Thursday, November 11,2021

I hope you all don’t think I talk about this too much, but I do seem to get the most comments when I talk about healthy living/eating. I posted about healthy Trader Joe’s finds Tuesday here, non-scale victories here, but I haven’t posted about Eating Lately since the end of September here.

I am planning a post on holiday strategies – maybe more for me than for you! I have a game plan in mind but I am getting worried about all of the holiday foods coming up!

First of all, let’s have some real talk…

I started cleaning up my diet on my own on April 8, 2021. On May 1, 2021, I joined WW officially and started doing their “purple” plan. I had no exact pound goals in mind when I started; I just new I needed to do something to FEEL better. Looking better was a goal, too, of course.

I made it to a 43.5 pound loss at the end of October. Yes, I am going to include the “.5”. I went down another jean size at the end of October – making a change of probably 3 jean sizes in total. It’s hard to know what jean size I was in April because I wore “leggings size”.

Back in August, I started thinking I could have my goal be “50 pounds for 50 years” because my 50th birthday was November 2nd. I didn’t make that goal and to be honest, it has been slow going pound-wise lately. I do not know what my ultimate goal is, but I do want to lose several more pounds. I could get frustrated, but I am still happy with my achievements and I plan to keep trucking along.

My goals are: keep finding new recipes, drink more water (very hard as a teacher), walk more, add in more protein, and enjoy the non-scale victories.

Here is my day yesterday. The new WW plan rolled out on Monday and I am still learning it, but things didn’t change too much for me. I will talk more about that at the end of the post.

I drink two cups of coffee at home.

At school, I heat up and eat my casserole made of egg, green chilies, low fat cottage cheese with vegetables and two Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links. When will I get tired of this breakfast? Probably never.

Snack is a banana and a half of a Premier Protein. I usually have this with instant coffee but on this day I just drank it from the carton.

Lunch for Erica and I was the Mexican spaghetti squash boats. Tom and I had it for dinner the night before and it was Tom approved.

You roast your squash by cutting in half (I had to microwave to get it soft enough to cut) and putting it face down on a cookie sheet at 400 for about 40 minutes. You use a fork to string out most of the squash and mix that with some green enchilada sauce, chicken (rotisserie would work great), green chilies, corn, cilantro, green onion, and non-fat greek yogurt. You spoon back into the squash and bake for a few more minutes and then top with some shredded cheese and broil for a couple of minutes.

Yum! I will be making this again! It also makes me wonder what else I can put in a squash boat…

After school I had a half of a Built bar, but I had errands to run so I didn’t eat anything else.

For dinner, we had Greek bowls. Did you see the recipe? I am obsessed!

I made a pumpkin cake and put a few chocolate chips on top for dessert.

This time change may be bad for my eating because I got in a real snacky mood that night and had a string cheese, popcorn, and a dum dum sucker after my shower.

A couple of notes from lately:

I have been making faux rotisserie chicken with chicken broth, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in my crockpot. I seasoned half with Greek seasoning, and half with taco seasoning. That makes the week easier when you have the chicken ready. It is so good this way, too!

I have been having salad without dressing but with some mashed avocado and lime juice and it’s really good!

Hearts of palm pasta is decent:

Get creative! I had no buns, so I have been putting my veggie burgers in low carb wraps. You can put so many things in a wrap!

If you have not been on My Bizzy Kitchen yet, you need to go. You can do so much with her dough. You can make bagels!

Another salad with the avocado “dressing”:

Another wrap and homemade fries. I microwave a baked potato and then slice in wedges and “fry” in my skillet with a bit of Pam.

I am really thinking about an air fryer. I know it’s controversial to have another appliance, but I think I would use it every day now.

The best snack:

celery with laughing cow and everything but the bagel seasoning and avocado toast.

Leftover Chick Fil A grilled nuggets (get extra when you order them), brown rice, and my homemade tzatziki from the Greek bowl recipe. I could have used some veggies, but I needed a quick lunch.

This is what I do with my CFA nuggets. I use my own buffalo sauce, my own dill pickles, and make the fries.

Simple as can be: roast potatoes, green beans, and chicken sausage.

Mexican bowl with chicken, beans, pico, and a bit of cheese. I don’t miss the rice!

So, the new WW plan… I used to get 16 points a day on purple, which isn’t much. I would get 42 extra points that I would use on Saturdays mostly. Now I get 20 points a day and 28 extras but I can earn more by walking or exercising. I can add to my 20 dailies for every serving of vegetables and for drinking enough water. If you don’t use all of your daily points, they carry over to your extra weeklies. It is a personalized plan because I had to answer questions about the foods I love to eat and eat often. I get non-starchy vegetables and fruits for zero points, along with turkey and chicken, eggs, non-fat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, and I do get potatoes and sweet potatoes for zero points, as well. It sounds more complicated than it is. It is very simple after you do it for a week or so.

The premise is food tracking or journaling, portion size, encouragement to eat enough fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, and to eat lots of lean protein. If you are thinking about joining, I say do it. The app is really amazing. It is easy to track and it also has a wealth of recipes, restaurant lists, and more.

Whew, I’m tired.

Thanks for reading if you are still here!


