Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I had been hearing things about the Time and Tru brand at Walmart.  I recently had a chance to check it out for myself.

I am not a Walmart shopper normally.  It’s just not convenient for me.  I have a Target only about 3 miles down the road and it has always been my happy place.  When I had infant twins it was often the only place I went!  I would love to know how much money I have given to Target, but then again maybe I don’t want to know.  

I found the pants below for $14.86. Why do their prices always end in weird amounts?  Yesterday I said that going forward all of my clothing purchases would have to work for school so this fits the bill.  My teacher attire has to be comfortable but professional.  These are made of a gauzy material. I could’ve sized down one but I washed and dried and that helped shrink them a bit. I will line dry from here on out. I like my patterned pants to have black in them. I have a few different black tops so that is so easy on those mornings when you just can’t!


I could not leave these leggings (below) in the store.  They were $5.94 (?) and they felt every bit as soft as LulaRoe leggings and they are capri!  Well, they aren’t capri on me – they come to my ankles. It will probably be too hot to wear these on the 4th of July but my school has spirit weeks several times a year and patriotic theme is very popular.  I wore these on a rainy morning on the patio already. So soft!

I also was looking for a Hanes x temp bra that Sophie and Melanie of The Big Boo Cast podcast recently discussed.  It is supposed to keep you cool.  It was $12.94 and I love it!  If you click on the red above, it will take you to the Amazon link for this bra.  

Below is the beautiful Pioneer Woman collection.  I have red floral plates of hers from a couple of years ago.  I didn’t buy anything this time, though.

Here are her kitchen tools.

You know those Tasty videos on Facebook that give you cooking tutorials?  They have a line of brightly colored kitchen tools.  Cute!  I didn’t buy anything here either.  

I really wanted to buy one of these buckets, but I didn’t.  The 4th of July one is darling.  These were $3.98.

Time and Tru also has a jewelry line.  I loved this necklace and the beaded three ball earrings behind it.  The earrings were already broken in the store so that was not a good sign.  If they had had a non broken pair, I think I would’ve taken them home.  I didn’t buy anything from here either.  I’m really picky about jewelry and the quality and weight of it.  I don’t even buy jewelry from Target usually. I love my leather earrings and my consignment store bracelets and my Kendra Scott or local boutique jewelry . 

They had a few different Kimono patterns but I thought the price was high for the quality.  These were slightly over $15.  

I thought these linen rompers were cute.  I can’t remember the price.  

So, I came home with the red flowy patterned pants, the popsicle leggings, and a bra.  I will definitely check back when the fall stuff for Time and Tru comes out.  

Are you a Walmart shopper?  Give me your tips!  I will say I was frustrated by how messy the store was.  It was really hard to see what was available.  And, I hate the new Target clothing layout, too! Why do they have to try to look like a department store?  It’s Target!  I appreciated their old layout where I knew where everything was!  Anyone feel the same?


Outfit for movie. I almost didn’t show this. I don’t like it!

I don’t have much to show this week!

Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and A Walmart Shopping Trip

  1. I love shopping at Walmart! Those buckets are super cute and I love all of the Pioneer Woman’s dishes. I love your finds, especially those leggings, how fun are those?!


    1. Thanks! It was fun to check it out but it was so messy in the clothing area. I really love buckets and outdoor supplies!


  2. The Pioneer Woman homeware is lovely! My eye went straight to the blue plate with the flowers. Love the buckets too (especially the one with fish). We don’t have Walmart here – I’m am surprised they haven’t re-branded the Asdas they own (big supermarket chain here) and just made them bigger. our supermarkets are still super tiny compared to yours!!


    1. The Pioneer Woman florals are so romantic and the colors are pretty. Our supermarkets are way too big. I went to a small market today.


  3. I am not a Wal Mart shopper because the one here is CRAZY! I go to the Neighborhood Market because it’s a food store only and close but I stay away from Super Wal-Mart most of the time. When I do go I find lots to love, the prices (although strange) are good. You made a good choice with those gauzy pants and the leggings are super cute!


    1. I feel the same about our Wal mart and we do have a neighborhood market kind of close but I’m so loyal to many Kroger store brands and that’s where I can do my online shopping and pick up. I think I will like the pants and leggings!


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