Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Today we are going to discuss faux leather leggings. Do you need some in your closet? The answer is – faux sho’! I am linking up with The Style Six here. I appreciate them letting me link up with my super amateur photos! Check them out; they have some great style and you may be able to shop your closet with their ideas!

In the fall of 2019, I wanted to jump into the faux leather leggings trend, but I really was not very sure if I could pull it off or if I would even reach for them when getting dressed. I purchased the Target Wild Fable leggings in a size up (I was told to do this by someone) and I wore them every time I went out in fall of 2019/winter 2020. I more than got my $12 worth. Now they are $16, but I think if you have been curious about this trend,they are great quality for the price. You may want to try your normal size and a size up and see what you think. Here are those leggings.

Have you ever tried a starter pair of something? When I want to try a trend, I sometimes get a cheaper version just to see if I like that trend. I think I first did this will tall boots a long time ago.

Now I own three pairs of faux leather leggings and today I am going to review them for you.

Left: Target Wild Fable, Middle: Aerie Crackle, Right: Spanx.

I thought some might appreciate this post because I am not young and I am not a size 2. Everything – every trend, even Mom jeans – looks good on you when you are 22 and a size 2!

First let us talk about Target Wild Fable:

They are more of a matte black. They almost can pass for regular pants when I pair them with a poncho and booties. Maybe this is because I went up a size. Honestly, I am reaching for these the least now since I purchased the Crackles this season. But, I have been so impressed with how they have washed. I lay flat to dry but I have probably washed them 30 times.

Pros: Price, quality, super comfortable, no rolling down at the waist

Con: I do not think they look right with tennies and dressed down outfits. I only wear these when I dress up a bit. The best shoes seem to be my black booties.

Aerie Crackles can be found here. I hope these are the same – the Aerie/American Eagle website makes them look a little bit more snakeskin-ish. Mine do not look snakeskin-ish in the least.

I personally love the crackle look. I think these look great dressed up or down and I will tell you, they are super warm. I wore them to eat in a tent on a really cold day and my legs were pretty warm. That could be a con for those of you in warmer climates, but I am not sure; you warm blooded gals seem to not tolerate the cold so these could be good. These are so comfortable and the waist stays put. I did size up one, but I feel like maybe I could have gone with my normal size. I think AE runs a bit big.

Pros: The price – under $30, the quality, the warmth, the unique crackle look, the waist band, the versatility, wash perfectly (Again, I wash in cold and lay flat to dry).

Cons: None. I love these leggings so much! And, I just noticed this week that they have them in other colors. I think burgundy/wine could be really cool! I really think Aerie quality is amazing for the price. I am all about good deals and I will pay for high quality. I would pay much, much more for these.

Spanx can be found here, or that is where mine came from. I decided to order directly from the website so I could get the short/petite length. I have only had these for a while, so I may not be as informed as I am about the first two. I think this photo does a good job of showing you the texture of the Spanx. They are like a baby Crackle.

I ordered a size up again (so all three are one size up) and the petite length. When I first tried to put them on I had to do some major body contortions. I was wondering if maybe I should have gone up by two sizes? Maybe by buying the petite length they are smaller all around? I found I had to get the ankles in the right place and then pull the leggings up more and more. My dog came into my closet and he was really judging me – I could tell. So, they are very hard to get on. My other two go on perfectly. Once on, though, they feel like a second skin. The material feels great on your legs and I think it flatters your legs the most of all three pairs. These can be dressed up or down.

Now, here is the problem that I am struggling with. These have the highest waistband and it rolls over when I sit. The other two do not do this. I find this to be very annoying and uncomfortable. Yes, I know my tummy is my problem area. My leggings do not need to betray me like that. I know what they are thinking – We must roll down because we cannot tolerate this spare tire. It is just rude!

Ultimately, I did decide to keep them because I am hoping to lose weight and because the texture, feel, and leg look is so good in my opinion.

Pros: look, quality, texture, dressed up or down, cannot speak about multiple washings yet

Cons: price $$$$, waistband situation, hard to put on

So, if I had to recommend only one pair I would go with the Aerie Crackles! I would order your normal size and one size up if you have a local store where you can easily return. If you do not, I would still say it might be worth it to try two sizes.

Do you own any of these? What do you like and dislike? If you own the Spanx, talk to me about how they have worn over time and the waistband issue.

Now, run, do not walk, to get these Aerie velvet leggings. I went with normal size because the size up was not in stock and they are perfection. They were $23 and I thought they would be so cute with a plaid shirt and more. They are so comfy and cozy and I love velvet, and

look at the adorable zippers at the ankles.

These can be found here. They come in short! I am 5 foot 4 and the short is perfect on me. I really appreciate that about American Eagle and Aerie – many of their bottoms come in short length. This is the perfect year for velvet leggings for the holidays!

