wednesday, july 14, 2021

Hello all and thank you so much for your support and kind words in regards to my post yesterday. I continued to second guess myself after I scheduled it to post. But, from the comments you all left I am now happy that I put it out there in the blogosphere.

I am linking up today with The Style Six here!

Let’s just pretend I never mentioned taking a shopping break in July, o.k.? The way I shop, though, I think you have to strike while the iron is hot, you know? (Do you all use that expression? Maybe I shouldn’t use it? What even is the history with that?) I have my little boutique and my consignment shops that I pop into and I have a running list of holes to fill in my closet. Also, I did a nice purge of things I wasn’t wearing – so I felt I was hyper aware of what I should be wearing and what things I “needed” to add.

I added this velour/velvet Old Navy top for $8. I have the burgundy and the mustard from a few years ago. I like to have a short sleeved winter/festive option because homegirl gets hot sometimes, you know? I am the homegirl to whom I am referring. Is three of one shirt too many? Maybe? I just imagined this looking chic with some black pants and black heels. I love the look of navy and black when done intentionally. We won’t talk about the time I was a student teacher and wore identical navy and black pumps – one on the left foot and one on the right foot.

And, this Chico’s kimono was $18 – kinda pricey for consignment – but I know that the original price was probably steep. I love the navy/white tie-dye/ikat look and thought this would look great with white jeans. I often size down in kimonos because more billowy isn’t always a good look on me. When you have a larger chest you can look bigger with oversized items. I did purge about 10 kimonos and many of them were too big.

A closer look at the design:

If you are local, those were both from Clothes Mentor. I feel that their quality is down and their prices are up but I still do find things every once in a while and I try to go in once every couple of weeks. It is super organized – by size and color – and it is right next to my favorite Target so it’s convenient.

Then, if you read my hello monday you know that I popped in to TJ Maxx on Saturday specifically looking for something to wear to dinner that night. When I was in my early 20s my friends and I did that almost every Saturday – we would shop for something to wear that night! I feel that I have teacher blouses but not necessarily going out blouses. You could still argue that this is more of a teacher blouse, but I loved it.

And, I found this blouse which I would not say is a going out blouse, but I loved the simple greenery design and the material. I have to have comfortable material or I won’t buy it!

And, the true test for me of a good purchase is if I wear an item right away. I wore the red on Saturday night below.

I wore it with white jeans that I cut off myself from Old Navy and my beloved MIA clog sandals.

Then, on Sunday, I wore the white blouse to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant with friends. I paired it with my Target cut offs and my lace up sandals and an old consignment clutch.

I also tried the front tuck both on Saturday night and Sunday and found it to be flattering. I have not thought I could do it.

Finally, I wore the cut offs again to run errands on Monday with an old Old Navy black top and my black patent Birkenstocks. Nothing exciting but you have an instant outfit when you pair cut offs with a top, right?

What have you been wearing? Are you going to shame me for my purchases? Ha!

At this moment, I am not planning to shop the Nordstrom sale and I am already tired of hearing about it. I am going to eat some words, though. I do think the Spanx faux leather leggings are great. I talked last year about the Target Wild Fable and the Aerie crackles in comparison to them. I think the material of the Spanx is pretty magical but last winter the waistband was rolling down on me and uncomfortable. I am hoping that they will be comfortable this year with a few pounds off. With that said, if you think you will wear faux leather or had a starter pair like I did to see how much you wore them, I think they could be a good purchase of the NSale. I hope that makes sense! I think a big ticket item like a leather jacket or a purse could be a good thing to buy, too. Remember you can always return it if it isn’t perfect. I will let you know if I do buy something.

As always, thanks for stopping by. You make this a really fun hobby!


14 thoughts on “what I wore wednesday

  1. I say you no way to no by months – ha!! Especially July because of the good sales. Living in FL I need summer clothes most of the year so when the big discounts come I shop – JCrew has 60% off right now! I like my Aerie leggings so much, I am skipping the Spanx ones but the sale price is good on those. I like all the things you’ve been buying and with your weight loss, I think you deserve to treat yourself – and WW tip – get rid of all the clothes that are too big. If you keep them it’s like saying you are planning to go back to that size and it makes it too easy not to maintain. That’s me being a bossy former WW leader and friend – said with love of course!

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    1. I know! Yes, you do need these clothes year round! I will look at j crew – you are further enabling me! Lol! I need to go down a size in the Aerie crackles I think. Their stuff runs big and the legs are baggy. You are so right about getting rid of bigger sizes!


  2. Yesterday’s post inspired me Amy! So proud of you in your weight loss already! I’m happy to come to your blog and NOT see Nordstrom sale hauls! I agree about buying the clothes when you see them , because if you wait and go back, your size is gone! Have a great Wednesday!

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    1. Awww thank you for your support! Haha – oh July and the Nordstrom sale! So hard to think about winter clothes in our hottest months, too! They have excellent costumer service and I shop online with them for gifts or for me quite a bit because of the free shipping and returns. Wish we had a store here!


      1. I usually don’t do to well but am really trying this go around. We shall see how successful i am at restraining myself lol!


  3. I like the idea of the faux leather leggings but I don’t have an NCard so will likely not get to shop. I never end up shopping the sale!


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