Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Thursday, January 21, 2021

No, it is not too early to talk spring trends! If you are like me, you are trying to be happy wearing your winter clothes – with the occasional purchase of something to help you make it through until spring!

I started doing “research” to see what is on the radar for spring. Did I ever tell you that I tracked every single clothing purchase I made for several years? It was enlightening! At the end of the year I would see what I wore that most, look for patterns in my “bad” purchases, and learn from my mistakes. In doing so, I found that I bought the most in March and September for the change of seasons into spring and fall. I became a much better shopper when I looked at my yearly clothing purchases.

I cannot guarantee this will be my last spring fashion post!

Now, before I ever buy anything for the next season, I look at what I have. It is funny how you can quickly forget what is in your closet.

Here are the trends I saw and my thoughts:

Suit jackets – oversized shoulders – nope, not for me. I do not need to oversize my shoulders. I would like a knit suit jacket, maybe? I think I could go for something with some stretch. Let me know if you see anything like this.

Black Face Masks – nope. And, isn’t it sad that this is considered a spring trend? I have invested way more money in masks than I care to admit. I have my favorites and they are my Pomchies brand. I love these so much. I am curious about the Kitsch brand, though. I wish someone out there had a Pomchie and a Kitsch. Why do those both sound like diseases? Lol!

Head Scarfs – I love this idea. I do not have many small silk scarves but I am trying to do some different hair styles and I could try this one. I did steal a white bandana from my son. It is very new and stiff and has not been washed yet.

Easter Egg Pastels – Yes! I love color!

Yellow Handbags– Yes! Color, again! I actually have one in mind. This is a designer dupe. I need to find the source but I think it was $41. I don’t know why the photo is bad, but you get the idea.

Pops of Blue – Cornflower Blue and Lighter Blue Colors – Yes!

Tapestry Coats – nope! I appreciate them on other people but I am not really interested in this.

White Knee High Boots – I can see a shorter bootie or a cowboy vibe in white.

Yellow with Camel – I think I would like this! I have this old sweater. I love yellow.

Handbags with Fringe – I love fringe and I have these black and camel crossbody purses that I was thinking were out of style. Too much?

Florals – Head to Toe Flowers Included – I like a floral but I am not sure about head to toe. I hope these florals are still in style.

Holes in Odd Places to show some skin – Didn’t we do this? The cold shoulder tops of a few years ago? How odd of a place are we talking? A shirt with a hole that just shows your elbow? Is that odd enough? What about a hole that shows your right bottom rib?

Feathers – Yes! Give me all the feathers! Well, I like a feather print and some feather accesories. I guess it would depend.

White – Love white! Get you a Clorox pen, though.

Wide Leg Pants – Do my Matilda Janes count? I think you have to be careful about your footwear with a wide leg! I like this, though. The wide leg jeans look so cute on lots of people!

Sheer Layers – No, thank you! I guess I would have to see this but it scares me.

What is on my wish list:

red clogs – I know, I know. I had a red sandal obsession this summer.

yellow shoes – not sure what type yet or if I need these!

rain clogs – Hunters!

more Savanna Jane tops

Birkenstocks – not sure what type/color

the yellow purse from above or something similar

something cornflower blue

What trends are you trying?


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

If you participated in my wardrobe challenge last week from January 11-15, thank you! I am linking up today with The Style Six here.

Monday was blouse and long necklace day and this is what I wore. The blouse is a great material with cute sleeves with buttons and a little flounce. It came from TJ Maxx a few years ago. The necklace is my first Rayne from Kendra Scott.

Tuesday was jeans day. I put on these Wit and Wisdom from Nordstrom this summer. I wore my new teddy bear vest and was so cozy I even mentioned it to my classes that day. I am sure they think I’m weird.

The next day was scarf day but I wanted to be a teddy bear again for my patio lunch with Elizabeth. This is the tunic it came with. It is really long and has pockets which I think add bulk under the vest that also has pockets. I like the black better, I think.

I added the super soft scarf that Mason got me for Christmas to follow my own rules and because it matched my Target Universal Thread boots exactly. Also, the patio heaters were out of propane so we were cold.

Thursday was t-shirt and cardigan day but I wanted to add a scarf for my patio coffee dates.

My reader and friend Kim looked so cute for t-shirt and cardigan day! She has recently become a Vuori jogger convert. She is wearing a Cheers t-shirt (J.Crew Factory) with a Walmart cardigan (old) and Allbirds sneakers.

And, Friday I broke my rule. I didn’t feel like wearing plaid because my sized down Amazon sweater had arrived the day before! I think you need to size down one and my color is apricot which is more of a cream.

I enjoyed wearing it so much for school that day that I also wore it for dinner at my friend’s house that night.

I don’t even wear sweaters or sweatshirts to teach in normally, you all. My building gets so over-heated in the winter. But, now, that is all I want to wear to teach in. I just want to put on a simple one layer outfit.

Thus, I ordered this! I will let you know what I think. I want it to fit really big!

I also found out a former student is making cute grapic tees and sweatshirts and I have ordered a pink sweatshirt with a giant metallic red heart.

And, one more thing. I have several pairs of booties that are hard to get on. These include my short yellow Hunters, my Sanita clog booties, and my new Target Universal Threads are a bit hard. I bought me a shoe horn. It works like magic and has me wearing those boots again!

I guess the moral of that story is to ask yourself why you aren’t wearing something in your closet and it might just need a quick fix.

What have you been wearing lately?

Are you tired of winter clothes yet?


A Day in the Life

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Why do we like these posts so much? Are we a bunch of voyeurs? I think so, yes! It is surprisingly hard to remember to take photos about every hour and I failed at a few points during the day.

I chose to do a Monday and it was Monday, January 11 if anyone wants to know.

This post may be as exciting as watching paint dry. I am warning you!

Some of my readers requested this during my survey; some also requested some teacher stuff. So, this post will give you a bit of both.

