Wednesday, April 27, 2022

This post is for all of you who get mad everytime I do a Costco or a Trader Joe’s post! My regular grocery store is Kroger, but these items can be found at any supermarket, I would say!

Here are my cheese staples:

Babybel Light – I like it better than the original!

Light string cheese – Yes, I do “string it”!

Laughing Cow is great on celery with everything bagel seasoning, or a few crackers, and I use it to make a creamy sauce.

I will freak out if I don’t have these items in my cheese drawer.

I always have to have Greek non-fat yogurt. I use it for sauces and dips and I use it in my cake mix and for my skinny pizza dough.

Buffalo sauce is a staple. I love combining my Greek ranch above with this with some grilled chicken and celery.

Salsa! This is our favorite brand. I mainly use this in my burrito bowls.

Avocado toast! I have gotten Tom on the bandwagon, too.

This is my favorite brand of low carb tortilla. I found the street taco size recently, too.

I think it is nice to have a few salad or veggie mixes around. This was really good!

I am low-key obsessed with spaghetti squash right now.

I almost always have celery, grape tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, salad fixings, and a nice stash of frozen veg.

Eggs! I love eggs!

I will often cook up a mix of vegetables and have it on hand to add to different things like omelettes.

As far as drinks, I only drink water, coffee, sparkling water, and alcohol! Ha! I am using fat free half and half right now for my coffee along with a bit of cinnamon dolce skinny syrup. I need some new sweet options for after dinner. I usually have a Built bar for lunch dessert or a snack and for the evening I usually have a dum dum. Did you notice that I have multiple desserts a day?

Recent Meals:

The Teriyaki Stir fry kit from above:

Breakfast burritos and letting some cauli rice thaw:

Breakfast egg and veggie scramble:

Honey mustard salad:

Broccoli, homemade wedge fries, a roll and some homemade aioli:

Vegetable omelette:

I just made Allie.Carte.Dishes bbq spaghetti squash – yum! Follow her on Insta; I left this photo un-edited so you could see all the details!


A recent lunch of Amylu sausage and veggies:

What are your grocery staples? I hope you have gotten at least one idea!


10 thoughts on “Regular Grocery Haul

  1. I am always on the lookout for new veggie based recipes, I have found so many good ones on TikTok, it’s like my new Pinterest! I was so close to buying a Cinnamon Dolce Skinny Syrup at Marshall’s the other day but the line was so long I put it back. Thanks for the inspo!


    1. I just can’t with Tik Tok but I like when my sister shares a recipe. I find it overwhelming and I don’t want to see what they show me! I like having a skinny syrup and it really gives a coffee shop vibe but I wouldn’t stand in-line for that either!


    1. I was just thinking I wanted that the other day. I am going to try to make my own with one of those seasoning packets – maybe the Italian dressing one?


  2. Well for grocery staples I of course have all the condiments (regular, no light), milk, crispbread (a staple for all Swedes), always ingredients for a mixed salad (we have it with almost every dinner), butter, cheese, and always some sort of ice-cream in the fridge… We are semi-healthy in my family, I mostly cook from scratch and we all have decent bodies I think… (at least the teenage girls! 😀 Wait – the oldest one isn’t a teenager anymore!). I think the biggest difference from Americans is that we eat more home cooked food, more potatoes, we use more spices and we love candy!


    1. I love an egg and veggie scramble and mine at home is just as good as a restaurant, if not better! I love Babybel light and sometimes I slice it. Laughing Cow is a staple!

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