Tuesday, August 2, 2022

It’s time for another edition of Prime Purchases with Tanya! Thank you so much for providing this fun link up. It’s good for me, but probably not for my pocketbook. I almost always add to cart while reading this link up. But, I do generally have about a 72 hour waiting period to make sure I really NEED the item!

Some of these items you may have seen before as Friday Favorites, but here is almost everything I purchased in July. Also, I think it’s good to put things to the test before you put your stamp of approval on them! Ha!

I really like my new wet brush. This seems to get my tangles out really well without using any type of detangler spray.

I love the look of this headband, but it’s quite big and stretchy. I have worn it once and it stayed on, though. If you have a big head, you could probably also wear this. It is muy stretchy. I like to wear a headband on second day hair.

I really like these straws for my protein shakes and cocktails.

I needed thicker socks for my tennis shoes.

I freaking love my new purse strap. I am using it with my brown and my cream bags. I think it’s so cute.

My fedora flew off on the boat so I replaced it with a slightly darker one here.

I bought the Diva air fresheners just like the detergent! Remember they aren’t just for cars – closets, mudrooms, classrooms, hiding somewhere in your living room – they really can be hung anywhere.

I needed to restock the detergent, too. It lasts forever. I know it seems very extravagant, but with just a capful per load with your regular detergent, you only need to purchase a few times a year.

And, I re-purchased my multivitamin and my vitamin D.

And, that’s about it for July!

What have you purchased lately? Be sure to read the other posts, because you wil get so many ideas!


15 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I have that hat too and really like it how it stays on. You and Tanya both shared those Tyler Glam Air Fresheners, I am taking that as a sign that I need to order them. I’d like to try the detergent too but I’m afraid I’ll love it! Ha!!!


  2. You’re the one who mentioned the brush! I’d completely forgotten that, so when it came recommended on Amazon for $5 I bought it and I love it so much! It really does get all of my tangles out, because my hair is so curly. Even after conditioning, it’s immediately tangled up again. I love your purse strap! Does it make your crossbody bag short? I tried my strap on mine and it made it way too short. Just curious!


    1. But, I copied off of someone and I can hardly ever remember who! I’m the worst! I hate having tangled hair – I didn’t realize that curly hair gets more tangled. No – this purse strap has quite a bit of fabric to adjust. I have to make it shorter on my brown crossbody and longer on my little cream Lola Mae. This strap has made me so happy! I just love it and all of my straps. It’s like in the 80s when we did those belts or those beads or those purse covers. It’s kinda an addiction!


  3. Just added those straws to my cart. I needed some for my protein drinks! I love that diva wash. I’m a tad more indulgent with it but it still lasts a long time. I love It! I prime my zzzquil that i take at night to help sleep, my mascara from L’Oréal, my magnesium supplement- calcium supplement- seems like amazon visits me daily. Oops! Ha!


    1. They are great! Yes, I like them for that and my cocktails. I like a thicker straw. It really does last. I have never tried zzzzquil. I know – there is just so much stuff I am now getting from Amazon rather than trying to hunt it down in a store!


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