Tuesday, November 9, 2021

I went to TJ’s this Saturday to get some healthy staples. I go about once a month and try to go very early on Saturday mornings. Typically I go into the liquor store first. We have a law in Kentucky that liquor can’t be sold in grocery stores, so they have a different “store” right next door for alcohol. It’s really dumb. We also can’t buy it until 1:00 pm on Sundays so going on Saturdays makes the most sense for efficient use of time.

I will be honest with you; I have not gone to TJ’s as much as I normally would have due to the temptations. Yes, they have lots of healthy options that look amazing, but they also have so many seasonal treats!

I bought these for the first time to add some crunch on my salads. I like them but they are super crunchy.

My Kroger had been out of Laughing Cow and luckily TJ’s has it. This is a staple for me. It goes in my buffalo chicken dip and it is so good spread on celery with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. It makes a great snack.

I had ordered hearts of palm pasta from Amazon for a very high price so I was excited to see it in the pasta aisle. I think it’s pretty good!

I had an idea to put it with artichokes and mushrooms maybe? I haven’t tried it yet. I also got a recipe for a skinny spinach artichoke dip. Hello 90s! I still love that dip so much! You should always have diced tomatoes and I am using the salsa verde for the Mexican spaghetti squash dish I am trying this week.

Yum! Shaved brussel sprouts cooked with a bit of bacon and bacon grease?

The aforementioned spaghetti squash and an acorn squash to duplicate Erica’s amazing meal from a couple of weeks ago.

Love this jasmine rice for the fam. And, I am trying the brown for the first time. Frozen corn is a staple for us and I bought some shrimp to maybe use with the hearts of palm pasta.

I needed green onions and cilantro for the spaghetti squash dish and I wanted to roast the beautiful tri-color carrots (what a pretty Thanksgiving side!), and then I had plans for salads a couple of times this week.

The lite cheeses are so good and the non-lite is probably the best shredded cheese I have ever had.

I did buy a few treats – I bought advent calendars for my nieces and nephews (get those quickly or they will be gone!), an advent calendar for Ernie (hehe), and the amazing tiny chocolate chip cookies that the boys like.

Anything you would recommend? I am so sorry if you don’t have one close by! It really is such a lovely grocery shopping experience if you can go when it isn’t crowded!


10 thoughts on “Healthy Trader Joe’s

  1. I don’t get to TJ’s nearly enough and I agree, there are so many temptations! I try to avoid that kind of thing as much as I can and find that my Walmart Neighborhood Market has great prices on veggies and staples I need. I do want to grab that wine you mentioned though!


  2. So many good ideas! I need to buy laughing cow! I always buy Brussels sprouts at Trader Joe’s but haven’t tried the shaved ones. The ones I buy are cut in half with some seasoning on them. I usually buy advent calendars at TJ too!


  3. I always go to Tj’s when we are at the beach. I dont have one close to us over in the valley. I love the peach salsa, the chicken jalapeño sausages. I cut them in half and then freeze and take one out for our pizza Fridays. I also buy the fat free pizza sauce. The spicy hummus is so good and I love it with the baby carrots. I buy the tri-colored shredded cabbage, the bagged butter lettuce for salads. Tony loves the corn dippers so I get those for him. He also loves the choc chip dunkers. I put them in the freezer so they are not as tempting. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE (that alot of love) the canned cinnamon rolls. I have one in the fridge now and will make for us Thanksgiving morning. They are definitely a treat and NO I do not point them. I eat, I enjoy, I move on! The laughing cow cheese is also a staple in my house! I love it with a few mini pretzels and a sliced apple for aft snack. Hoping they have the advent calendars next week when we are over at the beach. I will get one for Taylor!


    1. So fun that it is a beach type thing – makes it more special. Those are all good items! I need to try the ff pizza sauce. Their veg are so good! Tom has to have real Scoops from Kroger and he loves those. He won’t go for the dippers. I still haven’t tried the cinnamon rolls but I plan to do a big Turkey breakfast. I think they will still have the advent calendars, but don’t wait too much longer than that!


  4. I try to go every week but some days it’s just so crowded I give up lol. The store isn’t big enough for all these people! I really like their frozen pasta’s and the Hold The Cone ice cream cones! I haven’t come across anything new I really like lately other than that.


    1. I can’t do crowded! I would love to make it my only store but we rely on so many Kroger brand items. The Hold the Cones are great! I follow someone who posts new TJs finds on Instagram. It’s pretty interesting!

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