In case you are new around here, I am a high school Spanish teacher and I teach levels 3 and AP (5). I am a new empty nester with twin boys who are living on campus about 30 minutes away from home.

I do not set an alarm anymore. My bladder wakes me up. Thanks, bladder. I sometimes go lay down again but I like to be up by 6:00.

6:00 – make coffee with my new contraption. The boiling of the water and waiting a bit for it to come off the boil, then slowly pouring into the filter takes a bit but I like it. I feel better about no K cup waste. I have figured out my amounts – 12 oz. water in my Starbucks mug and 3 T. of coffee grounds.

Then, I sit in everyone’s favorite chair – including Ernie. I sometimes have to tell him to go find Daddy, which always gets him out of the chair. I enjoy my lights and sometimes light a candle. I still love my slippers!


I go make another cup of coffee. I talk to Tom who goes to the gym at 5:00, walks Ernie, and then one of us feeds the beast. During the pandemic we started giving him a cup of his Costco grain free dog food (he has always have a sensitive tummy) and a cup of my boiled chicken, canned green beans and canned carrots that I started making for him. He loves it and is so happy to eat his food now. Before he would sometimes not eat any or all of his food and his schedule would be off.

Tom goes and takes a shower and listens to really loud talk radio. No, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Meanwhile as I am finishing my quiet time and blog reading, my alarm goes off to remind me of my wardrobe challenge for the week. Today is blouse and long necklace day.


I go get ready. I showered the night before so I have a pretty quick 20 minute routine. I sometimes jump in the shower again with my shower cap and I wash my face, brush my teeth, do minimal makeup, and style my hair. Tip: leave your curls alone for a bit and they will hold better.

I prepare my plate to take down to my “office” in the basement.

I talked about this is my Friday Favorites but I love having my meals prepped even when I am at home. I have mentioned this before, but my district gives us the option of working from home or in the building. I feel like our days for this are numbered so I am continuing to enjoy this.


Tom leaves

Before I go downstairs, I like to set the house by opening blinds, picking up Ernie’s toys, giving my plant some light.

Then, I go in my closet and reluctantly take off my Target Stars Above robe.

This day was the blouse and long necklace. I wore leggings and my New Balance on the bottom half. My blouse is TJ Maxx and my necklace is Kendra Scott.

Now, I go finger comb or use my pick to style and spray with my hairspray.

Start a load. I like to do my clothes on Mondays lately.

Start checking emails and eating my breakfast.

I have to do my attendance in 2 places – a school spreadsheet, a district telecommuting form, and I also have to do a health screening online, then I have to take attendance for the 3 classes I don’t see on Mondays. Their attendance is based on work turned in so it can be kind of a burden to figure out.

Then, I make sure my Google Slides are ready for my 3 live classes. I add in funny memes and I practice going through them and make sure I have other tabs open that I will need. I have to have Google Docs open for vocabulary and the commands note taking sheet.

Monday and Thursday I have planning from 8:30-9:30 and I teach from 10-11, 12;30-1:30, and 2:00-3:00.

I check assignments on Google Classroom and then transfer them to our grading platform called Infinite Campus. I answer emails. I schedule new assignments to post.

I had to watch a boy band from Spain and make sure I had all of the lyrics. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Filling in the lyrics:

The kids had to do the same for homework.

I am naturally a morning person and I get stuff done from 7:30-9:00. I really don’t want to stop and get up to do anything else. But, after lunch, I start fading and I am not nearly as productive.


Ready to fill my water cup for the second time. I get up and stretch every hour at least and fun upstairs to do tasks so I don’t get too stiff. I also put the washer clothes into the dryer.

I prepped my cd. I have a cd that I recorded in my friend’s basement studio. Most of the songs/chants are originals that I made up to teach different verb tenses or grammatical things. I had it loaded on my old laptop but just haven’t done it on my new one yet.

I also had to prep a listening activity on a flashdrive.

I go into my Google Classroom and make sure everything is ready. Look at all the tabs. Being a virtual teacher is kind of like being a DJ, but way less cool.

I open up my Google Meets 10 minutes early so kids can start joining and we can start on time. I taught from 10-10:40 and then I hung out on Google Meet for 20 more minutes to do one on one help.


Lunch break! I went up to fold clothes.

I let my Amazon leopard air dry.

My lunch was some macaroni noodles and tomato sauce.

I took Ernie out but we didn’t go on a full walk.

I taught two more classes 12:30-1:30 and 2:00-3:00 and then I sat down for a bit and played on my phone and watched some shows.


Tom gets home and Ernie is sooo happy to see his best friend. Tom and Ernie do a quick walk.


Ernie eats his dinner.

The human dinner was leftover chicken from Saturday night on a salad and a tiny baked potato.

After dinner I got a cool friend request and message on Facebook. The little girl who lived in our house before us found me on Facebook. We had last visited her family in their new house maybe 19 years ago! Backstory: Tom used to live next door as a renter and when this house came on the market he knew he loved the neighborhood and watned to buy. The little girl loved Tom. She drew a picture for us of us getting married. I can imagine that it was so exciting for an 8 year old girl!

I did not remember that I put it in a frame. I have the picture in our wedding scrapbook. This memory stuck with the little girl for 20 years. I guess the lesson from this is to never underestimate the power you have. And, to let someone know that they made you feel special is priceless, too. It made my whole day!

We watched some t.v.


I took my shower. I scared myself in the mirror. If you aren’t taking night showers I need you to tell me why.

Then, I went down and watched some trash t.v. of my own until it was time for bed.


I brushed my teeth and got in bed.

That is a pretty typical day for me right now. Some days I will go out and do a library or a grocery pick up around 3:00. Some days I meet a friend around 3:00. I kind of like Mondays being my stay at home day.

Have you ever documented a day? It is kind of interesting. I have heard of people doing a time audit. I think that sounds interesting, too.

