Thursday, June 27, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about summer lip colors.  I like to change it up for fall and winter, so I’m strictly talking about summer lips!  Also, great minds think alike so please check out my friend Kellyann’s post from yesterday about her favorite lip brands and colors.  I swear I’m not copying off of you, Kellyann!  

First of all, I really like buying lip colors and I really like having something on my lips, even if I’m going out on the boat.  

You have heard me talk about Lipsense before, but I will say it’s hard to get (you must purchase through Facebook or know a consultant) and it’s expensive, so because I’ve talked about it before a long, long time ago, I am strictly going to talk about grocery store, Ulta, and drug store brands today.  

I own six colors of Lipsense and have shown them below.  I like to replicate the same colors in my LS as I have in my “normal lipstick” arsenal.  The photo below represents – gulp – $150 of my hard earned cash.  I didn’t buy it all at once and I will say that it lasts forever and doesn’t come off on your glass.  But, it feels a bit weird and like rubbing alcohol going on your lips and you are supposed to do three applications followed by their gloss.  

Well, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it and then I did!  Oops!  


Here is my current summer collection of “normal” lipwear.  

In the summer I want:

a hot pink

a magenta/purple color

a coral

a soft pink

an orangey red

I like the coral and pink for day and the brighter colors for night unless I’m going somewhere out of the ordinary.

I also like to “match” my lip color to my outfit.  Is that wrong?  


Let’s start with NYX brand.  Their butter glosses are amazing.  They are only $5 and they smell wonderful and have the perfect consistency.  My skin tans pretty easily but also burns so I would say I have a light-medium skin tone.  I usually use these as a top coat but sometimes will wear them alone.

Starting from the top:

Sugar cookie – the tube is a magenta so this is a weird name.  I don’t regularly eat magenta sugar cookies, but whatever.  

Eclair – a medium pink

Creme Brulee – a pinky nude

Lingerie Shimmer gloss

O.k., our grandmothers probably swore by Revlon but I really think it’s a great product.  It has a nice consistency and lasts fairly long.  The top two and the bottom are all Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks and they sell for 5.99 people!  

Top:  Wink for Pink

Second one:  Blushed

The next two are Maybelline ColorScentational and they are about $6 each, too.  

Third one:  Brazen Berry

Fourth one:  5th Ave. Fuchsia

Last one:  Kiss me Coral

You’ll notice I didn’t mention my all time fave Revlon Goldpearl Plum.  I’ve put that up until fall.  I don’t necessarily think it’s too fallish, but I am focusing more on the above and below for now.  

Most of these are a few years old, but that’s how long they last and I don’t see a difference in them as they get older.  

In my photo on the cake stand, I also have an Ipsy pink gloss that I use as a top coat and a Revlon matte stick that I often put below the Kiss Me Coral.  I don’t know the brand of the gloss and I don’t even know if they make the Revlon matte stick anymore.  

I am really big on layering.  I usually can’t stick to just one color and I think it’s kind of fun to see what two colors look like together.  

As far as high end brands:

I have used MAC before and loved it.  I had a color called “Angel” and I know that Joanna Gaines uses “Fresh Brew” and everyone is crazy for it.  

I have heard Bare Minerals is great and I looked for a shade called “Hustler” and couldn’t find it.

What do you think?  Any favorites that you see here?  What should I try?  


PS – I recently cleaned out all my lipcolors and it felt great to declutter and just keep what I love. Thanks, Marie Kondo!  


14 thoughts on “Summer Lips

  1. LOl, yes, great minds think alike for sure! I really need to de-clutter my lip products, actually all of my make up. I hate throwing things away but if I’m not going to use them or they’re old, why not? Have you ever tried a lip primer? I’ve heard some buzz about that lately and it might be worth investigating!
    You were smart to do the color swipes on your hand, I should have done that too!

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    1. That’s how I am. It’s hard to throw away but you feel so much better after! I’ve never tried a lip primer! Thank you – I should’ve also shows my actual lips.


  2. Now this is my kind of post! 🙂

    I can’t deal with long-wearing or matte lip colors at all. I HATE the way they make my lips feel. And I’m not a fan of bright/bold lips on myself anyway. So I stick to glosses/tinted balms/sheer lipsticks.

    Those NYX glosses are great! I have Creme Brulee and Angel Food Cake.

    Tarte’s Quench Lip Rescue balms are some of my very favorites. A co-worker gave me a gift set of them for Xmas, and I’m HOOKED! Perfect consistency, just enough color payoff.

    Revlon Super Lustrous gloss is a long time favorite. Rosy Future is my go-to. Perfect brownish-pink nude.

    When I do feel more “adventerous”, can’t beat the classic Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

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    1. Writing these down! I’m going to do a follow up and add your suggestions. Sometimes I feel weird in too bright but I like them. I guess it depends on the event. I feel the same about matte usually. I sometimes use it as a base and add a regular on top. For the price you can’t beat NYX.


  3. Nice colors! I’m like you, I love to wear different colors every day! I always have something on my lips, they feel dry without it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because my lip balm is gone…
    I really like your colors, I have about the same in my arsenal. When I travel I pack a set of mini lipsticks in every possible color. I have the nyx soft matte in “Stockholm” (of course) but I can’t stand the dry feeling! And since I’m a blonde I don’t really get that Kardashian look that I was after, lol!
    My best tips is to use a lip pencil followed by color. And have you tried the water lip stain from Clarins!? That’s a great product!

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    1. I will check out NYX Stockholm and the Clarins product! Writing it down now! I also want to do a follow up and publish my readers’ suggestions!


  4. I like the Revlon Kiss cushion lip tints. But I’m going to try the NYX after seeing all the comments! I use the Tree Hut sugar lips lip scrub, especially in the winter, to keep my lips soft too. And Carmex every night. Nice post!

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    1. Ooh! I haven’t heard of the Revlon Kiss – putting that on my list. Let me know what you think of NYX!
      I have never tried a lip scrub. I should probably do that!


  5. This is my weak spot. I own, currently, one lip color and I don’t even like it anymore so I don’t wear it. My tradition was usually to buy a new one each school year (wear it for a few weeks and forget about it LOL). I tend to go to a stain and then top with a gloss, so maybe I should just start looking again. I tend to like ones that go on with a wand.

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    1. Before I cleaned out my collection I probably had 50 lip products and now I’m down to maybe 20! I like a traditional lipstick as a base and then a gloss with a wand. I’m going to post reader recommendations soon. I went to a department store and tried some of them already and that was fun.


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