Monday, July 8, 2019

How was your holiday weekend?  I think many people had four days off for a nice long weekend!  I am going to mix up my normal posting themes this week and today I’m talking about a makeup bag idea and I wanted to follow up on my summer lips post here with my reader recommendations and some new ones of mine, too!  

So, let’s talk about your lipsticks and how to contain them!  

Do you keep your makeup in a cosmetics bag at home?  I do not.  I have plastic containers in a cabinet and only need a bag when I travel.  I went to Target to look for a fairly good sized cosmetics case and either they were too big, too expensive, or I didn’t like the look.  I was in the cosmetics section of the store and then decided to venture to the travel section of the store.  Next to the travel section were these beautiful cases that looked like cosmetics bags, but they were lunch boxes!  Now, some were pricey, but the one I chose below was only $8.99 compared to the $25 that most cost in the cosmetics department.  

Isn’t this print darling?  

Inside is the typical lunch box cooler lining, but I thought that would also be great for wiping down my makeup spills.  

If I decide to use it for a lunch box instead I can always do that.  Also, once I get to my destination, I could unpack my makeup and put it on the counter and throw some adult beverages in this bad boy!  What do you think?  

Now, let’s go back to the lipstick topic.  To briefly recap, Revlon Superlustrous classic is a great bang for your buck.  NYX lip butters are amazing.  I also love Lipsense, but it’s expensive and hard to get.  

I was on a mission to try some of the lipsticks that you recommended.  First I stopped at Sephora.  I was intrigued by this line of $8 lip stories.  The packaging is really pretty and the price was great.  The testers were a mess so I didn’t try any.  


Sephora was really packed, so I then made my way to Macy’s to try some of the recommended brands.  Feel free to read the helpful comments left in that post, too, but here is a round up for the most part.  

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – This is very natural and very sheer and adjusts to your lip color.  This is apparently a cult classic.  

Clarins Water Lip Stain – this only comes in four colors from what I could tell.  I only tried this on my hand and I’m so glad because this would not come off of my hand for two days!  I would say that speaks to its lasting power! 

Tarte Quench Lip Rescue Balms – Macy’s didn’t have

Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in Rosy Future – have not tried this yet

Bare Minerals in Hustler shade – a bright orangey red – did not try it but it looked promising

Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tints – haven’t found yet

NYX Stockholm – couldn’t find this color 

Other reader comments:  

Use a lip scrub

Use Carmex

Use a lip primer

Thanks for reading, guys!  Anything else I should try?  Any new favorites?  Help feed my lip product obsession!  


7 thoughts on “Makeup Bag Monday – Summer Lips II

  1. I do need to try a lip primer! You got some great recommendations from your readers, I do wish Lipsense felt better on my lips, I was hoping it would be a little more hydrating but it seems I need to use another lip balm over it besides their gloss. The search for the perfect lip product continues!!!


    1. I’m intrigued about lip primers, too. Let me know if you find a good one. I know – the alcohol feel of LS isn’t my favorite but I guess that is the lip stain long lasting effect. I like to constantly put the gloss on top and it helps.


  2. The Tarte balm is a Sephora exclusive. I probably should have mentioned that the first time. Ooops…:)

    Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention my favorite lip gloss ever! The Buxom plumping glosses! Shiny, pretty, good lasting power for a gloss, and they really make your lips look smooth and younger. I don’t know that they actually make your lips plump up (mine are plump enough, so I don’t pay attention), but they have that little tingle.


  3. I used to keep my makeup in the medicine cabinet shelf in dishes/jars, but with all of the back and forth in the last two years, I got rid of 90% of what I owned but didn’t use and just switched to a see-through bag. It’s so much easier to take along, rather than worry about packing it up when we go somewhere.

    Also, I like Rodan and Fields’ lip balm. It has sunscreen in it.


    1. It really is better to be minimal with products I think. A see through bag is great and I thought about that, too. I’m very picky about my lip balms so that’s good to know. My current favorite is the one our orthodontist gives out for free! Lol!


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