A Day in the Life –

Teaching In Person and Virtually During a Pandemic Edition

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I chose last Thursday to document; I figured I had better hurry before school ends. I find these interesting, plus I thought it might be something I would want to remember.

The last time I did this was early 2021 when I was still teaching virtually from home.

You may find my day more boring than watching paint dry!

I am getting up later and later and leaving later and later. I get up between 5:00 and 5:45, depending on how tired I am. I start my day with two cups of coffee at home and some quiet time/blog reading time. It only ends up being 1.5 cups of coffee because I dump the mug out when it starts to get cold!

I only breakfast prepped for two days so I had to make my to-go breakfast burrito on a low carb wrap. I still had a bit of baked potato, which I added to one egg and some light Trader Joe’s shredded Mexican blend.

I shower at night but also take a super quick shower in the morning most days. Then I have a very basic makeup routine because of the mask and curl my hair.

Hair and makeup done.

Then, I go to my closet and get dressed from my outfit staging area. I have pre-planned outfits and just choose one most days.

I was leaving for school at 6:45 but as you can see I was leaving at 7:01.

Happy signs of life in a school bus in the distance. My kids never got to ride one but I rode one and have so many memories! Jack and Mason were in walking distance (spitting distance, really) of their elementary, middle, and high school!

I enter the designated door and scan my badge in. This door is super far from my classroom and a new Covid thing. I finally arrive in my room and take my outfit photo first thing before I forget.

Then, I have to do my attendance and my health screener. I have about 30 minutes to make sure everything is ready for my virtual class that starts at 7:40.

I eat my breakfast burrito after heating it up in my classroom microwave.

After I make sure everything is ready I put my mask back on and go in the hall to say hi to my department colleagues. We have six Spanish teachers, one French, and one Japanese. We all have first period planning and all teach virtually that period. No kids are in our hallway to speak of because none of us have live students until second period. We are lucky to have our own little language wing.

I finish virtual class and run to the restroom. I am trying to drink more water and you know what that means!

My first in person class. I took a picture when heads were down for privacy. There is another student by the window and more on the other side. This is on a Group B day. Group A comes Monday and Tuesday and Group B comes Thursday and Friday.

Each period I have to take attendance for in person students for that day and for the students who are at home because they go different days and for virtual students. Yeah, it’s not hard at all to keep track of all that!

I always start with the day and the date and then I do announcements and plans on the next slides. This slide looks kinda boring.

I teach second, third, fourth, and half of fifth period and then have lunch. My lunch on this day and the whole week was vegetable soup. Erica and Elizabeth and I have the same lunch and they come in and use my microwave and we chat and eat for our twenty minute lunch. The other department members have different lunches this year.

I teach the second half of fifth, sixth, and seventh and then the bell rings! Erica, Elizabeth and I have started walking after school on Mondays and Thursdays. This is when I got home from school with my walking clothes on. I have been loving my two pocket biker shorts for this.

I had about two hours at home to sit for a bit, make dinner, eat a quick dinner, and then I left for the junior and senior awards ceremony. I am the World Language Department chair and had to present the departmental award to the best senior language student. It was easy this year – we have a senior taking Spanish 3, French 3, and Japanese 3. I don’t think we have ever had that happen before!

It was super weird because of how spaced out we were. Also, the students were spaced out and everyone was masked up. It was good that we got to do this, though!

It ended at 7:45 and I got to see some old students and chat with some in the parking lot. I got home around 8:00, took my shower, and watched a bit of telly.

The day was pretty typical, but I haven’t had any evening school events for a long, long time!

I didn’t do a great job with taking photos, but it will do, and this will be a good reminder of how the last eight weeks of the 2020-2021 school year played out!

If you are still awake, thanks for reading!


Hello Monday

Monday, May 17, 2021

Hello all and hello Monday! I am happy today to link up with Heather, Tanya, and more right here!

I have two more weeks of school and 8 more unique outfits to create. I am at the point where I would like to repeat pieces! Lol!

