Wednesday, March 2, 2022

It’s time for another edition of Eating Lately; it’s been awhile! Feel free to check out other food posts here, here, and here.

This time I will basically be doing a photo dump of my meals from my iphone. You will see some repetition and I’m very obviously not a food stylist! My goal in doing these posts is to maybe give you some ideas. I know I love looking at others’ food photos so that I can do the same. I usually post my meals from my weekends, so you have probably seen some of these there, too.

Quick recap…I am doing WW Personal Points. My goal is to fill up on vegetables and lean proteins but allow myself to live life and enjoy treats from time to time. I try to get 30 grams of protein at each meal if I can. I have been kind of stalled lately, but I am staying consistent and trying to move more.

By the way, my sister has lost 30 pounds, my co-worker Erica has lost 25 pounds, and now my friend Victoria has lost 12 pounds all on WW. It really does work! I am so proud of these people and I can talk recipes with all of them, too!

I am really craving salads and I am so happy about it. I had really been gravitating toward cooked vegetables so this has been a nice change of pace for me.

I really don’t buy salad dressing anymore – I make a simple olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper dressing. Sometimes I smush some hard boiled egg and avocado to make it more creamy. I also make my family’s favorite homemade honey mustard and I eat that, too. I really don’t worry too much about these dressings because I use so little.

Baby arugula salad:

My Bizzy Kitchen’s skinny pizza dough recipe. You can also make bagels and breadsticks and a whole bunch of other stuff with this amazing dough.

Burrito Bowl – with homemade corn tortilla chips from the air fryer that I made out of corn tortillas.

Breakfast burritos on low carb tortillas. My favorite brand is La Banderita.

Restaurant salad:

I have a post coming up about how I have been ordering in restaurants.

Spanish omelette wth baby arugula salad with radishes. I have a new radish love and I really enjoy using my new mandolin slicer. But, I did slice my thumb. This was arugula, radish, and thumb skin salad. Just kidding!

More skinny pizza! I make a garlic butter from the spray butter and a few dashes of garlic powder – akin to the Papa John’s garlic butter.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza by me:

Lasagna soup for a school lunch made by Erica:

Amy’s Salad:

Greek bowl with lots of tzatziki this time:

Terikyaki chicken bowl with cauliflower rice and broccoli: I had some corn so I had that on the side.

Another salad but on my patio so even better:

I want to make Mix and Match Mama’s buffalo chicken salad soon:

And, I want to make Natalie’s turkey sub bowls:

In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I have two cups of coffee in the morning, a half of a Premier or Fairlife protein shake with iced coffee, and lots and lots of water and sparkling seltzer water. My snacks are string cheese, avocado toast, popcorn, and dum dum suckers usually.

What have you been eating lately?


20 thoughts on “Eating Lately

  1. We are quite healthy over here, I almost always cook from scratch, but I must confess that I can’t fit into some of my old jeans… Maybe I should do something about it, maybe not… Something happened when I turned 50 you know… strange when I’ve always been quite skinny…
    Anyway, youngest daughter makes poké bowls for us sometimes, delish! Salmon (with a lot of garlic and Asian stuff), rice, avocado, mango, cucumbers and more Asian sauce…
    And, talking about healthy, it’s season for the Swedish “semla” – I think you googled it last year? I wonder how many WW points a semla is!? ha ha!


    1. I bet! You see how bad the American diet can be, too, right? Those bowls sound amazing and you are so lucky she likes to cook! Yes, I looked up semla again and my WW app doesn’t have it! Ha!


  2. I recently bought Walmart’s version of the Premier Protein and liked them – much cheaper too. I agree about the salad dressing, I prefer to make my own too – so much better. I found a yummy ranch dressing that is made with Greek Yogurt and it is so good!


  3. I make my own dressing as well; in fact my youngest really only likes my Italian dressing. I’ve been eating more eggs/quiche for breakfast and trying to only eat my fruit/granola a few times a week and still eating lots and lots of salads and vegetable soups.

