Tuesday, July 13, 2021

My most frequent summer breakfast – sauteed veggies topped with egg

This is a very personal post, and it has been in my drafts folder for quite a while. On April 8th, I started cleaning up my diet. I wanted to wait awhile until I shared it with you. It’s not you – it’s me. I was scared to put this out here because I don’t want to fail and become a hypocrite.

Also, I want to make this a permanent lifestyle change with more balance and I don’t want to consider this being on a diet with an end date! You may remember I started WW in March 2019 and did really well for a couple of months and then summer came and I got lazy and didn’t want to have to worry about it. Now I am pretty mad at myself because I had already started, you know?

Ultimately, I decided to finally share this post because it may help someone else. And, it may help me to put this out there and get more ideas from you!

You might be scratching your head thinking, “I just saw her happy hour or restaurant foods” – yes, you did! I am still making room for those in my weekly plan! Again, this is a lifestyle change and I want to sustain it and not hate my life while doing it!

My main goal is to be healthier and that can be partially achieved by getting down to a better weight. I never really struggled with weight until after I had my twins and I did really well until about age 34. I had them at 30 and then I picked up running again (I ran from age 24-34) to lose the baby weight, but then life happened and I got busy and had lots of excuses. I also had some neck issues and a chiropractor suggested it was from running and said I should stop. I’ve spent the last 15 years accumulating “baggage”. In addition, I was learning to cook and enjoying the fruits of my labor – too much – if you know what I mean. I love and appreciate good food and drink and never want to be fussy about what I can and cannot have, if that makes sense. I think that food and drink are so tied in with a joie d’vivre or love of life.

I feel kinda weird sharing this but below was around age 27 when I was running almost daily. I am wearing white pantyhose?

And, this is such a happy memory. This is from my sister’s wedding which was only two months after mine. We have so many funny stories from Kate’s wedding. Maybe I will share them with her permission some day!


I gained a bunch of weight while pregnant but two years later and I was back in pretty good shape. Sadly, there are not many pictures of me. Moms, make sure you get in the pictures! These were all pre-smart phone, of course!

On April 8th, I started by using the old WW zero points food list and I tried to mainly eat those foods. The points system is really very easy. The macros thing makes my head swim, but I know that works for many people. And, maybe some day I will learn how to do that and what that means.

Basically, the zero points list encourages you to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and very little processed foods. I love vegetables and eat way more of these than fruits. I think I prefer cooked vegetables to raw. I am not a big fruit person, but I am trying to add more. I do love a banana for a mid morning snack; I also like to talk about how a banana is so filling and comes in its own perfect compartment – lol. I love to have eggs involved in my breakfast and those are zero points. This start date also coincided with me having to go back to school in person. I was able to pack my breakfast and my lunch and that helped a bunch, I think.

I was and have been inspired by bloggers I read namely Joanne and Katie, and my blog reader and friend Kim. Kim has been a great source of recipes. Kellyann is also a big believer in WW and she is an inspiration for maintaining a balanced and happy life while staying healthy. My RL bestie Heather has kept what she learned in WW going for over 20 years. She went to WW in the early 2000s. And, this is the main reason I finally decided to post this – maybe this will help someone else out there who is struggling. The above people have no idea I am mentioning them. Oftentimes you don’t know that you are an inspiration to others!

On May 1, not even a month after I started I was having success and decided to officially join WW. I took the assessment and it told me I should do the purple plan. There are also blue and green plans. I am tracking foods on the app but not attending any meetings. The app has recipes and a ton of information.

Some things I have learned:

I know that I need protein to fill me up! One way to do this is with my iced coffee recipe. I take a packet or scoop of instant coffee powder and add a bit of water and stir up really well, then add half of a Premier Protein shake which is 1 point. I have also found drinking it from a mason jar or wine glass feels fun and decadent at home. When I take it to school or elsewhere I put it in a Starbuck’s reusable cup with lid and straw! This feels like a nice treat to me! My favorite is still vanilla but now I also love peanut butter chocolate and caramel.

Other than that, I would say I am trying to not drink my calories. I do have a cocktail a couple of times a week, but I have really reduced my consumption of alcoholic beverages. I have coffee in the morning and then I just drink water the rest of the day. I rarely have a soft drink or really any other drink. The app also has a place for you to record your water intake.

I needed to look at serving sizes. Kim also recommended a food scale. It is nice to be able to weigh your foods for a more realistic picture of how much you are eating.

