Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I’m actually one of those weird people that loves to pack and talk about packing!  I make lists and I start laying out clothes a few days before my trip so I can make sure not to wear them. 

I like to think about what I will be doing and what I would like to wear to do said activities.  

For my trip last week I knew that I would be mostly at the beach during the day but that one day would be walking in Chicago.  I knew that we would mostly be cooking dinner at home and that we might do some antiquing/shopping.  

Shoes and accessories are always the hardest for me to narrow down.  But, I did pretty well this time.  I also had my grey Nike tennis shoes.  One sister and I walked two mornings and I wore them to Chicago.  


I did well with just two bracelets and three earrings.  

Travel/car outfit for the way up was an old black tank swing dress and a kimono.  I thought I would re-wear this outfit but I didn’t.  

Bottoms were:  palazzo pants, blue denim look capris, 2 cut offs, and 1 skirtimg_7990-1.jpg

Tops were:  cactus, floral, graphic tee, fruit blouse, plain black, plain hot pink, and one more kimono


Not pictured:  2 bathing suits, 2 coverups, athletic shorts and tanks to sleep in, lounge in, and 2 sweatshirts because Michigan can be cool in the mornings and evenings.  

I thought I did pretty well at choosing and keeping it to a minimum and I found that I was pretty happy with what I brought.  

I don’t usually get a souvenir shirt like my boys do.  We have a t shirt from every trip we have ever taken since they were 2 and I’m going to get quilts made soon!  I really liked this sweatshirt below so I splurged and this is the only new item I bought.  A $50 sweatshirt is out of character for me but I’ve been wearing them more lately!  

This is what I wore to go antique shopping with my mom, both sisters, and a niece that wanted to go. 

This is what I wore to Chicago for the day – denim look capris, pink top, kimono, tennis shoes and a brown crossbody purse with fringe.  I looked a bit frumpy but I was comfortable.  

This was my Friday night outfit to go out to eat when we got back.

Any favorites?  I’m so glad I cut off the cactus top!  It has really improved the look!  

Teen packing tip:  I gave them a list and they had to find everything and lay it by their dufflebags for me to approve.  I didn’t bother with their dufflebag again after that.  It worked well.  They don’t want me to micromanage but I wanted to make sure they had appropriate stuff.  We have been doing it this way since they were probably 12?  

What is your packing and vacation style?  

Thanks for reading!


20 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – Vacation Edition

  1. I definitely write a list and then lay everything out; lately I’ve been trying to somewhat stick to a color theme so I have more mix and match options since I always tend to way over pack. I too write a quick list for the boys and leave them to pick out what they want; once I’ve checked they haven’t forgotten anything they’re free to pack it and are in charge of keeping track of it all. They have done so well on our last couple of trips and I love that I am no longer packing for 4!


    1. I’m such a list maker in all aspects of life. Yes, it is really nice to have teenagers in that regard. Mine have a few things that they constantly wear, too – their faves. My husband’s packing style is annoying. He waits until the last minute!


  2. You did a great job packing! If we’re taking a car trip I over pack because I’m finicky and can never be sure what mood I’ll be in – ha!!
    Good tip about the teens packing. Our kids learned the hard way. I always told them how to pack and they did pretty well. On one beach trip our older son didn’t – he only brought a bathing suit and a pair of pj’s – besides what he wore in the car. Needless to say he will never make that mistake again!!!


    1. Thank you! I think the more minimalist your closet is, the easier it becomes to pack! I really had to think about my real life instead of my aspirational vacation life. I come in from beac, shower and don’t worry about hair, makeup and accessorizing! That’s funny about your son! We have to let them make mistakes and I’m bad about that. Have a great day! I think I’m ordering your top from today because I didn’t order much from the prime day deals!


      1. That would be bad for my wallet! I bet it is a sight to see! We have talked about doing Chicago in the fall so maybe – but this is the year for college visits so it will be busy. Have a great weekend!


  3. That sweatshirt is so nice! I love to buy souvenir clothes, they don’t have to be the typical t-shirt, I just like the thought that “oh, I bought this jacket in London”.
    I love to write packing lists, and must confess that I start like two months before a trip… Florida is easy since it’s always hot, but for a weekend trip I like to plan properly so I can mix every piece. You did good your packing! You wear a lot of colors, I like that!


    1. Thank you! I don’t but a lot of clothes while traveling. Packing lists are fun and I even write them for other people! I helped my colleague plan for Spain and Italy so I live vicariously through other people’s trips, too! My closet is so colorful! I may write a post on it! Lol!


    2. I like to buy “something” like a piece of art or decor when I travel. It doesn’t have to be related to the location,of the but can be. Looking at the item always reminds me of the trip.


  4. Maybe a new career – writing packing lists for people! You probably made your colleague’s trip much better, like when she saw a special combination and thought “I have to go out and do something extra fun wearing this”!
    A post on color combinations could be something! When I was a kid it was a big no no to mix red and pink (I still can’t wear red lipstick with pink clothes…) and black and dark blue! You do it well and I think you could teach us a thing or two!


  5. My packing style is laying out an outfit for each day of the trip and trying to keep in a similar color scheme. Then I try to bring as few pairs of shoes as possible! That’s the hard part for me! I usually bring more tops than bottoms and try to mix up my outfits. I finally quit packing a dressy outfit because almost anything goes anymore and I can dress up my outfits with jewelry or accessories. I usually come home with a few things I never wore and always overpack!


    1. That’s pretty much what I do! Shoes are so hard! You are right about dressy stuff not necessary anymore. I usually end up more casual than I planned!


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