Thursday, August 4, 2022

This post came to me because of Jen, Jennifer, and The Dollar Tree! Weird, right? Stay with me and I am going to issue a challenge at the end!

First of all…I need a fresh highlight which is coming soon.

Now, I cannot stress enough how I always wash my hair at night so I am not dealing with wet hair in the morning or whenever I fix my hair. I can’t with the super hot blow dryer situation.

I really like to wash my hair every night because I just sleep so much better with slightly damp hair and just that super clean feeling. But, I do try to wash every other night if I can.

First day hair:

I am going to try to wear my hair straighter, but I just like a little bit of wave/curl. I just can’t get the right facial expression so no judgement.

Headbands are great for second (or third, fourth, etc.) day hair because I think you want your hair a little flatter and the headband can help disguise the not so squeaky clean hair.

Jen took a leap and posted a photo of her straw headband and I believe this was the first time she has worn one as an adult. She looked great! Just like I said I’m not a hat person – anyone who wears a hat is now a hat person. Jen is now a headband person!

Here is my collection. The knot at the top has been in style for a few years and I think it adds a bit of modern vibe to a headband. I have some old ones without the knot that don’t really do it for me. The bottom one is from The Dollar Tree a year or so ago!

As all teachers do, I was shopping at The Dollar Tree for some stuff for school. They had an abundance of interesting hair doo dads!

Look at the sweaterish ones at the top of the photo! Look at the cute tie-dye one at the bottom. What the heck? For only $1.25 I can take a chance on these. I thought the sweaterish ones would look great with a simple sweatshirt or sweater in the winter and the tie-dye one I can try now.

Pleather/fabric scrunchies and the cute little tie back ones were also finds at The Dollar Tree on the same trip!

And, I’m a sucker for a summer fruit accessory, you know? I don’t think these look that great on me, but I couldn’t leave them.

Have you tried the banana clip recently? I wore these to school all the time in the 90s for my teacher hair. Get you some bobby pins. Get you some little barrettes.

Jennifer mentioned in her blog that she never wears her hair in a ponytail to leave the house, but she looks so cute! The heat forced her to try it!

The scrunchie looks cute on your wrist, too!

I actually think this “twist” looks better when my hair is shorter. Just take a really small piece of hair and twist and then secure with a bobby pin.

Here’s my challenge to you – try something new in your hair this week. It’s the perfect time because it’s summer! If you are a blogger, show us the photo!


16 thoughts on “A Hair Dare

  1. Yay for new ideas for hair! I had so many compliments on my hair up like that, that I’m going to make it a regular thing. And, it helps me not to be so hot, which is a major bonus. I have some of those claw clips too that I like to use every so often. You look so good in those headbands and with your hair up! It feels good to do something different. I may brave something different for church on Sunday. I’m singing on the praise team, so it’s a bold decision, but I always hate how my hair looks in the pictures. We’ll see….


    1. See! Give the people what they want! Ha! Thank you – I don’t know that I look good, but it is a change for me and gets the hair off the face. You have great hair so don’t let that stop you!


  2. I have to run errands today for our trip tomorrow and I just might stop in at the Dollar Tree!! Love those scrunchies. When my daughter started buying those clips a year or so ago (and scrunchies two years ago??) I couldn’t believe it!!! I said, “do you know how many of those I’ve thrown away over the years b/c I never thought they would come back in style?”!! I even saw someone in what I call a banana clip (the kind that are horizontal and clip at the top?) Sunday at church!! Now those I always really liked.
    I noticed your hair in a recent blog post and failed to comment on the post but your hair looked terrific! Truly, you have such beautiful, full hair 🙂 I’ve always loved headbands but I think HC killed them for me. . .I use them to wash my face and that’s about it. Maybe I’ll come back around if I start seeing them all over, but so far it’s just been blogland in my part of the world. We’ll see. . .you certainly do make a good case for them and show me how good they can look w/out bangs 😉


    1. I know! Everything is back again! Yes, you should. You can get candy for the trip and you just never know what you will find. I usually don’t even go down the hair aisle! Yes, those were called banana I think? OMG – HC and her headbands! Now you have me worried that I look like her! I have a few new blazers, too! EEEKKK!


  3. Omg I love the sweater/fuzzy headband. The side twist with a Bobby pin is perfect! I wore one of my headbands last night out to dinner. I asked hadley if she liked my headband look, and she said yes! That’s the approval I need 😂I’m definitely a hat person. I won’t give myself a lot of compliments but I have a great head for a hat! Haha
    I haven’t gotten back into a claw clip but should try it. That being said, I just got my hair done and my hair girl was in an accident recently…was rear ended and had a claw clip in. She said it shattered and added to injury to her head and neck.


    1. Isn’t that kinda cute and unique? Did you run to The 1.25 Tree yet? Hadley approves! Are you a hat model, per chance? That is an absolutely horrible story and now I have another thing to fear!

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  4. Oh Dollar Tree… ❤ How strange that it's 1,25 now! And imagine my surprise when I visited the store the first time and they put tax on the dollar! 😀 I always buy a set of these thin soft headbands in different colors; they are perfect for washing your face and so on, they stay put and they don't hurt!
    Well, I cut my hair quite short for summer, so I'm mostly just brush it back…. But with some length I'm quite creative and I do killer French braids! Cute; my daughters always buy banana clips for my birthday, mother's day etc,, and then they end up wearing them themselves :-D.


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