A weekend breakfast of an omelette and turkey sausage links:

Like I said, it really helped that I started this when I went back to school in person and packed both breakfast and lunch each day. Almost every school day I took a 100 calorie English muffin with one egg and one slice of fat free American cheese. I prepped these on the weekends. Then, I got into the breakfast burrito kick using a low carb tortilla and including egg, a tiny bit of cheese, a tiny bit of potato, and random vegetables if I had them. I could have also added turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

An example of what I packed for the day:

breakfast sandwich from above, banana for snack, baked potato and avocado toast for lunch, piece of Dove dark chocolate, gummy vitamins, and a brown rice roller if needed.

taco salad for dinner

Below, I made my fried rice with cauliflower rice and my husband’s with regular rice. This is my plate with a bit of the regular rice, too. This turned out great with cauliflower rice!

I love veggie burgers and found this Trader Joe’s to be really good and spicy! I have tried 3 other brands now and the quinoa cowboy is definitely my favorite! I put in in a low carb wrap sometimes with dill pickles and mustard.

Another taco salad with spicy cauliflower and a bit of a ground turkey hash on the side. I have been learning to love ground turkey!

A weekend lunch of avocado toast, turkey, a laughing cow wedge, and celery

non fat Greek yogurt with berries and a bit of granola

I love celery! These three items from Trader Joe’s are great for dipping with celery.

I made meatball subs for the family and I had turkey meatballs on light bun. I am just doing easy variations for me, but still having the same meals. I used Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs for me and regular meatballs from the freezer section for my three guys. I often do small swaps for me but we all eat the same dinner. I think I am making the boys and Tom eat healthier, too!

A simple bean burrito on a low carb tortilla for a school lunch

Egg roll in a bowl with ground turkey and cole slaw mix. You add soy sauce and water and I added a bit of oyster sauce. This is a very low point meal and it’s delicous!

The famous zero point vegetable soup with cabbage. I used v8 juice as my base so it’s more like 2 points. This was my lunch one week. Egg roll in a bowl was my lunch one week and sweet potato lasagna with ground turkey was my lunch one week. You use sweet potato slices as the “noodles”. I need to do that recipe again and make it better. It has potential! My sweet potatoes were not cooked enough – probably because I didn’t slice them thinly enough.

A dinner of open faced veggie burger with melted cheese and pickles, potato chunks with romesco sauce, and brussel sprouts. The fam had regular burgers.

Derby night restaurant meal:

The vegetable platter – it was so good!

I am making better choices in restaurants but I am saving up the extra points you get weekly to use on Saturdays normally.

For dessert, I have been making a mug cake (I shared the recipe a few weeks ago), having a mini muffin (shared the recipe last week), or having one of these. They are so good!

Here is the list I used for the first 3 weeks:

Then, after 3 weeks, like I said, I officially joined. color. You guys, guess what is zero points on purple? The potato! Is there a more perfect food? Now, they don’t mean the potato in greasy french fry form, unfortunately! Lol!

I feel really lucky that I like to cook and find new recipes. That has helped a lot.

Other things that are helping me:

I unfollowed decadent food accounts and started following some WW accounts – people who are on the plan or have like-minded recipes.

I started walking after school with two co-workers during our 8 weeks of in person instruction.

There are no foods I cannot have. That is an important mindset. My dietician friend doesn’t like when people say “bad foods”.

I will absolutely not stop doing fun things! It was eye-opening to realize how much involves food! I mean I did know that, but it is so true! And, I may do a recipe post once a week but I won’t talk about this ad nauseum, I promise!

Now, I guess you want to know how I am doing if you are still here…

I have lost over 20 pounds so far, but the biggest thing is that I FEEL so much better already. I am sleeping better, I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and there are probably more things I am forgetting.

I am still scared. I am still learning what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. I have a long way to go, but again, I don’t have an end date; I want to treat my body better always.

I would love to hear about your journey or your thoughts on a healthy lifestyle!

Thanks for reading,


43 thoughts on “Eating Lately

  1. It sounds like you are doing great! I tried out all three plans for a few weeks before settling into Blue and I still struggle now and then but I don’t beat myself up about it either because like you said this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I just try to get right back to it quickly and I truly find that posting about it– meals and foods we found that we really enjoy, little ways I treat myself that don’t throw off my whole week, etc. is so helpful TO ME! I often go back and re-read my old posts from when I was starting out to remind myself of foods/ meals I liked that I’ve forgotten about. I was so tickled to find myself listed as an inspiration! I definitely do not think of myself that way– so thanks! That made my day. Good luck with your journey.

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    1. Thank you! Keep posting meals, too! I find it easier to follow purple recipes or to make things up on my purple list but of course I do have 16 points to use as well but they go fast! I was afraid being home all day would be hard compared to packing my breakfast and lunch but it’s been fine! In august I will have to pack again. I hope to come back to this post, too. Thank you for being an inspiration!


