monday, july 19, 2021

How was your weekend? Mine was good! I am linking up here with Heather, Tanya, and more!

Let’s go back to Thursday night – our 21st anniversary! Thank you all for the kind wishes for a happy anniversary! Some years we don’t go out but this year I knew we wanted to try a new restaurant in town so I made us the only reservation I could get – 5:00, baby! Early bird special works for us. I met Tom on his way home from work and it was perfect.

It is a steakhouse; they started us off with a fresh baguette and a yummy butter.

I asked for a glass of La Marca prosecco and got this cute little bottle! I am a sucker for anything cute. But, I love La Marca. My SIL got me on this kick, I think.

I ordered grouper on a bed of zucchini noodles in a saffron broth. It was good!

Tom ordered a small filet with fried crab rangoon sushi and mashed potatoes. They also gave us a bottomless salad. I tried one piece of the sushi and it was delish!

It was really good and we took home a bunch of food and enjoyed it again the next night.

Tom semi-humored me for a photo. That’s how he feels about me asking the server for a photo and not how he feels about 21 years of marriage.

Friday a big thing happened – I found the unicorn at my Kroger! Do you like Reese’s Cups? I think this tasted like a melted one – but cold.

Also, Friday Mason and I started watching Big Brother. It’s our tradiiton of a few years. We tape them and were late to start but we finally watched episode one over lunch on Friday. It’s fun to watch together.

Friday night I made fried rice, egg rolls, and the leftovers from Thursday night. I made egg roll in a bowl for me.

Saturday morning I headed to the Paristown Flea. This was my second time to go and I was meeting Elizabeth, my friend who is 29. We also included a guy who is 27 who just moved here. He is a friend of my friend and she reached out when she found out he was moving here. I have been giving him information on places to go in town but I hadn’t met him in person yet.

Why are they so tall?

Elizabeth had a bloody mary and I had a mimosa and our new friend had an Ale 8 – Tom’s favorite drink and a Kentucky soft drink. He loved it.

We talked for quite a while at a table, walked around and shopped, then went to one of three food trucks. Elizabeth and I split this amazing pretzel with gouda beer cheese (and that was the majority of my food for the day!) and

Hooks (our new friend) had a gourmet hot dog.

It got really hot as we were leaving. I went home and cooled off then Tom had been wanting to go to the outlet mall to go to Columbia, Under Armour, and North Face. You may be surprised, but I am not a fan of outlet shopping. It’s a scam! Just kidding, but I just don’t think it’s that great. I will say that I was surprised by the decent end of season prices but I didn’t get anything. It was really crowded in many of the stores and I hate that.

Loft had some good things but nothing I had to have. Tom got some good deals at Under Armour.

He and I were on our own for dinner so we just visited the Chick Fil A drive through where I got 12 grilled nuggets. We went home and watched some tv.

Sunday I drank my coffee outside. I haven’t done this much lately because July and August are the devil’s armpit in Kentucky. I am in a reading rut. But, I started something promising yesterday morning. I will tell you if I can stick with it.

Then I went to Aldi for some staples and also for a blog post. I was a hater for awhile but my local store has improved. If you have an Aldi or a Lidl I think you can save some money. I will post about it Thursday, I think.

Then, for the first time since 4th of July, we made it out on the boat. I invited our besties but they were busy. I swear that I have seen less of my friends this summer than last. Do you feel that way, too?

But, something cool happened that might not have if I were entertaining on my boat.

See the boat below… that was as we were both leaving, but I looked over when we were anchored in the cove and told Tom I thought the woman was my friend from college. I had reconnected with her on Facebook and she also teaches high school at a school in my district. We had plans to do lunch some time this summer. I yelled, “is your name Shannon?”, because what did I have to lose? And, it was her! We both got on floaties along with our husbands and met between our boats. We talked for almost 2 hours. I didn’t even know they had a boat. I am so happy I took a chance and hollered at her. Ha!

This is the dumbest thing. This BBQ place is right by our boat launch and I have never stopped in! What is wrong with me?

So, I decided to do it after boating and came home with some delicious pulled pork for Tom and spicy smoked chicken for me. Look at me taking these risks on a Sunday! Just kidding, of course.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Let me know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “hello monday

  1. Oh wow, America America – you have so much to offer! What a fantastic weekend you had! I love the picture of you from the restaurant! You look so happy, and… well! 😀
    Highlight of weekend was dinner at neighbors here in the woods (!) and meeting soldier girl’s boyfriend for the first time! Dinner was so much fun, and boyfriend seemed nice!
    I look forward to an Aldi post. We only have Lidl over here, I wonder if the carry the same stuff?