Thanks for reading!


Hello Monday!

Monday, January 18, 2021

I am still weekending, but I thought I would keep to my regular posting schedule. I am linking up here with the gals at Hello Monday if they are here today.

Let’s go back to Friday night. We were invited to get takeout and eat at my friend’s house with our little group – my two college besties and their husbands. I had not seen them since mid-November in person. Two of them have had the virus and two of them had the first dose of the vaccine a week ago. But, I was still careful. My friend spread us out by couple and I wore my mask when not eating.

I ordered a cheeseburger salad and it was so good! I forgot to take a photo of the dressing. It tasted like Big Mac special sauce.

Saturday morning I went to Fresh Market and found my green chilies!

And, I ran to Kroger to do a return (Clicklist gave me something that was totally wrong) and to get a few more things I needed. I had done my Clicklist on Wednesday.

I found this street taco kit marked down to $5!

I started this book. I did not finish my last book; it was really dragging.

And, then my kids were home for the long weekend! We ate lunch and we watched some Gilmore Girls. They enjoyed spending time together. Then, we streamed Mason’s play. They had to record it and wear masks while recording. During the introduction I started crying because a senior girl was saying she wished they had an audience and it just made me so sad. I miss live theatre, live music, movies in the theater, not having to be so careful around people, and more… I am usually really positive, but there are times when it just hits me.

We got this picture of cousins watching it, too.

Mason did such a good job and this was his first play ever! He is in another one in February.

We had off and on snow both days. Sunday morning the boys slept in and I enjoyed the snow,

watched Sex and the City while

doing some meal prep. Here are my breakfasts.

Then, Tom and I went out in the snow to check out a new to us store, @home.

I wore my yellow Hunters and brought some coffee.

I was underwhelmed. It is a huge store. We left empty handed.

For Soup Sunday, I did the famous tortellini soup that you may have heard of. I have made it a few times, but this time changed it up a bit. I used a carton of chicken broth, two cans of tomatoes – one had basil, garlic, and italian seasonings, sausage (about half of the amount), one block of cream cheese (the recipe I had called for 3!), and a big container of spinach.

It calls for the cheese filled tortellini, but I decided to do this fun noodle and keep the noodles on the side.

Yum! It is so good! I put it in containers for lunches this week.

The boys and I watched some more Gilmore Girls, we ate dinner as a family with Tom (he won’t watch GG, but he will watch football!), and the boys hung out and did some homework. We also got Blizzards from Dairy Queen.

The boys head back to campus this afternoon and I will be sad again. I think the winter is just hard. There is not much to do! I need to work on a list, I think. Are you having the same troubles with winter?

Also, I have not been very motivated to do my 30 Bags in 30 Days, but I hope to tackle some areas today.

I enjoyed having my Valentine’s decor up this weekend. I’m glad I put it up last week.

Hope you are still weekending, too!


Friday Favorites

Friday, January 15, 2021

January is simply flying! How was your week? I am happy to link up here today for the most fun post of the week!

I have learned so much about how to work from home. One of those things is that meal prep is still important. The tendency to grab whatever and do more snacking could be the case with WFH (Work From Home). I am an egg in the morning person. I love my low carb egg casserole recipe. It should have green chilies but there is still a shortage, apparently. I have it with sauteed zucchini. I added back my turkey sausage this week because I need more protein. I had not had the turkey sausage since last spring.

I seriously love this breakfast. It is 4 WW points if you follow WW. The serving size is 3 links but two is fine for me. I put this on a plate and microwave it and this week I have been taking it down to my desk to enjoy as I start my day. I know it is not good to eat at your desk, but it is working for me right now.

I also purchased these again. I only eat one at a time (they come in a pack of 2 within this package); they taste so much like the cereal Sugar Smacks that you may have enjoyed as a child. Anyone tried these?

I did not buy a single article of clothing over winter break. Normally I would be out in the stores looking at the deals and scooping some up. I also did not buy anything the first week of January. But, I am now in two different Facebook groups that sell clothing. They are like a small business, women owned, and I think it is kind of a great way to shop. I ordered this teddy bear soft hooded vest with a cream tunic. Both pieces together were $40. I liked it with black and wore it this week with my jeans for the jeans day of my wardrobe challenge.

I was so cozy! I wore it again on Wednesday with the cream tunic it came with. It was scarf day so I also added a scarf.

Remember I went to The Dollar Tree last weekend? Why would you? These glasses are super cute if you are in the market.

And, they had their St. Patrick’s Day stuff out. I decorate for Valentine’s Day, then St. Paddy’s, then Easter, then spring in general, then Derby, then summer, then 4th of July. Mainly my mantel gets the decor. I think it’s fun and I like changing stuff up almost monthly.

This spider plant is doing really well. I think she likes this corner of my bedroom and I open a blind for her every day.

I have loved, loved, loved my set of 9 leather earrings like the ones in the last row below. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I thought this set looked promising. It is $16 and could easily be split up for gifts. They even work ok with my masks.

I love this furniture polish! It smells so good!

My tub has arrived. No, it is not supposed to be on the driveway in a box, covered with snow.

It had been a long time since I had socialized, but I am back, baby!

Look at this patio! We had it all to ourselves. What a cool thing to get to be on a patio in January, right? The beginning of this week was super cold but we got up to 50 yesterday.

I got to meet my school neighbor Elizabeth to eat mediterranean food.

What? I am on a patio in January?

I got this vegetable plate; it is like a thick stew.

Elizabeth got a chicken schwarma wrap.

The next day I did my January snowman decor (that I had neglected this year) on my patio because I had not one, but two, social engagements. At 11:00 which is my lunch a former colleague came over and brought Cuban coffee. I forgot to get a photo, sadly!

I picked these up at Kroger a couple of weeks ago.

And, after school at 3:00, another former co-worker came over for a chat, a giant cookie I made and a bourbon dark hot chocolate I made. I also gave each gal a bag of my homemade Chex Mix.

