Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It’s time for another update! I am doing WW Purple if you are new around here. I started cleaning up my diet on April 8 on my own and officially joined WW on May 1st. I am officially down 35 pounds as of last Friday! These last 4 pounds have come off slowly. I was at 31 as of our last update.

Here is me mid-May:

Here is me last week. I was trying to wear an outfit that I wore when I began and this is what I found…

So, I don’t see that big of a difference in these photos. I had already lost about 10 pounds in the above and then below that would be about 25 more.

Here is the soup that Erica made last week! I am excited to check out more Food Babe recipes. Here are screen shots for you to see if you want to click. It was delicious and zero points.

I get 16 points a day and I am encouraged to eat lots of zero point foods. I love the app!

Recently I have had a veggie burger wrap with some hash browns

and zoodles with mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, and chicken.

I love this buffalo chicken dip recipe and no one would know it is light.

I make a different breakfast on the weekends than what I eat during the week.

I mix up my normal egg casserole, veggies, Jimmy Dean turkey sausage breakfast for these sandwiches sometimes.

An easy dinner is AmyLu chicken gouda apple sausage and vegetables.

I want to try these Greek bowls. I stopped following decadent food accounts and now follow snackin_n_trackin and other healthy accounts on Instagram. You can search “WW” or “low carb” in the Instagram search feature. Then, when you follow one, you will find others.

Meal prepping is a must:

I tried a new recipe with these noodles, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and “birdballs”. Thanks to Kim for the recipe that can be found here.

Erica made whole wheat pasta last week for one of our meals.

I think this Brownberry Keto bread is pretty good! I’m not doing Keto obviously but this bread is only one point per slice.

Cocktails really add up, so I like to look for alternatives. This makes a really good sub for a cocktail. I use half a stick of lemonade and pineapple coconut seltzer.

I really like Bubly.

I try not to have much in the way of processed foods or artificial sweeteners.

I am getting probably 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day (combined), eating lean proteins, drinking two cups of coffee, and a half of a Premier protein, and then a sweet treat once or twice a day that might be a more artificial or processed food. I have popcorn, apples, string cheese, celery with a laughing cow of buffalo dip for a snack.

I drink as much water as I can.

I gave myself grace to not worry about walking for the first 3 weeks of school. I get 10,000 steps as a teacher no problem, anyway.

On the fourth week I started walking at least three times a week. Last week I walked four times.

I really like my On Cloud shoes. I love that you don’t have to tie them.

I am still drinking cocktails and eating out and I am LIVING life.

I can eat whatever I want when I eat out, but I have been choosing:

Mexican: fajitas

Nice Restaurants: salmon or fish and veggies

Chick Fil A: grilled nuggets and no fries but I will make a substitute type of some type of potato.

Thanks for visiting me! Share a food or recipe if you have any suggestions!


35 thoughts on “Healthier Living and a Soup Recipe

  1. I think you look amazing and I love how you are doing this! WW really does allow you to live your life and not go without. It really is important to meal prep and never hurts to follow all the healthy food accounts you can, makes a big difference. I used to tell the kids at school to look at the 5 people they hang out with the most and ask themselves if these are the people they want to be most like because that’s what happens. The people you spend the most time with are the people who influence your behavior and attitudes. I think the very same thing can be said about the social accounts and blogs we follow!

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    1. Thank you! That is so true about the 5 people! I should use that at school.
      I appreciate your support. It’s hard to be vulnerable and share but if it helps someone it’s worth it.


  2. Wow, what a difference! You look great!
    So for food tips I would go with shredded cauliflower instead of rice and cabbage instead of spagetti (sauté with salt and pepper). I find it nice to eat (almost) the same thing as the rest of the table!

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    1. I love riced cauliflower! I use it a lot – fried rice but with cauliflower. There is a Mexican cauli rice at Trader Joe’s for burrito bowls. I really don’t miss rice and pasta. I have been using zucchini or whole wheat pasta but I think I need to limit even whole wheat.
      Thank you T-T!