    1. I know, right? We are lucky! But, so are you! Well, thank you so much. You will be able to see the full outfit on Wednesday. Can you wait that long? Lol!
      That sounds like a lovely dinner and meet the parents is a big deal!
      I am interested to hear about your Lidl. Post is coming on Thursday. I am sure they tailor their stores for what people eat in the market they are in.
      I love going to grocery stores in foreign countries. So fun!


  2. Tom is sort of semi smiling in your picture so I’m gonna take that as his outrageously happy and in love face! HIs dinner looks delish – yours does too but that sushi takes the cake.
    I keep looking for that Premier Protein and have yet to spot it, I’m on the hunt though.
    My son always shops at Aldi when he’s up at school, he and my nephew swear by the prices. I don’t go as often as I should because I’m lazy and we have a Walmart Neighborhood Market and Publix at the corner. Walmart always has good prices and Publix BOGO is hard to beat.
    How awesome that you called out to your friend and reconnected on the water!
    After all that craziness you’ll probably need to relax and unwind today – ha!!


    1. That is right! That is his happy face! That sushi was the star of the show.
      It’s hard to find. I bought 2 packs. Another place that sells it is drugstores. You might find it at CVS or Walgreens!
      That is so smart of the young people to embrace Aldi. I think I spied your son playing cards with Lisa’s family! I love that! The internet brings people together! I wish we had a Publix. It is nice. I am not a Walmart fan.
      It was really cool – she is a KD, too!
      I do need to unwind! Happy Monday!


  3. Looks like you ate so well! I only head to the outlet stores once a year for my birthday shopping with my mom and since my birthday is after the 4th of July we do hit the end of season sales– otherwise I really don’t see a difference in price from all these stores regular prices!


    1. Always! lol! Yeah, that is a good time to buy. I do think deals are to be had, but it’s good to know your prices and the “normal store” prices. You got some good stuff on your trip!


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! Sounds like a nice weekend and reminds me, I need to plan a shopping trip to Aldi too. I rarely go, however, when I do, I always wish I came more often, but it’s just not the closest grocery store for me. Have a good week!


  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I also think outlet shopping is a bit of a scam. I went in Kansas a few months ago and then tried to go in Missouri last month (to get a dress for a wedding) and the dressing rooms were still closed! Like, how was I supposed to find a dress? So it wasn’t worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, I feel like the stuff is maybe manufactured for outlets sometimes?
      Isn’t it scientifically interesting how Covid is spread in dressing rooms but not in the main area of the store? I have learned so much about science this year.


  6. That pretzel…yum! I completely agree about outlet shopping. Sometimes you can find a deal, but it’s good to remember that they are often a completely different line of clothes than the original store carries. Love the anniversary picture! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


  7. I agree with you about outlet shopping! We have a beautiful one here in town and I go to Bath ad Body Works and the movie theatre. Maybe Auntie Anne’s once a year for a pretzel. we had Tony’s niece’s wedding and I will say that the rehearsal dinner was a circus but the actual wedding and reception was VERY nice. So I send out kudos to my SIL for such a nice afternoon wedding. Sunday we had an early tee time (6:50am) and I was exhausted and couldn’t do it. We slept in until 8:30am. It was glorious. Had dinner with our travel besties to discuss Nashville and that was it. Life is good. And yes! I feel like we rarely see anyone. Oh well. Happy Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. you are living your best life over there in kentucky!! you always seem to pack in so much and it all looks so fun. your anniversary pic was so nice and the place you chose looked fabulous! i meant to tell you the other day, in your wedding/honeymoon pics ( we’ve been to aruba 3 times!!) that in the one pic of tom where he is sort of leaning over a railing or something. well, i think he is rockin’ a james taylor look! at least from back in the day when he had long hair! (or any hair, actually!!) happy monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Thank you! Sometimes I don’t feel like I am. I would totally go back. I can see the James Taylor – love him! I have loved many a bald or balding guy! You too, Rita!


  9. I love your anniversary pic! We have Malones in Lex and it’s so good. I love the butter with the bread 🙂 so funny about finding your friend out on her boat. That’s so cool! Looks like you had the best weekend!


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