Thursday, June 20, 2019

Do you enjoy a manicure?  I do!  I don’t like my nails bare.  I actually enjoy doing my nails myself and I usually like bright fun colors – especially in the summer.  I do my nails in the evenings usually while watching a tv program and I can often make a mani last a full week.  

Here are my tips:  

-Use the better brand polishes.  They really do last longer and have a nice consistency.  If I buy a better brand, I am more satisfied and usually use the bottle until it’s gone.  If I buy the cheaper brands, I usually end up going out and buying the better brand after all! 

-I prefer OPI because of the brush.  Essie’s colors are maybe better, but I hate the dinky brush.  Some people like it.  I think it’s just personal preference.  

-I think shorter squared off nails look better with bright color polishes.  Again, this is personal preference.  I also think shorter nails help you keep the mani longer.  

-Do a super light coat first.  Go back and do another light coat.  The lighter coat makes it last longer – I swear!  

-If your polish is gummy and/or old, add a few drops of nail polish remover and shake and “roll” the bottle really well like you’ve probably seen the nail techs do.

-End with a top coat.  Right now I’m using OPI, but Seche Vite is really good, too.  


From left to right:  OPI top coat, Suzi without a paddle, I just can’t Copa Cabana, Strawberry margarita, Essie  For the Twill of it and Bikini so teeny.

Example of Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.  

Do you have any brands or colors to recommend to me?  

Where do you stand on gel, dip, home manicures, or au natural?  


15 thoughts on “Summer Nails

  1. I am not a fan of bare nails either but unfortunately that’s how mine are most of the time! I have a hard time keeping polish on – even gel and dipped nails from the salon. I have oily nail beds and no matter what I try the polish peels right off. I have found the Sally Hansen Gel Nail polish last a little longer but I never get a week out of a mani. Painted nails are so pretty!!!


    1. I wish I liked mine bare! I wonder what causes oily nail beds? I have heard some people like Sally Hansen gel. I enjoy changing colors often so I’m fine with a mani lasting a week or less. I should wear rubber gloves when I wash dishes and clean!


  2. I always wear nail polish! New color every week! I have never been to a nail salon, but we have them back home and it’s quite popular to get acrylic nails. I tend to follow season; bright colors for spring and summer and darker shades for winter. My favorite is actually a very light sheer pink (like Essie ballerina) but my nails are mostly in a bad shape and look better with color. You always have nice nails! Kids in school appreciate cool colors -right!


    1. I’m the same! You should treat yourself while in FL! I just got a fresh pedicure yesterday but I rarely pay for a mani. They also massage your legs and arms and it’s very relaxing. I change colors with seasons too!


  3. Massage sounds nice! Every year I plan to visit a nail salon when I’m here, but so far no… But I do go for a hair trim and foil highlights every year!
    Oh, new color on your toes? Show us! 🙂


  4. I wish so much I could have painted nails more often. But I’m so hard on my hands and nails at work and home, I just don’t bother. I’m fortunate to have pretty good natural nails, though, so I get by.

    I do try to keeps the toes polished in warmer months, though. And you know one of the brands I have the best luck with? That dirt cheap Sinful Colors. It wears like iron on me!


    1. I don’t have good natural nails so that’s one reason. I have heard that about Sinful Colors but I don’t see that in stores that I go to.
      I always have toes polished but they get bad in winter because I go less frequently.


  5. You should try the color street nails – its a sticker you put on and they last for almost 14 days – for a cheaper version there is dashing diva nails and I also like the press on impress.


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