Monday, January 31, 2022

It’s time for another link up with Holly and Sarah!

It is the final day of January! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, January!

So…where do we begin…I will begin with the fact that I had a runny nose for a few days and then the mildest sore throat for like a day and then the mildest congestion for like a day but didn’t think much of it. I got my booster shot in December, by the way. The teacher two doors down had Covid along with her two daughters on Monday so Wednesday morning before school I took a home test and it was positive. I really didn’t think it would be! Then, the teacher between the one with Covid and I texted me that she was positive! I called in sick and just did nothing basically that day. I didn’t feel that bad!

The home test:

Later that afternoon I made an appointment for the drive through testing site. I had made it almost two years with never getting tested! Ha!

I drove through Chick Fil A and picked up groceries while awaiting my results! I had 5 real nuggets and a small fry with my grilled nuggets and a small vanilla shake. You gotta do what you gotta do when you are a little under the weather. The shake sounded really good.

I got my results and it was officially positive. By the way, Tom did the same drive through about 30 minutes after me and he was negative. So, I moved out of my bedroom into another bedroom and wore a mask when Tom was home and if I needed to be fairly close to him.

I made arrangements to teach from home Thursday and Friday if I didn’t get worse. They sent my students to the library and I used Google Meet. I didn’t have tons of energy and I couldn’t have taught in person even if I was allowed, but this seemed ok.

I ordered Panera delivery for lunch and tried their new Thai chicken soup – yum – and got a mediterranean vegetable sandwich but I put it in my own low carb wrap.

A couple of kids took pictures of our class. It was cute!

They wanted to see Ernie.

Thursday was the day I felt the worst I think and I was questioning my decision to try to teach online and not just rest. But, I finished up for the day and rested the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I woke up to this on Friday and hadn’t even known it was a possibility!

I made myself a homemade bagel sandwich and started teaching.

It was cold!

In the late morning, we got word that they would be dismissing school at 11:45 so I didn’t have to teach the whole day.

So, over the time at home I had some good tv to watch.

Watch this! It is on Netflix.

And this! This is on Hulu or network tv.

And, this is on Hulu.

Friday when Tom got home I walked Ernie with him and the fresh air felt good. Ernie goes crazy in the snow. He just turned 9 this year, by the way. He still seems so energetic and I do not want to think about him getting older.

Erica had dropped off her meals on my porch that I didn’t get to eat – Meatloaf and shepherd’s pie for around 6 WW points each. So, Tom and I split those for dinner with a couple of other leftover tidbits.

I am also really into this book and I’ve been reading while not watching t.v.

And, I think these glitter manis are lasting so long…

I have been going to bed at 9 every night and really trying to get the sleep I need.

I can imagine how challenging this would be to have lot of people in the house. Tom has left everyday at 7 and come home around 6 and then I just had to be careful/wear a mask when he was home.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling great! One of my goals has been to reduce food waste and use up foods. I had some holiday foods lingering – I made a half recipe of monkey bread. For some reason, I had used one of the cans of biscuits I bought, but not the other.

And, Chex Mix with Cheerios. Did you know they have heart shapes in the regular boxes now? They have some regular o’s and then the hearts! So cute for Valentine’s Day!

And, then I ate too much of each on Saturday. Oops.

Because February 1st is coming, I want to try one of these this week but with glitter! Lol! I also plan to wear my heart clothing! And, any red and pink I own!

I wouldn’t do the hearts and the dots – just the color pattern.

Sunday morning I had a Target drive up order and I had a testing appointment at 12. It is so nice to have delivery and drive up options for times like this.

And, Sunday afternoon I got a:


Tom knew I needed to get out. We went to an Irish pub called The Raven.

a Harp beer:

fries with curry:

I got a leek soup and Tom got a seafood chowder.

And, Tom wanted a Guiness chocolate cheesecake.

They also sell Irish candy so we bought these but haven’t tried them yet.

It was just what I needed. Today is back to school but I’m really happy! I have a super busy week and so much to get caught up on, too. But, I’m happy to tackle it.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Glad your dance with the ‘vid’ wasn’t too bad. Your February mani looks great! I want to watch all 3 of those shows on Netflix. We finished Ozark last night. My weekend was very chill – I only left the house on Saturday to walk outside for a bit and then Sunday we ran a few errands and had dinner at my moms. But today is my last day of dry January – woo hoo!!!


  2. We got buried in snow on Saturday. I ate way too many cookies out of boredom (well boredom and the fact chocolate chip cookies taste great!). Then yesterday we went snowshoeing and my husband and I enjoyed a date night out.

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  3. I am glad you are feeling better. I watched all the seasons of Younger and then again and again. I loved this series. The highlight of my weekend was seeing Reba McEntire in concert in Knoxville. I bought tickets for my niece for Christmas and we had a great time. Have a great week.


    1. Thank you! I wasn’t that bad, but knowing I was positive was a bit disconcerting, you know? It is so good and I can see that I might need to go back and watch again! Wow – that sounds amazing! Concerts! So cool!


  4. Wow, you have more winter than we do! And Ernie loves it! ❤ We actually had a full storm this weekend, and had to wait for assistance with a fallen tree over the road before we could go home from cabin on Sunday!
    So, done with the covid!? (do we have to talk about how the vaccine doesn't work…?). My school is still half full… and I'm enjoying it!


  5. Love your Valentine’s manicure! I’m glad you weren’t feeling too sick with the virus! It seems like everyone I know has had it in December and January! Hope you have a good week!


  6. I’m so glad you are feeling better! How sweet of Erica to bring you your food! You are a rockstar teacher teaching from home. I love that your students wanted to see Ernie. I hope you have a great week.


  7. The highlight of my week was testing negative before flying home from San Jose del Cabo! HAHA! We had SUCH a fabulous week there and will definitely go back again. It was lovely! Went to a bridal shower for one of Tay’s childhood friends. So weird that they are 29 and getting married and having babies. Tay said not me mom. I am trying to eat healthy, work from home, travel for work, drink water, work out and id like to meet a good guy! Poor girl – its a rough world out there now. She will find her Mr Right eventually. I know it in my heart. Glad you’re feeling better! At least its not shameful and you dont have to have covid stigma like back in the day! HA! Have a great week!


  8. Oh no!! I’m glad your symptoms were mild and you are feeling better!! I love that first Multi colored manicure. It is so outside the box for me but I think I’m going to try it next week. Thanks for linking up!


    1. Thank you! They were! I do, too. I need to do that. It is outside of the box for me, too. But, so was the glitter. It has made me happy in the dead of winter. Thanks for providing the link up!


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