Monday, January 24, 2022

I am linking up today with Holly and Sarah!

I didn’t do too much this weekend, but let’s go back to Friday at school. I opened up my Google Classroom for my seniors and many of them had changed their background to me. I burst out laughing. I am trying to show you without showing their names as they appear on Google Classroom!

Anyway, it was really funny and made my day. Love these kids!

My tile is down!

I really like the tile we chose. It has a linen look.

Friday night was Totino’s frozen pizza for Tom and skinny pizza dough pizza for me. I watched some Real Housewives of Miami after we ate and then crashed at 9:00!

Saturday morning I did a walking exercise video with Bruno Mars music. I liked it.

Tom and I met Erica and Elizabeth and their men at brunch.

I really am liking this salad with my eggs thing lately. I had a vegetable omelette with side salad.

Tom had the same but with different sides.

I will tell you about my new sweater Thursday in Fashion Files!

Tom and I went to Costco in the late afternoon. I hate going there but some people love it.

Tom and I had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner for him and random leftovers for me. Jack and Mason came home at 10:30 after a play they saw on campus. I found myself cooking food for them that late. Who am I? Then, they talked to us for a while and we ended up watching a couple of New Girl episodes!

Sunday morning all was right in the world with them asleep under my roof. I did some reading and finished this:

and started this:

Meal Prep time!

I went back to my egg casserole and it has been awhile!

Post coming tomorrow on my meal prep meals for this week!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy with some reading and some tv and then we ended the night with dinner for the four of us at home before the college kids went back.

I found out around 3:00 that our students are coming back in the building today! Yay! I will be one tired teacher, though, from pivoting and getting back in the in person routine.

I hope your Monday goes smoothly and thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Your students are wonderful! And they must think you are wonderful to put in so much trouble…! I had a great time in school, half of the teacher squad is at home, same with the kids… and I’m not joking, it’s so nice to be so few in school! You can really connect, you know. The streets of Stockholm haven’t been this empty since this started almost two year ago… crazy! Omicron wreaks havoc!
    Nice to have the twins home! You’re a cutie to cook for them that late! I wouldn’t… I would be like: “don’t make too much noise in the kitchen”. 😀
    Love the tile! How awesome with a new bathroom!


    1. Yes, they are! I hope so! That is so hard with half in school, though. Are they able to join online? I started watching Younger and there is a Swedish author storyline in the first season in one of the first episodes. You would like it!
      I spoil them, you know. Thank you!


      1. No online teaching this time, thank god… it takes so much energy. But we write on our school platform what’s going on so they can study at home.
        OK, I have to give Younger a new chance… We were going to watch it as a family, but I managed to put on the wrong season, so we were too confused…


      2. I don’t mind it at the high school level. I think it must be harder for the younger kids – and their teachers. Let me know if you try Younger. Lots of sexual references but you are probably liberal with your girls?


      3. Yeah, I saw a locker room scene in the trailer where the younger girls reacted on the main characters “natural state” – I think we’ll be fine with that :-D. I mean, Sex in the City could be quite brutal, right!?

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  2. That is so funny about the backgrounds…teens will really keep us on our toes. I have a love / hate relationship with Costco – love the products, hate the crowds. Hope you have a good week with in-person school. 🙂


  3. I am cracking up about your students. So sweet. They must love you! Your brunch looks so good and I love the sweater. I just got a heart sweater from Amazon, but I haven’t tried it on yet 🙂


  4. i thought their instagram posts with your head were just hilarious but the background for zoom is even funnier! i agree that they must really think alot of you to go to that amount of trouble! you are definitely doing something right with your students and they will take alot of memories with them! the brunch place looked really good and they have a unique way of plating their food. such creativity.
    my daughter who is an ap math teacher in middle school is back today after a week off with covid. she says she has a headache and is very fatigued but she is showing up. she just has to wear a mask for 5 days and if a student gets ill they have to wear a mask for 10 days when they come backl. not sure of that logic but that’s the policy at her school here in texas. she was vaccinated but had a miserable week. stay healthy!


    1. I know! This really made me laugh. Thank you! They are so sweet and I will cry when they graduate. We really went through something together.
      The brunch place was really nice!
      Oh, your poor daughter. See, we are all masked! It sucks to teach in a mask as I am sure she has told you. They just do not really know what to do with these policies. Ugh! I hope she is back to 100% very soon!


  5. Amy – I love how much your students love you!! You must be so amazing at developing relationships with your students. What a great teacher you are! I need to read more! I have that Colleen Oakley book to read, too! Thanks for linking up!


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