Friday, July 5, 2019

How was your holiday?  Are you still celebrating or are you hitting the sales today?  I’m deleting sale emails as quickly as I get them so I won’t be tempted!  Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. so go right here!  Friday Favorites is just a fun and happy link up where people put products, fashion, recipes, family life – really just anything that made their week.  

Here we go…

I finally bit the bullet this week and bought the Reef rose gold flip flops.  I have talked about how much I love Reef brand and Macy’s was having (and is having until Sunday) 40% off of all sandals online and in the store.  These babies were $22.  They are soooooo comfortable.  


Another favorite – still loving the southwestern bowl recipe that can be found here, but I did a little hack this time.  I stopped at Qdoba for chips, queso, and rice.  I was out of rice at home and their queso and chips are really good,  but I had everything else to make the meal, so for $9, I fed all four of us.  

Qdoba’s cilantro lime riceimg_7697.jpg

Qdoba’s chips and queso

I finally found this new favorite at Target.  Melanie Shankle of BigMama talks about it and I had been looking for it.  If you like sparkling water it is soooo good.  I may have to order it off of Amazon.  

I still love yacht rock!  If you are around my age – cough – midish 40s – cough, you will love, love, love this genre.  

Target’s summer reads got me excited this week.  I need more rom coms and chick flicks in my life and because it says “From Page to Screen” I’m hoping I can read a few of these  (by putting them on my library request list, of course) and then see the movies.  By the way, have you noticed there are very few good movies playing this summer?  I have been wanting to go but can’t find a thing I want to see!  Maybe Late Night – has anyone seen that?

I finally did Kroger online shopping this summer.  I was doing it really regularly from fall to spring but then just stopped.  So, I got organized to do it again this week.  When my car said 96 degrees I felt so lucky to have my groceries brought out to me.  However, I felt not so lucky when I got home and was missing 5 items but had an extra 25 items including baby food that I did not order.  I drove back and returned the items and got my missing ones.  Oh well.  


A few other things that have been favorites this week:

The Bachelorette – OMG!  Is anyone watching?  It’s geting good.  Why does she like Luke P?  They show a shocking preview of a conversation they are going to have soon!

Big Brother – one son and I think it’s amusing and watch it together every summer.  It’s special time with him that I treasure and I love his observations.  

-Listening to my other son sing the score from Hunchback of Notre Dame that we saw last week.  I’m not sure he knows I’m listening!  

-Watching our renovation come along has been fun.  I’m still nervous but it’s also exciting.  

-Still loving my Steinmart purchases and my Amazon purchases from posts this week. 

What were your favorites?  I love reading your comments and thanks for visiting me!  If you are new here, welcome, and introduce yourself  in the comments if you would like!



10 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. We saw Late Night and enjoyed it. Also saw Yesterday and it was great! I want to see Ma and also the new Annabelle movie because I love scary/horror movies – my husband not so much.
    Our local grocery stores don’t have pick up at the locations close to me. I heard that Publix has said they’ll never off that service because they count on people (like me) grabbing other items while they’re in the store that weren’t on their list! It was 102 the other day so the idea of not getting out of the car is appealing!


    1. Good to know! Maybe I can hit one of those as my solo movie! I cannot do horror movies! I can’t believe Publix isn’t jumping on the bandwagon! I guess you could do Walmart but you probably wouldn’t have the same selection. Happy weekend!


  2. Friday favorites, here we go! Last night’s dinner with MIL ended up with neighbors on their patio and a stunning view of all the fireworks. Wine and friends, really nice!
    We usually don’t go to the movies when we’re here, but I’ve heard many say that the Pavarotti movie is fantastic!
    Reading – I read a lot of YA books (it started with me being a teacher, but now I really love them) and right now I’m reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, it’s really good! I think your sons would enjoy it too.
    I wish you a fantastic weekend!


    1. Sounds lovely! We saw Spider man today – it was pretty good! I like some YA books! Thanks for the rec!


  3. Reef flip flops are my all time favs too and I’m on my 3rd pair of one style that I’ve been wearing for years. I want to try those burrito bowls and need to get on that. OK…the BACHELORETTE! YES…get that psychopath Luke P off of there. The first night I really liked him, but by week 2 when he was already declaring his love for her…well let’s just say the antennas went up and started blinking. I thought maybe they were making her keep him, but I honestly think there’s some bizarro connection there. I’m team anybody else. LOL but I really love Peter. If she’s watching this back now and picked Luke in the end…I think she’s going to be horrified. Happy weekend!!! XOXO


    1. Reef really are the best! Did you see the 40% off all sandals at Macy’s? Such good deals to be had! You can get everything you need for the bowls at TJs! I love Peter, too! He is so sweet! Still don’t know why he speaks fluent Spanish but I love that!
      I wonder if they are making her keep Luke for the drama? Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


  4. Thanks for the tip on Yacht Rock. I use Pandora and they have a similar station. It will be perfect for poolside time! Have a great weekend. 🙂


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