Friday, July 16, 2021

The weeks need to slow down! I have a professional development coming up at the end of the month and then I think my brain will be in “school mode”! But, I will still have a couple of weeks to eek what I can out of the rest of the summer!

I’ve hit that point of summer where I’m thinking I have to make sure I have done everything I planned to do, you know? And some of those plans include a day to stay in pjs and binge watch Netflix! Believe it or not, I have not had many lazy days!

I am linking up today with Andrea and many more here.

Here are my favorites from the week! I would love to hear yours in the comments, too!

I haven’t bought much in the way of beauty products this summer. I am trying to use up what I have and I am happy with what I have. I should do an updated beauty product post just in case you are looking for the best bang for your buck like me!

My dear hairstylist and friend recommended this eye cream and it’s magical. Some days I have deep craters below my eyes. This tightens instantly and it really is amazing. I got it from Amazon. I have been using this without a concealer, believe it or not.

I am watching Virgin River Season 3 and enjoying it. Yes, it’s very Hallmarky but summer is the time for that. I just finished Sex/Life (OMG – it’s very R!) and it was just a good summer show, too. I can’t really get into The Bachelorette. I tape it and skim but it doesn’t hold my interest. I am in a bit of a reading rut again. I have a few library books but I’m not really excited about any of them.

My hydrangeas are still going strong. I show you this because look what I found…

This must have been right when we planted/transplanted it from my childhood home!

So, that is why 17 years later it is doing so well! Moms, if you are looking for an activity, let your kids water the plants. I also found that kitchen utensils in a baby pool or a bathtub were tons of fun! You can see Mason using the measuring cup to water!

I had a goal this summer to try some new local coffee shops or go to them and sit and read. But, I have not wanted to drink my calories and just haven’t bought much coffee shop coffee. Mason and I had an opportunity to try a new one the other day, though, and it is super cute. I got a small Americano with one splenda. I really like it. An Americano is espresso with hot water so there is no cream but it’s surprisingly good!

They have a super cute interior and a cute patio.

Do you all have something like this? I bought it from a craft fair and it has little beans or something in it. You microwave for 45 seconds and put it on your head for a headache or on your abdomen for cramps or wherever. I used it this week for cramps and it really helps. This might be good for teen girls. They do have them on Amazon and I think they are considered heating pads.

O.k., I am so excited about this favorite. I did tell you about it last week but I have more to report. I bought a $5 LED light for gel polish. Seriously, it was only $5 on Amazon.

I received the base and top coat which are totally necessary. They make a huge difference.

This is the collection I got last week.

I went through the whole process correctly: one base coat, cure under lamp, one coat of color and cure under lamp, a second coat of color and cure under lamp, a top coat and cure under lamp. It sounds like a lot but I had a show playing on my ipad and it took way less time than going to the salon. And, they were dry instantly!

It’s not perfect, but I think I will get better. I am going on four days with no chips. I like to change my colors frequently anyway, so I am fine with only a week or so. I hope the removal process won’t be bad.

Anyone else try gel at home?

One day this week I cut some of the above hydrangeas for my friend Beth because we were meeting for lunch. Beth is the plant lady I want to be so I knew she would appreciate them.

We went to Cafe Classico which was the Argentinian place I went a few weeks ago. I got a salad and

lentil soup. I love lentils and had them a lot in Spain.

And, we had to split the pommes frites.

We also had a nice glass of Argentinian white wine. It feels so decadent to have wine with lunch.

My family really likes this queso from Costco. I have refrained except for a tiny taste. I put it on quesadillas and burrito bowls this week, too. It very much tastes like restaurant queso and you do need to put it in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave.

If you have not tried the Truly Punch it is time! The lady loading my groceries at Kroger said they can’t keep it in stock.

I am very much still a paper planner person. My current one runs out at the end of the month so I was in search of another July – July layout. I went to Michael’s in search of the skinny Happy Planner, but they didn’t have it. I found this cute plant design instead. It is pretty small but I switched over to it and I’m liking it so far. It will fit nicely in my purse or school tote.

I write everything down and cross things off after accomplishing them. I know phone calendars work for many but I still like paper.

We have the option to do online professional development or in person PD. We need 12 hours a year on our own – so basically two days worth. This is a recent change as we did have to do 3 days on our own. I decided to attend two full day in person sessions because I just can’t stomach anymore online stuff. I have a colleague who is doing an hour here and three hours there, but sometimes I believe it’s just easier to bite the bullet and get ‘er done. What do you think?

