Monday, June 25, 2018

How was your weekend? Mine went by fast!  

On Thursday I had a dear friend over for lunch and she brought me this adorable owl succulent holder. I love succulents and I don’t think I’ve ever told her! Love it!

This is the only Loft top I ended up keeping.  I also wore this top Saturday night with white jeans.  (Navy blue striped flutter sleeve, you have some competition!)  I ended up returning the olive and raspberry just like this because of the material.  The material was a little bit “sueded” – not sure if that’s the right term- and I thought it would show stains and not wear well.  I wore this to hub’s volleyball game Thursday night.  We ordered nachos and I had a Michelob Ultra which is my beer of the summer.  My friend H came and hung out with us for a bit, too.  

This past week was so busy.  I was up and out early every day and Friday I just could not get motivated.  It was rainy and dreary and I took my Yeti coffee cup outside.  This is the cup I use to drink my coffee from at school.  It keeps your coffee hot for hours.  There is only one problem – it doesn’t fit in my car cup holder so I can’t take it places.  I need to put wine in it but I never think to do that.  Finally I got motivated and did my Loft returns.  I went in a store near Loft called Versona and came home with a $8.99 floral top, too.

Friday afternoon I had a spiked mango lemonade and we stayed home for dinner.  I made homemade quesadillas.  

Saturday morning I used my beloved Kentucky mug.  

Then, I did my self tanning.  You all, I’m pretty tan from 3 applications of this stuff.  It looks really natural.  I found it at Kroger.  

I now have another library book I couldn’t finish.  I switched to this one below and read a little bit on Saturday.  I have read a couple of other books by this author.  I am liking it so far.  Also, I bought a new nail color.  It’s really similar to one I have that’s almost out.  I really wanted to try this Infinite Shine.  Mel of The Larson Lingo only uses this kind and swears by it. 


I have talked about this mix before.  Saturday night we were headed to my SIL’s house for her husband’s birthday party.  She asked me to make Pesto Bowtie Pasta with sundried tomatoes, artichokes, and feta.  Actually, she just said I could bring something and this is what I offered!  So, boil your bowtie pasta and toss with this packet mixed with EVOO and water, chopped artichokes, chopped sundried tomatoes and feta.  Done and done!  And, it works served hot or cold.  

The weather was great Saturday for walking and I listened to the latest Big Boo podcast. 


I folded clothes after my walk and watched my cooking shows.  I record Pioneer Woman and The Kitchen.  The Kitchen was talking about bbq.  I always get great weekly meal ideas from these sources.  After that, I made a semi homemade pizza for my boys and hub and I went to see the movie Adrift.  I liked it and he didn’t.  I don’t want to say too much in case you will see it.  It is a true story!  

This is my oldest niece again and her sweet dog at the birthday party for her Dad.  

This is the final product of my pasta.  There were beef tenderloin sandwiches, wings, Mexican layer dip, green chile dip, salad, a beautiful charcuterie spread and more!  The party was really nice and we had a great time.  We stayed until almost 10.  

Look at that charcuterie board!

Sunday we had plans to take our boys’ friend and his parents on the boat.  The weather turned out great and it wasn’t as hot.  We had a great time with them!  I made “Mermaid Juice” but it wasn’t very green so I called it “River Water” but it wasn’t quite brown enough.  The Dad gave me the idea to make a drink called “River Water” using dark rum instead.  Yes!

That’s a wrap on the weekend!  I have a lot to do this week so I need to start going to bed a little bit earlier!  I didn’t sleep great last week and it really affected my days.  

Hope you had a great weekend! 


9 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

    1. Good tip! We have a lot of good (to me) bbq in Kentucky and most you put your own choice of sauce on. Life is too short to read bad books!


  1. What a great weekend. That top is so cute. That pasta salad sounds amazing as well. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Thank you! Do you ever shop at Loft? Let me know if you try the salad and chicken would be great in it, too!


  2. You packed a lot in! I know what you mean about days where you acn’t get going or can’t sleep too well – this may sound crazy but I’ve been the same and I always get like that when it is a waxing moon – I figure if the full moon can pull huge tides in the bay next to my house it can affect humans (being mostly water!). Ok, I digress – that is a really cute outfit with the striped top and white shorts (I just bought some white linen shorts, can you believe it?). Your owl plant holder is really cute – I love pottery. Lovely Kentucky mug too! The river water cocktail made me laugh – rum cocktails are the best though!


    1. I believe that about the moon cycles! Thank you about the outfit! Yay for white shorts! I haven’t had rum in a long time so I will have to figure out what mixes we’ll. I take too many pictures of my drinks. I love the owl!


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