I am so ready to be done, but you guys, I may cry on the last day I see each group of students. I see Group A on Mondays and Tuesday and Group B on Thursday and Friday, except our last week we only go Monday through Thursday, so it will be Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday with no Wednesday asynchronous day. That was a run-on sentence and I’m too tired to fix it! I teach my virtual kids during my planning periods., but I am so tired of teaching on a screen!

I have had so much fun getting to know these kids! We have had some great discussions. Teenagers are really great people, you know? We found that we have basically zero behavior problems from the kids that chose to come back in person.

Friday after school I finished this…

I really liked it and couldn’t put it down as evidenced by the fact that I read it from Wednesday to Friday in pieces after school and in the evenings on a very busy week.

Tom and I had a date night because the kids went to see one of the three Shakespeare in the Parking Lot plays – Much Ado about Nothing.

We tried a new place that has this mural on the outside.

I tried this and it was good.

We shared their pulled pork nachos as our dinner and also got vegetable skewers because they were out of salad!

We got ice cream after because Tom loves getting ice cream and we rarely do it. I am happy with a kid size scoop and always do that. We went to Graeter’s – if you know you know. It is really good ice cream from Cincinnati, Ohio, I think.

Saturday morning I started this book.

Ernie’s spot.

I ran to Kroger to get just a few items and I made portable snack/charcuterie boxes. I did Babybel cheese, spicy pickles, grapes, Club minis – so cute!, and 3 types of cheese cubes.

It was time for the family to see Jack in Comedy of Errors at the Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Festival. He had one of the principal roles and was so good. I know I am biased, but this kid can act. He has great stage presence, great enunciation, great voice projection, and comedic timing.

They set the play in modern times at a music festival but still used the Shakespeare dialogue with a few changes to some lines. And now, Mason has been bitten by the acting bug and did two plays in college. We will see where this takes them but it scares Tom and I because we are pretty practical people!

Jack is sad because he has been part of this youth community theatre for 3 years and this was his final play.

Jack’s fans – back, my mom, front left, my mom’s best friend, and front right, Tom’s mom.

Tom’s mom and Dad with both kids.

After the play we crossed the street to an italian restaurant and had a nice meal with lots of leftovers.

So, the play was outside and it was really hot. They asked that people still wear masks. I have been talking a lot about this with my friends and students. When and how will fully vaccinated people get to stop wearing masks?

Love this, Tanya! I will know start shopping at Walmart.

I was super careful for a year! I was one of the most careful of people I know, but it is time. If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need the mask. If someone wants to wear one, that is totally fine! You choose to not get vaccinated, you wear a mask.

Jack and Mason stayed to watch the last of the Shakespeare plays, Hamlet. Tom and I got home around 6:30 after saying bye to our family that came.

It was such a nice night so we put the bedroom tv on the patio again. I read my book mostly while Tom watched Alias.

Ernie was our only kid at home!

Enjoying the lights – we were both so tired!

Sunday morning meal prep for the week – I made homemade light egg mcmuffins and cauliflower fried rice with ground turkey for my breakfasts and lunches this week.

Then, I did school work, walked, and read!

How was your weekend?

What was the highlight?


Friday Favorites

Friday, May 14, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s that time again; linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

Here are some of my favorites from the week. I hope you had many, too!

After a dreary weekend, we have had some gorgeous sun! I met my friend Victoria at River House and we had a cocktail overlooking the river.

I had sangria.

They give you complimentary cornbread in a little skillet.

This is brie; I don’t like nuts so I asked for the almonds on the side. I love peanuts and pistachios but that is it!

It was great to enjoy some sun and catch up.

I have been enjoying low carb tortilla breakfast burritos this week. This time I added a bit of leftover baked potato – cut a bit of it into diced potatoes. It also has one egg and a very tiny amount of Trader Joe’s light shredded Mexican blend cheese.

