Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Welcome to another round of “Eating Lately”!

I guess I could do an Eating Lately post each week, because I almost always have a new food, recipe or product to recommend! You all seem to respond to these posts. It seems that I’m not the only one trying to eat healthier!

But, first…my weight had not changed much between early November and January. At this point I had lost about 46ish pounds. I had my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, of course. And, I was not that upset. By the way, if you are new around here, I started on this journey on April 8th, 2021. I feel like even though the scale wasn’t moving that my body was changing, my face looked thinner, my attitude was changing, my energy level was changing, my mental state was changing, and so much more…you know? My goal was really just to maintain during the holidays. Also, I changed from WW Purple to WW Personal Points when they rolled out the new plan in early November. I think it took me a while to use my points in the most efficient way, if that makes sense.

So…finally, the first week of January the scale started moving! I am now down about 6 more pounds since early November for a grand total of 53 pounds!

I think the moral of that story is consistency. I stayed consistent. I kept it up. I didn’t get discouraged. So many times in the past I did give up and I did get discouraged.

And, really, the scale is just a damn number. It does not define you. I only weigh once a week. My sister only weighs once every two weeks. Some people stay off the scale totally. You do what works for YOU! You can fluctuate by 6 pounds in a day! Maybe more!

My current goals are:

-to eat 30 g of protein at each meal

-to drink half of my body weight in ounces of water

-to get quality sleep and go to bed when my body tells me it is tired even if that is earlier than I would really like it to be

-to get a cup of vegetables at most meals

-to eat less sugar

-to move my body more – right now I’m trying to do free YouTube workouts and soon Erica and I will start walking outside again.

Here are some not great photos of what I’ve been eating lately…

Also, I am not that great about recipes because I kinda go rogue. Let’s say I am giving you “ideas” and you can Google similar things?

My meal prep partner is stalled right now just like I was. She has lost around 30 pounds and wants to lose 10 more by April. I have been encouraging her to stay consistent just like she encouraged me when I was stalled.

Erica made the most delicious whole wheat linguine with chicken and broccoli and lemon cooked in chicken broth. I gave her the highest compliment I give. It is “restaurant quality”. I will be begging her to make this again!

One night for dinner I made French Onion chicken, roasted green beans, and roasted sweet potato.

Friday night for dinner I made skinny pizza dough pizza and one big breadstick. I just don’t even miss “real” pizza anymore. This recipe is just so good. Go to My Bizzy Kitchen for skinny pizza dough and your life will be changed.

I highly recommend this from Costco. My girl got engaged! We had an impromptu celebration at my house Friday after school and I already had this. I do save room in my points allowance for some wine!

Erica made the most delicious taco casserole last week. I think I’m getting the better end of the bargain here because Erica can cook! We knew we could work from home Thursday so we each took our meal prepped lunch home the day before to stay on track. Since I was home, I cut up two corn tortillas and baked them to make my own tortilla chips and they were the bomb. I will be doing that again soon! I think I did them at 350 for like 10 minutes? I need to figure that out!

I am obsessed with mushroom and onion and try to keep a container in the fridge that I throw in eggs or whatever.

I’ve also been on a red potato kick lately. I microwave and then finish them off for a couple of minutes in my skillet.

I discovered a one point tomato soup:

I made a 3 point Trader Joe’s frozen mini baguette to go with it. I take a bit of spray butter and add some garlic powder.

I also had veggie sushi from Fresh Market with the soup and breadstick. I was super hungry. Honestly, I think sometimes in my journey I needed to eat more to kickstart my metabolism. My WW app says that veggie sushi is about 9 points, but it’s worth it! I’m really trying to learn to listen to my body and not just worry about the points. There are days when you need to eat more. I found out why I was so hungry the next day if you know what I mean. If you don’t, then we will also be fine.

A favorite breakfast of an egg, an egg white, mushrooms and a turkey sausage patty.

I have not been able to find my turkey sausage links or my crumbles so I accepted this sub from Kroger Clicklist. Love them! They are 2 points a patty, but they really taste more like real sausage I think. Plus, it provides some of that protein for my goal of 30 g per meal.

Another happy Kroger accident:

I requested caramel and they gave me cookies and cream. Yum! It tastes like a melted Oreo.