  3. Our favorite meal this past week was a Weight Watcher’s Tuscan Chicken pasta by My Crazy Good Life; made with whole grain pasta it’s only 2 points per serving. My boys– all 3 of them!– gobbled it right up.

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  4. Amy I DO see a difference in the pics! I especially see your face getting slimmer. Great job! Hard work pays off! I have 30 to lose myself and am struggling a bit, but am going to keep at it. You should feel proud! The food looks great!

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    1. I do, too, but I guess I was thinking it would be more dramatic? I feel so much different, though! Thank you so much!
      You can lose 30 pounds! I am trying to increase my protein and I should have said that, too. I am eating delicious food – no joke! Keep at it – slow and steady!


  5. I can see a big difference – congratulations! I am a Lifetime member of WW and it truly is not a diet….but a healthy way to eat and live. As a retired kindergarten teacher, I love that you give yourself “grace” – so very important. You are doing “all the things” Amy. Keep it up. I know how great you must feel and I am so happy for you.


    1. Thank you so much, Anita! Congrats to you! I would love to make it to Lifetime. I know I will have to do this forever. I am learning valuable lessons. Congrats on your retirement. I am exhausted. Teaching normally is hard. Teaching in a mask is HARD.
      You are so kind and encouraging! Thank you!!!!


      1. Thank you. I appreciate that. It’s been a struggle. I put on a some pounds last year, and struggle to get them off even when I’m doing 80/20, working out etc. I don’t know. I may try the purple plan soon and see if that helps. I’m proud of your journey. You are definitely living life and making progress 👏🏻


      2. It is a constant struggle. I love the purple plan. I really need to up my protein and my water. But, when I think back to my diet of 6 months ago I am pleased with my progress. I am trying to have the mindset of what I love to eat and how I love to feel.

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      3. It’s so hard at school! I feel like I chug after school. I really think upping my protein is helping. I follow Amanda Nighbert on Insta and she has some good tips. I think you did her LEAN?

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      4. Yes! She’s like a Lexington celebrity. We go to the same pool, have mutual friends, etc. She keeps it real and shares so much. Love her. My sister in law saw her at the grocery store yesterday 🤣


  6. You look phenomenal!! I’ve real;ly been struggling with trying to do keto again. I lost 45+ a few years ago on it, but just don’t think its sustainable. I’m now wondering if I should try W again… I did it after having Noah and lost ~60 lbs. At this point in my life (post menopause!) the weight is stubborn and so am I. I hate having such a limited “diet” with keto.


    1. Awww thanks, Jen! I remember how you lost so much and were an inspiration. I personally don’t think Keto is sustainable. My sister did it and gained it all back and more. My average has been 7 pounds a month which is SLOW. But, what else did I have to do? I could stay the same and feel bad or gain even more and feel worse. If you ever want to talk you know where to find me. You are beautiful, my friend!


    1. Thank you, Sheila! It really is. I will never turn down fun but I have realized how my fun/outings were tied to food. It is our culture, too. I always try to get hub to split meals with me because the portions are so out of whack at restaurants. I am still learning how to live a more balanced and healthy life and it will probably always be hard.


  7. You look fantastic, Amy! I know how hard it is and its also hard to find new ways to reinvent the wheel! The best thing about WW is that it IS NOT A DIET. its a LIFESTYLE and that is why people are more successful. It truly take a village with all this and I am SO happy you found Amanda! Snackin and Trackin! I think I told you she was Kelseys roommate all thru college. They have reconnected this past year or so thru this WW Lifestyle and it makes me so happy! I have to unfollow all the decadent IG accounts too. I also dont make all the muffins, etc like I used to. Even healthy wise its just too much to have around. If I want a donut, I will just go buy what I truly want, track it and move on. That is why we have weeklies and fit points! Ok, that is all I have to say for now! HAHA


    1. Thank you so much! You are so right! Thank you for being an inspiration and for all of your help and encouragement. I agree – I had to cut down on the cake I was making. Balance is important!


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