I had a library pick up and I browsed the new release shelf while I was there; I can’t believe I found this! I had requested it but I was way down on the wait list. The Reese Witherspoon book picks seem to all be quite good. I cannot put this down – The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. I have been sitting outside in the afternoons and even after dinner. Told you I am a fair weather reader!

I have two brands that I think are pretty dependable on Amazon – Amazon Essentials and Daily Ritual. I got a two pack of t-shirts to wear under kimonos. These are very lightweight and a really nice material but a bit clingy so I may not be able to wear them with all of my kimonos.

And, this Daily Ritual is not clingy and it is the best material! I want more! It is a very thick material. I bought the pink and it is a gorgeous color.

You know how you always need just basic t-shirts for summer? You all have any recommendations? I think for what I am looking for this may be my holy grail.

Melanie Shankle of Big Mama blog and Big Boo podcast never steers me wrong with her recommendations. I ordered this Old Spice Timber for me and I love it. It isn’t super masculine, but a nice smell.

This is what it looks like. I think my Dad used this when I was little – not this scent but I feel like he had a blue Old Spice deoderant. So, it is a bit sweet and nostalgic for me.

What a random Friday Favorites! I don’t have much this week.

What were your favorites? I would love to hear!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Less Errands, More Weekend

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sounds appealing, right? We all want MORE WEEKEND!

I may be too late this week for this blog post, but put it in your backpocket for next week, ok?

I don’t know why, but I am kind of obsessed with productivity. Are you like that? I want to get stuff done, but then I take my down time very seriously…

I had a really great Saturday morning on the Saturday before Mother’s Day and I realized why…

I had done the major errands during the week and I woke up Saturday free as a bird! I actually felt like I was forgetting something!

Working moms, but also stay at home moms, might dread Saturdays because it is traditionally the day we have to get all of those annoying errands done, right?

Wouldn’t you rather be doing this?

You might just be able to…

-If you have young kids, set out a forgotten toy or toys the night before where they will see them upon waking or set out the breakfast and tell them to take care of themselves! lol!

-Tell your husband you want to start a “tradition” of him taking the kids out for breakfast or to a park for a “breakfast picnic”. Maybe he won’t get the subterfuge?

-See what you can outsource – order it instead of running to a store, delegate to a kid or to spouse.

-Pick one weekday to bundle your errands. Since I have Wednesday as my work from home day I do this during my lunch break. Yesterday I picked up a repair from the tailor and my groceries which are in the same shopping center.

-I have decided that if I can do my big grocery run during the week it makes me happier. I like going in to the weekend with fresh groceries.

-This does require some planning and of course there may be a few things you need, but I have decided if I can do grocery pick up for the bulk of it I don’t mind running in for a few things and in fact, it can be enjoyable.

-Pick one weekday to do the cleaning so that Saturdays are not all about that life. When I was totally virtual, I did my cleaning on Friday after my last class so I could go into the weekend with an already clean house.

-Pick one day to do your laundry. I have been doing mine on Wednesday mornings.

Why are we such a society obsessed with productivity? I thought we learned our lesson in 2020?

I think you all will appreciate this…

I told my students I would do a “life lessons” session for them because they were interested in this. We don’t really do a good job with this in high schools of 2021, in my opinion. So, I asked them to submit questions about college, finances, and other general questions. These were anonymous and I am using this to prepare my power point.

One of my sweet teens asked, “How do you achieve a healthy work/life balance?”

You all, I love teenagers! They are so smart and so aware. I have really enjoyed reading their questions and they are so excited to talk about this. Yes, I teach Spanish, but our principal told us to not try to make up for lost time, to pick the most essential standards for our courses, and to help the students with what they needed to close out the year. So, I am squeezing this in while they are preparing their final presentations.

I think the secret to achieving a healthy work/life balance is using your time efficiently – bundling errands, outsourcing, etc., knowing yourself and when and how you work best, compartmentalizing work and trying to keep home and work separate, and taking time to re-charge your batteries and do things that fill your cup.

What are your best tips for less errands and more weekend?