My boys move back to campus and I par-tay! Right?

I am trying to eat better (disregard giant cookie, bourbon dark hot chocolate, Chex Mix, …) and one thing that I love is popcorn. Katie from Preppy Empty Nester first told me about this popcorn and it was on a special deal on Amazon this time. I got this box for $10! It is so good. Do you like Boom Chick a Pop? Do you like Skinny Pop? This is way better, at least in my opinion.

I also bought a shoe horn! How old am I? Well, I have some boots that are very hard to put on (my duck boots, my short Hunters, my Sanita clog booties) and it keeps me from wearing them. How does this work? I don’t know but it seems like some sort of dark shoe magic. Getcha a shoe horn!

I pulled out my Valentine’s decor. I did this minimal tiered tray.

This hall table decor with the fairy lights,

I put fairy lights and cookie cutters in a glass vase,

and I did my mantel. Look at those babies!

I only spent $5 to do this year’s decor and it was two of these glass vases, two white pillar candles, and conversations hearts from The Dollar Tree. My friend Kara did this several years ago. I need more to fill it up higher, I think. How cute and simple, right?

So, my new Valentine’s decor is making me happy. I can’t believe today is less than a calendar month from Valentine’s Day!

I have a three day weekend as we are observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday. My boys also have no classes on Monday so I will get to have them home this weekend for at least part of the weekend!

We have plans to watch Mason’s play! Jack is my actor son, but Mason enrolled in a theatre requirement first semester and then proceeded to try out for this play and another and made it for both! This had to be recorded and streamed, unfortunately.

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

Thanks for reading! Today is the final day of my wardrobe challenge and we are doing plaid. I will show you my outfits next week. It was fun and it made getting dressed easier.

Happy Friday,


Thursday Thoughts on College Kids – First Time Back in the Nest

Thursday, January 14, 2021

This may not appeal to all of my readers, but I think I will enjoy having this to look back on. I understand if you click away today.

If you are interested, grab your cup of coffee!

You may be in a different stage of parenting. You may be past this stage or you may be very far from this stage. This stage came too quickly for me! I found it helpful to read perspectives from moms with older kids.

Also, with twins and no other children, I have always felt the pressure that I only get to do each stage once. One thing I know for sure is that every kid is different (even with identical twins) and every parent is different. There really is no one size fits all when it comes to our experiences with our kids. The older I get and the more I learn the more I realize that I do not have all of the answers. I used to be Mrs. Judgey McJudgerton about parenting. Um, I got knocked down a peg or two and really try not to do this anymore. In addition, I have been working with teenagers for more than 27 years, but that still does not make me an expert.

Last spring, we were thrilled when both of our kids decided on the same college because of their close bond and because it would just be nice for us -never having done this before. Also, have you ever sent a kid to college during a pandemic? Now, I can say I have! Mason chose to get a random roommate and Jack did, too. They were assigned to two different dorms. Jack’s random roommate bailed on him, so he ended up solo.

They moved on campus in August and came back home for the end of the semester on November 20. I am not going to lie and say it was easy for them; the Covid stuff sucked. Even the in person classes were hard because they had to wear masks and had to be seated 6 feet apart, but that is the same for all the kids who got to do in-person learning. Mason only had one in-person class. The rest were online. Jack had more in-person because of his music classes. Basically, everything was different and not how college should be. The college went above and beyond; they really impressed us.

Despite the Covid stuff, they did great and were very self-sufficient. In fact, I felt like I hardly got to talk to them. I knew this was a good thing. We both needed to acclimate. One never once came home to spend the night from August – November and the other only came home one time. I think they were told not to leave campus much due to Covid. We did see them for meals sometimes, but we spent very little time with them for those months.

Tom and I got used to the empty nest; we actually had a lot of fun from August until November. We used our boat, we ate on patios, and spent more time talking to each other (ha!), I think. I was also really busy with school and learning a new job, basically, with being a virtual teacher to start the year. It also took lots of time for me to learn my new schedule.

In mid-November, I was very nervous about their homecoming. I was giddy; I was just a bit anxious about our re-adjustment. They would be home from November 20-January 6. I wanted to respect the young adults they are becoming. I wanted to give them space to do the rest of their classes and their final exams. I prayed about it. I told Tom my plan. I also talked to them right away and told them my plans to let them continue being the young adults they are.

Mason was so happy to eat my cooking and it made me happy!

Jack was being silly and telling Mason and I a story.

Mason and I enjoyed reading by the fire a couple of times.

We got Thanksgiving food from a bbq place and I missed the homemade sides, especially, but it was a nice day. We had a fire and Smores for Thanksgiving dessert! The kids were pretty busy after Thanksgiving with finishing up their classes. And, I was still teaching for 3 more weeks after Thanksgiving. I offered to go teach from school if I was bothering them and Mason told me that I was top priority and they would adjust to my needs and not the other way around. Awwww.

We did not do many activities outside of our house. I knew they were really happy to be back with the comforts of home. Jack, especially, was very worried about the virus and I would rather have him that way than being reckless. We did enjoy our art walk – the light show in the woods that we went on after Thanksgiving.

We went to the large flea market.

They are wearing the same jackets but those were weeks apart!

We celebrated with my mom.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve together and Christmas Day – just the four of us. We played games and watched shows and a movie. They picked out really thoughtful gifts for each other and Tom and I.

Opening stockings:

We had a nice surprise and got to see my high school friend and show his son around campus.

And, they had their first week of classes online at home and I left them a note. It was kind of nice to get to see what their second semester schedule would look like!

I did not ask them to jump back in to chores, but after the first week or so I noticed that they did what needed to be done – dog stuff, taking out trash, cleaning up, asking me if I needed help. It was heartwarming. So, moms of little ones, keep on teaching the chores and it will pay off!

