Wednesday, August 3, 2022

I thought I would do a primary bathroom update today after living with it for almost 4 months.

We had a tiny bathroom attached to our old primary bedroom that was “Tom’s” for almost 22 years. We had a hall bathroom that I shared with the kids because it was bigger and it was “my” bathroom before kids. About 10 years ago, we did our basement with drywall instead of paneling, new carpet, new built in cabinets, and then added a third bathroom to our house. It was the nicest bathroom in the house but it was inconvenient because it was far from our bedroom. When our kids became teens, that became Jack’s bathroom and Mason and I continued to share the hall bath.

Right after completion of the primary, we demo’ed the hall bath so we have only had one upstairs bathroom this summer. It seems that Tom, Mason, and I are sharing the new primary for some strange reason and Jack still gets the basement bath to himself. Our goal is to have the new hall bath completed by winter break, but it has been fine for this summer.

We had the hardest time finding a vanity. We ended up with this from Home Depot. We just didn’t want to spend what many places were charging for vanities. Tom’s sink is on the left and mine is on the right. Our walls are painted with Sherwin Williams Egret White.

Tom had the idea to do back lit mirrors. The mirrors have a few different lighting settings and they also have a defrost setting. He found them on Amazon. Tom hates my “grandma shower cap” that you can see in the mirror, but I love a shower cap and I have to let it dry! Ha! I hate his blue plastic cup, so we all have our crosses to bear. Could I have moved these for my photos? Of course, but it wouldn’t have been on brand for my amateur blog.

I did three “bouquets” of fresh eucalyptus. I love that when the bathroom gets steamed up a little that you can smell it.

I have been the only one to use the bathtub and I think I have taken maybe 3 baths? I think I will be more of a bath person in the winter.

I absolutely love the bath tray and sponge that Elizabeth gave me for my 50th birthday. She is a really good gift giver. I picked the candle out at Target. Tom thought it was a bathtub charcuterie tray and I think he’s on to something. Who wouldn’t want to eat meat and cheese while relaxing in a tub?

I really hate the look of our products, but what are you going to do? I thought I might decant into some nicer looking bottles but I haven’t yet. And, you aren’t going to decant shaving cream and you still have the stuff you use like razors and sinus rinse. Oh well.

Tom has an aversion to messing up the walls too much. I like the freestanding toilet paper roll holder. I found it at Target and it was the exact wooden/black metal vibe I wanted. The little trashcan is super small, but I found it on Amazon. It was one of those I didn’t really understand the dimensions and then just kept it.

The grey rugs are from the old hall bath. I like the fuzzy texture and just haven’t replaced them. They look fine.

This was Tom’s old towel basket from his old bathroom. I love the towels I picked from Costco. One of my readers suggested Costco for towels – duh! I don’t know why I didn’t look there first. And, another reader suggested going with two different colors, so I picked a super light grey and a dark grey.

I’m not gonna lie; I’m pretty proud of the photos I took myself, printed at Walgreen’s, and framed myself with Target frames. Tom is still saying they should be in color, but I wanted black and white. This is all we have on the walls right now and we might only have these on the walls.

We didn’t really have room for a towel bar, and again, Tom doesn’t love messing up walls too much. Erica suggested hooks and I shared that idea with Tom and he actually approved! Tom is very picky about design fixtures if you haven’t guessed. He has worked in commercial construction with some upscale home consruction thrown in there and he likes what he likes.

The shower tile that looks like wood was Tom’s idea and the floor tile was his idea. It has a bit of a linen texture to it.

He did let me do the paint color decision and the little design details.

I got the little stool at Aldi and the plant at Trader Joe’s. I would like more plants, but I also like minimalism so it’s a struggle.

I found the rug on Amazon and I love it. It adds a bit of color to the bathroom.

A better idea of the backlit mirrors:

I really love everything we picked out for the bathroom and I’m still pinching myself that I have a bathroom like this after 22 years in this house and the horrible bathroom I had before.