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  4. Hi Amy. Your pizzas look great. Do you make the crust with only NF Greek yogurt and self rising flour? Or do you add yeast and salt? Also, please share your Taco Bell-inspired toppings. These look delicious and I’m excited to try them myself.

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    1. Go to My Bizzy Kitchen and I follow her recipe to the T. I hav posted it several times so that’s why I didn’t link it again.
      I only make the Mexican pizza but I can post it – it is really easy. You can also Google copy cat Taco Bell Mexican pizza recipe.
      They are both delicious staples for me! Thanks!


  5. Your meals look so good! I really like your chicken burrito bowl; it makes the one I make look really sad! I added black beans and thought I was wildly creative, lol. Your turkey sub bowl looks good as well. I also have a Premier Protein every morning at school after my cup of coffee, in the same travel mug, and I swear it’s the best thing I have all day. I savor every sip of it! I’m alone during the week, as my husband travels a lot and my sons live 2.5 hrs away. I’m not much of a cook plus I’m a little lazy, so I’m happy with French toast for dinner or even a TJ lasagna that will last for 3 or 4 meals. I’m going to add more canned tuna with walnuts and dried cranberries because I can eat it alone or on some greens. Tuna is so versatile and full of protein, but I’m tired and lazy as I limp toward Spring Break. We get one week in March, and it’s the week after next! 7 more school days!!


    1. Thank you, Susan! You really deserve to eat well when you are alone, too. Have you thought about just an hour of Sunday meal prep? I so look forward to my Premier, too. What is your favorite flavor? Have you tried the flavored tunas on top of a salad? I want to do that as the weather warms up. I know what you mean about limping! You can do it! I hope you get the rest and relaxation you need! And deserve!


  6. I am in my healthy zone again. I kind of veered off the wagon and although I didnt gain much weight, I started noticing the scale screening up and I said “NO!” I worked too hard to get it off. I am 4 lbs up since Feb 2020 and 8 lbs over my HAPPY WEIGHT. Today is Ash Wednesday and I made an incredible salmon salad…..I use a SCANT amount of dressing and I do not count it towards my daily points. Don’t @ me…..LOL. Every one do what works best for them. Of course Skinny Pizza Dough on Fridays, (for lent Tony will have cheese only and I will have veggie and cheese only) we eat alot of salmon, Mahi mahi tacos ( I use low carb tortillas) chicken, veggies, salads, fruits, oatmeal for breakfast (its a 0 point and I love it!) popcorn, hard boiled eggs for snacks, premier protein and my nitro brew coffee, fat free cottage cheese with peaches, lots of water. I walk 4-6 x a week and do my peloton and strength classes! Whew. Reading this makes me hungry and tired. I am getting ready to leave for a vacation to Sedona and Scottsdale and I plan to enjoy myself in MODERATION. I am not giving myself freedom to eat whatever I want and we will walk and play golf and Tony doesn’t mind sharing meals with me. New month, New goals. thanks for letting me share!


    1. You go, girl! I don’t get salmon for free, but I am willing to spend points on it. I think it has lots of health benefits. Your salad on IG looked amazing. You don’t know how happy I am to be finally craving all the salads! There are so many variations. I should use my mahi burgers to make fish tacos. That sounds great.
      You have a plan and seem to do really well with it! Kudos!


  7. So many yummy meals! I want to make breakfast burritos next week. I’ve been bad at tracking (but trying to make good choices) starting yesterday, I got back to tracking and want to keep up with it!


    1. Thank you, Jen! I think you will love the ease of making the burritos and the convenience of grabbing one in the morning. I had been bad at tracking, but I started getting better again. If this warm weather isn’t a motivator to get back on track, I don’t know what is!


      1. What do you put in your burritos? Do you freeze them or keep them in the fridge?
        The good news is that I’ve been about or workout most days the past couple of weeks


      2. You really could put anything but I have been enjoying the simple egg, cheese, potato. I put in the fridge and then heat in my classroom for 30 seconds. It feels like such a treat. It’s a great portable food!
        You are so dedicated to working out. I’m trying to get there…

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