Friday, January 28, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s time to link up with Andrea, Erika and many more right here!

Here is a hodge podge of things that were my faves this week when going back through my camera roll!

We went back to in person school on Monday and boy was re-entry a bit crazy. It felt like coming back again after winter break! But, it was so good to have the normal school noises and the energy of the kids. Also, we had 18 teachers out on Monday (out of 120)!

Last Friday when I had Erica and Elizabeth over my wine glass collection was embarrassing! I had my eye on these. I thought I was ordering 4, but I only got 2. They are awesome and bigger than I expected! I guess I will order 2 more!

I really like this and should have known I would because I love most Method products. I just want to clean more when I like my products.

I hate to waste WW points on creamer, but this is really good ; it is 1 point per tablespoon. I have gone back and forth about creamers because I have to have it!

I know someone recommended the show Younger to me a long time ago but I never got around to watching it. I saw it in passing on Hulu the other day and started it and it is so good! Anyone watch/watched it?

I thought I should show you the exact glitter color I am using. If you are a regular reader, you know I am on a glitter kick. It really hides any imperfections and it is just fun for this time of year? It is kinda surprising how different it looks on than in the bottle.

Above is two coats of Essie Marshmallow with one coat of OPI Cheers to Mani Years followed by an Orly top coat.

I think I want to try red for V Day? But, in the meantime, I tried my OPI Gelato on my MInd under it.

I really like it!

Check out my post from yesterday about my V Day sweaters! Yes, I am wearing them all the time now and I hope I will wear them past February!

And, this is the one my son said made me look like a Care Bear!

Monday the bathroom tile was completed! I love what we picked; I think we chose it three years ago so I was a bit worried that I would not like it anymore. Now we wait on the back ordered shower tile. We are having trouble finding a free standing double vanity. If you have suggestions on retailers, let me know. Tom is super picky and we are trying to stay within our budget = not a great combination.

I really want to drink more tea. The Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice is so good and I enjoyed a cup after school one day. It is caffeine free, which is also important to me in the afternoon. I double up on the tea bags to make it a bit stronger. If you are a tea drinker, leave me your favorite in the comments!

Another happy accident! I ordered what I thought was Dr. Teal Relax and Relief from Amazon but I got Soothe and Sleep and like it just as much!

And, I will leave you with the funniest thing I saw on the internet this week…


I hope you had lots of favorites this week! Can you believe it will be February next week?

If you missed any posts this week, I did Hello Monday, Eating Lately, Beauty Update, and Fashion Files!

Thanks for reading,


21 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Another great Friday post and I have to comment it all :-D!
    Wine glasses: I want wine glasses without a foot, it was quite popular last time I was in Florida.
    Glitter nails: they look so cool on you, but it’s too much trouble to remove for me…
    The vanity: I have to recommend Ikea! We have the single ones both here and in Florida! Great quality and easy to assemble
    Tea: no, I’m a coffee drinker! But chai and rooibus are ok.
    Friday! Enjoy!


    1. Thank you! I do love stemless, too. I just am into a stem right now!
      I have found a quick way – I soak tiny cottonballs and and just patient while placing one on each nail on one hand. Comes right off if I wait a few minutes.
      We want a certain look for the vanity. I may post inspo.
      I love coffee, but tea seems nice in the evening or afternoon.
      I love chai! I don’t know much about rooibus.
      Happy Friday! You are done!


      1. Rooibus is really good, try it! It’s so called “red tea”. (don’t know what that is, but still…)
        Ok, great tips for removing the glitter, I’ll try that! But it will be hard to sit still… 😀
        I don’t know why I like the stemless glass – maybe because we don’t have it here and it reminds me of Florida…?


      2. We do have it here and I think I tried it cold in a bottle once.
        Yes, glitter does stink, but it’s not as bad as I thought.
        Oh that is funny you don’t have them there. Some restaurants use them here.


  2. I really enjoyed the show Younger! I love your glitter nails but I always struggle to remove the glitter afterwards. I do love how it hides imperfections in the nail polish though.


    1. I am loving it! It is so cute! Sutton Foster/Liza is so good! I have found a good way. I soak tiny cottonballs and and just patient while placing one on each nail on one hand. Comes right off if I wait a few minutes.


    1. Thank you! Same to you! I love H and S hot cinnamon! I just need to buy it again. I have written down the Pukka one. Sounds great! Do you like Bengal Spice? It’s so good, too!


  3. Love the new tile! We got our double vanity at Costco and I really like it. I can’t wait to see what you get.
    I have not watched Younger but I will – I have been loving Abbott Elementary, it makes me laugh!
    My wine glasses are plastic and from Dollar Tree – I got tired of breaking glasses and since we entertain outside mostly it made sense. But I think a nice set of wine glasses is essential for an entertainer like you!


    1. Thank you! We did look at Costco and bought our basement bathroom vanity there several years ago. They don’t have exactly what we want for this one.
      I have heard about Abbott from many sources now. Putting it on my list. I bet you can really relate! I can, too, I’m sure, but don’t live in the elementary world. That is great for you for outdoors. You can find some nice glassware there, too. I have stemless Day of the Dead wineglasses from there. But, now they will be 1.25! lol! Happy Friday!


  4. We just watched Younger over the holidays and liked it a lot but some seasons are better than others ( like all shows!) I caught the new show Promised Land on Hulu as well and it reminds me of my fave shows from high school like Falcon Crest and Knots Landing:)


    1. I tend to get bored with series sometimes so it is hard to tell if it is just me or the season.. ha!
      I saw the ad for Promised Land and it looks intriguing! Will check it out! Thanks!


  5. We’ve had so many teachers out as well. 25 out of 120 today. I have those wine glasses saved on an Amazon list…but haven’t purchased due to price. I’ve seen others recommend them though. Maybe one day. I love the glitter nail polish. I’m going to check out comments for tea ideas. I try to drink it too…but need ideas. Have a great weekend


  6. First time commenting, but I just had to tell you about the teas I enjoy! Red Rose tea has a “sweet temptations” line of herbal that taste like yummy desserts:
    Target also carries the Tazo dessert blends. We like the glazed lemon loaf.
    Love your blog! I am a teacher too so I can relate to the virtual/in-person back and forth. Have a good weekend!


    1. Thank you Monique! The sugar cookie sounds good! And this would be a good sub for dessert some nights. I could look at the target app too for pick up.
      Another teacher! Aren’t you just exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally? I love my job and my students but it’s been a lot.
      Happy weekend !


  7. That’s too funny about the painters! I love your glitter. I usually do a few slow coats of the glitter to get more sparkle on my nails. Your tile is gorgeous!! My favorite tea is Tazo Wild Sweet Orange. It’s decaf but the citrus gives me a little boost in the afternoon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought that was funny! I could double up on the glitter – good idea. Now I’m considering an alternating pink and red with glitter.
      That tea sounds good. I do love Tazo.


  8. Your nails are so fun! It makes me want to start painting my nails again. LOL the Care Bear comment—gotta love kids’ observations! I haven’t seen Younger, but I think Hilary Duff is so cute (that Lizzie McGuire bond runs deep, apparently! :D) and could see it being engaging/likable!


    1. Thank you! Painting my nails is a stress reliever for me and really my only creative outlet besides cooking! I love kids’ comments so much! Hilary Duff is so cute in this! But, I also love Sutton Foster.


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