  2. Yay Amy!!! I love your attitude – you are 100% correct, you have to find a lifestyle that allows dinners out, happy hour, and all the yummy foods you enjoy. WW is the absolute best plan for that. You have had great success so far and that is motivating, isn’t it? I swear when you can say that you have enjoyed your life, haven’t felt deprived and you’ve lost 20 pounds then you know you are winning.
    Thanks for the sweet shout out too, I am sure you have inspired someone else with your journey. It doesn’t matter who we are, as we age we all have to take a look at what we’re eating for one reason or another and it helps to know what others are doing.
    I keep looking for the choc/pb Premier Protein shakes but have yet to find them around here, I’d love to give them a try. I hope you keep sharing your journey!

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    1. Thank you so much! I will keep this comment when things keep hard!
      I found mine at Target so you may look there? I need more! I love caramel and vanilla too. I find it a struggle to get enough protein!


  3. Thank you for posting this. I struggle with food. I’m glad you posted the weight watchers info. I also like when you post the recipes. Love your blog, I read every morning M-F.


    1. Thank you for your support, Sherri! I do, too. I think when you like to cook and cook a lot it can be hard. My family has definitely gotten fewer treats lately! I am not as good about recipes as I am about meal ideas! Thank you so much!


  4. Thank you Amy, this post was helpful and inspiring. I have rejoined weight watchers to try to lose some weight that I picked up during quarantine and honestly,I just feel better when I am eating healthier. I like to look at the skinny taste, skinny kitchen, and slender kitchen sites. They all have tons of WW recipes. Also there is a girl named Shawna Johnson who lives in CA . She posts all of her meals with the point values and I have gotten some good ideas from her posts. She is on Facebook and Instagram I think. She also gives fast food options that have been interesting. Do you have a Panda Express near you? I had never even been inside one until I read her posts but they have several WW friendly options that are delicious and all of their foods (veggies and meat) are fresh, nothing frozen. Anyway, keep posting, we need to encourage each other. I enjoy your blog. I am older than you but you remind me of myself when I was younger. I taught school for 34 years and am now retired.


    1. Thank you Vivian! It is a really great program. I need to check those sites out and I love having people to follow! We have a Panda Express right next to the Aldi I have been going to! I had no idea! We do all need to encourage each other. I love having friends and readers of all ages. Congrats on 34 years and your retirement. What a huge accomplishment! Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am so glad you are here!


  5. This is so inspiring- thx for sharing! The egg roll in a bowl looks so yummy! I will have to try it. Everything you posted looks good and makes so much sense. I get in a rut so it really helps to get fresh healthy ideas!

    Thank you, and way to go!!

    Cocktail soon?😂

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  6. I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing! You deserve to be happy, healthy & enjoy life. I’ve been dabbling with WW since early May and got a little more serious recently with tracking. It’s been pretty successful so far. I’m proud of you! Great job 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jen. It is really a great program. I hesitated in the past because of the money but can you really put a price on health and isn’t it a bargain when you think about how important health is? I keep reminding myself. I appreciate your support!

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  7. Thank you for sharing! It is so important to allow little indulgences, or a “diet” becomes too restrictive and doomed to failure. I like to think of what I eat as my food plan, which has some built-in treats, but is mostly common sense. Good luck on your continued journey.


  8. Thank you for sharing your journey Amy. Weight watchers is a great program and I look forward to recipes, food finds and tips you may share. I read your blog everyday and really enjoy it. Congratulations on your weight loss. That’s awesome.


  9. 20 punds! That’s so awesome! Good job!
    I was born with quite good genes, but after 50 and no exercise, I have changed a bit… But I’m ok, I look good for my age, hear hear.
    But America is tough with all you yummy food and cars as a natural way of moving around…

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    1. Thank you! You get so much exercise just in daily life biking as transportation! And you eat better I am sure – why is the US so bad? We need to take lessons from Europe that is for sure!


      1. Yes, daily exercise is one of the keys I think. A pedometer really motivates me too – I have an old-fashioned one clipped to my hem (always, my family thinks I’m a weirdo :-D).
        Life in America is so good! There’s food everywhere!


