Monday, July 2, 2018

Today I’m linking up with The Blended Blog, as well as recapping my weekend and  helping you prepare for Independence Day! This could be a long one! Grab your coffee and let’s go…

TBB Asks:

1. Unfortunately we can’t work out a vacation this year for various reasons. Maybe we will be able to do a few days or a weekend?

2. I like a balance. My boys are not sit on the beach for a week kind of people, including my husband.  I really like a good mix with some history, some museums, some shopping, as well as a beach.  Any recommendations?  

3. July is the best for us.  

4.  I’ve never been on a cruise!  It’s hard to believe!  

5.  We don’t really have one.  We try to eat the local food and only eat at non-chain restaurants that we don’t have at home.

6.  Germany in 2016!  

7.  I love to pack lightly.  We only did carry on for 2 weeks in Germany, but we did have access to washing machine.

8.  I like them all, really.  They all have pros and cons.  Lately we have done dog friendly houses.  

9.  Seafood and/or the local specialties.

10.  I always seem to pick warm, but we do love Michigan in the summer and northern Germany in the summer.  

This weekend was busy!

Let’s start off with another great consignment store find – the flip flops below for $14.  

I tried a new beer – it is grapefruit flavored and was very refreshing.  We went to a pizza place Thursday night with two other couples – H and H and their husbands.  

My friend J said I needed to stop drinking so much Starbuck’s and “drink” locally so I tried this coconut mocha iceberg.  Yum!  Thanks, J!

We had a crazy time getting our German cousin here!  She finally arrived 24 hours late and we had to take this picture with Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, in the Louisville airport.  

We dropped off this guy at his debate camp and he couldn’t wait for us to get out the door!  


After drop off, the timing worked out to meet my sister on a beautiful lake nearby and we had a nice boat ride with them.  This little gal is one of my sweet nieces.  

After we got home this sweet niece below brought Pia over for a bit to visit and talk.  She is staying with her the first week and with us the second week. 

 Sunday morning we tried a short boat ride before it got too hot.  After the boat ride I made Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders, quesadillas, chips, and tomato and mozzarella salad.  Then we had to stay in the AC so we took Pia to the mall to get her American shop on.  She scored some major deals at Old Navy – a dress for $8 and a shirt for $10.  She loved Altar’d State and scored some great 40% deals there and finally ended with some flip flops at Macy’s because she doesn’t have any.  She said she doesn’t really need them in northern Germany!  Can you imagine a life without flip flops?  I sure can’t!  I wear them into November usually.  Guess what brand I talked her into – Reef!  

Did you think I could go to all of those stores without buying something?  You’re right, she talked me into this $12 clutch from Old Navy.  I love a clutch to take to dinner.  

What are you doing for the 4th?  Many of us will host or go to a cookout, no?  I still don’t know my plans because so many plans are weather dependent.  Here are some fun ideas that really can’t be called recipes.  Just look around your grocery for inspiration.  I even found a bag of red, white, and blue baby potatoes last year in the produce department!

-blue tortilla chips and red salsa – easy!

Gather some fun plates and napkins – these are from the dollar section of Target.  I also picked up a scavenger hunt card set and a Bingo card set.  You could also make your own.  I may give these cards to my teen nieces to see if they could play with friends and Pia!  Could be fun!

I grabbed some red, white, and blue potato chips at The Fresh Market if you have one in your town.  

I also found the red, white, and blue M&Ms at Target to put in a bowl and also for the pretzel, rolo, M&M things below.

-waffle pretzels with a rolo and red and blue M&Ms – Place your pretzels on a baking sheet and put a rolo on top.  Melt at 350 for 3-5 minutes.   Take out of oven and smush an M&M on top.  Let cool in frig for one hour.

fruit pizza – unroll 2 packs of crescent rolls and seal perforations so that you make a rectangle on a cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 8 min. or until golden brown.  Allow to cool.  Spread cream cheese store bought icing on top.  Right before serving place blueberries and strawberries and cut in squares.  

-Cobb salad with blue cheese and red tomatoes as the focal point but also add all of the traditional cobb ingredients.

Have a great week! Leave me your ideas or a comment!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday, TBB Asks, and Let’s Get ready for the 4th of July!

  1. My family and I like to combine museums, amusement parks, etc. with a few hours here and there at the beach or by a lake when on vacation so we feel both relaxed and that we’ve gotten the most out of seeing some place new.


  2. That is so sweet that you are hosting a German cousin – are your family quite recent immigrants to the US? The family resemblance is huge between the two cousins! My American aunt did the same for me when I was 16 – I lived with them for two weeks in the summer and I was in love with the malls – it was always so cool going home with the American clothes. Good for you trying the local coffee! And your July 4th preps look great!


    1. My husband was born in Germany and his mom is full German. So this cousin is really his cousin’s daughter. Where was your aunt? It’s such a great connection!
      I think I’m a bad influence on her – we both like to shop!


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