, or too floral.

This set below is just kind of meh for me. The scents I have tried did not seem to last as long. They do have cute names like “Lazy Sunday Morning”. You don’t really want to know what I think I smell like on a lazy Sunday morning, by the way – coffee breath mixed with teeth that haven’t been brushed?

Anyway, I am happy to play around with these summer scents. Actually, many of them work into fall and winter.

I had to buy this book from Amazon because my library didn’t have it in their catalog. I liked the first one The Simple Wild enough that I wanted to read this right away.

I think I read about this in Lisa’s Two Cents blog. You put this on salmon and grill or bake and it is amazing! I found it at Kroger. I got rave review from my hub and my one salmon loving son.

I was craving a hot dog recently so we had them for dinner one night. We only eat them maybe 3-4 times a year. I had hear about these Hawaiian hot dog buns and it made them so good!

You may remember me talking about Noonday Collection and the earrings I bought at the beginning of the summer. They have jewelry made from artisans all over the world. I bought this necklace – it’s gold and silver and you can loop as many times as you would like.

They come packaged so cute in these little pouches.

Just like most years, I am sick of my summer clothes! That is kind of surprising since I haven’t worn many of them this year. I am starting to think of fall clothing and shoes. I have been curious about these Danskos for a few years and an art teacher at my school has them and I always covet them. What do you think? Danskos are kind of so ugly they are cool? Kind of like Birkenstocks?

What have you purchased recently?


Easy Summer Dessert – Heath Ice Cream Cake

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

For me, August is the last month of “summer foods”. I like to change everything up seasonally – my foods, my clothing, my scents, my decor – everything! I know it’s little, but doing this keeps every month fresh for me. Several years ago I started dedicating September to all things apple, October to all things pumpkin, and December to all things peppermint with some lingering pumpkin.

Do you love Heath as much as I do? Did you know you can buy Heath pieces next to the chocolate chips? Now you do!

You need:

ice cream sandwiches – I did the mini this time but I really think the big work better. You need a very soft crust on the sandwiches so that this dessert all melds together.

Cool Whip

Heath pieces

Using an 8×8 (I highly recommend using the aluminum disposable if you are going to take this somewhere – and this would be a great dessert to take to a bbq – with a very small number of people, of course), spread a bit of Cool Whip on the bottom of the pan.

Now do one layer of your ice cream sandwiches.

Now do another thicker layer of Cool Whip and half of the Heath bag.

Repeat and this is what it will look like.

Put in freezer for several hours so that it will re-freeze together well. Cut in slices and serve.

Disclaimer: One son was mad that I “ruined” the ice cream sandwiches and said “So you mean you took something great on its own and did this to it?” Husband does not like Cool Whip so I said I would do vanilla ice cream instead of Cool Whip next time.

You can’t please everyone, right?

Let me know if you make it!


Hello Monday!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hello all! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, etc. right here!

How was your weekend? Mine was good! I made some effort to plan a couple of things and it made it a fun and full weekend for me.

Since the pandemic started, I have been treating myself to some magazines. They make me happy. I think my theme was outside and decor for this set of magazines!

I also had a library pick up on Friday and got these two books!

But, before I could start those two… I have been on quite a good reading streak. I finished this over the weekend and the sequel Wild at Heart is not available at my library so I ordered it from Amazon in paperback. That’s how much I wanted to read it! Loved this book!

And, I finished this book, too, in just a matter of two days. I liked it but it did annoy me. Anyone else?

It seriously rained from Wednesday-Saturday much of every day. I think that is what caused me to read so much. I was either on my family room couch by the window or right here if it was lightly raining.

I did a manicure using Essie Bikini So Teeny.

Friday morning I got a Starbuck’s skinny vanilla latte. I seriously think this was my first Starbuck’s since March!

Friday night we asked our friends to go to a Beer Garden (Biergarten) that also has food. It was raining so we didn’t get to sit in my preferred space with pretty vines overhead.

It is dog friendly! But, we didn’t know and didn’t bring our dogs. I forgot to take photos of the food but we got brussels sprouts, pulled pork, and fish sandwiches.

Saturday morning I did some morning patio reading – my book and some blogs that I didn’t get to on Friday.

Then, I did decide to take both tops back to Target. The black one is too short. It looks longer online. The red didn’t fit right. Oh well. Again, not keeping anything that isn’t perfect. The fabrics are great and quality seemed great, so they might work for you.

I checked to see if this was in and it was! I bought two bottles to save for fall. I bought the cleaning spray last week.

I was super excited about the arrival of these personalized notepads from The Stationery Studio. I have been wanting some for a long time and finally ordered them. This was a set of 4 different sizes for around $24 I think. This would make a great gift! At least, I love getting stuff like this!

I love, love, love veggie sandwiches and look for them on many menus. I re-created the veggie I used to get at our beloved bagel shop that went out of business. This is simply a Trader Joe’s everything bagel, toasted, with garden vegetable cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. You could add more vegetables if you wanted to.

More rain Saturday afternoon from my view on the patio – I fell asleep to it.

It cleared up for a bit and I made a spiked lemonade – Tito’s, Crystal light lemonade, diet Sierra Mist/Sprite.

Saturday night I made homemade pizza for dinner – yes, the Skinny Biz pizza dough recipe. Google it! We watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs together as a family and then Jack and I went to get Blizzards at DQ. Mason went to the drive in with friends.

I watched this by myself. It was cute. Then, Jack and I watched New Girl and waited up for Mason to get home.

Sunday morning I had my coffee on the patio. Gosh, I will miss this when it gets cold! Sunday was unseasonably cool! Normally in August it is not fun to be outside. It was 60 degrees and never got above 80. It was the perfect day!

We had plans to take our friends on the boat and do lunch. This was the first time taking someone out this season. I have never shown you the drive from my house to the river. It is a straight shot from the street where you turn to go into our neighborhood to the river and takes about 8 minutes.

You go down this winding wooded road and then…

You are driving parallel to the Ohio River the rest of the way to the ramp where we launch the boat.

We met our friends (they dropped their son off to hang at our house with J and M) and cruised a bit and then stopped at Captain’s Quarters.

Tom got pulled pork nachos on homemade potato chips.

I got a cheeseburger.

Then, we headed to the cove for a bit.

and found some people we knew and tied up to them. One of the people was Tom’s sister and it was her birthday so that was nice.

How was your weekend?

I hope it was full of good stuff!