Friday, June 28, 2019

Happy Friday!  Friday posts are fun to write and read and I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. so go check it out!  

Are you excited/going to participate in Amazon Prime Days July 15 and 16?  I tend to get excited about stuff like this and forget to ask myself if I really need something!  I have done really well this summer about not ordering too many things and not shopping out of boredom.  I’m really trying to be content with what I have.  I have plenty and I can’t even find places to wear everything I have!  


I went back to Funny Bunny for a change from my bright colors.  Did you see my nail polish faves post here?  Trying to decide what to do for vacation?  Should I take polish remover and a couple of colors, should I go au natural, or should I treat myself to a dip/gel?  

I had a friend on Facebook who is quitting caffeine so as I was directing her to ‘s post on what teas she drinks, I remembered my favorite caffeine free tea and bought a new box.  If you like a chai latte, you will love this tea.  It is so good.  Tip:  Pour your hot water over two tea bags instead of just one for a bit stronger flavor.  I add a couple of drops of Trader Joe’s stevia. img_7576.jpg

This is Whitney’s salad from Polka Dotty Place.  I gave the recipe here.  

A new drink I learned from One little momma who is the owner of Nickel and Suede:  a wild strawberry Crystal Light packet and a coconut La Croix.  Try it!  It’s really good and refreshing.  

Ugh – the dreaded take your car in to the shop that has to be done sometimes.  I liked my pants, toe nail, and flip flop combo on this day.  

So, at the dealership I was waiting on the shuttle to take me home when the service tech came and told me that the shuttle was too busy so they would give me a loaner.  

This was the loaner!  Um, o.k.!  It was fun for a day but I like my own better.  I had to change my outfit because I wasn’t dressed to drive a Jeep Wrangler – ha!  

I spruced up the front of my house with this old watermelon door mat.  

And, I purchased this sunglasses flag.  Our house number is turquoise and we have a turquoise pot of geraniums so I think it looks nice together.  

This week I used my salt cave gift card from a student.  Look how cool it looks – full post coming soon!  

I made bbq tostadas one night this week.  I crisped up corn tortillas in a skillet and then added prepared bbq, red onion, and mozz and put under broiler then topped with pickles.  

I really enjoyed creating my lip post this week!  I will be adding some reader recommendations soon!  Thank you!  

What were your favorites this week?  Can’t wait to hear!  Thanks for reading!  

Come back Monday for a 4th of July link up.  I plan to show my decor, outfit ideas, and some easy food ideas!


15 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Those bbq tostadas look terrific! I always enjoy driving a loaner a car – it’s fun to try something new. Your sunglasses flag is so cute! I need to do something summer outside. I say definitely get your nails done for vacay – treat yourself!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. They were pretty good! I have one of those flag holders and several seasonal flags so it’s easy to do. And I like my doormat collection! Yes, you’re probably right about the nails!
      I was able to comment with Disqus today on your blog! It popped right up! I don’t get it and I’m pretty good with technology!


    1. Most people I talk to haven’t heard of Bengal spice! I especially enjoy it in the fall on the patio! Please try the strawberry coconut and let me know what you think! It’s kept me from the pricey Starbucks teas!


  2. Wow, cool car! It suits you! Our rental car is a Nissan Sentra, not cool but it does its job.
    I agree, your nail-flip flop-pants combination was smack on! I’m trying to find that nail polish color – was it opi? The cheaper brands doesn’t seem to have that color. When it comes to your vacation nails I don’t know – will you have time to do your nails? It’s always fun to change colors when you’re on vacation! Like blue nails with blue bathing suit – I think it’s fun!
    My Friday favorites are cook out by the pool tonight (what are you supposed to bring to a gathering like that!?), shopping sneakers for whole family yesterday and bathroom project on its way!


      1. Those salads look amazing! I didn’t have time to do them tonight, but I will! They are both exactly what I love!


    1. Thank you! Do you go to the salt cave regularly? I needed music I think. I got bored and probably would’ve preferred 30 min! Your deck with a glass of wine sounds perfect!


  3. I am going to have to try that drink combo; I am obsessed with Crystal light and all their flavors.. well OK mostly the iced teas but I do like other flavors too.


  4. Wow those tostadas look incredible! I love any spin off of Mexican food! I just tried the dip powder for the first time yesterday and so far I really like them! I hear they last a longer time than shellac and are better for your nails. Thanks for the drink tip!!


    1. Thank you! I do, too! That’s what I heard about dip but I’ve only done it once and I don’t think I went to the best salon for it. Hope you are having a good summer and crushing more debt! I’m doing the July challenge with Frugalwoods blog if you want to check her out. She has great and inspiring articles!


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