We got all of their favorite take out – Shiraz Mediterranean, Mi Tierra mexican, pizza, and more. But, I mostly cooked and I cooked up a storm; I made all of their favorite meals.

The best bags – Ikea from Amazon:

Well, now they are both back on campus after two negative Covid tests! Jack was able to change to Mason’s dorm because his dorm was not as nice. Now, he is below Mason in a private room(he still preferred that and he can practice his music) and they can visit each other. You are not allowed to visit beyond the lobby of another dorm. It’s a small thing but it’s a big thing for our family.

Our winter break with them was better than I could have imagined. I saw so much maturity and growth. We had some great conversations. I got so many hugs! I got so many “thank yous”. My heart is full. I miss them, but I am so excited for what they will accomplish this semester. The college hours are already piling up – Mason now has 45 hours at the end of semester one and Jack has 32 hours at the end of semester one. They both had good GPAS – good enough to keep their scholarships – ha! I am sure I have forgotten some things but that is enough for now!

If you are still here, thank you for reading!

If I can answer any questions, let me know!

What stage are you in with your children?


Coffee, Clothing, and Chicken!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Today I am linking up with two separate (and very different) link ups; the first is Let’s Look – Coffee Bar Area here and the second is The Style Six here, where I share what I have worn over the last week and recommend recent style purchases.

Let’s Look! – Coffee Bar Area

First, let me show you my coffee bar area – it is practically non-existent now or should we say in a state of transition. I am patiently awaiting my kitchen remodel and then hope to have a dedicated space or at least get a movable bar cart situation. So, why link up, you ask? Because I have a life-changing gadget to share. You may not want to give up the big monster coffee pot; you may just want to add this for your weekend coffee. It would also be great to travel with?

I have an 8 year old original Keurig. I have taken it apart and cleaned all the parts many times and this really helps. I did the vinegar rinse thing a few times, too. But, I think it is on its last leg. I have also been bothered by the k cups situation – the waste, I mean. And, I cannot for the life of me get a good cup of coffee with the reusable k cup and ground coffee.

So, I went to Facebook a week ago and asked about coffee makers. I have had my eye on the Nespresso, especially.

One of my friends told me about this $12 gadget on Amazon here. It comes with 100 filters, too. So, I thought I would try it for the price of two lattes, you know?

You slowly pour boiled water that has been allowed to cool for 2 minutes over the grounds in the filter and it comes out in your cup with not a single ground in your coffee.

I really like it! I am working on the amount of coffee and what type I like the best but I have tried a local blend and Peets Cafe Domingo so far. I have been doing 2 tablespoons of coffee. My only issue is it makes a very small amount. I have tried doubling it and it tastes bitter. Also, this is the best creamer. Dunkin Donuts Extra Extra.

Clothing with The Style Six

I have continued to wear comfortable on the bottom and a top on bottom.

I love this sweater that I purchased from Amazon. I have been pleased with the softness, the length (great for leggings), and the way it washes. I do line dry it.

I ordered this sweater in my usual size and I was so excited because I got a lightning deal and saved $7. But, I think it is too big. I am sending it back. If you order it, I would go down one size and possibly two sizes, depending on how you want it to fit. It is really soft. I think the quality is pretty good, too. I have found if you spend a little more on Amazon clothes – like $30 instead of $15, you get a much better article of clothing. I guess that was a pretty obvious conclusion!

I realized I had not shown my consignment purse that I use my fun guitar strap with.

This is by The Sak and I found it years ago at a consignment shop. It has been my go-to travel cross body, when I used to travel – ha!

I popped into Target and they had a nice Knox Rose display. My two favorite Target brands are Knox Rose and Universal Thread. I have tried to steer away from fast fashion, but I feel like the quality has gone up along with the price point.

This star jacket is widely talked about among the fashion bloggers.

This week I have been doing a wardrobe challenge to help me feel more content with my closet.

Monday was blouse and long necklace. This is a great material from TJ Maxx a couple of seasons ago and this is my original Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. I also have white. I have my old Pioneer Woman earrings – I originally saw them on her; they are by Stella and Dot and I found them at a consignment store! I sterilized them with alcohol and saved myself a lot of cash.

Tuesday was jeans day, Wednesday(today) is scarf day, Thursday is t-shirt and cardigan, and Friday is plaid. They are very easy themes and they help me get dressed and have a productive day!

I had a very bad blue laundry pod incident. The pods stained my clothes! I have switched to this for my clothes. I am using up the blue pods and making sure I put the pod in before the clothing so that it gets broken up quickly, but I will be looking for a clear pod after these are gone.

And, for our final topic….

Quick and Delicious Chicken

I made a pretty bold claim on Monday that I could make this chicken quicker than I could pull the meat from a rotisserie. I do it sometimes, but I find it so gross.

I use cooked, cut up chicken for so many things – salads, nachos, quesadillas, tortilla soup, and the list goes on.

Trigger Warning: You will see raw chicken…

Put a very small amount of EVOO – extra virgin olive oil in a pan

I like to use my basting brush to spread it around.

I heat the pan on medium high.

Now, buy the tenders – they cook much more quickly.

Do not remove from package – simply do your seasonings right there – salt, pepper, garlic powder, and I added the elote seasoning from Trader Joes because this was for tortilla soup.

Now put in the pan seasoned side down and season the other side the same way but in the pan.

Now, you want the heat to be high enough to get a nice brown on them. Do not try to turn them too quickly – I think I needed about 2-3 minutes on the first side. Flip to the other side and do the same.

Now, put a lid on the chicken and keep on the hot burner, but turn the burner off. I let sit for about 5 more minutes. It keeps cooking and the lid I think is the secret to moist chicken.

Here is what one looks like – I took it out to test doneness.

And, then cut up.

So, this process takes me around 10 minutes and I find it much more flavorful than rotisseries. I know that you can buy the meat off of the rotisserie at some stores, but the price is usually higher than my method. I can usually get this pack of chicken for about $4 or less.

