Friday, July 19, 2019

Every day is Friday for me right now!  Lol!  But the Friday Favorites link up right here is always a fun one.  I think I get my best recommendations from other bloggers!  Did you get caught up in the Prime Day and Nordstrom Anniversary sale hype?  I did not.  I ordered a couple of things from Amazon that had been in my cart but didn’t qualify for deals.  I plan today to order a couple of things from Nordstrom when it opens to the public.  A pair of black work pants caught my eye, a pair of sunglasses that is a good deal, and maybe a beauty purchase are on my agenda today.  

If you have an iphone 7 like me, you might love this recent Amazon find.  And, this is only needed if you don’t use wireless earbuds, of course.  This is really cool and lets you charge and listen with earbuds at the same time.  


I hit up my two consignment store faves this week and found this blouse by a brand I’ve only seen at Steinmart called “Democracy”.  The consignment store price was $16 – fairly high for consignment – but I knew my brand and it is high at Steinmart.  It’s the same brand as my fruit blouse here.  I paid almost $40 for that I think because I loved it so much!  I plan to wear it with my olive Target Universal Thread shorts this summer and my Matilda Janes in the fall.  I love to merely switch up my pants for shorts and vice versa.  If you wear mostly jeans in fall and winter, denim shorts are your best friend in summer.  It’s not rocket science, but I think it’s a trick that makes life easier.  

It’s a bit snug in the stomach area after vacation, but I’m hoping to depuff by making better food and drink choices now!  The struggle is real!  But, I can still return it so let me know if you think it looks bad!  

I had a favorite summer hat from Target that was lost to the Lake Michigan waves two years ago.  I replaced it with a splurge for me because I have a friend who swears by this hat brand.  I’m super happy with it if you’re in the market!  


Right after college, 7 layer Mexican dip was my signature.  People loved it.  I recently came across a new “recipe”.  Instead of just refried beans, start with this Fritos bean dip on the bottom, then layer guac, sour cream with taco seasoning mixed in, followed by cheese, tomatoes and green onions.  So good!  

If you like light lip colors, try Revlon Kiss Cushion.  I can’t read the name of this color because it’s in 1 pt. font, but my friend J had a red version of it and it looked great on her so I gave this pink a try.  The tip is spongey and you twist it to get the product out.  I think it was around $7 at Target.  I have talked soooo much about lipstick this summer!  Go here and here if you are also obsessed!  


Run, don’t walk to Trader Joe’s!  This is soooo good!  I have only tried this one – the peach- on an employee’s recommendation.  I was going to mix it with o.j. for a peach mimosa but it was so good alone!  It is light and refreshing and not too sweet with a nice little fizz.  

I can’t remember where I read about this but I love it!  I don’t even need my foundation really.  I have a summer total face makeup post coming next week even though I’m no expert.  

I bought this to go over it and I’m really liking it, too.  

And, finally, run – don’t walk – to Bath and Body for this Volcano candle dupe wallflower!  I plan to put this in my classroom to combat eau de stinky teenager when school starts!  

Well, that was random!  Come back next week to see my Amazon goods – if they work out and I can recommend them, my summer total face makeup, my week and weekend recap, and more!  

I love your comments and I’m having so much fun in this space.  So, thank you!!!!

If you missed any posts this week I did some travel tips here, what I wore on vacation here, my anniversary here, and my weekend wrap here.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  We have high heat indexes so you will find me in my basement with a sweatshirt on! 


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I like your new top! Good new lip find – I think the sponge applicator is so interesting. I’ve noticed a few lip products have that now. I made one purchase during Prime Days – cling wrap! Hahahaha, I did not get into the hype this year. Also I purchased one pair of booties from the NSale – they should arrive today so I’ll see if they work or not.
    Have a great weekend and avoid the heat!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think I will keep it because it has a fall vibe for when we are still in the 80-90
      degree range for early fall. This was my first lip sponge but I like it! Good job on just cling wrap and booties. It’s hard to not jump on the bandwagon when we read these blogs and see these Instagrammers!


  2. I didn’t buy anything at Nordstrom and only a few things on Amazon Prime Day; like you I already had a few things in my cart that didn’t even go on sale but I did pick up some Yeti Tumblers for my boys who have been begging me to buy them each their own.


    1. Good restraint! It’s so hard for me not to jump on the bandwagon and sometimes I feel that I’m missing out! But then I realize that I don’t even like, need, or that it doesn’t fit my lifestyle! I sometimes add to cart and then sit on an item for 24 hours. That works for me!


    1. Oooh put it on the blog! Your avocado, cucumber, and feta salad/dip is now a staple for my friends and family! Enjoy your last day at the beach! Thank you!


  3. I just made that Mexican dip last weekend! It’s always a hit! After your recommendation of the Truly Rose and loving it, I’m going to try the Trader Joe simpler wines too! Heading to my cousin’s pool today with this heat wave and I think I just might stop off at Trader Joe’s and pick up snacks and wine!
    I’ve been looking for a good light foundation. So going to try the cover girl and look forward to your post on makeup!
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That dip is so easy but such a crowd pleaser, right? Yes, go to TJs! The greek yogurt guacamole and plantain chips would be good and I sampled a 1000 day old Gouda with nectarine slices yesterday and bought it. Also, I highly recommend the rose moscato. There is a peach version that’s good, too, but this is perfect for this weather. It’s 8.99 for the beautiful bottle!
      I’m jealous! Pool with friends sounds wonderful!


    2. Oops – cousins would be great, too! Let me know what you think of the cover girl – it’s really good IMO!


  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve never had the plantain chips and the Gouda and nectarines sounds delicious. I did a fruit and cheese tray for work last week and not a morsel was left. So good and it felt healthy!


    1. The wine is called Villa Alena I think! The employees there are so helpful! It feels like you are eating more healthy there for sure!


  5. Love the blouse, keep it! The pattern makes it difficult to tell if is snug and from the photo it looks fine. My sister who lives in CA was at the San Diego hat store last fall at the end of the season and bought 7 hats! (She’s a shopaholic!) It’s funny because I wear hats all summer here in AZ and am very particular about hats. I’ve noticed a lot of hats that are less expensive made from a poly weave, cute but way to hot, straw works best in the heat.
    I love 7-layer dip and will def try with the frito bean dip.
    Have a great weekend and stay cool! Nancy


    1. Thank you Nancy! I may wear a vest over it which will help! 7 hats! You make a good point about the material. Hope you like the layer dip that way! You too!


  6. The only Covergirl I buy is generally mascara. I just pick up whatever tube looks pretty lol.

    I’m STILL jealous that we can’t get alcohol at our TJ’s. I was just there today.


    1. There is a mascara on Amazon that I’m going to show next week – got it for $3! I don’t usually buy Cover girl either but I’m really happy with this and the price is right!
      That is really sad! Even in KY where they can’t even sell wine in grocery stores we have it. They just have a separate entrance/store next to the TJs. Maybe when you move?


  7. I love your new top, and the lip product looks like it would be good for not melting in your purse or car during the summer. So many great finds on this post. I love 7-layer dip too! I will try that Cover Girl BB cream. I love my current Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but it’s really pricey. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you! I didn’t even think of that benefit to the sponge! I always forget about 7 layer dip. We had it with our dinner the other night and it was good for a summer dinner because it didn’t require heat! Please try the cover girl. I’m seriously impressed and I’m picky about texture and feel with my makeups. I will buy it again!


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