Now, you may be thinking, why does one need 3 pairs of faux leather leggings in a pandemic. I definitely do not! But, the Target Wild Fable are from 2019 before the pandemic, so we will take those out of the equation. So, technically I only bought two pairs in 2020.

I am in a weird stage where I only want to wear black leggings. I have burgundy and grey leggings, too, and of course I have other cruel, hard pants – like jeans. If I am getting dressed 7 days a week then I will wear the above some days and normal black leggings other days.

I hope you found this post informative!

Do you own any of these? Thoughts? I will read all of your comments faux sho’!


25 thoughts on “Faux Sho’

  1. Your commentary was entertaining today and I’m sure your dog was not judging – just concerned! Ha!!! I ordered the Spanx last year or the year before and returned them – it was too much work trying to get them on. I didn’t order up a size but if I ever order again I will.
    I think the next thing I get from AE will be those crackle leggings!
    We are so happy you join us for the Style Six!
    This was a fun review, Amy!

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad a skinny thing like you also had trouble getting them on! Just kidding! Lisa and Andrea love theirs, right? I wonder if they sized up? I think you will love the crackles. I could see you rocking another color, too!


  2. Faux sho´! Ernie judging you! I can’t take it! I’m giggling over here!
    My only pair of faux leggings are from the children’s department (no I’m not tiny, but they fit) and they have a small hole (than only I can see) on one knee. And they are too thin. I should buy a new pair, course I really like them!
    Wish we had those Aerie leggings over here… I actually found some aerie online, but not those crackle leggings.
    Enjoy your Wednesday! I’m chilling in school, not that much to do…


  3. I have really been on the fence about trying faux leather leggings… I’m not sure I really like the shiny look. But I may have to order a pair just to try them out.

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    1. I had fun writing this! Since I know you love Aerie, too, I think you should go for the crackles! The leg feel of the spanx is awesome! But, if the waist band betrays me like this I can’t imagine I will wear them much. I probably should have sent back but I loved the leg look and feel and I’m an optimist thinking I might lose some belly and a miracle might happen.

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  4. This was very helpful and I hope you continue to do comparison posts like this!
    I had foot surgery three years ago in the winter and literally all I could wear were leggings with sweaters and dresses since I had to have a boot on my foot for three months. I completely burned out I’m leggings but still enjoyed reading about the ones you bought.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you J! I will try to think of more I can do. Oh yeah, that would tire me out, too. Have you jumped on the joggers trend? I see flare yoga pants coming in style soon with the 70s being popular.


    1. I hope you like them. This year’s model might be different. Yours are $4 more than mine and that could make a world of difference! Lol! Let me know what you think. You may be able to dress them down but I don’t think they look right on me in that capacity. Booties with a bit of a heel are my fave.


  5. what a fun review!! and great information. i have gotten 2 sweatshirts from aerie this fall and that is the first time i have ever ordered from them. i was very pleased with the quality and i am thinking that i need their crinkle leggings next. the waist band roll down situation is real and that makes me lean toward aerie and away from spanx. this was one of your most helpful posts, not to mention making me laugh out loud. keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you Rita! Your words made my day! I feel so much better that I am not the only one who has the waistband roll down. I heard from a size 2 commenter who also had that situation! Go for the Aerie. I think you will like them. It makes me wonder why so many bloggers rave about the Spanx. Are they getting major commissions? I make negative money off of my blog so I don’t answer to anyone! Lol!
      Maybe I can think of more things to review? It was fun to write!


  6. I have owned the spanx leggings for…I think this is the 3rd but may be their 4th season to live in my drawer. I have never worn them. The tags are still on them. I don’t remember them being hard to get on. But I haven’t even tried them on since I got them. I am big on comfort and after getting out of school last March and still not going back in person yet (Nashville) I pretty much only wear the most comfortable things I own. You’ve made me want to dig them out though. Maybe next week since it’s my anniversary (26!) not that we’re going anywhere past the couch with takeout. 🙂
    Also, I really do want the velvet ones, they look comfy!


    1. Wow! I would be curious what you think! I wore mine to virtual teach from home to see about the waistband situation while sitting. They weren’t bad the first time I wore them. Maybe they stretch and when I wash them again it will be better?
      You should totally wear for your anniversary! Happy 26th! We just had number 20 in July. Also, you need the velvet leggings! Talk about comfortable and only $23. You can’t buy most things from Target for that anymore!
      I have been teaching from home since March too! I am comfy on bottom but where a decent top and earrings.


  7. I only got into leggings last winter and have a few JJill pairs. You’ve got me wanting the velvet ones for sure! I just don’t like them too tight or clingy.

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    1. I always forget to talk about how much I like my j Jill Capri leggings which end up being closer to ankle on me.
      They are so well made and definitely not clingy. The fabric seems just right and I wear these a lot to teach virtually in – I have black,grey and navy from a long time ago.
      The velvet ones are perfection. For $23 I don’t think you can go wrong.


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