Friday, November 12, 2021

Happy Friday! I am happy to link up today with Andrea, etc. here.

I have a teacher professional development day today. We have lots of meetings but I hope I will also have a bit of time alone in my room, to rock in my chair and put glue on my face. Anyone get that reference? Billy Madison! I love that movie! What a great premise for a movie, right?

Moving on…

Here are my favorites for the week!

I am loving this Target Tenoverten polish and I think I do a better job with short nails and I also think dark looks great on short nails.

I am definitely making this recipe again! I want to make it a bit spicier. They are called spaghetti squash chicken enchilada boats. I find it so fun to try new recipes!

Amazon is always a favorite!

I really like this sweater but it was just too big. I am waiting on a smaller size. I recommend it! The Amazon Essentials have been really good!

I have been ordering several things because I have some gift cards. I return more than I keep; I am getting very discriminating and trying to only keep perfect 10s in my closet.

I need to try this on and style it. I am looking for a stretchy black blazer that doesn’t look stretchy and doesn’t make me look like I play linebacker for our football team. Apologies to any linebackers reading my blog.

And, these are some other things I ordered. I will tell you what I kept or sent back and why.

First up, was the v neck. I did not like the feel of the material.

Next is a cute shirt but it was too small and I just decided I didn’t need it. It is knit/cotton.

Third down is a super cute jacket that seems to be great quality. I returned it because it was a bit snug in the chest. I may order it in one size larger but I really need to inventory and try on the jackets I have. I like the idea of a bright color for the winter.

I love the skirt and I am keeping it! The material is pretty flimsy, but I like the smooth elastic waist. There is no room to spare for me right now. I am excited to try to wear this with the Amazon Essentials sweater coming to me from the first photo.

And, finally I love the cream sweater but I needed to size up one. I realized I already have a cream sweater. I may change my mind and order it in the next size up.

So, the trends I am trying to jump on board with are the leaopard skirt trend and the blazer trend. We shall see if I can rock them or not!

School has been really good lately. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a grind this year, but I have lots of things each day that warm my heart. I am constantly learning to work smarter and not harder and just like the kids, I had to find my groove again.

I offered a bonus opportunity to make bread of the dead for Day of the Dead (I do this every year) and I had at least one loaf per class. I had the idea to make it “to go” this year. I brought baggies, cut the bread (lots of jokes about me only bringing my knives to school one day a year!) and they took it with them. I made a pledge at the beginning of the year to not forgo the normal stuff and I have done pretty well with that. We miss our food days, but we hope we can do at least one in the spring.

This was a really pretty loaf.

I have had some kids really show improvement in their Spanish skills and that is so cool! I try to keep in mind that we are teaching them how to “do school” again, in addition to the academic piece. So, what we have accomplished in 13 weeks is pretty darn amazing. I’ve got some boogers; don’t get me wrong, but the overwhelming majority are awesome kids that make me want to be the best I can be.

Every November I do some activities about being thankful/grateful. We write thank you letters in Spanish to a school staff member and I really love this assignment. Spanish Club is preparing a thank you for teachers, also.

In other school news, I received word that I won the teacher superlative for “Most Likely to Host a Talk Show”. Retirement job, perhaps? The superlatives were pretty creative this year but I can’t remember all of the categories. I have received “Most Theatrical” and “Most Active on Social Media” before. I think that was at the beginning of social media maybe? I am definitely not that active now.

And, yesterday was like our Friday so we played Scrabble in Spanish for the first time. I think they really enjoyed it!

The leaves are starting to fall and it looks so pretty! I love the look of wet leaves and it rained yesterday!

Yesterday I had a fun happy hour with my friend Beth. We tried a new place called The Champagnery. It is gorgeous and I loved it!

We ordered a champagne flight and mine was called “A Trip to Spain” and Beth got “A Trip to France”.

We ordered some truffle popcorn – yum!

and fries with champagne aioli. OMG!

I can’t wait to tell everyone about this place and go again!

I feel like my favorites this week were all over the place! I had a little food, a little Amazon, a little school, and a little nail polish.

What made you smile this week?

Y’all are the best!

Happy weekend!


17 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I seem to return a lot of the clothing I buy for myself too; my husband hates it since I send most packages with him to work where they have UPS stopping anyway. I keep reminding him it would actually be worse if I kept it all! LOL.


  2. The hisugarplum blog has a pretty comprehensive Amazon favorites each month you should check out. Today’s had some cute stuff. It’s nice to have some recommendations rather than just ordering blind. I also return so much I’m not sure it’s worth it to order any more clothes!


  3. Your hair looks amazing in the pic at the Champagnery!!! And I also return a LOT of Amazon clothing. I really try to read the reviews and look at the review pictures but sometimes it just doesn’t look the same.


    1. Thank you! I really didn’t try any of the bread. The lighting in the champagne place was so flattering! It was like a real life filter. I should work there. It was way better than expected! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wow, that was awesome! I had to google two things and that’s interesting; we’re so alike, but still we have some different references like what a linebacker looks like… and Billy Madison… (but I do remember that one, I think?)
    I’m trying a new nail system that is “gel like”, I hope it will work. The darker wintery colors demands better nail quality, don’t you agree?
    Thank you for the school inspo! How fun!


  5. Your time with weight watchers has been so encouraging to watch. Has made me think about joining but I’m kinda nervous about it.Did you choose a plan with meetings/coaches or without? Do you follow any blog sites that have helped you? Is it hard to eat out on this plan? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Thank you, Carra! That makes me happy! I have done the app only. Don’t be nervous if it’s something you want to do. I have followed some people on Instagram but it also helps to have some real life people doing it – my sister and my co-worker.
      It is a little hard to eat out so I only do it about once or twice a week. I save my extras for those occassions. I want to eat mostly at home anyway so it works for my lifestyle. I will try to do a post every other week or so and you should definitely go back to my earlier posts!


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