Thursday, July 18, 2019

My anniversary was this past Monday and I didn’t want to let it slip away without dedicating a post to my marriage.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years on one hand but on the other I feel like we’ve been through so much together.  Hub is a very private person without any social media, so I don’t share much about him in this space.  He is the introvert to my extrovert. I think we balance each other out pretty well, though.  He has calmed my type A tendencies and I have pushed him to take needed risks in his personal and professional life I think.  We share the same core values and sense of humor which I think is really important.  


We got married in my childhood church in a very traditional ceremony.  

My dress was one of the first I tried on.  I wore one of my best friend’s veil from her wedding the previous October.  Thanks again, H – it’s beautiful!  

Looking through my album (this was pre-digital photos, of course!), the photo below with my Dad made me sad.  And, the photo on the bottom left also made me sad.  My husband’s childhood best friend died of a brain tumor a few years ago. We have also since lost both of our grandmothers.  img_7954.jpg

Our wedding party is pictured below.  I most definitely was not a bridezilla.  The bridesmaids wore camisoles from Target that were on sale for $8, skirts from Macy’s that were $20 on sale and shoes that were around $20, also.  I was really happy with that.  In fact, I picked my color scheme for the wedding based on the sale items.  They were a deep plum and silver – not my favorites, but I thought they turned out pretty well. img_7956.jpg

This was really fun below.  We were the first to use my hometown’s trolley.  We rode it from the church to the reception and hub and I hung off the back! img_7957.jpg

We did not smash cake in each other’s faces. Nope, it wasn’t even discussed.  Plus we were 28 (me) and 33 (him) and and had been to many a wedding where they had done that!  No offense if you did choose to do that but it wasn’t my idea of fun!  

I still love my wedding band and engagement ring and this was my first professional manicure.  My husband had calluses from lifting weights and it made us laugh at this photo.  He is not a ring person and you will die when you hear this – he keeps his ring on his keychain and always has!  He wears it on holidays and out to dinner with me sometimes.  Ha!  

And, two more pictures that make me happy.  The first on the top is my group of high school friends.  I just had dinner with some of them last week.  

And, the bottom one is of my Dad leading a conga line.  He started one at every wedding we went to for some crazy reason.  It became a joke!  He is followed by my high school bestie, my cousins, my sister, and a few others.  So funny!  

Now, on to the honeymoon!  

We had to be at the airport at 3 a.m. to head to Aruba!  It was a dream honeymoon.  We sunbathed on the beach, went snorkeling several times, went on a pirate ship, went on a catamaran, kayaked, rented a jeep to explore the island, had a romantic dinner on the beach.  We had so much fun and it’s a good thing because just a bit over a year later we found out we were expecting twin boys!  


Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me!  


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on 19 Years of Marriage!

  1. How sweet! What a wonderful post. I am dying over your bridesmaids outfits – that is genius! They look waaaaay more expensive. I have a hard time looking back at photos and seeing my dad and others we have lost but mostly my dad. He was always the life of the party. I can’t even bring myself to watch my wedding video. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! It was fun to put together. I have always been a bargain hunter and I get so guilty asking girls to buy an outfit they would never wear again! Thank you for saying they look way more expensive! The photos are precious but hard. I had forgotten about my Dad starting conga lines so that was a fun memory. I’m not ready to watch any videos! Have a lovey day!


  2. Wow, thanks for sharing, that was so much fun to see! Your wedding looked perfect! And the honeymoon, wow! I love weddings, it’s a fantastic celebration! I’ve been with my husband for 21 years, and we married after seven years.
    It’s tough that we have lost loved ones, but the only thing we can do right now is to take care of the people that we have around us right now!


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