Wednesday, November 10. 2021

I actually have a lot for you today in the way of outfits. Some you have seen in other posts over the last week.

Have you thought about what you will wear for Thanksgiving? It all depends on the weather for me. I do like to dress up a little. The most important factor for me is comfort! We will be back to our normal traditions this year. We go to Tom’s sister on Thursday and to my side on Friday about an hour away.

On my birthday I wore jeans, my gold clogs, and new poncho and purse!

That night I wore the Spanx leggings, Target boots I will talk about in a moment, an old black top and faux fur vest, and my newish Amazon bag that I love!

For school I wore my Target dress with a vest and black booties.

For school the next day I wore an old swing dress with new poncho and my Target boots.

So, I bought these western vibe Target Universal Thread boots in black and tan.

the boots

They are pretty comfortable and they look decent for their $30ish price.

On Friday I attempted a sweater and I was hot all day. I paired it with jeans and my $15 sneakers from end of last season.

Sunday I wore this for fall boating.

Monday I wore my Target plaid dress with a vest and booties.

Any favorites? I think I like the poncho outfits the best.

What have you been wearing lately?


8 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. Glad you like those Target boots – I am so impressed with the ones I got from there this year. The memory foam is so comfortable! All of your outfits are so cute Amy – and I love the new bag from Amazon!


    1. I do! I don’t think they are full day at school boots but I can wear them comfortably for 3-4 hours. Thank you! I am trying to do bare legs as long as I can. I love the new bag. It was so cheap, too! Now I am thinking I want that shape bag in cognac, too!


  2. My favorite is the outfit you wore your birthday night, along with the sunglasses, love it! Still wearing capris here, although I did wear a pair of jeans cuffed up with new clogs because I want it to be cooler weather so bad!!


    1. Aww, thank you Nancy! Those are prescription and I am not trying to be cool. Ha! Still capri weather? We actually had a really warm day today. I am trying to do the bare leg thing as long as I can. It’s so funny how the warm weather folks want cold so bad and we want warm back!


  3. I prefer the “hot sweater” combo with jeans and sneakers – because that’s what I look like most days! I’m trying to stay away from doctor martens and real winter jackets as long as possible, because I will be so tired of them… It’s actually around 50° right now, so I’m happy!
    How nice with thanksgiving in a normal way again! As I told you before we’ve only adapted the black Friday part of it… No-one would dream of making a turkey over here! 😀


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