Monday, July 22, 2019

How was your weekend?  Mine was boring but productive!  But, last week was super fun and social, so I guess I had to pay the piper.  I’m linking up with Heather, etc. so go here for other Hello Monday posts.

First, on Thursday I met my two teacher friends who are at different schools out for breakfast.  We went to Highland Morning and it was really good.  I started at my current school with these two gals 19 years ago!  We have kept in touch and I love that!  One teaches Latin and the other teaches French.  

Thursday started our heat wave!  I missed a photo of when it said 100 in my car, so you’ll have to just see 99 and take my word for it!  

Thursday night our boys were out so hub suggested I meet him on his way home from work at this place.  It is a bit nicer than the typical Mexican restaurant and it’s really good.  I had a gift card, too!  Score!  

Hub had to dress up for a work photo Friday morning and I took a picture like it was his first day of school.  He looks dapper except for his smile!  

And, then I had another breakfast date on Friday with my two bffs.  One has a crazy work schedule so we have to get together when her work allows.  We had pink mimosas!  

I went home and planned to have a quiet afternoon but my work friend texted and wanted to meet at a nearby newish brewery.  I had been wanting to go and I tried a pineapple beer.  It was really subtle and really good!  

While we were there a few teachers we know came in and we joined them and chatted for a while.  It was really fun.  I went home and the four of us just heated up leftovers.  

Also on Friday, we got our much anticipated dumpster.  I was so excited to get rid of construction scraps!  

I don’t know what got into me but Saturday morning as hub and boys were working on the dumpster, I started purging things that will need to be purged when we get to the kitchen.  It felt so good!  I immediately loaded and took it to the donation center.  

Then I did our Costco run I’ve been putting off.  I needed laundry detergent pods, tp, paper towels, dog food, and coffee.  

After that, summer Amy was worn out.  I fell into a Sex in the City marathon.  I have watched every episode and own most of the DVDs – ha!  Any other fans out there?  It is such a well done show IMO.

I cooked dinner Saturday night as hub was too worn out to go out.  We watched some tv and I was in bed early. 

I finished this cute book Sunday.  I do recommend it for a light summer read.  

I also read most of this – skimmed some of it.  If you are into decluttering or looking for motivation, it’s a great read.  I wholeheartedly agree that if you are a slave to your material possessions you are missing out on your life.  Even though I love to talk clothing, shoes, and accessories I think you might be surprised by the size of my closet.  I’m always a work in progress, though, and need to pare down even more.  


We filled the entire dumpster and got rid of the pile and by “we” I mean mostly my hub and our framer.  Now, to get the dumpster taken away so we can park in our garage again.  

So, was I wrong?  A boring but productive weekend! What about you?  I’m getting nervous as the calendar days get ticked off.  I’m still definitely in summer mode over here! 

Hope to see you back tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Your life is anything but boring! I swear you have the very best social life! I think it’s great that you meet friends for breakfast – nights get so busy. That picture of your husband is great – is he holding a beer? Lol! And yes, he looked very dapper but needs to smile!
    I watched way too much tv this weekend – I fell down the Southern Charm hole yesterday for a few hours. The LAST thing I need is another series!


    1. Breakfast dates feel luxurious because I can’t do that in the school year! No, he doesn’t drink at all! That is his one vice – a Kentucky made ginger ale like soft drink called Ale 8 One. He is from a long line of non-smilers but he has a great sense of humor! I love Southern Charm and all the Bravo shows almost! I tape them and watch on my schedule if that makes it any better? Lol!


  2. That is a very productive weekend! I can’t wait to see your remodel. That’s so cool that you have friends from the very beginning of your teaching career. I have lost touch with so many old friends and definitely need to be better about maintaining friendships.


    1. It’s going so slowly as I knew it would! I’m impatient, too. I really try to maintain even if it’s only once a year. I use summer as my catch up time! It’s hard because we’re all so busy! Have a great day!


  3. Wow, what a weekend you had! You’re very good at socializing, I have a lot to learn from you! Never say no to an invitation for something, right!?
    I’m glad to hear that your renovation is moving forward, it will be fun to follow your progress!
    Yes, Sex and the city is/was a great show! I’ve seen all episodes at least once! Who’s your favorite character? We’re trying to find a new show, Yellowstone was too slow, A-typical to sad… We started The Sinner yesterday, and it’s really good so far.
    Enjoy your days of summer!


    1. I am trying to say yes more and it’s really made my life happier! The reno is moving at a snail’s pace but since it’s outside of the house it hasn’t been too disruptive yet. I don’t know who my fave character is! Maybe Carrie? A show for you might be New Girl – hilarious!, Gossip Girl and for the family 70s Show, Psych, Chuck?


      1. Thanks for the tips! My family (and I!) like shows that I guess would fall into the thriller category, we LOVE Stranger things… I hope you’ve seen it!? The flirtation with the 80s and the acting is superb!


  4. That is definitely productive! I *love* it when Scott gets rid of construction scraps lol. We actually bought a dump trailer years ago so we don’t have to keep ordering dumpsters.

    I thought about Costco but instead ordered the stuff I would’ve gotten there (dry goods) on Amazon and it was cheaper and easier. I cannot do Costco with a baby.


    1. I guess so! Waiting on dumpster to be picked up today so I can use my driveway! I didn’t even know you could do that! I’m not convinced Costco is a good idea. But, it’s close so I can go once every couple of months. Amazon may give it a run for its money for me, too, very soon!


  5. I was just telling my boys and husband that we should get a rolloff just to de-clutter; after 16 years in the same house I am sure there is a lot I would be perfectly fine getting rid of (though they all claim I am already great at throwing things away!).


    1. Yes! We are 19 years in this house and I’m pretty good about not letting clutter in and purging often but still! I did 40 bags for 40
      days of Lent a couple of years and that was great! I made a list of 40 places, drawers, cabinets and tried to get a bag from each. It feels like we are such a consumer society and it feels yucky to think of all that we don’t use!


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