Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It’s already Wednesday again but because it’s the end of the month, I’m linking up with Shay, etc. for What’s Up Wednesday where we answer a few fun questions!

What we’re eating:  

Andrea of Momfessional’s Southwestern bowls twice, a variation of the bowl but with a Greek/Mediterranean theme, spaghetti, and mostly eating at home.  

Monday night I had some frozen shrimp to use and I made this sheet pan low country boil.  I boiled the potatoes for 13 minutes and added the fresh corn that I broke in half for the last 5 minutes.  I had fresh green beans, andouille sausage, and the shrimp.  I tossed it all in some melted butter, some EVOO, some Old Bay and some cajun seasoning and roasted it all at 400  for about 20 minutes.  I sprinkled some fresh parsley on at the end.  

It was super easy but looks kinda impressive if I do say so myself.  

For lunch Tuesday I made this awesome salad from Whitney of Polka Dotty Place blog.  img_7547.png

And, now I’m in a rut!  Any ideas?  

Reminiscing about?  Times with my Dad.  With every new season, new memories flood in.  One of my sisters has started a list of his quotes and the three of us have enjoyed a group text adding more as we think of them.  

What I’m loving?  Down time, no schedules, not being in a hurry, reading a lot, watching guilty pleasures t.v., not wearing makeup most days

What I’ve been up to?  This kinda goes with the one above.  It’s rained most days of summer so I’ve been staying in more than usual.  But, I’ve also checked several things off of my list.  

What I’m dreading?  Starting back to school before we know it; mostly because my boys will be seniors and there will be so much to savor, so many deadlines to meet, so many decisions to make, etc.  

What I’m working on?  Tackling my to do list, decluttering, house stuff, making and going to lots of appointments (Teachers tend to put so much off until summer and then summer can be stressful trying to get it all done sometimes)

What I’m excited about?  Heading to Lake Michigan in July with extended family

What I’ve been watching/reading?  Bachelorette (Don’t judge!  It’s getting good!), Bravo shows, That 70s shows as a family, and reading the books:  Where the Crawdads Sing, The Accidental Beauty Queen, Beneath the Wandering Stars

What I’ve been listening to?  Watch What Crappens podcast that makes fun of Bravo shows, and country music (I really only listen to country in summer!) and yacht rock on Spotify. If you are around my age, you will love yacht rock and know all the words to every song! Check it out!

What I’ve been wearing?

Here’s what I wore to go to school to help interview new teacher candidates.  I’m on the committee.  This is my Costco blouse from the spring, my Versona clearance rack pants from last fall that were about $8, and my OTBT consignment wedges for $18.  

Here is what I wore to take boys to wisdom teeth stitch removal and shopping at Kohl’s and Old Navy.  Old Navy blouse from a few years ago, new Steinmart pants, and my Crocs Sexi.  My middle sister told me she thinks they are horribly ugly.  Let’s just say we have different styles!  This outfit is blah, but I love these pants!  I need some more tops to throw on I think.  My bottoms selection is great, but the tops seems lacking.  And, this is my J.Crew summer purse that I adore.  I have actually had two of these.  But, this one was $18 at a consignment store maybe 5 years ago.  The first one was ruined by an unfortunate German potato salad incident.  The red wine vinegar spilled all over the tote and wouldn’t come out.  So, when I saw the identical bag at a consignment it was a no brainer!  

This is what I wore to go out on Thursday night.  My denim TJ Maxx wide legs, Old Navy blouse, and MIA Susan clogs.  

This was my Friday outfit to take hub lunch and his dog to work for a bit.  It was bring your dog to work day and I offered to bring him food, too.  His office has a pond behind it and a nice patio so he sat outside and let Ernie swim. It was a nice treat for hub and Ernie!  These are my Soda wedges, my Universal thread cut offs, and a new Steinmart blouse with oranges and lemons! on it.  And, my ADVdesigns earrings are my accessory.  

I don’t have weekend outfits because I wore these cut offs all weekend.  I just can’t get enough!  And, I didn’t really go anywhere other than a couple of stores.  

What I’m doing this weekend?  It all depends on the weather!  

What I’m looking forward to next month? Our trip to Lake Michigan

What else is new?  Not much else!  

Whew, that was long!  

Thanks for reading!  




13 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday!

  1. I know when I worked at an actual physical school I always dreaded the end of June because then the countdown for school starting again started. Savor the days! Sounds like you are so productive getting things done. Those cut offs are terrific, I have a white pair from last year and love them!
    Hope your weather gets better so you can get outside and yay for Lake Michigan, I’ve always wanted to go!


    1. I know! It’s wrong to count down so early but I can’t help it. Thank you! Yes, I will take your advice and just slow down and savor!


    1. Thank you – it was seriously easy and clean up was easy, too! That show is really funny and I’m enjoying my sons laughing with my husband and I. I love colorful clothing and those were my two favorite outfits, too!


  2. Great post, your reader are happy that you spend so much time on your blog! I really enjoy it! Your outfits were cute all of them, and I agree – cutoffs are all you need!
    Don’t worry about school starting, we have tons of time! When do you start? I have until August 14.
    Lake Michigan? I have to google it!


    1. You are too kind, Tin-Tin! Oh my gosh we start the same day! I do have to work 3 extra days before that but that’s so funny!
      I hope I’m not too old for cut offs!
      Yes, google it. Chicago is on Lake Michigan, but if you go up the western coast of the state of Michigan there are tons of resort and beach places. It is cool and refreshing without the fear of sharks, jellyfish and no salt water! Other than that it looks like a beach in Florida.


  3. Really!? We’ll do a countdown together! 😀
    Too old for cutoffs!? No no, that will never happen to us! As long as we don’t wear it to school… Here in Florida everyone is very relaxed, I try to dress up a bit, but my daughters are only wearing soccer shorts, flip flops and t-shirts, very female…
    Sharks, jellyfish and salt water! Sounds perfect to me! LOL!


    1. Let’s not start the countdown yet! In Kentucky the women dress up a bit – in the big cities at least. But that’s what teens wear here too! Michigan might remind you of Sweden in summer! Are you homesick yet?


  4. Yes, I think Michigan is very close to what it looks like back home (I just googled it, and it looked fantastic!). I am absolutely not homesick, I just checked the weather and it’s 62° and raining! But when the weather is nice, Sweden is amazingly beautiful! When we come home we will spend two weeks out in the Stockholm archipelago, its fantastic.
    So, soccer shorts and flip flops… I will try to find them some nicer shorts… They refuse to borrow my cute dresses!


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