Tuesday, March 15, 2022

How was your Spring Forward Monday? Were you as tired as I was?

Here is our family’s favorite salad:

I make a dressing from about 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup honey, and about 1/4 cup of either yellow or dijon mustard or a combo of both. I add some cajun spice, some pepper, some garlic powder, and a bit of water to thin it out. That’s it!

I think this calls for good old iceberg lettuce!

Then, I add cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, bacon, hard boiled egg (why is hard boiled egg so good in salads?), and I like the Texas Toast croutons if you can find them.

I leave off a few things for myself and sometimes add a bit of sliced avocado. This salad also is wonderful with grilled chicken or frozen breaded chicken heated in the oven or airfryer.

I am really craving salads right now! Are you a big salad person?

Would your family go for this salad? By the way, the dressing is great for dipping pretzels or just plain chicken, too!


20 thoughts on “Honey Mustard Salad

  1. I am a huge salad fan and while my family does eat salad with dinner every night most of my guys would balk if I tried to make a meal for them with just salad. I have actually done really well with the time change this season and haven’t felt it at all.

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  2. That salad looks great! I will absolutely try it! I even saved it in a word document…!
    Yes for salad, I make a mixed salad to have with dinner almost every day. I pour on som vol, balsamico, salt and pepper. I don’t even mix the dressing before, I just pour everything on the salad and mix… Over here we eat mixed salad together with the food, my experience from the new world is that you eat salad before the meal?
    btw, St. Patrick’s is on Thursday, right?

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    1. What is som vol? Looked it up and couldn’t find! That is just how they do salad in Spain and it’s very simple – maybe just lettuce and tomato.
      We do salad before the meal.
      Yes, March 17!


      1. sorry, I tried to write virgin olive oil… voo? Is it morning for you now!? It’s afternoon after here, and my workday is over! ❤


      2. Ah!
        It is 10:51 here. I’m bored because my students are taking a 4 day exam to earn a Seal of Biliteracy saying that they are proficient in English and Spanish.


      3. Extra virgin olive oil
        It’s a common abbreviation that people use here
        The test is all online – reading one day, listening one day, writing one day, speaking one day
        So yeah – just making sure they don’t get phones out or don’t open another tab


  3. That salad dressing looks yummy! I am not the biggest fan of the thick honey mustard unless it’s for a chicken strip. 😉 I am a HUGE salad eater. I usually eat one every day for lunch. I am a volume eater so the more lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, or any low cal add in I love. I am usually a salad cheater-I buy the bagged salad kits. My two favorites are Greek and Mediterranean.


    1. Thanks! I agree. I don’t use much dressing, either. I am kinda a lettuce snob. I think it tastes better when I chop and put in my salad spinner. I get really mad by how quickly the bag salad goes bad. But, it is the easiest. There is one called “Summer Salad” by Dole I think that is really good – the seasonings and all!


    1. I guess it was a pandemic thing for me. I learned to make my own and now I really don’t buy much store bought. It’s worth the effort in my opinion. I mainly just do this, a lemon vinagrette, and a ranch.

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