Now, I am excited to get this one done. Thank goodness I have a door so I don’t have to look at this when I walk by. I absolutely hate the disruption of renovation. I hate the mess, I hate the noise, I hate having the workers in my space (although I am very thankful for them, too!), I hate paying for all of it – but, I am happy that we can upgrade our spaces. I think renovation really tests a marriage! Have you been through this?

Anyway, stay tuned…but don’t get too anxious, because you know how slowly we work around here.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my bathroom again and my thoughts on it after living with it for a bit.


18 thoughts on “Primary Bathroom Update

  1. It’s so fancy and nice! I love it all! Bath tub charcuterie board – perfect! 😀 I love it that you and your husband work together and the result is so nice!
    We did the bathroom here at the cabin last year and it was a mess…. We showered with a hose (outside!) and took shampoo to the dock, but it was summer and no problem!
    How is school!?


    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind.
      You are a tough gal to shower with a hose! Ha!
      I only had to work Monday and Tuesday. Monday was that all day workshop and yesterday I set up my room. I have a few things to buy for my classroom and need to work on lesson plans and handouts but that is all from home. We have two more teacher days next Monday and Tuesday and I will have some time to do a few more things. It’s fine so far!


  2. While we’ve tackled a few minor renovations that was nothing compared with building an entire house! Ugh; was that ever a ton of work and so many decisions that made my head spin– especially since my husband has pretty much zero interest in how anything looks décor-wise. Your bathroom is just lovely!


    1. I cannot even imagine. The sheer number of decisions would make my head spin, too! I kinda wish mine wasn’t so opinionated. He is super opinionated about the fixtures and the building materials but let’s me do the fun little elements of decor. That is really the only thing I enjoy anyway! I do not want to look at 100s of tile options. Just give me your top 3!
      Thank you so much!


  3. The bathroom looks GREAT! I love the tile and flooring that looks like wood…so the linen texture- is it kind of slippery? I always wondered about that and if that’s what the linen texture is. That mirror is AMAZING! I am always okay with minimal and I love the decision to put the rug in front of the tub. It definitely warms up the space. Great job on those photos too! I know you’re enjoying that space.


    1. Thank you! I should have taken a photo of the linen look tile. It is not slippery at all. The mirror is a pretty cool feature that I knew nothing about! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments.


  4. I love your bathroom! We have very similar tile in our boys ‘ bathroom – looks like wood but it’s lighter in color. I actually like it so much I wish we had used it in more places. But that’s what you get when you do all the bathrooms at the same time – ha! The back lit mirrors are genius – nice job, Tom!
    I am VERY impressed with the photos you took and framed – they look high end!


    1. Thank you! Oooh, I would like that, too. That is true; even though we have been so slow it has let us live with this one and see what we like.
      Thank you for the sweet words!


  5. This all looks so good!! I think hooks are genius and those mirrors are so cool. Just curious, do you have any overhead lighting or does that provide enough light for the space? We just did a primary bath renovation at our house a few years ago. It is quite the undertaking, but so worth it. Congratulations on your hard work!


    1. Thank you so much! I really like the hooks! Yes, we have overhead lighting with a dimmer switch. I am putting photos of them on the blog tomorrow because I did leave that out! Thank you so much and same to you. It’s worth it in the end!


  6. Gorgeous! Love the tile choices, I’m not really a bath person but your tub is stunning. I agree that renovation is tough on a marriage! LOL


  7. Love love love your bathroom! The lit mirrors are great. The rug is so pretty , and I love the black and white photos. The tile is awesome. Love that idea. You are so funny – shower cap and blue cup 🤣and so funny that Jack has his own space. Travis moved to the basement bathroom and closet a few years ago. I love that we have our own bathrooms but I think he outsmarted me …I’m up here bossy the kids around and breaking up fights while he gets ready in the basement 🤣


    1. Thank you so much! I think Travis did outsmart you, but you still probably wouldn’t want to go that far from the bedroom. Ha! Tom used the basement one a few times when it was new and was like – nope – too far.

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