Friday, June 29, 2018

I’m linking up with the usual suspects today for my Friday Favorites.  I can’t wait to read yours!

Favorite #1)  Being Productive

This week has flown!  On Monday I was very productive and ticked many things off my list, including a trip to Costco for just one item – my husband’s grapefruit.  (Do you know how hard it is to just walk out of Costco with one item?)  I’m not a fan, but on weekdays he eats a grapefruit cup and an Oikos strawberry yogurt. I didn’t walk out with just one item – I can’t believe you bought that!  Ha!  I found a simple sheath short sleeved dress in black and navy for $12.99 for my SIL who works in a very conservative work environment.  She was thrilled and I was happy that I scored something good for her.  I made some needed phone calls and just felt good about what I accomplished.

Favorite #2)  Saying “yes” to something

I also have started teaching Spanish to a young married couple on Mondays.  I usually don’t say yes to anything school related in the summer except for my professional development hours.  (I get asked to tutor or teach quite a bit.) This has been fun and I don’t think it will hurt my rejuvenation process to be ready to teach again in August.  I am charging for the lesson, but I think it’s reasonable and they seem to like what they are getting out of our time.  

Speaking of money, did you catch my post yesterday about saving/spending money in the summer?  Check out my post “How I Save Money in the Summer Using Girl Math” here for a quick read!

Favorite #3)  Time with Friends

Tuesday was a fun day, but the weather was not on our side.  These are my two college friends H and H that now both live in my city!  They share the same name and we all met in August of our 18th year as freshmen.  We have been friends for almost 30 years here in a couple more years!  We tried to check an item off of my summer list of “having lunch poolside”.  We ordered cocktails and lunch.  One of my friends got the club sandwich and the other friend and I split a cobb salad and club sandwich.  A torrential downpour, thunder and lightning started as we were eating!  We all said a re-do would be in order, but we shared lots of laughs as we moved inside.  


Favorite #4)  Leisurely drinking my coffee

Wednesday morning brought more rain and here I’m giving you a different view of my backyard.  Try to ignore the power lines.  I still enjoy my coffee on the patio unless it’s storming.  I really try to embrace this morning  ritual because I just can’t do it when school starts.  

Favorite #5)  New Polish Color

I mentioned on my “Hello Monday” post here that I purchased my first OPI Infinite Shine in “Was it all just a dream” and I did my own fingernails but took this polish with me to get a matching pedicure.  I don’t normally like to match.  I like this fun color for summer and I seem to mess it up more easily in the summer so it’s good to own the color for touch ups.  In the fall I love my dark colors so I like to have fun with it in the summer.  I had one of the best pedicures I had had in a long time.  It was much needed.  

Favorite #6)  Going out on a Weekday

I wanted to go out on Wednesday night and talked my husband into the restaurant on the river.  We drove there and were delighted to see a sailboat regatta that takes place every Wednesday.  Ideally, I would go out one weeknight all year round but it just doesn’t happen easily.  

I had my Michelob and you can see my matching self-done manicure.  It was surprisingly nice in the shade with a good breeze.  I think we are done with rain and now we will have some extreme heat for the next several days.  

Favorite #7)  Consignment store finds

Have you all heard of Tieks?  I think Oprah named it a favorite thing a long time ago.  Yeah, favorite thing for a millionaire!  I can’t spend that kind of money on a flat or any shoe for that matter.  It’s so important to check your consignment stores frequently and just know that you won’t always come out with a score.  I wasn’t looking for shoes but I saw a pair of grey Tieks in my size.  I couldn’t help but gasp!  The salesgirl told me there were two more and I found them in black and gold.  I really wanted all 3, but I restrained and brought home the gold because I thought I would wear them the most- for $45,  people!  I can’t stop looking at them!  They are like new!  I texted my good friend V to tell her about the other two pairs in case she wanted one.  My husband was not impressed by their beauty.  I’m glad V was happy for me!


Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I love comments, so please let me know what has been a favorite of yours this week.  


P.S.  Did you see my closet inventory post on Tuesday?  Check it out here and try to do one for yourself.  It was really enlightening!

P.S.S. Did you see my Walmart post on Wednesday?  Check it out here if you missed it.  Also, Kelly of Kelly’s Korner mentioned that Walmart has a $12 dupe for a very popular Umgee sleeveless embroidered top.  

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Thank you! It’s a fun color for now. You will not believe this – but maybe this shows you my level of dedication to shopping. I went back to the consignment store for their 20% off 4th of July sale and got the grey and the black! I felt that because they were still in the store they were meant to be!
      I think if you can wear ballet flats they are pretty supportive.


  1. I can’t get out of Costco with just one item either!!! Soooo hard. That’s so neat you teach Spanish! I wish I knew more since a lot of my families in my school district speak Spanish. Love the nail polish color!


    1. Thank you! Yes I fell in love with Spanish at age 15! Duolingo is great and it’s free if you do want to learn more.


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