It had been weeks since I had done my breakfast casserole so this past Sunday I got back to it. It is one point per serving for me with the cottage cheese, green chiles, and 6 eggs. I add whatever spices I want. The original recipe called for shredded cheese, but I honestly don’t miss it. That adds lots of points.

I bake it at 350 for 40 minutes and then make 6 portions. Yum!

This week I have 2 lunches to make and Erica has 3. I used these:

I found mine at Costco but my sis says Walmart has them. I really like them!

to make a traditional spaghetti with Laura’s lean ground beef. I added zucchini on the side because we get an extra point per cup of vegetables.

And, I did one of our favorites – AmyLu chicken, gouda, apple sausage and roasted vegetables.

Whew, that was a lot of food! I love what I am eating! I never feel deprived or hungry and when I want something I just eat it and count it and move on.

What have you eaten lately? Any recs? I would love to hear!


19 thoughts on “Eating Lately

  1. The broccoli and chicken pasta looks so good! I am definitely a pasta person; though I have stared adding a lot more microwave started/ pan fried finished potatoes to my weekly menu as well. I only get 18 points a day so I have to really conserve points and try to fill up on my zero points foods. I made sure whole grain pasta and potatoes were included! I’m trying not to get discouraged that the numbers on the scale haven’t moved (In over a year!)… I just keep fluctuating between the same 3-4 lbs up and down. But I do just keep reminding myself it’s about consistency and how I feel. All my new clothes still fit and I feel great so I try to remind myself it is just a number.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so good! I am more a potato than pasta person! I get 23 a day now and only had 16 before. You probably are just at a set point – my meal prep partner says change one thing when you get stalled?


  2. Hello! I have followed your blog for some time and look forward to reading it. Congratulations on your weight loss and the encouragement it brings to others. I wanted to make a comment but have hesitated because I didn’t want it to come across in a negative way. You have a love of ponchos and you have many gorgeous ones. A lot of people will use ponchos to “hide a multitude of sins”. This is what I wanted to say and pray it comes out positive. This style hides the progress you’ve made. Anyway, continued success on your journey and have a blessed day.


    1. Thank you Pamela! I don’t take that in a negative way at all!
      I was wearing them for that reason and I don’t want to wear them now! I am changing my style a lot!


  3. You are doing so amazing! You are right about consistency…& I’ve been guilty of giving up…but not since January 1st 🤣 Erica’s pasta looks delish! Per usual, I’m saving this post. I love the cookies and cream protein shake too!


  4. Hi Amy! I am on WW and really like it. Your blog really motivates me, your doing great! Can you please share your Greek salad and taco salad recipes? Thank you

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  5. Thanks for sharing all of your meals! They all look so good. I have a few I am going to post for tomorrow. Do you have a recipe link for the breakfast casserole?


    1. Of course! I look forward to reading yours! I did not know you were doing WW! That is great! I think I put the recipe in the post – 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 6 eggs, can of green chilies, spices, and shredded cheese if you want but I no longer put it in. Mix all in a baking dish/Pyrex and cook for 40 minutes at 350.


  6. I need to make that egg casserole next week. I wont add cheese either. I learned at the start of this journey what I miss and what I truly dont. Cheese is something I dont miss because of the high points. Did I miss size for the baking dish for egg casserole ?? maybe a 8×8 or 9×9? Those noodles look good too. I think I saw them at Winco out here last week. Erica’s done so great on her journey too! What an awesome experience to be able to support and help each other!


    1. I think you would like it. My Pyrex is an odd shape but I have used an 8×8 and it works, too.
      Same – I really kinda think cheese held me back in the past. My very thin friend says that when she starts to gain weight she goes vegan for a while.
      I really like the noodles!
      Erica has done great, too.
      It is so good to have accountability partners.
      How are Tay and Kelsey doing right now?


      1. They are doing great! They don’t tell me what they’ve lost but Kelsey is now a size large in athleta. She was a 2-3x! She looks great and she’s coming home for a long weekend feb 11-14. She’s staying one night with my mom, one night with taylor and one night here. Last time she was home was my dads funeral. Almost 3 years ago! We are very excited 😊 Tay has rediscovered her love of weight lifting, walking every day and she does calorie counting now. She looks awesome! She’s got more weddings and bachelorette parties coming up and her own Dirty Thirty party to Scottsdale with all of us in November!! She’s all in! Thanks for asking!

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