So, what a random post today about coffee, clothing, and chicken! What is your coffee method? What have you been wearing? What are your chicken tips? He, he!

Thanks for reading!


Fashionable Friends

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

For our first installment of “Fashionable Friends” (and maybe our last – just kidding!), we have my friend Beth. How did we meet? We met about 23 years ago in the halls of a high school where we both worked. In fact, I probably was drawn to her because of her style – at first! And, the rest is history!

I have always thought Beth had great style!

Here is Beth with me when we did a distillery tour.

And, here is Beth when we ate at a speakeasy. We took pictures of each other on this stage.

By the way, Beth has been one of my faithful happy hour buddies over the last year!

Now, in the words of Beth…. Amy’s thoughts will be in italics. Beth’s words will be in standard font.

Let me just say, to start, that I have not had this much fun with clothes in almost a year. A pandemic really does reduce the need for outfit creation. So, it was fun to dust the clothes off, style some outfits, and take photos. So, thank you, Amy, for the invitation. Awww, you’re welcome. It was also really fun for me to collaborate with you!

I have always enjoyed following fashion trends (although I usually don’t leap on board with most of them), and I love to look at pretty things. I would describe my style as fairly classic and simple, but I often like to add a little something to give off a bit of a boho vibe. When I look back at old photographs of myself and compare them to ones taken today, I am always amazed that my general sense of style really has not changed that much. The only factor that appears to change is the general shape or silhouette of the clothing. Of course, my body shape and silhouette has changed over the year,s, too, but that goes without saying. 🙂 The other day I stumbled upon a photo taken in the late 80s. I had the big 80s hair going on, and I was wearing white jeans and a chambray shirt. White jeans and a chambray shirt are still wardrobe basics for me. I was even wearing camo pants back in the day, and I still am now. I have always gadded about in jeans and tees, button ups and tailored pants, easy-to-wear jackets and blazers. Mostly, my wardrobe colors are neutrals, and when I do add some color, it is generally soft pinks and muted purples, like eggplant and raisin. My wardrobe is simple, but I do like to add some interest with shoes and scarves. I don’t like to wear much jewelry, and when I do, I generally only wear one type.

For example, if I wear earrings, I usually won’t be wearing necklaces and bracelets, too. Lately, I developed a fondness for bracelets, and I like stacking several together, sometimes on both wrists. Yes, it is all fairly boring; but people have complimented me on my style over the years, and I think that is because I always feel comfortable; and if you feel comfortable, you are confident.

Lately, I am trying to add style by combining laid back pieces with dressier pieces. There is something about the juxtaposition that seems to ramp up an outfit. Dressing up a pair of jeans with a lace or silk shirt and heels and a cool blazer is my jam. Wearing a rumpled, casual button up with a pair of tailored pants and a fancy belt works for me, too. The Europeans are really good at this vibe, and I try to model some of that sytle more in my choices lately. Also, I have a very limited wardrobe; and my mantra is always “quality over quantity”. Perhaps this is why I don’t have many clothes…I can’t afford quality sometimes, so that affects the quantity! 🙂

Lately my go-to shopping sites are: The names of the sites are clickable; if you click on the name, it will take you to each site.

J. Crew



Alex Mill


Emerson Fry

I must admit that I had not heard of all of these! I had to do my own research! I am also a big fan of Madewell!

So, without further adieu, here are a few of my outfits that show some of my style choices:

One of the best things I have bought in the last few years is my leather moto jacket. It just makes everything more cool. I like styling it with a dark floral flowy top, jeans, and clogs (I love clogs!).

When Beth told me she bought this jacket I knew she would look so cool! I have these clogs, too! And, you all know how I feel about clogs!

Here are some examples of contrasting the feel of the pieces to get something a bit more interesting. In the first, the shirt is casual and cotton with a military vibe. I styled it with tailored wool pants, a fancy belt, and lady-like kitten heels. In the second, black silk shirt, tailored pants, but topped with a faded vintage denim blazer.

Love the olive and black combo and I would also put this with the cognac booties! I used to have a denim blazer. That would be a really versatile piece and we are seeing lots of blazers again.

I have always been a jeans girl/woman; and have not really bought into the athleisure craze. I am very active and exercise a lot, but I prefer to keep my exercise clothes separate from my everyday look, you know? However, the pandemic and resulting at-home life has resulted in the embracing of some of this look. I bought two pairs of leggings and two tops from Prana. Here, I have the outfit styled with my super-comfy fuzzy Birks, and a lightweight scarf.

I was surprised when Beth told me about her Birk purchase! I bet these have been her go-to shoe of the pandemic. They look so comfy but with enough foot/arch support to wear at home all day everyday with no foot issues.

This outfit shows how I like to add a little boho flair from time to time. Because I am petite, I like to keep a long line going with similar colors on the top and bottom; so, here, I have black jeans with a black sweater, and it is broken up with a flowy poncho type-thingy. Love my new ankle boots from Kork-Ease, too.

I think this is my favorite outfit or it is tied with the moto jacket ensemble. I love the modern look of the brown with the black and you know that I am a vest/poncho gal.

Also, we are talking winter clothes here, but I am the one to talk Beth into taking the leap and buying white jeans! She loves them and wears them often in the summer. While brunching together in June, she did the white jeans, white t-shirt look and it looked really chic.

Wasn’t that fun and doesn’t Beth have great style? The style lesson here for me is that you don’t have to have a ton of clothes. Be you. Pick a few things that fit great, make you feel great, and that you can mix and match. Beth is a much smarter shopper than I am. She buys pieces that last and needs fewer of them and she keeps them multiple seasons. Beth, teach me your ways!


Hello Monday and Not Just a Mom – Cozy Edition

Monday, January 11, 2021

Hello to you and hello to Monday! I hope I can keep this post from being too long as I am linking up with Hello Monday here and Not Just a Mom here.