Thanks for listening to my Thursday Thoughts,


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am linking up with The Style Six right here today!

Quick notes if you are new here…

I am a high school Spanish teacher. I am challenging myself to wear a unique outfit for each of my 32 days of in person instruction to end out the year. I started April 5 and finish May 28. We work from home on Wednesdays, so that is how I got 32 days!

My classroom was a refrigerator, but it has gotten much better and I can wear more on-season outfits now!

Wearing in my hair…a mask!

I started walking two days a week with some co-workers. I forgot my hairband one day so I made do with my mask; it has elastic ear straps. It worked great! Did I look weird? Probably!

Blue swing dress, Amazon kimono, new white knock off Birks from Amazon here. I just did not want to spend on real ones and these are super comfortable and pretty darn well made! I closed my eyes so head is cropped!

Bonus weekend outfit…

This is what I wore to see the outdoor play of my son last weekend.

Another swing dress with another kimono. This time I did wear capri leggings under – mainly because the dress is on the shorter side.

What is up with my eyes? Is it sheer exhaustion and a sign that I am done with school? Maybe! Long orange skirt – given to me by a colleague who did not want it, black tank, and another kimono.

White linen Old Navy pants (very old), navy t-shirt, and another kimono! I wore the red Saltwater sandals. The necklace is a hand me down from another friend.

Do you have a favorite outfit of mine this week?

Yes, I do love a kimono!

What have you been wearing?


Mug Cake

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I have been enjoying this simple and low calorie mug cake for my after dinner treat lately and I thought I would share! You may have heard of it? This would be a great recipe for your kids, too!

You need:

a mug

Pam spray

2 cake mixes – angel food and another one – I have only used chocolate because I like chocolate cake!


fat free whip cream (optional)

Mix your two cake mixes in a big bowl or a baggie. You are just using the cake mix powder as is – you are not adding anything at all! I just used a baggie and I wrote the recipe on the bag to make it easier until I had it memorized. This makes a lot and you will have mug cakes for days!

Each time you want a mug cake, spray a mug with Pam,

Put 3 Tablespoons mix and 2 Tablespoons water in your mug and stir really well with a fork,

Then, microwave for 50-60 seconds. You can turn it out on a plate or eat from the mug!

Have you tried this? Let me know if you try it!


Hello Monday

Monday, May 10, 2021

How was your weekend? I am happy to link up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here!

Let’s rewind to Friday…

I was so happy that my new chairs arrived! We have needed the portable camp chairs to replace our old (maybe 10 year old?) ones for quite some time. I saw this chair and thought it would be awesome – for taking to outdoor concerts, plays, etc. They are from Walmart.com and only $35 and they arrived in very little time.

I enjoyed reading in my new chair after school!

I made charcuterie and put it on the patio and ordered pizzas.

After pizza and some t.v. I fell asleep pretty early.

Saturday morning I didn’t have to get groceries because I had done Trader’s and a Kroger pick up . during the week. I started my meal prep – I try to prep breakfasts and lunch for me and this week I am having vegetable soup.

Then, I made myself an iced coffee in a wine glass and did some computer work and watched t.v.

I took off to get a mani and pedi around 11. I went with OPI Funny Bunny for both. I rarely get both a manicure and a pedicure at the same time. I hate sitting for that long. Is anyone else like that?

I went home and showered and did some cleaning and laundry and then Jack’s opening night of Shakepeare’s Comedy of Errors was happening! For Covid, they build a stage outdoors in the back of the theatre and we brought our own chairs and food and drink if we wanted – guess what chair I brought? It rained and they had to delay and then they were able to start and it drizzled for much of it.

They set the play in modern times at a Bonnaroo-like music festival. Here is Jack below. He was amazing! Of course, I am biased.

It was really good to see him act after almost a year and a half.

Sunday morning I drank my coffee outside on the patio because it was fairly warm out but it had rained. And, the weather proceeded to get worse all day long. It got colder and we had a wind advisory, so I am glad I got some outdoor time!

