Thursday, December 1, 2022

Happy December to all! Did you catch my December goals post yesterday? I urge you to make a list, too – even if it’s just in your phone memo. I know I forgot some things and I will also be adding to mine as things come up.

It’s time to link up with Jill and Kellyann for our weekly Fashion Files. My hope is that I give you an idea from your own closet. I don’t think you have to run out and buy something new, but maybe you will say, “I think I have something I haven’t thought to wear that way”. I know that happens for me when I look at fashion posts or Pinterest.

What have you been wearing lately? I try to wear all of my “fall colored” stuff by the end of November so that I can get excited about my blacks, plaids, sparkly, and velvet stuff. It just makes me feel like I have more to choose from when I look at the seasons that way, you know?

I did a Turkey ‘Fits post here, but our weather turned out super warm on both of my Thanksgiving celebration days – Thursday and Friday.

Thursday I wore a Target Knox Rose dress from last spring with my Target suede boots from last winter and a Target sweater from last winter.

Friday I wore a Loft clearance dress from last year that happened to be in a petite length – score for me! I think this dress looks like a tablecloth in the very best way.

The most important thing was that I was comfortable and felt like myself.

Back to life, back to reality on Monday had me wanting to rebel. I wore my new Deff Leppard t-shirt from my crazy Target delivery – I had ordered this back in July and it finally showed up on my doorstep in late November. I wore my Amazon silk leopard skirt (leppard/leopard – too much?) with my Walmart Scoop blazer – both from last year. I wore my Lucky booties.

On Tuesday I wore my TJ Maxx chambray tunic with black leggings and my new black wedges for part of the day and then changed to sneakers. I also wore my new velvet/faux leather headband that was a bday gift from Elizabeth.

I was so happy to find some new Dr. Scholl’s wedges at DSW. One problem. The 8s seemed snug in the toe box and the 8.5s slip a bit when I walk. Ugh!

They also rubbed a bit at the top of my foot. I think they would be fine for a few hour event, but they didn’t serve me well for an 8 hour work day on my feet. Other than that, they are just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to know this until you actually wear them.

Then, I wore this yesterday with my new Hush Puppies Sofie pumps. So comfortable! I was shocked when I saw they carried a pump like this.

My mission with both the above pumps and the black wedges was to find more shoes to wear with my leather pants. I will not consider these school shoes because they would be destroyed and they aren’t quite comfortable enough for 8 hours.

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorites from above? I do take lots of risks with my teacher outfits and I got lots of compliments from students on the brown leather pants and the Def Leppard t-shirt. Ha!


23 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. “leppard/leopard” – you kill me! 😀
    The two dresses are so cute and I love it that you “felt like yourself” – I understand exactly what you mean! And if it’s comfortable too… Goal!
    But I have to say my favorite is the chambray tunic with black leggings – you look so put together!
    I mostly wear my baggy jeans, I feel really cool (and like myself!)…


    1. Ha! I’m glad! Thank you so much. Yes, feeling like yourself gives you confidence. Thank you- I was really comfy that day. I bet you look the coolest! Do your students have a dress code? Ours is very loose and they can basically wear what they want.


      1. No, absolutely no dress code. There was even a case in a Swedish school where a teacher tried to convince a girl to dress in a “more respectable” way; she sued them and won!


      2. I guess that’s true… that’s probably the reason why we didn’t have strict restrictions during covid…


  2. It’s impossible to pick a favorite this week, because I love them all! I love the Leppard/leopard, the Thanksgiving table cloth dress 🤣, the brown leather pants outfit….and I love both pairs of new shoes. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t wear the black ones comfortably. Would no show socks help? I bought some new ones recently on Amazon.


    1. You are too kind to say that! I loved your outfits today, too! I didn’t even think of adding socks, but I bet they might? And, I can comfortably wear them to an event that isn’t school so I’m not too worried. I think I should have gone down a half size and then the rubbing wouldn’t happen. Darn!


  3. My favorites are the def leopard and the leather pants outfits, definitely a home run with them! For me my favorite right now is any sweater since we have only a few months to wear them. November was below average here in Phoenix ( low 70s high 60s) and usually December and most of January are that way too. Love my sweatah weathah!


    1. I think those were mine, too! I am able to wear a sweater in my classroom comfortably now, too. I get a little hot and open my window and the kids seem ok with it. I tell them my comfort is most important – ha!
      I bet you do love your sweater weather there!


  4. Love your DF tee & leopard skirt, hilarious and really cute! I have the same skirt, and never wear it with a tee shirt. Actually, I never wear it period. You’ve inspired me! And your TG outfit was perfect, always want to be stylish and comfy that day. Well done.


    1. Thank you! Thank you! It’s such a fun skirt. I really like it with a black sweater, too. I like it with my dressy booties or my black heels, too. Thank you – the T day outfit was comfy but looked like I did put in some effort.


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