We also have two days before the students come back on August 11. So, we go in to our building for meetings on August 9. Before that, we have to set up our classrooms and get a day’s pay to do so. Mason has said he wants to help. He has helped a lot in the past. I spend a lot of time at home working on lesson plans, handouts, and stuff like that. Why am I talking about this? Anyway, at the beginning of August my mind will go to school mode.

So what were your favorites this week? Of course, you all are always my favorites. Thank you for your kind responses to this week’s posts. If you missed them, click here for hello monday, here for my news about what I’ve been eating, here for What I Wore Wednesday, and finally, here for my anniversary/honeymoon pictures.


PS – I don’t have cool tabs or anything fancy on my blog, but I do have a magnifying glass/search feature at the top right of my blog if you want to type in something you are looking for. If there is something you can’t find, let me know in the comments.

PSS – Fellow bloggers, advice on organizing my blog? Also, WordPress says they are charging me $300 (up from $60) for the year next month. I think it has to do with storage. Any advice on that?

38 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. We also have two days of professional development, and I find it a bit hard to find useful stuff. You recommended me some session a couple of years ago, and that was great! This year we are supposed to listen in on colleagues’ parent-student-meetings, and I don’t know what I think about that…
    I’m in the middle of my break, 4 weeks done and 4 weeks to go! Time flies!
    I’m all in for paper planners too! Definitely!

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  2. That picture of Mason is so cute – I love seeing old pics of my boys when they were small. It feels like yesterday, it goes so quickly.
    The gel nails sound cool – I have not tried that at home but I bet the light makes all the difference.
    I don’t buy fancy coffees either. I’m cheap and I hate drinking calories – unless it’s alcohol – ha!
    I don’t pay WordPress anything but I do pay yearly for my hosting site (Siteground) and it costs quite a bit. Did you have to register your domain name? I pay for that too through Siteground.
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you! I do, too. It really does.
      I’m constantly searching for nail stuff! We will see how this goes. I have really been amazed at how many calories coffees and cocktails can add! Do I need to change my blog name? Lol! I do not have to register my site name and I get the .com
      And not the
      I guess it’s all expensive!


      1. I have no idea about the blog name – I just know that when I started mine, the directions I followed said to register it so you could be sure no one else had the same name. I know nothing – even after all these years!

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  3. We still haven’t heard anything from the school about when we go back but I’m guessing end of August like usual. I’m trying not to fall back into school prep mode until after our August vacation but I already started buying uniform pieces. I have never tried gel nails at home but I have always done my own nails— a week without chips is great! I like to change my colors frequently too and rarely make it more than a week before removing everything and starting over even when using nail wraps.

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    1. I bet you will hear soon! I think northeast states go back much later than us. August 11 is too early! I am the same about nail
      Color. I get bored quickly! I enjoy doing my nails!


  4. There are so many things about your post that I can relate to! 1. Professional Development. Uhg. We are starting to get “Back to School” emails, and I’m trying to block them out. Not ready to think about it yet! We have SIX full days of in-person PD before kids come. Isn’t that nuts?! 2. I have that exact nail polish and UV dryer and LOVE them! I stopped getting my nails done during COVID and with this gel polish set up, I can do my nails just as well and they last 2-3 weeks. Love doing them on my own time schedule. 3. I will have to try the Truly Punches. I’ve been drinking the White Claw–watermelon only– but recently we found some seltzers called High Noon and they are SO good! They are only made of real juice and vodka and fizzy water. LOVE THEM. 4. I’ve been using the instant eye firm for years and LOVE it too. Like a little miracle in a tiny tube! LOL 5. I’m also looking for a new planner, because mine expires this month too. Haven’t found anything I like though……
    Enjoyed your post!

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    1. Niky! I love your blog! I should have given you credit for the lamp
      and gel polish because you are one the recommended it. I just didn’t even think about it. I am now sold on Beetles brand and just ordered light blue, white, and black (I was looking for a Lincoln Park after Dark dupe but couldn’t find). I know I will get better at it but this first time I have one perfect hand and two chipping on the other. 2-3 weeks is impressive.
      I love Black Lemonade and Punch Truly packs. I have not tried watermelon White Claw but I think Truly are better than flavors I have tried. Have you heard of Ranch Water? Tequila, lime juice, Topo Chico or a very carbonated water. So good! I have heard that High Noons are great.
      6 days is absolutely crazy. The days with just teachers are so painful. Let’s do this new initiative and let’s posture and compete for who is the best educator. Just let us teach. This stuff will
      Force me to retire before I want to I am sure!
      Thank you for commenting!