I got this card from Tom and some magazines – yay!

and went back to my bed and read them while watching bad t.v. I very rarely do this so it felt decadent.

Then, we went to a movie, The Wrath of Man. It was really good!

Jack on left and Mason on right. Jack has serious photo face.

I love the card they picked out for me because it is so true!

The kids made a reservation for me at a mediterranean restaurant and the four of us had a great meal – but they gave us so much food and we left with four boxes!


I got mango salmon:

Mason got my favorite meal there which is like a vegetable mixture with chicken.

So, that is what we will be having for dinner tonight, too!

I finished this book this weekend too. I really liked it! It is a bit sad, but it wasn’t too much for me.

And, just like that, the weekend was over. What did you do this weekend? I hope it was a good one and that you had better weather!

Three.more.weeks…..it is hard to believe that we are almost ready to put this school year to bed. I don’t think I will have as much to do on the last teacher day because I didn’t get much out when we returned April 5.

Thanks for reading and have a marvelous Monday!


Friday Favorites

Friday, May 7, 2021

Happy, happy Friday! Maybe I am a bit dramatic, but this week was the busiest week I have had since February, 2020! It was all good and it was a combination of things – having a full nest and cooking and buying more food, my job and it being busy May season, and an exciting event for one of my sons. Stay tuned and I will tell you more!

I am happy to link up with Andrea, etc. right here!

Here are my favorites from the week as I look through my camera roll….

Sunday afternoon after I had already prepared my Hello Monday post, Tom and I went to the farmer’s market for a bit. It was so nice to be out and about and it is farmer’s market season again! Yay!

This one has a variety of vendors and food trucks. I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon here last year with a bottle of rosé and Tom and our couple friends. I need more of that!

A few people were wearing masks, but most were not. Tom and I did not because we were outside and are both fully vaxxed, baby. Our governor just passed the no masks outdoors for less than 1000 people and it is time, in my opinion. I was super compliant with the mask mandate and I was super careful but at this point I am comfortable in certain situations like this.

Also, this past Wednesday my boys were two weeks out from second vaccine so they are now fully vaxxed! I am so grateful!

We ran into some friends that we hadn’t seen in about a year and it was so nice!

I am really enjoying this book and I went outside to read any chance I could after school and in the evenings.

I am a fair weather reader! That is it! That is why I was in a reading rut. It is a bit depressing, but I am liking it well enough to stick it out.

These are amazing! I have been able to have just one after dinner for 60 calories. Get you a box if you can eat just one!

I am the AP Spanish teacher and our exam is next Tuesday (where they can potentially earn college credit). I got to take my kids to practice in the library where they will test. I had four girls on this day. Normally we go and practice a bunch but this year it will be just once. Sweet kids. I hope some are able to pass with the circumstances of this weird year.

I had a new Trader Joe’s find. These are delicious – so much so that I don’t know if I should really be buying them.

I heard an Instagram person recommend these chairs so I ordered two for various outdoor events this summer. I am super excited!

Did you do anything for Cinco de Mayo? This popped up on my Facebook!

More photos of my flowering bushes…

I had a fun happy hour one day this week. This time it was Elizabeth’s turn – lol! We went to Gravely where I went the week before.

A word about my almost weekly happy hours. We were with our couple friends and one of them told her husband that I had almost weekly happy hours and she said it kind of judgmentally like “who would have time for that?”

I make time. I am just as busy as she is. I bring this up to say that we, as wives and mothers should absolutely not feel guilty about making time for ourselves. This is something that fills my cup. I consider my friend time as crucial to me making it through the pandemic in a mentally healthy way. I mainly met with three friends – two are teachers and one is a retired librarian (she got to retire at 52 after 30 years in education – go her!). We were all like-minded about sitting outside and we all worked from home.

It required planning but if you don’t plan you won’t do the things you want to do.

I feel better having defended self-care time for myself and anyone else struggling with that.

We tried their new peach sour beer and it was amazing!

