Thursday, January 27, 2022

Hello and welcome to Fashion Files here where we link up to show our style each Thursday.

Here are my real life clothes!

My vibe last week was jeans and sweaters while I taught virtually from my classroom. This is my black Amazon sweater that I bought to wear with my leopard skirt, my Target jeans, and my new sneakers. While the sweater has some pills, I have worn it and washed it (laid flat to dry) enough to recommend it. I could have gone up one size I think.

Speaking of going up one size…a sweet reader talked to me in the comments about people gravitating towards ponchos to hide (and that I shouldn’t) and that is quite true. I am not excited to wear my ponchos anymore.

So, I can’t seem to help it – I want my holiday clothing. I ordered this but in no way is it off the shoulder. I don’t even think it would be off the shoulder on anyone because the neck is just not that wide.

Here is how it fits on me:

I wore non-jeans to start this week back with students.

Here I am wearing it with jeans on Saturday:

It comes in multiple colors and at $37, it is a bit pricey for an Amazon sweater, but this also fits my theory that one needs to pay a bit more for an Amazon clothing purchase to be a worthwhile one? And, maybe this isn’t true, but it has seemed true for me.

I also ordered this one:

And, this is how it fits me:

Again, this price point was a little higher.

I am happy with both of them and decided to keep both. My son did tell me I look like a Care Bear in the second one and gosh, I’m just happy that he knows all of the 80s pop culture I worked to instill in him.

I don’t know if dropped shoulders are that great for me, but on these two items I decided I didn’t care.

I know I said I was done with winter clothing, but I got bored. I needed something to show up on my doorstep, you know?

What have you been wearing lately?

Buying lately?

Do you have a favorite outfit/non-outfit from above?


11 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Care bears! In Swedish they are called Hug bears! ❤ Of course you should buy sweaters with a love theme! My favorite is your black sweater with jeans and sneakers – can never go wrong!
    I ordered a pink nightgown and a new basic white bra that arrived yesterday – sometimes the simple things make life better!


    1. Hug Bears! Lol! I agree! You love black so that doesn’t surprise me, right? I do, too. I think black looks really nice on blondes – like real light blondes – not me.
      Gotta have the basics. I have not had a nightgown since childhood and I have been thinking about it. I sleep in shorts.


      1. Wow, you really do know me! Yes, black is a great color. And I’m a blonde, so… 😀 (not natural though, I must confess :-D)
        I always sleep in a nightgown! But it needs to be in a nice material, that breathes.


  2. Cute sweaters. I am sticking to my 12 buys in 2022 and it is getting easier and easier. I was told by a friend that January is easy to not buy……but I am still proud of myself. I have purchased my first item- a cute summer Tommy Bahama dress that I wore 2x in Cabo last week and will wear in Scottsdale, Chicago and all summer! Pricier but I had a $50 off flip award so that was a nice savings. I am making a wish list of items I want to buy this year and I am also doing what Mel Larson is doing– one in – one out. Actually, I am purging several items and listing some older Athleta items on Poshmark. I am also listing my last pair of Tieks. They are the limited edition champagne color and I have-not worn them in a few years so time to let someone else enjoy them! Have a great rest of your week!I


    1. Thank you! I commend you! I love that and would like to do it sometime, but I am changing too much right now! I have never owned Tommy Bahama but I know it is popular. I have been watching Mel’s stories. She’s great!


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