Monday, July 12, 2021

It’s time once again to link up with Lindsay, Tanya, and many more here to see what everyone did this weekend.

Friday I went back to the adult pool with my friend Elizabeth and it was so much fun! The time went by so fast and we talked and talked. I need to go alone with my book one day but I also love the company, you know?

Here is the front of the historic home. I think it’s just so picturesque!

Friday night is just easy to do pizza, right? This is kinda weird but I make myself the skinny biz pizza while Tom gets his $1.00 frozen Totino’s and if the boys are home they get a medium Domino’s. Hey – it works for us right now. Tom loves Totino’s supreme and doesn’t love my skinny pizza – but why? It is so delicious! Mason likes it but Jack is so picky. So, anyway… a little crazy but it works!

We are now watching Kim’s Convenience and Superstore together when all 4 of us are at home.

Saturday morning I did some veggie prep.

And, then I went to Aldi and again was super impressed by what I found. I am thinking about showing what I bought if you all are interested.

Then, I hit up TJ Maxx specifically looking for “going out” tops. I found this below and thought it had a bit of an Anthropologie vibe which is quite a high compliment for me.

And, I found this blouse.

The test for me of a good purchase is if I wear it right away. I am happy to report that I wore the red one Saturday night and the white one Sunday. They cost $39 combined and I was quite pleased. Please don’t bring up my July spending freeze, because… oooops.

Then, Tom and I saw the 1:00 Black Widow. It was really good. Again, we love the theater! It is so fun to go again!

Tom washed and cleaned the interior of my car for me and it looks so good. I am a neat freak with my car.

I ordered and received gel polish and a lamp but thought the base and top coat were included. Still, I was pretty impressed by the product on my first try. Anyone do gel nails at home?

Our two couple friends came over at 6:30 and we had some cheese and crackers and cocktails and then all piled in our car to go out to eat. As we were going out to the car the skies opened up and my back and hair got soaked. Oh well! You can tell that I look like a drowned rat below!

I had a mezcal grapefruit drink that was really good.

Guacamole with vegetables and house made chips:

Pecan crusted brie:

I ordered mahi mahi tacos and they were delish! It was an upscale (pricey) Mexican place.

It was a fun evening! I love riding together instead of meeting at the place. Tom is always the designated driver!

Sunday morning I did the once every couple of months Costco run.

Oops…I veered from my list quite a bit.

We were supposed to take our friends on the boat but we still had rain in the forecast so we did lunch at another Mexican place. Can you really eat Mexican too much?

I had fajitas and they were so good!

This mural is part of the restaurant.

Then, we hit up the farmer’s market that is held in the neighborhood where the Mexican restaurant is.

We came home and I watched some Virgin River and fell asleep on accident. Anyone watching Season 3?

For dinner, we heated up leftovers from the weekend and added a few other things. Sunday night seems like a good leftover night, right?

What was the highlight of your weekend? I hope you have too many to choose just one!

Thanks for reading,


24 thoughts on “hello monday

  1. Another fun weekend, the Mexican restaurant looks great, definitely upscale but that’s fun sometimes. I could eat Mexican every day and not tire of it! Your two new tops were a great score at TJMaxx – the red looks great on you!

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  2. We rented/bought/whatever Black Widow on Disney+ last night to watch with the boys once we got home from our weekend away. I missed part of the beginning though so I was lost and gave up on watching it with them but I’m hoping to watch it today at some point. Looks like it’s going to another rainy day anyway so that will give me something to do. I love Kim’s Convivence; it’s so cute!

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    1. That is why it is easier for me to follow in the theater. I have too many distractions at home! Lol! I knew nothing of the story but I was able to figure most out. I really liked it. Our boys wanted to wait and go with friends, unfortunately!
      Rain every day here this week too. Kinda crazy! Kim’s is better than I expected!


  3. Your new tops are so cute! I hardly ever get lucky with clothes at TJ Maxx. I always see cute things but then it’s never available in my size or it doesn’t fit right. You’re dinners out look delicious! I feel like I could eat Mexican everyday with no complaints but unfortunately my husband doesn’t feel the same way. I would absolutely love to see what you found at Aldi! I’ve been meaning to check them out so maybe you can give some recommendations!

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    1. Thank you! Same! I guess it’s kinda like a consignment store where inventory charges and you have to check when you are near? The prices are so good when you do find something! Mexican is so versatile too! Would he eat a burrito bowl?
      I will totally plan an Aldi post! I need to go back to the store and take photos I think. I would also like to challenge myself to forgo Kroger for Aldi totally one week!


  4. Love the tops you found at TJMaxx! You can never have too much Mexican food! Your fish tacos have me drooling! I’d love to see your haul from Aldi. We don’t have one here…. I went to one while visiting my daughter in NE….seems like it’s the type of place you have to check out often. I’d also love to see what your staples are from Costco. I’m a huge Costco fan. 😃


    1. Thank you Michelle! I agree! I love a fish taco with grilled fish – not fried! I am going to try to do an Aldi haul post and a Costco haul post. Do you have a LIdl? That is another German store related to Aldi and Tom’s cousin actually works for them in Germany!


  5. Your weekends always look so fun! I was in TJ Maxx last week too and it seemed they are finally getting their inventory back to normal, which makes me so happy! I’d love to see an Aldi haul, and also maybe a Costco haul?! My girls do gel nails at home with the polish, light, etc, it works really well when you follow the directions!


    1. Thank you Laura! It did seem more normal! How are you? I will work on that post! I need tips from your daughters! I think I can get better with time and maybe a more powerful light?


  6. One of these weekends, you need to entertain your cousin with one of these fabulous foodie Louisville weekends!


  7. What an awesome weekend! That pool looks fabulous. I make the kids Totinos all the time and always have a bite or two. Can’t beat $1 pizza. Is skinny Biz a brand?? I love virgin River too but we are just finishing up season 2.

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    1. It was good! The pool is a nice option. I like Totinos too but it’s more calories! It’s just a recipe
      2 cups self rising flour
      1 tsp yeast
      1/2 tsp salt
      1/2-3/4 cup water
      Soooo good!
      I had to go back and watch end of season 2! You are lucky you still have two seasons left!

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      1. Ohhh I will have to try this! And yes , that’s the good thing with being behind on a show 😂 that’s how I was with the crown. Very late to the game and binged 4 seasons!


  8. Looks like you had a great weekend. Being from California, your Mexican food looks so much different than ours here in the central valley. We have quite a large population of hispanic and Mexican food is one of our favorites too! After we golfed yesterday (at 6:50am mind you as it is 1111000 degrees here now!) I was so wiped out that we took showers, put our jammies on (well I did) and then Tony went and got Mexican food for us too. It was delish and is our regular go to Sunday night dinner! Chips and salsa yes please. Have a great week and I LOVE that you have enjoyed the skinny pizza dough! What is wrong with Tom and your boys??? LOL Tony loves it too and it is a regular Friday night dinner for us. YUM! I think the key to making the crust crispy like biz’s is to preheat the oven WITH the baking tray inside. It works out so well. I splurged last year and bought a Baking steel and I LOVE IT so much.


    1. I did! That is funny that your food looks different. We have lots of Mexican Americans here and lots of Cuban Americans. We have varying degrees of authentic foods. I like my pizza a little on the chewy side. Tom is super picky. More for me! I do think the steel and preheating is great, but I usually just do parchment on a cookie sheet because of my preference. I broil for a minute at the end.


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