I want to apologize for being a bit down last week. I am feeling more positive now for a couple of reasons. January is flying by and it is my least favorite month and I am seeing real progress in our days staying light out later. Also, I think it was probably good for me to get back in my routine and I had a pretty good first virtual school week back after break.

Also, you know you aren’t dressed yet, right?

Participate in my wardrobe challenge!

Today – blouse and long necklace – I know it’s Monday but dress the way you want to feel, right?

Tuesday – jeans that you haven’t worn in a while

Wednesday – scarf

Thursday -t- shirt with cardigan

Friday – plaid

Do one; do all. The point is to wear what you have in your closet and to help you get dressed to be productive each day. I will show you what I wore after the week is over.

Friday morning is one of my days that I start teaching early (so I wasn’t able to go out in it right away) but it was still nice to wake up to a bit of snow!

You can tell that it started getting lighter out in the later photos. So pretty!

Friday called for my favorite top of the winter I would say… the Aerie pullover.

Ernie got a little lunch time snow walk. He had already had a morning snow walk with his Dad.

And, then I stopped taking photos for the day on Friday! The kids had a Covid test that was mandatory for moving in on campus – both were negative. Mason went ahead and moved in on Friday afternoon because he is in a play(that will be recorded) and had rehearsal Friday night from 6-10, Saturday 10-10 (ended up getting done much earlier), and Sunday 10-10. Wow!

Tom, Jack, and I had pizza for dinner and watched some t.v. Jack is still at home with us because he is changing dorms. I am very happy about this; he will be in a single room in the same dorm as Mason for this semester. The dorm is a little nicer and the rooms are a little larger. So, the room had to be sanitized from the student who moved out. I am guessing that student is commuting now or moving to another dorm, too. So, I think his new room will be ready today or tomorrow. He still has his old room if needed. But, classes are online for the first week.

Saturday morning I read a bit of this. I had read it before but I remembered it and requested it again. I am kind of skimming it. It is kind of along the lines of The Happiness Project about making the most of what you have and being content and grateful. I love this kind of stuff.

Then, I went to Kroger at 8:00 a.m. I had not been inside in weeks. I did not get a big load because I had already done a pick up earlier in the week; I just needed a few things.

Not only is the Valentine stuff out in full force, but there is also Easter stuff! Hold the phone!

I picked up some 97 cent bobby pins and some little clips for $2.99.

Also, I am not really married to a particular shampoo right now and I saw these for $2.99 each and thought I would try them out. I am a fan so far!

Trigger Alert:

Cooked chicken coming your way…

I prepped chicken for a couple of recipes – blog post coming soon. This chicken is way better than rotisserie with way more flavor and I think I can cook it faster than I can get the meat off of the rotisserie chicken. That gel on the bottom of the rotisserie wigs me out. What is that? I have made some big claims here, I know, but I will show you my way very soon…stay tuned.

I made some Chex Mix.

I did some Zumba. I discovered that there are some free workout shows on Amazon Prime Video.

And, I learned something amazing. I asked my friends on Facebook for coffee maker suggestions earlier in the week because I think my Keurig is on its last leg. I have thought this before, too. It is 8 years old and the original model. One of my friends told me about this $12 gadget on Amazon by Melitta. It is super easy and I think I really like it! You put this little filter think on top of your cup, insert a paper filter, put 2 T. of finely ground coffee, then pour boiling water that has been left to sit for 2 minutes into the cone slowly while swirling it around the whole filter and then you have a cup of coffee. I decided to try this before investing in another Keurig or a Nespresso. Any thoughts on coffee makers? I am the only coffee drinker in the house and I drink 2 cups every morning and sometimes do an afternoon cup.

A wonderful surprise happened in the afternoon – Mason texted and said he was done with rehearsal and he would like to eat with us. He loves his roommate but his roommate was gone for the weekend and I think maybe Mason wanted to take advantage of home life a little longer.

We picked up Joella’s Chicken and had one last family of four meal for awhile.

Ernie also likes Joella’s chicken.

I watched a bit of The Proposal after dinner and then we watched a bit of Gilmore Girls. Now Jack is getting Mason into it and telling him how good the acting and the dialogue is. I may have two actors in the family. They talk about camera angles and stuff like that, too.

Sunday morning Mason had rehearsal again. I went to The Dollar Tree and Target but didn’t buy much. I realized Valentine’s is only a month away and I need to do my decor soon. There is a lot of good stuff at The Dollar Tree, by the way.

O.k, folks, the next strange pandemic shortage is chopped green chilies. I am sorry to be the one to tell you this. I use them in my breakfast casserole and in my soups and a few other things. First was the toilet paper and now is the green chilies. They were not to be found at Kroger and Target was my second and final stop. Kroger had a dramatic sign up telling us about their absence.

Target has a Black History Month section which I thought was cool.

The rest of Sunday I did meal prep for the week, tv show watching, blog work, and school work. I also did laundry and cleaning both days.

Now, for the Not Just a Mom link up. This month the topic relates to being cozy and small comforts. I am big on this and talk about this often. I learned about Hygge a few years ago and it really made sense and helped me embrace winter. I love having four distinct seasons but there is something I don’t like about each of them and something I love about each of them.

My ultimate goal for my home is for it to be cozy and a place of comfort. Have you ever been to someone’s home and thought, “how do they lay on this couch and eat chips?” I have.

I think so many things can make a home cozy and the people in them cozy. “Cozy” is a very funny word. How many times can I say “cozy”?

I love twinkle lights. Lighting can really create a comforting vibe.

I love warm drinks to make me feel cozy. This was a hot toddy at a restaurant but I have made bourbon hot chocolate at home. I would like to learn some more hot beverages.

I even think smells can make you feel cozy. When I made apple butter in the crockpot this fall it was such a comforting homey smell.

