Friday, August 5, 2022

Happy Friday! I am happy to link up with the girls here!

First of all, if you read my Primary Bath update here, I neglected to mention that we do have overhead lighting as well as the backlit mirrors.

And, we have a dimmer switch. I love dimmer switches, don’t you?

So, let’s go in order of this week. Monday the favorite was getting 6 PD hours (we need to get 12 on our own), but y’all it was painful. We were at our professional soccer stadium in a bar area (the bar was closed, unfortunately) and most people had to sit at high top tables with tall chairs. I saw the writing on the wall and picked a lower folding chair and I made the right call. Also, our principal said we needed to wear masks. I know he is doing what he is told, but seriously? I just want it to be our choice.

Just notice the look of despair in my eyes:

It was really bad. Some educational consultant talked to us for the entire time. He owns his own educational consulting company and has been a teacher and a principal, but I would say it was in the 80s. I really can’t tell you anything I learned and I promise you I did try to learn, but it was nice to see my colleagues! Oh, and at the end of the 6 hours, they did open the bar and I stayed for a bit longer.

I came home drained and needed Netflix. Purple Hearts was actually pretty good. Anyone else watched this?

I also decided to go ahead and do some apple decor on my mantel. I usually do this in September and then add in touches of fall. Everything is old; I didn’t purchase a single thing!

Tuesday was classroom set up day. Our district gives us an extra day of pay to do this and we can pick whatever day we want. I decided to bite the bullet and do this the next day so I could have most of the rest of the week free.

Where the magic happens:

I cooked a lot this week after eating out so much last week.

Have you ever made alfredo sauce? It is seriously so easy. I melt about 2 tablespoons of butter and then add about a cup of heavy cream and let that cook for a bit. I add in garlic powder, cajun seasoning, and pepper. I don’t really need salt because my butter is salted and the cajun is salty. Tom likes angel hair so I use that and I used my already grilled chicken strips from Costco. I had something different (I can’t even remember now what I had) but this is what the fam had.

Wednesday I had my faux Chick Fil A Boca chicken patty on a Keto bun with a touch of mayo and lots of pickles. I had Baked Lay’s. What a good lunch!

On another day, I took the Costo Bare nuggets (which are really not bad nutrionally speaking) and added some buffalo sauce, homemade light ranch, and celery for dinner one night.

And, I had planned this a few weeks ago… I had a small get together with my graduated seniors from the class of 2022 to say goodbye before leaving for college.

I will really miss these faces!

I made it to the gym two mornings this week. I haven’t decided if I will give myself a week off when school starts or just start going at 5:00 a.m. right away.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did check out our new donut shop!

I had a sweet Facebook memory pop up. I think this was Hilton Head.

Today as you are reading this, I am having hair day! Yay!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!

Check out Hello Monday here, Prime Purchases here, Primary Bath Update here, and A Hair Dare here if you missed any posts this week.

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19 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Is it Friday!? What’s going on!? Seriously, I didn’t know it was Friday until I read your post…!
    “Unfortunately the bar was closed” – you kill me! Ha ha!!!
    It’s so cute that you met your ex-students! You are a memory-creator!
    Favorite this week: the heatwave in Europe of course! 😀


    1. Yes! The week went by quickly! An open bar from 8:30-2:30 would have helped! Aww, thank you. I was just happy that at least one showed up.
      You love heat! I love that!


  2. I know you were glad to those two days knocked out at the beginning of your week. That was smart to do them back to back like that. I would have chosen to do the same thing! That day of training sounds painful. It’s bad enough going back after summer, but it’s too bad they couldn’t get a more relevant speaker. I can’t see how it was helpful if you can’t even remember what the talk was about! I’d be so tempted to give some feedback.

    Way to go, getting to the gym twice this week and cooking more! I tried those Costco Bare nuggets and they’re a hit here. I might have those with marinara tonight for a version of chicken parmesan. We do that with Buffalo sauce too- and always have it on hand here, because all the boys love it. I know I said it before, but I love that you met your students this week for lunch before they all leave for college. It speaks volumes as to the kind of teacher you are to them and look how many came! Wow. They were so fortunate to have someone like you as their teacher and friend! I am sure that you made a huge impact in their lives that they will never forget. What year of teaching will this be for you? Just curious. I hope you have a great weekend! Is Monday back to school? I hope to still see you here lots…if not, I’ll miss you! Your blog has become my favorite.


    1. I wanted an opportunity for feedback, but there wasn’t one. Even the principal and assistant principals felt the same. Great idea to do the nuggets italian style.
      You made my day with your positive comment about my job and my blog. I let self-doubt enter in way too much. I completed 28 years last year! I just don’t even know how I am this old or how I have done this for so long. It’s so weird. I like that I get a fresh start each year. Monday and Tuesday are teacher days and then the kids come Wednesday. I like that because it’s easier for them to ease in. This is my hobby and my outlet, so I think I will post almost normally? I feel like I need some new ideas, though! Let me know what you would like to see more of!


  3. I am definitely a dimmer person 😂 about 6 months ago, we got new lighting and I put everything on a dimmer. Travis learned something new about me. If dimming a light is a choice, that’s my choice. PD by the bar 😂 I know you were happy to see colleagues but I’m sorry that’s how you had to start your week. You are such an awesome teacher. I love that you hosted your students before they left for college ❤️ We have north lime donuts and the kids love them. I hope you have a great weekend


    1. Yes! I love dimming the bathroom light at night so it will be ready for my 3 am bathroom visit! It was so bad – there was no interaction or anything. He literally talked for the whole 6 hours. He wasn’t even funny. Aww thank you. I think North Lime is from Lex? You too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I knew he loved listening to himself and he would go until the end. Lol! The only thing I will say I got from it was the reminder of what it’s like to be a student and not to talk for too long without the kids getting to DO something!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I make a WW alfredo using almond milk and laughing cow cheese wedges; definitely not quite the same as the real stuff but my family doesn’t seem to mind. (I do add in a bit of garlic and nutmeg for taste). I think just about every room in our house has a dimmer switch and I LOVE them!!


    1. Yes! I do that too but just the laughing cow and chicken broth or pasta water! Yum! And it works with spaghetti squash! You really don’t miss the cream.
      Dimmers are imperative!


  5. So glad it is Friday! Thank you for the Netflix rec. I’ve been looking for a new show and will check out Purple Hearts!


  6. You made me laugh right off by the look of despair in your eyes, at least the mask would cover your yawns! My Uncle once told me when it comes to meetings, “the mind can absorb what the butt can endure” and 6 hours is awful! But like you said, it’s a good reminder to engage with the audience. I love that you met your students for lunch before college, I’m sure it means a lot to them going forward.
    And yes, I love a dimmer too!


  7. Blog ideas…IDK….Day in the Life, there used to be a Works For Me Wednesday “out there” somewhere and I would get lots of useful, practical ideas from it and, of course, book reviews. How did you like Lessons in Chemistry?
    That senior lunch was such a great idea on your part! I don’t miss PD from my teaching days but do miss classroom set-up and first days with kids. 28 years is impressive!!!


    1. Great ideas! I have done a couple of Day in the Life, but those always need to be updated!
      I liked it, but I felt it was slow. Did you like it?
      Thank you! It was fun. PD is the worst and everyone agrees! I have rarely had a good one.
      I don’t mind classroom set up and I can’t wait to see the kids!


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