  10. Way to go!! If there’s a “diet” out there, I’ve tried it. LOL!! I was a WW devotee in the early 2000’s. Lost all of the weight I gained after getting married. (25lbs in the first 6 mo of marriage!) Also, lost all of the weight I gained while pregnant, 75 lbs. I reached lifetime and became a WW Leader. Unfortunately, our meetings were shut down in our little town and the app is just not the same for me. This was years ago.
    This past spring I had had enough of worrying about tracking calories or macros or anything. I ate pretty much the same things every week day for breakfast and lunch. A yogurt/fruit or 100 cal oatmeal and a Lean Cuisine or the like for lunch. No morning snacks and limited afternoon snacks. Dinner was usually healthy and I would end the night with either fruit, a sweet rice cake, or a 100 cal ice cream. I kind of just let myself have whatever I wanted on weekends but would eat only half of whatever it was. I did not get on the scale for about 2 months and I had lost 15lbs! Shocked!!! I am very close to the lowest weight that my body will let me maintain without starving. So, I was very shocked to see the scale move that much. It is all about moderation and not feeling deprived. Hopefully, I will be able to keep this up for the long term. And you also!!! If you need a food buddy, I am here!!!


    1. Thank you, Misty! Congrats to you on losing the Quarantine 15. I do think not weighing all the time and just learning to eat smaller portions and when you are hungry is key. I do need a food buddy! I bet you had what you had learned from WW in the back of your mind that whole time. I am enjoying following people on Instagram that post recipes and meal ideas. I can eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch for a week or more and not really get bored but I do enjoy learning and trying new recipes, so I’m trying to have the mindset of all the stuff I can eat and love! You know? I don’t want to be as thin as I was pre-marriage and kids. I mean, I guess I would take it, but that is not really my goal. Thank you for the support!


  11. Great job. Yes, weight loss does not get easier with age. My husband wanted to do KETO last July and I was not a fan, but between that and fasting, I lost 14 lbs. I would love to lose 10 more. It feels so good to have clothes fit. I got the Magic Cereal and we like it. KETO is so little sugar and it is sweet, but I only need a little to feel like I had a treat and I love cereal. Orange juice is what I miss most! I try and fast 15-18 hours. I feel better and sleep better. It is hard as we love to cook, eat, and drink, but trying to be more mindful. We love veggies and just picked our first zucchini from our garden today! I also love your pool and wish we had one. That is such a good option with a friend or a book. Keep up the great work. It helps me to focus on my why and how good I feel. I sprained my foot last week and can start working out next week and so glad as was a concern about gaining!!! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you Christa! I don’t think I can fast beyond 9 pm – 10
      am! And I think my coffee creamer might negate it? I do not like Magic Spoon but I don’t really eat cereal anymore. I wanted to like it. I wish I had a garden! I keep the fact that it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise in the back of my mind – or something like that! Glad you are on the mend!


      1. I’ve heard the 80%/20% thing, too. Technically true. But I always say it’s 100% mental.

        You’re doing great! I’m currently riding the struggle bus and trying to find my way back to a healthier lifestyle, as well. I hope you keep us updated on your progress!

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      2. It is 100% mental! Thank you! Kate is doing this too but is on the blue plan. I will. I hope I don’t make a fool of myself. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing for several more months.


  12. I am SO PROUD of you Amy! And thank you so much for your kind words. I will always do my best to help someone but I never want to give out unsolicited advice! I know what has worked for me doesn’t work for everyone and I am SO HAPPY you have found your groove. Taylor, Kelsey and I love that WW is a lifestyle and one that is sustainable the rest of our lives. Its not easy but man is it worth it. I also looked for PB and C premier protein at Target and man they were out of almost ALL. I will keep looking though as I LOVE it so much with my iced coffee mid mornings too. Keep up the great work and know that anything worth it isn’t always easy!

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    1. I meant them! Thank you so much! Your recipes have really helped! I just placed a Kroger order and ordered choc pb. My strategy is early am orders before stock runs out but I have a feeling I will be disappointed! It’s so good! Better than Starbucks good! I will need to ask you more ? I’m sure!


  13. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on your success. I agree that a lifestyle you can maintain is the best way to attain your goals. I always enjoy reading your recipes and your blog. You have a great way of sharing your life and making things relatable. Best wishes for continued success!

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  14. I’m glad you found something that works for you!
    I also stopped followed decadent food accounts years ago because it’s pointless: no one needs to be looking at different forms of cupcakes all day long.

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  15. Awesome post! I started WW in Jan 2018 and continue to pay monthly. I’m down about 35 lbs (up 3-5 from where I was pre-COVID) but have kept it off really since June 2018.
    I recently discovered the Jimmy Dean breakfast egg’wich in our frozen section and LOVE them. They’re not as cheap as building your own (4/$5.99 at Kroger this week) but so easy. My teen has been eating the turkey sausage English muffins as well and says they’re great.
    Keep these posts coming! They’re encouraging and we all need to support each other.

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    1. That is awesome Laura! Money well spent for the awesome app, right? Only gaining 3-5 during covid is an accomplishment.
      I will look for those – especially for when school starts.
      I need these ideas! I have some coming Tuesday!
      Thank you so much!


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