I prefer natural smells, but I don’t find Glad Cashmere Woods to smell artificial at all. In fact, I took a break from this scent from last winter/spring until this winter and when I recently plugged this puppy in I got the best feeling. It is currently in my closet and that is it for now. I also have the candle I will start lighting soon.

A fire indoors or outdoors is the ultimate in feeling cozy. We love our Solo Stove and have used it at least 20 times since we got it.

I think a sectional is the bee’s knees in cozy furniture.

Last winter we bought a new “winter” bedspread at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Did you know they carry Ugg for home? This comforter is by Ugg and the underlayer is faux sheepskin. OMG! It is wonderful! We liked it so much we used it in the summer, too. Ernie also likes it. Yes, we are dog on the bed type of people. And, that in and of itself is cozy! Have you ever had your feet warmed by a 90 pound chocolate lab? There is a “dog sheet” on top but as you can see Ernie doesn’t let little things like that affect his comfort.

This fall I started “Soup Sundays”. I make a bowl of soup on Sunday and we have it for dinner that night; then I eat it for lunch a few more days.

Last week we had cabbage vegetable soup with kielbasa.

Yesterday I made tortilla soup.

I am also very big on nice feeling fabrics. If something is itchy or not soft enough I won’t buy it. Slippers and robes are also a way to give yourself a small comfort at home. Many small comforts don’t have to cost much money, either. There is nothing like taking a shower at night and getting into a bed with clean sheets.

How was your weekend? What are your favorite small comforts?


Hello Monday?

Monday, January 4, 2021

I put a question mark because I am not sure I am ready to say “hello”. I guess all breaks must come to an end but today seems heavy to me for a few different reasons. I am linking up today with Heather, Lindsay, Tanya, and many more here.

Last week was really nice. I like the week after Christmas and I like it when Christmas falls on a Friday, you know? Monday, December 28th Tom went back to work and I had some weekdays at home to myself (and the boys) and it’s just nice to chill without the hustle and bustle of Christmas tasks. Gosh, I love a week day off, you know? It just feels different.

I did OPI Alpine White on my nails. I am getting better every time I do a home manicure.

Thursday was rainy and overcast and I turned on the patio lights. I am loving these!

And, Thursday our plumber came back! See the red, white, and blue?

Now, it is time for drywall to go over this! Drywall makes a big mess. But, this is such a smaller space than the drywall project we had a year ago.

Also, on Thursday I went to Target for a couple of things for NYE that I needed – food supplies – instead of to Kroger. The Valentine’s Day stuff is out in full force! No, I did not buy anything!

Then, I wanted to have a day time fire and have everyone join me, but everyone didn’t want to join me. I sat out and read for a bit.

Fire and….

ice… in the rain chain. I thought that looked cool.

I had been craving lasagna for some time – I think I am the only one in the family, though, so I decided NYE would be the night. I used the real lasagna noodles but soaked them in a bowl of cold water instead of boiling them and dealing with hot noodles. I had seen this somewhere. You guys, it was so easy! Anyway, it turned out great and I froze several pieces for later.

AT 7:00 on NYE, my cousin April had put together some games to play on Zoom. It was really fun and we stayed on until 8:30. Then, I am embarrassed to say that I only made it awake until about 10! The boys ended up staying home and talking to friends online.

I drank my prosecco from my SIL. I am becoming a big fan!

New Year’s Day came and I made a different breakfast casserole with bread this time instead of biscuit dough.

And, I had one more can of Grands biscuits – the bigger ones – and I decided to do a monkey bread in just a little round cake pan and it worked! This time I left off the butter on accident and it didn’t matter! So, sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar in a baggie with the biscuit pieces and then dump them in the pan and bake and pour the cinnamon glaze on top when it comes out of the oven.

I started prepping my good luck foods – did you think I was joking? I am not messing around! I did cabbage and saved some of it plain and used the rest of a veggie soup with kielbasa – so not a veggie soup after all!

We did a little football watching/Amy reading.

Then, I went outside when the sun came out and got hot enough to put shorts on! It was so warm!

Tom and I went for a drive. The river is really high.

We drove along the river and downtown and it was pretty quiet and empty because a lot of businesses were closed for NY Day. We parked and walked around a bit and it was a good time to check out some new to us places.

This has a lot of potential – a new brewery marketplace with room for more businesses. You kind of go down an alley and would never know this was tucked away!

This is a new karaoke bar with a filipino food truck permanently housed here? And, I learned that karaoke is Japanese but in Korea they have something called “norae” and it is a private karaoke room for just you and a few friends. Apparently there is one of these norae bars on every street. I think we are talking South Korea, not North Korea, by the way. Chuckle.

And, this has been here for a long time – Garage Bar – it’s a former filling station/gas station that is now a restaurant with lots of outdoor space.

There is so much fun stuff to do and I miss being around people!

New Year’s Day Dinner: black eyed peas from a can, cabbage, corn bread, pork, potatoes, and oranges.

The boys were not really excited about my dinner or my superstitions.

Come back tomorrow and I will talk about my decluttering plan for the month of January and I would love to have you join me!

I tackled medicines and

spices. It’s not how I want it to be because I am awaiting a kitchen remodel, but I did the best I could.

Tom and I did the Costco run together. We really only go to Costco once every two months or so. We get our dog food, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent (still mad about my blue pods!), dishwasher detergent, trash bags, some toiletries like toothpaste and lotion, and then some food items every now and then. I feel like you have to be really careful at Costco. You get really excited about an item but then things can go to waste if you don’t need that much, you know? Yesterday we got dog food, batteries, chips, lettuce, and paper towels. We did well with resisting temptations and Tom didn’t stray to the electronics like he usually does.

Mason went to a friend’s house and Jack and I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. No one is more surprised than I am that he was interested. He thinks the acting is really good. Then, we ate dinner and watched a show as a family.

Sunday was the day the kids had to get a Covid test at their college. Mason had been randomly selected back in October but Jack had never had one yet.