Thursday, June 28, 2018

On a recent typical summer weekday I decided to add up my “savings”.

Check it out!

7 am – got up and drank two cups of coffee on my patio that I made in my Keurig instead of buying coffees at Starbuck’s

Saved $10

9 am -made myself breakfast at home instead of getting a Starbuck’s sandwich or Chick Fil A minis

Saved $5

10 am -walked and listened to a podcast instead of paying for an exercise class

Saved $15

11- went to see my friend’s new boat and helped her a bit instead of going shopping

Saved anywhere from $20-$100

12- came home and made myself lunch

Saved $10

1 pm -Watched a DVR’ed show instead of going to a movie

Saved $10

Did my nails at home

Saved $30

Read a library book

Saved $10

4 pm- Made myself a cocktail

Saved $10

Cleaned, did laundry

Saved $10 (If I had a cleaning service I guess it would be $50 a week maybe?)

Made dinner for my family

Saved $50

By my calculations I now have at least $180 saved up for a shopping trip!

Go me!

*This post was written tongue in cheek and meant to be humorous. At the same time, I think it illustrates how easy it is to spend money like a drunken sailor when you have time on your hands!  This happened to be a day that I spent $0, but of course, I purchased groceries and gas the day prior.  Hope you enjoyed it!


5 thoughts on “How I Save Money in the Summer Using “Girl Math”*

  1. Love this! You are right it is easy t spend, spend, spend! I never feel guilty when I shop for myself because I save so much in other ways (like you did here!). Hell yeah to the girl math!!!!


    1. I like how you think! Yes, I save when I can so I can spend and be generous when it matters more. I have read 27 library books this year and not bought a single book, for example.
      I want to hear if you packed well and what you learned from packing. I have the same purse and the same shoes from the photo Lisa posted I think. Is your purse a Sak?


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