Tuesday, April 26, 2022

This project took a long, long time for various reasons, but it was worth the wait! You may remember that a few years ago, we started the project of adding on about 600 square feet behind our house to create a primary bedroom, a mudroom, and a deck. Well, the next phase was to turn our old bedroom into a bathroom.

Looking in from the hallway to the new hallway. This new floor is the same as the bedroom and we will be doing the same throughout the entire main level. The new bathroom is on the right in this photo.

Now, looking the other way into the hallway from the bedroom…

The bathroom…

We are also replacing all of the doors to look like these. We have already done most of them.

The vanity is grey, but comes off as a bit blue, I think, and we have ordered two separate mirrors that haven’t come in yet.

I shopped my house first, so it is not all put together yet as far as decor goes. I found a few things at Target and a few on Amazon. I need a rug and some wall art, but I plan to take my time and not settle.

Tom and I will have been married for 22 years this summer and we have never had to share a bathroom. When we moved in, we designated his bathroom as the tiny little one attached to our bedroom and I took the bigger hall bath. I shared with the kids and then when we added a basement bathroom (the former nicest bathroom in the house), that became Jack’s so Mason and I shared.

Should we do a vow renewal in our new bathroom this summer? “I promise not to hog the bathroom” or something romantic like that? This is all so new to me!

Today we are demolishing the tiny bathroom and the hall bathroom to start the project of making those into one bigger hall bath. I’m scared but those two bathrooms are literally falling apart and are so bad that I deleted the photos I was going to show you!

Tom is very opinionated about everything construction and interior design related. He did give me free reign on paint color (I chose to continue with the same bedroom color – Sherwin Williams Egret White 7570) and decor. Fortunately, I like what he likes, and I’m not just saying that. He has really good ideas and good taste – in my opinion. Heck, he picked me, right? I chose to stay with the same paint color because we have a ton of it and because I have lived with it in my bedroom for two years and still absolutely love the light and airy feel. We used SW Agreeable Gray for the mudroom and I love that, too, and have lived with that for two years. We also have a ton of that leftover. I am a little worried that the grey trend was so strong and it’s at the tail end, but I also think you should do what you like no matter what. So…we will see. Everyone says it’s easy to re-paint, but I strongly disagree. I think it’s a beast!

Anyway, things have been exciting around here!

Thanks for listening to me ramble,


19 thoughts on “New Primary Bathroom

  1. I used to feel it was so easy to swap out paint colors but it really does depend on the room an I think bathrooms are the worst to repaint! The new bathroom looks beautiful!!


  2. He picked me 😂😂he does have great taste! Duh! Your bathroom is ahhhhmazing! I love it. So jealous of that tub and the shower is stunning. I’m a big fan of gray. I hope it doesn’t go out of style 😂


    1. Ha! Thank you! I hope grey doesn’t go out either. My hall bath was yellow and grey so I am pilfering a few things from there for now. It’s expensive to do the decor for a new room but I’m having fun trying to be an interior designer!

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  3. Scott and I have only ever had to share a bathroom in a few of our houses. He usually takes the hall bathroom and I take the master one…so he can get ready for work at 5am without waking me up. It’s a good system!
    And, yes, it IS easy to repaint. I’ve done it after changing my mind in a few different houses. Not ideal though.
    I love, love, love the vanity and the door.


    1. That makes sense. I have mostly been the early bird in our relationship. I am not a painter so it’s not easy for me, I meant. The vanity has soft close drawers and cabinets that I am still getting used to. They close on their own if you push in gently. I love our big doors and they have made a big difference in the aesthetics. Thank you!


  4. I’m not so much a bath person, but that tub would change my ways for sure! It looks a bit longer than normal, is it? Grey is pretty much a neutral and you can always change out the towels, wall art and accessories to have a different feel to the room. I love the shower and black fixtures too. As for sharing a bathroom, I’m sure you guys can go with the flow!


    1. I am going to find out if I’m a bath person! I haven’t used it yet because we are adjusting the water temp to make it hotter? It might be? It’s pretty big. That is very true. I know that wallpaper and bold colors are in, but I wanted calm and serene and I love that I can change the decor at any time. Painting something well is a big job and I’m not a painter. I am loving the black fixtures but I was surprised Tom suggested them at first. We are doing ok sharing so far! Ha!


  5. Wow, it looks so nice! I love a bathroom with a window! And the new floor looks great! Nice with new doors, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other doors than the standard home depot ones…!


  6. Love it! Love the doors, love your bathroom. You are a trooper living amongst renovations. I hate to paint so I totally agree with you on painting. It is so nice that you and your husband see things similar. It sure makes life easier.


    1. Thank you! I hate the disarray but I guess it’s worth it. I am a horrible painter! We do have similar tastes. It makes it easier. He shows me ideas and I tell him what I think. I often say give me your two favorite choices and it works for us.


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