23 thoughts on “Eating Lately and New WW Plan

  1. I have a post planned for Monday on the new plan and how I did this week. I am finding it so easy to follow and with earning points each day for veggies and exercise some days I can easily eat 22 point and still have rollovers! I am curious to see how it will work whenever we have to eat out though; I used to rely on my weeklies for that since most meals at restaurants tend to be very high in points. I am so skeptical that weight loss will follow though as I feel like I have eaten more this week than I have in the last few weeks where I saw no weight loss either…. maybe I really am moving more?? I hope so!

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    1. Same! I feel like I’m eating too much! I feel like if I earn another point I will use it on sweets or snacks. I guess they know what they are doing but it’s scary! Can’t wait to read yours!


  2. YOU have done an amazing job – keep on going girl, it gets a bit harder it seems but my experience was that you have these tiny little losses and then one big one. Just keep looking at your overall loss and remember that healthy weight loss is anywhere between .5 and 2 pounds per week – more than that is likely not to stay off because it usually involves something extreme.
    I went back and forth about an air fryer and we finally decided on one and I am thrilled. It’s easy to clean and serves multiple functions. It also fits on one of my cabinets which I LOVE as I hate stuff on the counter. It’s on major sale right now at Target the Power XL Grill Air Fryer. Just under $100 right now.
    I enjoy these posts – keep them coming!

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    1. Yes, it is slow moving now! It didn’t come on instantly and it’s not gonna come off instantly. Thank you for the encouragement. That helps!
      I’m gonna pull the trigger. I will compare the Target to Amazon. I think it’s perfect for two of us and it will enhance the flavor of so many of my new foods.
      I hope I don’t talk about this too much but from my comments I think lots are in the same boat!
      Have a great day!


  3. I always save your food / WW posts. You are so inspiring and are crushing it! Question- do we have to track our own veggies (hit the + sign?) I’ve been tracking my veggies and they have a + next to them but then in the main screen with points, it stays the same (I hit the + for my water…so do I do the same for veggies?) I just thought it would automatically track on the main screen?


    1. No, if you put in brussel sprouts it gives you the point. It would only be if you didn’t track the food that you would manually add it.
      I didn’t know you were doing Ww! When did you start and how have you done?


      1. Hmmm. I don’t know if I’m getting credit for my veggies 😂Im sure I am. Well, I tried it back in the spring / early summer with not much success. I started back a couple weeks ago. Im jealous of your progress. Can you just send me a weekly meal plan 🤣


      2. Just copy my stuff for the next week! I was thinking about doing a post on my grocery store staples – not Trader Joe’s. Get the Boca burgers! Yum! What did you choose as your zero foods?


      3. I think about the same as you- fruit, veggies, some potatoes? I popped into Trader Joe’s today- got the laughing cow and some celery. I will get some boca burgers this weekend!


      4. That’s great! Let me know if you like that snack. Also, the Brownberry Keto bread from Kroger is amazing! I use it for avocado toast.
        Let me know what you think of the Bocas, too!

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  4. I remember when I used to count carbs: the first thing they told me to give up was bananas. Since I don’t love them, they were easy to give up. Just something to think about! I like them in smoothies but that’s about it. Maybe add in a new type of protein drink? I used to do muscle milk or smoothies with protein powder to fill me up for breakfast.

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      1. Here is the thing about fruits…..Most people didn’t get fat by eating apples and bananas and watermelon. I always get a chuckle out of that. Fruits are a healthy part of any diet. I have lost 74 lbs with WW and I eat a banana every day. So dont put too much into that theory about eating fruit. Can you eat TOO much fruit? Absolutely. And also remember that when you blend a fruit – your body doesn’t have to work to break it down, so with WW you will have to count the points. I don’t agree with them or make the rules. HaHa! Have a great day! You are doing great and the only thing I would suggest about when you hit a plateau……change up something. I know for myself that when I hit my plateau, I would eat a tad more protein. Drink a glass or 2 more of water. Just a suggestion. Doesn’t work for everyone and NEVER forget you are on a journey and going slow and steady WILL HELP YOU WIN! I promise you that. Ok, stepping off my WW soap box now and going for a quick walk to start my day!


      2. True. I am not a big fruit person at all. I can eat 5 veggies a day no problem but fruit is harder for me.
        Believe me girl, it is slow and steady for sure with me!
        Thanks for the inspo and all the help!


  5. Love these posts! An air fryer has been a game changer for me on WW. Have you made homemade eggrolls yet? Oh, my! They are delicious. I use the coleslaw mix, sautéed with some green onion, low sodium soy sauce, and rotisserie chicken. I use eggroll wraps to wrap (seal with water or an egg wash) the cabbage mixture, spray with olive oil and air fry on 400 degrees for 10 minutes, turning half way. They are 2 points each for me. I also make chicken, roasted potatoes, hash browns, low carb egg wraps, roasted veggies. I have the ninja brand.

    I am officially down 19 pounds since September. I was only planning on losing 20 pounds, but now I guess I will just keep on going. 🙂 I am so excited about the new plan. I was on Blue and my points didn’t change too much.


    1. Thank you Kara! I got one today! I have seen those eggrolls and I am so excited! Have you done the buffalo chicken one?
      Congrats to you! That’s amazing!
      I am the same. I am doing about the same thing but with 4 extra points a day so it’s good!


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