Monday, August 1, 2022

Well…something weird happened to my post so I am quickly trying to re-type everything!

As you read this, I am going to be sitting in a 6 hour professional development. It’s at our professional soccer stadium so they can call it a retreat. I live right by my school. Anyway, I am excited to see more of the stadium!

Thursday night I went out for tapas with my friend Heather and her college daughter Katelyn at our nearby Mojito.

We had mojitos!

Friday was a really fun pool day with Erica and Elizabeth!

We ordered something called “pizza bones” that were delicious. I didn’t know pizza had bones.

Dinner was just Fresh Market sushi after the pool.

I finally finished this and started…


Saturday morning was chocolate chip pancakes for the college kids!

Tom and I had planned to boat but the river was high and full of debris from all of the rain, so we went to the NULU district to look around and…

I wanted him to try the Venezuelan food I had had with Johnna.

I watched a cute but very rated R movie with Miles Teller from Top Gun Maverick on Prime when we got home.

Saturday night Tom and I had dinner at the bar at Captain’s Quarters because a band we liked was playing…

we tried the hot brown pizza…

Sunday was a rainy morning so I read on the patio…

I did a fun pedicure!

I had a Target return and looked around. It is a mess and very empty because an employee told me they are downsizing – what????

And, that’s about it!

What was the highlight of yours?


29 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Next Thursday I’ll experience the exact same thing: 3 hours of mindblowing education from a consultant… It’s an ongoing education and so far the sessions have been online (one positive thing with covid!), but unfortunately not this time…
    I love your weekend! You really spoiled yourselves, good on you! I can’t really tell weekend from weekdays right now, is that ok…? 😀
    Oh Target, I miss you so… ❤ Target and TJ Maxx are my favorites! I will go bananas next summer…!


    1. I hope yours is better than mine was. It was mind numbing. We had a fun week and weekend. That is really how summer should be! I know – they are both great stores. You are gonna go crazy next summer. Your poor husband!


  2. Ugh, I hate that your summer is coming to an end, you really seemed to enjoy every day and I love living through you! Target making a store smaller is major cause for concern – that makes me wonder what is happening with our economy more than any news report – that just doesn’t happen! Yikes.
    Hope your day is going well and that you are enjoying seeing all of your teacher friends – I know that is the exciting part of that first day back!


    1. All good things must come to an end, right? That is sweet of you to say that. I do waste a lot of time, too. Or, I second guess what I should be doing. A couple of people have said maybe it’s to add in the Ultas that they are partnering with?
      The day was incredibly boring. We pay these consultants thousands of dollars and learn nothing. They are so out of touch.


  3. I hope you first day back goes well! I can’t believe August is already here. I keep wishing the time would just slow down a bit. It looks like you had a delicious weekend.


    1. Thank you! I’m done now but it was painful. I can’t believe how this guy could talk for 6 hours. I learned nothing. I’m not even being mean. Me, too. I am going to be sad to send mine back to campus.


  4. Those restaurants sound so good! So, the “pizza bones”…that’s what I always called the crust on the pizza, which my kids NEVER ate when they were little. I’d eat one piece of pizza and then eat their pizza bones. I thought it was a funny name and evidently I’d heard someone else call them that. I am sure those were good with the dipping sauces! I love your pools that you visit…how awesome to have one where you can order food! I haven’t had that since I was younger. I wish I had that now! I may look into joining a place next year. I hope your day goes well today! I know you’ll be glad to see some friends.


    1. We have the best restaurants, which make it really hard to always eat at home! Oh, that’s funny! I love the crust! This is the pool that one of the girls belongs to. It’s pretty far from my house. You can’t bring any food or drink in. The other one I go to you can bring food and alcohol. It’s nice to have both options.
      Thank you!


  5. What a great weekend :). You live in a good town with lots to do — so fun! I just started Lessons in Chemistry yesterday. . .not very far into yet. I saw that movie when I was browsing through some stuff a few days ago and wasn’t sure about it. . .I’m so picky about how I spend my time. I was at a sectionals tennis tournament this weekend and played an opponent from Louisville. She’s originally from Belarus so the heat in Rome, GA, was a little much for her. She was super nice and my team played her team later in the semi-finals — she and I both sat out of the match so got to chat a bit more :). We also had an 80th and 83rd birthday party for my inlaws so that rounded out a busy 3-day weekend. We are headed to Dale Hollow Lake for vacation on Friday — LOTS of boat time for us coming up!!
    That is clever of your district to put you off-site for your PD — at least it’s a little more distracting and interesting I hope? Schools for some of my friends start TODAY — guess summer is over. Enjoy these last days and the slower pace of “getting back into it”. Did you find that teacher bag from the link I sent last week? Just interested to know if it was along the lines of what you were looking for.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I do! Let me know if Lessons in Chem is slow for you. The movie is very R but kinda a nice old school rom com. Another reader also said they loved it. That is cool about the Louisville connection with your tennis match. How sweet that you had those bday parties. My old neighbor used to go to Dale Hollow all the time. Her parents had a houseboat there.
      They try to do that – off site – to make us think it’s better, but it’s not. This site was really not conducive.
      I have that teacher bag in my Amazon cart and had seen it on Sheaffer’s blog. It’s just not that attractive in my opinion. I also don’t need that many pockets or that much space. I am a bit of a minimalist and I want it to be a bit more stylish. I have a few totes that can work for now. Thanks, though!


  6. PD on August 1st sounds like the worst….I used to take extra PD for credits/$ in the summer in Colorado but this sounds mandated.
    I watched The Two-Night Stand years ago on Prime and thought it was adorable.


    1. It was worse than I feared and even the principal and assitant principals agreed. This was pretty much mandated. It’s just hard to get your hours in if you don’t do these. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the movie was good since I have now recommended it!


  7. What a great weekend. Target…downsizing?! What? That doesn’t seem like a good idea haha. The Venezuelan food looks delish. Im not sure if I’ve ever had it. I hope you have a great day today!


    1. Oh…& hadley made us all pancakes for dinner the other day. The last few, she added chocolate chips for herself. The pancake was 75% chocolate which is very on brand for hadley 😂


      1. Love that! It becomes what I like to call it – “breakfast dessert”. Each meal needs its own dessert. You’ve got breakfast dessert, lunch dessert, and dinner dessert. My OBGYN told me when I was pregnant with twins that I could have dessert a few times a week. And I was like – “a week?” What is this madness?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t heard that. Leave target alone 😂 I remember how mad hadley was like four years ago when our target got rid of the food court and put in Starbucks…now she loves that there’s a Starbucks there 😂


  8. We have always called the pizza crust… pizza bones! Tony saves me his and I love them! We had a demo day of different companies for golf clubs at our club on Saturday so we both ordered some new clubs and I am now trying to decide which new irons I want to get. I thought it would be cut and dried but its not. Went to a new indoor/outdoor soccer place that Tony is helping to sponsor and they have a new brewery so we took our friend Anthony, and had some beer- it was delish! and then out for a fun dinner. Sunday- more golf. That is the theme of most weekends. I am heading to the coast on Aug 8 for a week and I can not wait. I haven’t spent a week there alone since July 2020. Yes, I am so thrilled. Tony will come over for part of the weekend, but I am excited to just be there by myself.


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