Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My summer shoes

I think it is an interesting exercise to inventory your closet and see what you really own.  I recently did this with only my summer clothing.  I keep everything else in either a separate section of my closet or in a spare closet.  

The Results:

shoes  – 24 pairs including Keens, tennis shoes, flip flops – everything

skirts – 8

shorts – 5

pants – 14 including white or summer jeans

skort – 1

maxi dress – 1

dresses – 13

swim cover ups – 3

kimonos – 10 (Yes, I have a problem!)

tank tops – 8

tops – 15

hoodie – 1

sweatshirt – 1

My summer bottoms

Looking at these numbers I feel that all categories are covered except for tops.  I know 15 sounds like a high number, but if I’m honest I really only reach for about half of them and need to donate what I don’t wear. I don’t wear tanks except with something over them and it is too hot to wear more than one layer right now.  Why do we have trouble letting go of items even if we don’t use them?  We need to send them on to someone who will, I think.  And, it’s really cool to open your closet and only have things you absolutely love and wear.  I’m still working on that but I’m feeling more content.

Now, any new items I buy for this summer really need to work for when I go back to school in August.  I wear my dresses, kimonos, pants, and tops the most for my school attire.  I like my tops to work for summer days with shorts and to work with pants to go out at night.  I really don’t need much for the summer.  So, anything I add to my closet needs to work for the months of August-October here in Kentucky.  

Have you done an inventory?  Are you frustrated every time you open your closet?  Maybe it’s time for a purge!  

Let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – My Closet By the Numbers

  1. This a great thing to do periodically, but I have never actually counted my items. I think I will give it a try. Some of my friends do the coat hanger process where when you wear something, you always hang it back in the same direction. Anything that has not been turned in a year, gets donated.


    1. This really was enlightening! And, I feel like this is the smallest summer closet I’ve ever had but I feel more content. I think I’ve become more thoughtful. I don’t like the backward hanger for me because it bothers me to not have them all the same way!
      Let me know if you take an inventory.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! They are great! I will find my post on them for you. Wear them over a sleeveless dress, as a cover up, with shorts.


  2. I like the Australian Gold sunless tannner better than any other, it doesn’t have that awful smell that most of them do!


    1. It really looks natural, too! I may look for a mousse formula because I liked that in another brand. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nancy!


  3. I think I’m scared to count my items, however I am in the process of clearing things out! I really don’t need everything that’s in there! Love how you have lots of kimonos! Those can go with multiple tops and pants so you feel you have extra outfits 🙂


    1. I know! I was scared. I don’t love all of my kimonos and I really should send some on. Did you ever find a graphic tee and kimono combo? Maybe for fall in Texas?


  4. Oh kimonos are my favorite!!! I try to go through my closet regularly. Especially if I buy something new I try to get rid of something. What helps me is that I only use velvet hangers and I only have so many so…when something new enters the closet something must go! I do have way too much though, I think I fear getting rid of something and then regretting it 0 crazy!


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