Monday, July 1, 2019

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Guys, it is already July!  My friend posted a picture of school supplies out in the stores.  NO!!!!!  It used to be that they waited until well after the 4th of July to put this stuff out.  I’m just not ready to think about that yet…

So, today in addition to a brief weekend recap, I’m linking up with some bloggers to talk about the 4th of July!  Please visit The Queen in Between, This Blonde’s Shopping Bag, Coast to Coast, The Horton Family, Living on Cloud Nine, and Granola and Grace.  Click here to go to the link up!  

So, let’s start with Friday morning!  

Hub has a couple of extra days vacation to use up in addition to our summer vacation week so he took one of them on Friday.  We did some tile shopping and I will tell you why very soon :).  I’m not very good at interior design.  I know what I like but it’s definitely not my forte.  

That evening we went as a family to a community theater musical of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  I whipped up some quick street tacos and rice for our dinner before leaving.  

We all enjoyed the musical and couldn’t believe how professional the acting and singing were.  

Saturday morning I did one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning – hit up Trader Joe’s before the crowd.  I thought these 4th of July flowers were pretty but I resisted.  

I started my next library book and I had to hurry because it was due back today!  I abandoned my last book because I had already read it and didn’t realize it at first!  I really enjoyed the first third of the book, but then it fell off the rails and started developing a character that didn’t need to be developed in my opinion and there are just some off the wall things happening to some of the characters.  I would love to know if anyone agrees with me.  I’ve got about 50 more pages to go and let’s see if I can make it.  

After my Saturday morning TJ’s run (post coming this week on what I bought), my friend whose son is dog sitting/house sitting asked me to come over and sit by the pool for a couple of hours. What a nice spontaneous way to spend part of my day!  

Saturday evening, my boys really wanted our favorite Mediterranean take out, so one of my sons went with me to pick it up and then we ate together at home. After dinner, hub and I met some friends for some live music at a pizza place at a marina by the river.  It was about 90 something but it was fine.  They played 80s music and were pretty good, but loud!  

I thought our view was quite picturesque.  

I do want to mention that I considered just staying home, but I’m so glad we went.  We stayed from 7-9:30 and it was good to get out.  We haven’t gone out much so far this summer and this was a good reminder to just go when you have an opportunity.  My boys were happy to stay home as they have been super social lately and were out Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night for the musical.  

Sunday we got a late start but wanted to go boating.  Hub determined the river was still running too fast and had too much debris from all of our June rains and storms so we headed down to Captain’s Quarters to get a drink and sit by the river.  

People we knew started showing up and we chatted for a couple of hours.  We were still glad we made the decision not to go out in those conditions but also because my sister’s family was stopping by on their way back up north from their vacation to Memphis, New Orleans, and Mississippi.  

So, after coming home we enjoyed a short and sweet visit from the five of them.  Then, it was time for dinner and a few little tasks but no “Sunday Scaries” for me because it’s summer!

Now, let’s talk about the 4th of July.  Last year we had our 17 year old German cousin here so we really wanted to show her a good time and how we celebrate the 4th despite the 100 degree heat that day!  We went out on a boat with AC and I brought some festive snacks.  This year, we don’t know exactly what the weather holds or what our plans are!  

Home decor:  I do some minimal decor on the mantel, the hall table, and I have a flag tablecloth for the dining room table.  I have also done a minimal tiered tray decorating job!

Outfits:  I prefer just choosing two of the three patriotic colors.  I would love a cute graphic tee and have seen some really cute ones, so I might still have time to do that.  Other than that, it depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing for the celebration. 

Food:  I love to get a bit festive with the food!  

-I have seen red, white, and blue Rice Krispies to make treats with

-red, white, and blue potato chips

-red, white, and blue tortilla chips

-you could serve red salsa with blue corn chips

-there are red, blue, and normal potato medleys in the produce section to grill or roast

-make the waffle pretzel, rolo, and M and M with only the red, white, and blue M and M’s

-set out a bowl of red, white, and blue M and M’s

-just pick 3 types of candies in red, white, and blue

Here is my post from last year for more ideas!  

Have a fabulous Monday!

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14 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Let’s Celebrate the 4th!

  1. What a great weekend – I’m glad you went to the outdoor concert – it looks like fun and a nice way to spend the evening. The view was great too! I can’t wait to see what you’re planning to do with the tile – I always have to ask my sister before I do things, I know what I like but have a hard time executing it. Glad you’re linking up with us and thanks for the shout out about it!


    1. I’m glad, too! I will tell you about the tile, soon. I’m the same and my bff is good with design. Thanks for the link up – great idea!


  2. What a fun weekend Amy! Tile makes me so excited! Super happy you linked up your festive goodness with us!!


    1. What til I tell you what the tile is for! Lol! I can’t imagine how many decisions you had to make with a whole house, though! Thank you for the link up!


  3. That’s so funny that you mentioned school supplies! Hubs and I were in Walmart this past weekend to get something for the pool and I mentioned to him that I was surprised they hadn’t gotten school supplies out yet! I know it’s coming! The pool section was very low, so they’re probably trying to move that merchandise and insert the supplies there! Say it isn’t so!! Thanks so much for linking up with us today!


    1. Nothing makes a teacher sadder than the first look of school supplies! Lol! I didn’t get out this year til June 11 so it just seems too early!
      Thank you for providing the link up! Maybe I need to try your caviar dip! I think I have seen that pepper jelly here in KY and I could also dump it over a block of cream cheese – we love that here!


  4. I love your weekend! Boating is the best, that’s what I will enjoy the most when I get back home. Hm, I’m guessing about your tile… is it your patio? We are almost done with the bathroom, only the tricky parts left. My husband makes most decisions about our interior design, I think it’s hard to see what the outcome will be.
    On Thursday I guess we’ll eat a nice dinner and go waterfront to watch all the fireworks. And of course I’ll be wearing my tank top with the us flag on it!


    1. Thank you! You will find out about my tile in Thursday’s post! It’s not the patio. My husband makes most decisions and has good taste. He does ask my input. Your 4th plans sound fabulous! Can you believe I don’t have a graphic tee to wear!


  5. I was going to buy some decorations (but I didn’t because #clutter), but I was thinking that it’s probably more efficient to get Memorial Day/4th of July decor and keep it up from holiday to holiday. I think that might be my strategy from here on out.

    I wish I had a pool like that to sit by!


    1. I didn’t buy a single new thing but just save it in a bin. But with your frequent moving I’m sure it’s hard to justify!
      I know, right? Not a bad house to sit!


  6. I really enjoyed The Queen Bee; I wasn’t all that sure at first but really began to love the characters and all their quirks by the end.


    1. I really enjoyed the first half and maybe it’s just my current state of mind but I didn’t like the development of the sister’s husband and all the detail – it felt forced to me. And I really disliked most of the characters! Lol!


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