      1. The key to getting your nails to last longe, I’ve found, is to be very careful about not getting any on the sides of your fingers or cuticles–that’s where it starts to peel. Also, I make sure to get the top coat on the tips of my nails to “seal” it and that seems to prevent chips for longer! 🙂


      2. Ah, that makes sense, because that is where it is peeling. I need to do the tips, too, and I did know about that trick from normal polish, but I am not sure I really did it well with the gel.
        You are the home gel nail guru! I see a post you need to do! Lol! Thank you, Niky!


  5. Ive always wanted to try the at home gel polish. Your nails look so good! That Truly punch pack has been my favorite this summer. I loved my skinny happy planner but now decided to try their teacher planner for this school year. I was about to purchase one online and realized they said some were at Michael’s. I went there early this week and they were on sale + 10% teacher discount so I really saved by going to Michael’s. I used to have to go 12 hours PD on my own but now, since I don’t have a department PD (since I’m kind of on my own), I have to do 18 on my own. I’ve been chipping away at it this summer …all online . I do like getting things done in chunks but this has been ok since I just do a bit here and there


    1. You should try it. You can seriously get the light and a set of polishes for less than a salon gel. I am so glad you came to the other side with Truly – lol. I went in Michael’s and couldn’t believe I got 50% off and 10% off at the register. My planner was only $8! Wow! That is not fair that you have to get 18 hours. Boo! I like seeing the teachers from my school so I find the school based ones less painful. I drift off and fill in my calendar and write ideas and plans because very little pertains to me to be honest.

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      1. Yes. I definitely love trulys! We have a few 1-2 hour PD offered in Aug the last full week of summer, and I just never want to go. I’d rather sprinkle them throughout the summer. I always love seeing everyone on our Monday PD though, so I know what you mean. It’s like being reunited with friends 🙂


  6. I am looking at switching to WordPress but haven’t had the headspace to do that this summer. I just renewed my domain for another year with Blogger :/
    Wells loves the garden! He got garden tools and a kid’s wheelbarrow for his birthday. He checks it with us every day.


    1. I really like it, but since I make no money I have to question this high expense. But, don’t others have expensive hobbies and I would daresay $300 a year for a hobby is not much. It’s me, not my husband. I always feel guilty. He spends a ton on biking each year and doesn’t feel guilty.
      Wells is such an outdoorsy kid! I love it!


  7. I had to do the big $$ upgrade this year too because I ran out of photo storage. I’m not sure how to get around it though. I did find a way to change the size of your photo uploads and not change the quality. I’ll have to look for the setting and let you know. I can’t believe you are doing PD already. I worked a few hours this week because my kids were in camp and it was easy to do. But, I do not plan on crossing the school door threshold for another month at least! Your gel nails look so good. Is the polish hard to soak off? Also, I picked up some Truly punches for the beach on your recommendation. Thanks!


    1. I will try that in my settings for sure – thank you! I know – it’s always like they can’t stand for us to have June and July be sacred.
      The soaking was super easy. I did the part of a cottonball in remover and alum foil and then was just able to wipe off. I don’t have the metal scraper tools and don’t want them, because that is what damaged my nails. I hope you like the Truly punch as much as I do!


  8. Happy Anniversary from your earlier post this week! I agree about getting the PD done all at once! Ouch, that is a lot to pay for WordPress! I’m still old school on blogger! Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you so much Tanya! Yes, makes it easier to just knock it out – as is the case with so many things in life. I guess with my WordPress situation I get my own .com but is that that big of a deal?


  9. Getting my new peloton delivered! Playing golf with the ladies at the club, taking my sweet 2nd mom to Flemings for her 80th birthday, having a 2 hour lunch with a dear friend that I hadn’t seen since may 2019! Those were my favorites for the week! Tonight is my husbands nieces wedding rehearsal. Then dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. tomorrow is the wedding. I am not including it as a favorite because it WONT BE. Ha. His family is just a tad strange so I am only going to see what a crazy circus this will be. I know. I am mean. Oh well. It is what it is. Happy Weekend! I will share with you via text if anything outrageous happens HAHA!

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  10. Silly question about the at home gel manicure – I’m sure you need the bottom and top coat —-but what about the colors? Are those specific for gel ? Or just regular polish that works in between gel top and bottom ?


    1. Hope
      That worked! I pasted the set of colors I got and the top and bottom. I like the super light pink and the almost white and I think you like those colors? Niky said the trick is not to get any color on your skin and it will last longer.

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      1. The removing part is harder than with regular nail polish, which I guess is the trade off for having it last so long. To get mine off, I do it similar to the salon when I used to go there. I file the top of the polish a bit, then use a professional soak off polish on cotton balls. You can either hold the wet cotton balls on your nails with foil like at the salon, or with some little clips that I have. It takes probably 15 minutes or so, but then it comes off! Might still require some friction. I’ll see if I can email you the links to the products I use!

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