Look at the view from the highest patio. That is downtown Louisville and you can see Indiana across the river – just barely.

We also tried their plum beer and had chips and guacamole from the permanent food truck.

And, we tried their churros for the first time – OMG! I had eaten really well the rest of the day for this splurge and then I didn’t have any dinner… it was worth it!

This was teacher appreciation week and the teacher in the middle surprised us. Her parents wanted to treat her “lunch bunch” to a box lunch. We sent them this photo to say thanks. What a thoughtful gesture! I told everyone to really “ham it up” but they made me look crazy, no?

My son Jack gets to act for the first time since February of 2020 on an outdoor stage this weekend! I am so happy for him and so anxious to see it! He is in Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare, but it is set in modern day at a music festival like Bonnaroo. It should be interesting to see how they adapted it! He has four performances over the next couple of weeks.

What made you smile this week? I hope many things! Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends out there. If you are sad on this day, I will be thinking of you.


Product Update

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Who doesn’t love a product post? Basically the only reason I try new things is because someone recommended them! I don’t want to waste my money! I also am always curious if bloggers still use those products they recommended.

I don’t have any links for you but most everything came from Amazon or Target!

It is allergy season and this is a product I don’t live without. I keep it in my shower and use it daily. My husband has one in his shower, too. We found this several years ago and both agree it has changed our sinuses for the better! It comes in a 3 pack at Costco and it is the best price there, too!

I talked about this on my Prime Purchases post Tuesday, but it deserves a place here, too! It comes in a two pack on Amazon and I have it on subscription.

I love Downy Wrinkle Release! It is another product I don’t want to live without. They use it on Below Deck to smooth the sheets – what? It has changed my ironing life!

I really like this Trader Joe’s face lotion. I have bought this several times.

I love Glossier Boy Brow but this NYX brow is a close second. I would buy it again. My Charlotte Tillbury cream eyeshadow is still going strong after almost 2 years? Maybe I shouldn’t keep it this long, but I am! I will definitely replace this.

Melanie Shankle of Big Mama blog and Big Boo Cast podcast has great recommendations and this is my favorite self-tanner to date. I am curious to try other brands but this is still so full that it will be a long time and I don’t feel the need to try others because I do like this so much! It has a subtle sparkle and hardly any smell to it.

I first ordered Maskcara cream makeup in October and I have since ordered a couple more colors but I still have all of the original I ordered back then. This is now called Seint and it has changed my makeup life. I love it so much! If you are curious, search Seint on Pinterest. You do need a blending brush but it is magic. It has saved me money – it is very reasonably priced and it has kept me from looking for the next holy grail of makeup! I did a post a long time ago here!

I still can’t believe I paid this much – $28 a bottle – but it is amazing. I especially love the lather that the shampoo gives you. It has a nice smell, too. You need very little and I am often getting too much product. I am trying to do better. I think my hair is really loving it.

I can’t remember who recommended this, but they compared it to using Crest White Strips. I love this mouthwash! You swish for 60 seconds and I think I immediately see results. I like the flavor, too.

Several people recommended this and I love it! I love the foaming quality and my skin feels so good after using it!

I wouldn’t say the Olaplex conditioner gets my tangles out very well, so I started using this. I like it a lot!

Do you use any of these products?

What products would you recommend?


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Happy cinco de mayo! I have a short one this week! Linking up with The Style Six!

Saturday night we went to dinner and I wore my new Target Knox Rose dress. I don’t have any dresses like this. I only have knit swing dresses really so I am excited to have a one and done outfit.

For school on Monday I wore this old camo tank dress. You will be happy to know my room has settled down and isn’t a refrigerator anymore!

No, you aren’t seeing things… I have this blouse above and I bought the dress. I love this pattern and dresses are scarce in my wardrobe.

Also, I did my Prime Purchases post yesterday and wanted to show you my Amazon faux Birkenstock/Birkencrocs.

What have you been wearing lately? I am still managing not to repeat an outfit at school, by the way! 13 more outfits needed!